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General Knowledge MCQs - 39

381. Korea Bay lies in .
(a) Sea in Japan
(b) East China Sea
(c) Bering sea
(d) Yellow sea-

382. Height of Lahore from sea level is .
(a) 500 feet
(b) 600 feet
(c) 480 feet
(d) 702 feet-

383. Height of Islamabad from sea level is
(a) 1800 feet
(b) 2000 feet-
(c) 2200 feet
(d) 3000 feet

384. When was Pakistan-lran border line demarcated?
(a) 24th September, 1872-
(b) 24th September, 1874
(c) 24th September, 1876
(d) 24th September, 1878

385. In which country was the first oil-well drilled in 1859?
(a) Saudi Arabia
(b) USA-
(c) Russia
(d) Venezeula

386. A local wind blow from sea to land is
(a) Land breeze
(b) Sea Breeze-
(c) Sirocco
(d) North breeze

387. What is Sericulture?
(a) Cultivation of fruit
(b) Rearing of silk worm-
(c) Cultivation of trees
(d) Cultivation of vegetables

388. Speleology is the scientific study of .
(a) Soil
(b) Caves-
(c) Clouds
(d) Rain

389. Which of the following is a rift valley?
(a) The Amazon Valley
(b) The Thames Valley
(c) The Rhine Valley-
(d) None of these

390. What is the diametre of Earth? (PMS 2006)
(a) 10556 Kilometre
(b) 12756 Kilometre-
(c) 14756 Kilometre
(d) 16756 Kilometre

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