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General Knowledge MCQs - 42

411. What is the total length of Suez Canal constructed in 1869?
(a) 163.30 km-
(b) 190 km
(c) 180 km
(d) 160 km

412. Which two seas are linked by Suez Canal?
(a) Mediterranean and Red Sea
(b) Indian ocean and Red sea-
(c) Indian ocean and Beltus Sea
(d) Red sea and Caribbea

413. The period in which the Suez Canal remained closed after Arab-lsrael  war?
(a) 1967-1972
(b) 1967-1974
(c) 1967-1975-
(d) 1967-1976

414. Which is the second largest Island in the world?
(a) Bosnia
(b) Java
(c) Sumatra
(d) New Guinea-

415. Which is the iaraest Island in the world?
(a) Kadagascar
(b) Kalalit Nunned Island, Greenland-
(c) Cuba
(d) Brilam

416. Which is the largest Island in Indian Ocean?
(a) Baffin
(b) Borneo
(c) Madagascar-
(d) Cathy Pacific

417. Which is the longest mountain range of the world?
(a) Alps
(b) Andes-
(c) Himalaya
(d) Karakorum

418. The longest and largest river in Asia is
(a) Indus, Pakistan
(b) Ganga, India
(c) Brahmaputra
(d) Yangtze, China-

419. Name the highest lake in the world located in the Himalaya mountains.
(a) Manchhar
(b) Ranch Pokhri-
(c) Leluser
(d) Kechura

420. Which is the longest river of Europe?
(a) Amazon
(b) Volga-
(c) Mississippi
(d) Hudson

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