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PPSC Lecturer English Past Papers

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PPSC English Lecturer MCQs Past Papers 2015

Dear Candidates who appeared in English Lecturer Paper held on 14-06-2015,
I'm posting here MCQ Paper. I don't remember the exact order of these MCQ's.
I hope that other candidates who appeared in English Lecturer Paper held on
14-06-2015 would help me accomplish this task with their valuable comments.

1. Who is the writer of, "Piers Plowman". a) Chaucer b) William Langland c) d)

2. Name the poet, who belong to a small group, got fame after 50 years age?

a) Coleridge b) Keats c) Milton d) Spencer

3. The smallest parts of expression associated with some meaning are called:

a) Stems b) Morphemes c) Suffixes d) Prefixes

4. Who studies a language at one period in time and investigates the way people speak

in a given speeh community in a given point in time?

a) Synchronic or descriptive linguistic b) Diachronic or historical linguistic

c) Both of these d) None of these

5. The set of all possible grammatical sentences in the language is:

a) Le language b) language c) Parole d) None of these

6. The study of hearing and the perception of speech sounds is called:

a) Auditory phonetics b) Acoustic phonetics c) Articulatory phonetics d) None of these

7. Phoneme, Phone, Allophone are the concepts of:

a) Phonetics b) Phonology c) Anthropology d) Linguistics

8. Consonant that is produced with a stricture is called:

a) Plosives or stops b) Articulations c) Allophonic variations d) None of these

9. Lexical unit in which two or more lexical morphemes are juxtaposed is called:

a) idiom b) Compound c) Phrase d) Clause

10. Fries classifies utterances units into :

a) Single minimum free utterance b) Single free utterance, not minimum but expanded

c) d) All of these

11. "A word or set of words followed by a pause and revealing an intelligible purpose" is

a) Word b) Clause c) Phrase d) Sentence

12. A group of words with its own subject and predicate, if it is included in a larger sentence is


a) Clause b) Phrase c) Idiom d) Sentence

13. Mood is related to illocutionary force. Moods are:

a) Speaker oriented b) Subject oriented c) Epistemic d) All of these

14. On linguistic map a line indicating the degree of linguistic change is called:

a) Dialect b) Registers c) Isogloss d) Idiolect

15. A contract language, a mixture of elements from different natural languages is called:

a) Dialect b) Idiolect c) Diglossia d) Pidgin

16. When a pidgin becomes a linguafranca, it is called:

a) Dialect b) Idiolect c) Creole d) Diglossia

17. Technique used by Skinner is: a) Structuralism b) c) Behaviorism d) Cognitive

18. Consonant produced or formed by closure or near closure of the lips is called:

a)nasal b) glottal c)Bilabial

19. Name the war Byron proved his rebellion by death by opposing Europeans by taking part in the war against Turks and supported:

a) Mustafa Kamal b) Greek war c) Persian war d)

20. Name the poets who composed Lyrical Ballads(1798):

a) Keats and Coleridge b) Keats and Wordsworth

c) Shelley and Coleridge d) Coleridge and Wordsworth

21. How many sonnets were written by Shakespeare ?

a)152 b) 153 c) 154 d) 155

22. Good relations with neighbours are discussed in poem:

a) b) c) d) Mending Wall

23. The poems written by Coleridge in state of depression , fantasy are:

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan

24. In 19th century novel with children as characters and stories apperaed by?

a) b) George Eliot c) d) Charles Dickens

25. Charles Dickens continued the tradition of ______ in his novels:

a) classics b) neo classics c) Romantics d) pre romantics

26. George Orwell criticises the corruption under the :

a) The Bolsheviks b) c) Lenin d) dostoevsky

27. P B Shelley wrote an elegy on the death of Keats : Adonais

28. G.B.Shaw was influenced by , middle-class society characters,:

a) b) c) Ibsen d) Shakespeare

29. A Doll's House by Ibsen deals with : a) Guina b) Nora c)Rebecca d) Hedda

30. In Sophocles, chorus cosists of: a) 50 b) 15 c) 12 d) 11

31. the use of a word or phrase so as to emphasize or suggest its different meanings or the use of words that are alike or nearly alike in sound but different in meaning;

a) pun

32. ..... a visual image, used by Oscar Wilde in his works:

a) witticism b) pun c) imagery d) epigram

33. Conceits used by Donne in his poetry:

34. What Philip Sidney attributes to poetry in his The Defence of Poesy:

35. The depiction of characters and story in novels changed from extrnal to internal in:
a) 17th b) 18th c) 19th d) 20th

36. In Ode to a Nightingale:"Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies;" refers to:

a)George Keats b) Tom Keats c) Fanny d)

37. In "Ode on a Grecian Urn" Keats refers Urn as:

a) Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness, b) c) d)

38. Keats was influenced by the philosophy ( or philosopher):

a) b) c) Shakespeare d) Zuno

39. Keats wrote all of his six odes from: a) 1816 to 1819 b) 1817 c) 1818 d) 1819

40. In The Mill on the Floss, Tom and Maggie represent Eliot's:

a) Religion b) Childhood memories c) social norms d)

41. Wordswoth discusses conditions of city life:

a) upon Westminster Bridge b) The Reverie of Poor Susan c) "London, 1802" d)

42. Language of rustic people and stories of rustic people:

a) Blake b) Wordsworth c) d)

43. Post-colonial literature discusses:
a) new kind of literature in former colonies b) Travelogue c) Biography d) Auotobiography

44. T.S. Eliot got Nobel Prize in: 1948

45. Name the poem written by Miton, epic and critique,:

a) L'Allegro b) Lycidas c) Paradise Lost d) Paradise Regained

46. The theme of Paradise Lost is : justification of God's ways to man

47. The Faerie Queene by Spencer is: Allegory

48. Sylvia Plath was the wife of : Ted Hughes

49. Who said " Tragedy and common man." : Arthur Miller

50. Name of the Wife of Bath in the Prologue: Alice

51. Surrey and Wyatt intoduced in English Poetry:

a) Spenserian sonnet b) Shakespearean sonnet c) Petrarchan Sonnet

52. Which of following is not a Tragi-comedy:
a) The Tempest b) The Winter's Tale c) Romeo and Juliet

53. Classical method of grammar learning is: Translation Method

54. Oral method of learnning is: a) a defect b) part of a larger method or technique

55. Beckett : Theatre of Absurd

56. The plays in which vices and virtues were personified are called: Morality plays

57. (name of writer) who continued the tradition of irony of whose writer:

a) b) c) Swift d) Voltaire

58. Bacon was granted knighthood under:

a) Henry VIII b) James I c) Elizabeth d) Tudor

59. In the poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the dice game:

a) life b) death c) Life-in-Death d) Death-in-Life

60. There was a question about "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers by Adrienne Rich" needlework:

61. Which of the following is not Feature of Comedy:

a) Plot complications b) excessive Suspense c)humorous characters d)

62. Time flies: like an arrow

Fill in the blanks: (there were 5 questions, I'm here providing answers)

63. between-over ( The misunderstanding between two parties over ..............)

64. down-out ( unlike eggs, ................................)

65. of- while ( Fancy happiness of (name) while finding himself free.)

66. pros and cons ( Before deciding consider pros and cons .......................)

67. veracity ( there was sentence about minister's remarks)

68. Select correct sentence:

a) You will be surprised to know if I tell you who called me last night.

b) You will be surprised to know if I tell you whom called me last night.

c) You will be surprised to know if I tell you what called me last night.

d) You will be surprised to know if I tell you that who called me last night.

69. A revolutionary thinker who exiled to Eton. a) Byron b) Shelley c) d)

70. Ahmed Ali earned his livelihood in 1932 as:

a) Novelist b) Short story-writer c) Lecturer d) Ambassador

71.Pronouns, myself,yourself ,yourselves,himself,herself ,itself, ourselves,themselves are:

a) Reflexive b) Reciprocal c) Both A and B d) None of these

72. Grotesque : Graceful
73. pull the rug from under:
74. Acumen:
75. Patrician:
76. Zenith: Nadir

77. Paradoxical: Contradictory
78. Close shave: a hair's breadth, by the skin of teeth,a narrow escape, all of these
79. Spoken: Verbal , written, aural,
80. Pique:
81. Circumvent:
82. name ahmad ali's work that contains poetry as well as story of decline/disintegration of society......changing social climate .........
Ans: Twilight in Delhi
83. In Medieval England, ________ was to kill 1.5 million people out of an estimated total of 4 million people between 1348 and 1350.

Ans. the Black Death

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