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Everyday Science MCQs 21

The study of how people use tools to perform work and how people physically relate to their working environment is called
(a) engineering
(b) ergonomics-✔️
(c) agronomy
(d) physiology

The Statue of Liberty is green because of:
(a) green stone
(b) oxidized brass
(c) steel painted green
(d) oxidized copper-✔️

Who invented the telephone?
(a) Thomas Alva Edison
(b) Galileo
(c) Alexander Graham Bell-✔️
(d) G. Marconi

Who invented the railway engine?
(a) Charles Babbage
(b) Isaac Newton
(c) James Watt
(d) George Stephenson-✔️

Who invented Radar?
(a) Henrey Backquerel
(b) Max Planck
(c) Robert Watson Watt-✔️
(d) Humphrey Davy

Who invented polio vaccine (oral)?
(a) Albert Sabin-✔️
(b) Burkholder
(c) Luise Pasture
(d) Jonas Salk

Who developed the small pox vaccination?
(a) Eduard Jenner-✔️
(b) Alexander Fleming
(c) Albert Einstein
(d) None of these

Which one of the following was to be discovered first in the chromosphere of the sun
(a) Helium-✔️
(b) Neon
(c) Xenon
(d) Krypton

Which famous inventor ranks second in the number of patents registered?
(a) Thomas Alva Edison
(b) James Watt
(c) Albert Einstein
(d) Edwin Land-✔️

What famous scientist and inventor participated in the invention of the Aqua-✔️Lung?
(a) Thomas Edison
(b) Isaac Newton
(c) Leonardo da Vinci
(d) Jacques Cousteau-✔️

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