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General Knowledge MCQs - 9

81. Which one of the following parts of cold deserts and continents is correctly matched?
(a) Atacama ... South America
(b) Gobi ... Asia-
(c) Kalahari ... Africa
(d) Great Sandy ... Australia

82. The production of rubber tree is better adopted to areas where the climate is
(a) Warm and humid-
(b) Warm and dry
(c) Cool and moist
(d) Cool and dry

83. Gulf streams are caused by .
(a) Cyclones
(b) Temperature
(c) Ocean Pressure-
(d) Difference in water level

84. All vital atmospheric process leading to various climatic and weather conditions take place in the.
(a) Troposphere-
(b) Ionosphere
(c) Exosphere
(d) Stratosphere

85. The minimum land area recommended for forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance is
(a) 25%-
(b) 33%
(c) 43%
(d) 53%

86. Which one of the following scholars suggested the earth’s origin from gases and. dust particles ?
(a) James Jeans
(b) H. Alfven
(c) F, Hoyle
(d) 0. Schmidt-

87. The theory that refers to an explosion about 10 to 15 billion years ago, which most astronomers believe to be the origin of the Universe, is called .
(a) The Red Shift Theory
(b) Relativity Theory
(c) Big Bang Theory-
(d) Titanic Theory

88. Black holes are stellar objects which
(a) Emit black body radiation
(b) Have weak gravitational field
(c) Have intense gravitational field-
(d) Have intense magnetic field

89. Select the stranger in the group:
(a) Cartograms
(b) Multiple bars
(c) Weather maps-
(d) Pie diagrams

90. The soil which cracks and shrinks most as it dries is.
(a) Clayey soil-
(b) Porous soil
(c) Sandy soil
(d) Loamy soil

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