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General Knowledge MCQs - 31

301. In which type of rocks are metals like gold and copper mostly found?
(a) Old Sedimentary
(b) Old Igneous-
(c) Old Metamorphic
(d) New Metamorphic

302. The type of igneous rocks which are formed midway between volcanic and plutonic rocks, are known as:
(a) Basalt
(b) Hypabyssal-
(c) Laccolith
(d) Batholith

303. Rocks which are formed by the solidification of lava on the earth’s surface are:
(a) Sandstone
(b) Limestone
(c) Granites
(d) Basalts-

304. Which form of coal is mainly suitable for producing thermal power?
(a) Anthracite
(b) Bituminous-
(c) Lignite
(d) Peat

305. Which of the following types of coal represents the first- stage of formation of coal?
(a) Anthracite
(b) Lignite
(c) Peat-
(d) Bituminous

306. Which one of the following is a organically formed sedimentary rock?
(a) Breccia
(b) Gypsum
(c) Mudstone
(d) Limestone-

307. The largest reserves of fresh water on the Earth’s surface is in:
(a) North America-
(b) South America
(c) Russia
(d) Africa

308. Which one of the following countries does not border the Caspian sea?
(a) Armenia-
(b) Azerbaijan
(c) Kazakhstan
(d) Turkmenistan

309. Which of the following is called the “Gateway to the Pacific”?
(a) Suez Canal
(b) Panama Canal-
(c) Bering Sea
(d) Gulf of Alaska

310. Coral reefs are formed by:
(a) Volcanic rocks
(b) Marine sediments
(c) Chlorine material precipitated from sea water
(d) Tiny colonial marine animals which construct limestone skeleton material-

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