General Knowledge MCQs - 2

The bridge in Istanbul, Turkey that connects Asia and Europe is called
(A) Golden Gate Bridge
(B) Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
(C) Bosphorus Bridge ✓
(D) Royal Gorge Bridge

 Alexandria is a city in
(A) Turkey
(B) Egypt ✓
(C) Jordan
(D) Greece
Alexandria is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, 179km (111 miles) north of Cairo. It is Egypt's second largest city, behind Cairo, but is sadly overlooked by tourists in some ways.

About __________% of Antarctica is covered by ice.
(A) 97
(B) 98 ✓
(C) 99
(D) 100

Ross Island in the Ross Sea is located near
(A) Greenland
(B) Norway
(C) Continent of Antarctica ✓
(D) continent of Australia

The first European to reach India by sea was
(A) Christopher Columbus
(B) Marco Polo
(C) John Cabot
(D) Vasco da Gama ✓

Vasco da Gama was a/an __________ explorer.
(A) British
(B) French
(C) German
(D) Portuguese ✓

The World Wide Web was invented by
(A) Tim Berners-Lee ✓
(B) Bob Kahn
(C) Steve Jobs
(D) Bill Gates

The birthplace of the World Wide Web was
(B) Pentagon
(C) CERN ✓
(D) Microsoft

The headquarter of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, called CERN, is located in
(A) Belgium
(B) Switzerland ✓
(C) Germany
(D) England

The book “Emile” or “On Education” was written by
(A) Rousseau ✓
(B) Socrates
(C) Plato
(D) Aristotle

Trade winds of the northern hemisphere blow from the north-east to south-west due to:
(a) Coriolis force ✓
(b) Gravitational force
(c) Centripetal force
(d) None of these

Which country is known as Thunderbolt of Asia?
(a) Bhutan ✓
(b) Mongolia
(c) China
(d) None of the above

One of the country through which equator passes is?
(a) Malaysia ✓
(b) China
(c) Malta
(d) Pakistan

The depletion of ozone layer has been caused mainly by.
(a) the deforestation of large area of land
(b) the release of chlorofluoro carbons into the atmosphere ✓
(c) changes in asteroid activity in the solar system
(d) the release of Industrial waste

Which layer of atmosphere provides ideal conditions for flying aeroplanes?
(a) Troposphere ✓
(b) Stratosphere
(c) Ionosphere
(d) Exosphere

Through which one of the following countries the equator does not pass?
(a) Tanzania ✓
(b) Kenya
(c) Zaire
(d) Uganda

A line on a map joining places of equal monthly or yearly rainfall is called.
(a) Isobar
(b) Isohyet ✓
(c) Isotherm
(d) Isoneph

The Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit. Its speed.
(a) Is greatest when it is farthest from the Sun
(b) Is greatest when it is closest to the Sun ✓
(c) Remains the same at all points on the orbit
(d) Goes on decreasing continuously

The origin of earth dates back to approximately.
(a) 3.6 billion years
(b) 4.6 billion years ✓
(c) 5.6 billion years
(d) 6.6 billion years

The term ‘Ecliptic’ is used for the—.
(a) Sun when eclipsed
(b) Moon when eclipsed
(c) Sun s path in the sky during a year ✓
(d) Path of Earth around the Sun

How do most insects respire?
(A) Through skin
(B) Through gills
(C) By lungs
(D) By tracheal system ✓

Production of which one of the following is a function of the liver?
(A) Lipase
(B) Urea ✓
(C) Mucus
(D) Hydrochloric acid

Which one of the following is not a digestive enzyme in the human system?
(A) Gastrin ✓
(B) Trypsin
(C) Ptyalin
(D) Pepsin

A second class magistrate can give the sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding:-
(A) One month
(B) Three months
(C) One year ✓
(D) Three years

In which of the following constitutional cases, Kelson's theory of 'Doctrine of Necessity' was first applied in Pakistan:-
(A) The State Vs. Dosso
(B) Asma Jilani Vs. Government of Pakistan
(C) Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan Vs. Federation of Pakistan
(D) Begum Nusrat Bhutto Vs Federation of Pakistan ✓

Pedagogy is a science of:-
(A) Bodily diseases
(B) Stamp collecting
(C) Languages
(D) Teaching ✓

A man is five years older than his wife who is ten times as old as her daughter. If the daughter attains the age of eight in three years’ time, what is the age of the man?
(A) 45 years
(B) 55 years ✓
(C) 60 years
(D) 65 years

If 40 per cent of women are voters and 52 per cent of the population are women, what per cent of the population are women voters?
(A) 18.1%
(B) 20.8% ✓
(C) 26.6%
(D) 38.2%

Which of the following statement is NOT true?
(A) Chechens are fighting against Russian subjugation.
(B) Daghistanis are Christians living near Chechnya's neighbourhood.
(C) Grozny is the capital of Chechnya.
(D) Daghistan is a Muslim dominated area in Russian federation. ✓

After USA which country is the second biggest arms seller in the world?
(A) Britain
(B) Russia ✓
(C) France
(D) Germany
Buddhism was founded in
(a) 6th Century BC ✓
(b) 5th Century BC
(c) 3rd Century BC
(d) 4th Century BC

"Analects" is the sacred book of 
(a) Shintoism
(b) Taoism
(c) Confucianism ✓
(d) Judaism

Peking is the sacred place of
(a) Confucianism ✓
(b) Judaism
(c) Taoism
(d) 0Shintoism

Islam was founded in
(a) 7th Century AD ✓
(b) 5th Century AD
(c) 5th Century BC
(d) 3rd Century BC

Shintoism is present in
(a) China
(b) Japan ✓
(c) Singapore
(d) Australia

Synagogue is the place of worship of
(a) Judaism ✓
(b) Shintoism
(c) Zoroastrianism
(d) Taoism

What is the age of the Sun?
(a) 10 billion years ✓
(b) 15 billion years
(c) 7 billion years
(d) 5 billion years

The smallest continent of the earth is
(a) Europe(b) Australia ✓
(c) Antarctica
(d) South America

Which one among the following rivers is the longest?
(A) Amazon ✓
(B) Amur
(C) Congo
(D) Lena

In human body, which one of the following hormones regulates blood calcium and phosphate?
(A) Glucagon
(B) Growth hormone
(C) Parathyroid hormone ✓
(D) Thyroxin

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