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PPSC Junior Patrol Officer Solved Past Paper 2013 Punjab Communication & Work Department



1. Where was Albert Einstein born?
(A) UK
(C) Germany ✓
(D) Albania

2. The difference in the duration of day and night increases as one moves from:
(A) West to east
(B) East and west of the prime meridian
(C) Poles to equator
(D) Equator to poles ✓

3. Which of the following countries is known as the Land of Midnight Sun?
(A) Belgium
(B) Holland
(C) Norway ✓
(D) Sweden

4. Security Council comprises of how many members?
(A) 20
(B) 25
(C) 18
(D) 15 ✓

5. Which is the deepest lake in the world?
(A) Titicaca
(B) Victoria
(C) Baikal ✓
(D) Superior

6. Which of the following straits separate Asia from Africa?
(A) Bering Strait
(B) Bab-ul-Mandab ✓
(C) Bosphorous Strait
(D) Northumberland Strait

7. In which year New Zealand government granted unqualified right of vote to women?
(A) 1793
(B) 1893 ✓
(C) 1785
(D) 1899

8. Which among the following trees is considered the tallest In the world?
(A) Cedar
(B) Redwood ✓
(C) Eucalyptus
(D) Date palm

9. Which of the following countries has the largest area In the world?
(A) Canada
(B) China
(D) Russia ✓

10. Who made the fastest century in one day in just 37 balls?
(A) Brian Lara
(B) Shahid Afridi ✓
(C) Tendulkar
(D) Gilchrist

11. “Kitab Ash Shifa" was written by
(A) Coll, Steve
(B) Ibn-e-Sena ✓
(C) Mushtaq
(D) None of them

12. ‘Latakia’ is the seaport of
(A) Syria ✓
(B) Libya
(C) Jordan
(D) Egypt

13. The Secretary-General of UNO who died in an air-crash was
(A) Trygve Lie
(B) Dag Hammarskjold ✓
(C) U. Thant
(D) None of these

14. Who is the author of “India Wins Freedom"?
(A) I.H.Qureshi
(B) MunshiLala gee
(C) Fazal Muqeem
(D) Maulana Abu-Kalam Azad ✓

15. The Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network of canals in India was:
(A) lltutmish
(B) GhiyasuddinTughlaq
(C) Firoz Shah Tughlaq ✓
(D) None of these

16. Which is the largest Sea in the world?
(A) South China Sea ✓
(B) Mediterranean Sea
(C) Black Sea
(D) Red Sea

17. When French built Agosta 90-B was inducted in Pakistan Navy
(A) September 06,1999 ✓
(B) September 13, 1999
(C) September 25,1999
(D) September 14, 1999

18. Napoleon Bonaparte was the King of:
(A) France ✓
(B) Italy
(C) England
(D) None of them

19. “NIKKEI” is a stock exchange index of
(A) New York
(B) Tokyo ✓
(C) Hong Kong
(D) London

20. Pakistan National Movement was established by Ch. Rehmat Ali in
(A) 1935
(B) 1937
(C) 1938
(D) 1933 ✓

21. Sabena is the name of airline of
(A) America
(B) UK
(C) Belgium ✓
(D) None of these

22. Funnel shaped clouds with violent whirl winds are named as:
(A) Tsunami
(B) Cirrus
(C) Tornado ✓
(D) Stratus

23. Ronald Amundsen belonged to
(A) England
(B) Norway ✓
(C) Magellan

24. Which one of the following gas was used as a chemical weapon in the First World War?
(A) Carbon monoxide
(B) Hydrogen cyanide
(C) Mustard gas ✓
(D) None of the above

25. What was the immediate cause for the outbreak of the First World War?
(A) The imprisonment of Lenin
(B) The sudden death of Lloyd George
(C) The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand ✓
(D) None of the above

26. Which of the following countries is a landlocked country?
(A) Uruguay
(B) Pakistan
(C) Switzerland ✓
(D) All of above

27. Which one of the following is an ore of iron? '
(A) Bauxite
(B) Hematite ✓
(C) llmentie
(D) Gypsum

28. Taj Mahal is situated on bank of river
(A) Brahmaputra
(B) Ganges
(C) Jumna ✓
(D) None of these

29. The rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej are tributaries of which river?
(A) Ganga
(B) Indus ✓
(C) Yamuna
(D) Brahmaputra

30. Tass is the news agency of
(A) United Kingdom
(B) Russia ✓
(C) China
(D) Australia

31. The foreign phrase De novo means
(A) New ✓
(B) On one side only
(C) Indefinitely
(D) None of these

32. International organization ‘Human Rights Watch’ is based in
(A) New York ✓
(B) Geneva
(C) Paris
(D) Rome

33. World Tourism Day is observed on
(A) 15th November
(B) 27th September ✓
(C) 5th November
(D) 17th September

34. Right to vote in elections is also termed as
(A) Franchise ✓
(B) Privilege
(C) Initiative
(D) Consent

35. The historic garden Shalimar was built by Shah Jahan in
(A) 1634
(B) 1639
(C) 1642 ✓
(D) 1652

36. 'Ottawa convention 1997’ is related to
(A) Environment protection ✓
(B) Preserving wild life
(C) Banning landmines
(D) Banning chemical weapons

37. How many Judges to the International Court of Justice are elected by the Security Council and General Assembly for the term of 9 years?
(A) 35
(B) 25
(C) 15 ✓
(D) 20

38. Who invented the Steam Locomotive?
(A) Edison
(B) Stephenson ✓
(C) JRDTata
(D) Alexander

39. The Cabinet Mission announced their plan on
(A) 8th April 1947
(B) 5th December 1947
(C) 15th January 1947
(D) 16th May 1946 ✓

40. Which one of the following is one of the seven wonders of Modem world?
(A) The Eiffel Tower ✓
(B) Temple of Artemis
(C) Rome
(D) None of these

41. Big Ben, a huge clock was installed at British Parliament in
(A) 1940
(B) 1859 ✓
(C) 1875
(D) 1872

42. UNO's 'Oil for Food’ Program is associated with which country?
(A) Sudan
(B) North Korea
(C) Iran
(D) Iraq ✓

43. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?
(A) C V. Raman
(B) R.N. Tagore ✓
(C) Mother Teresa
(D) I.A. Bunin

44. When Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup?
(A) 1992 ✓
(B) 1996
(C) 1999
(D) 2003

45. Name the king who fell from the horse while playing Polo and died.
(A) Akbar
(B) Muhammad Ghori
(C) Zaheer-ud-Din Babar
(D) QutbuddinAibak ✓

46. Pirpur Report was published in
(A) 1938 ✓
(B) 1939
(C) 1940
(D) 1941

47. 'Davis Cup’ is associated with which of the following games/sports?
(A) Cricket
(B) Volleyball
(C) Badminton
(D) Tennis ✓

48. The famous book “The Origin of Species is written by:
(A) Tennyson
(B) Charles Darwin ✓
(C) Karl Marx
(D) Virgil

49. Mount Blanc Mountain is present in:
(A) France ✓
(B) Italy
(C) Nepal
(D) India

50. When first census was conducted in Pakistan?
(A) 1951 ✓
(B) 1952
(C) 1953
(D) 1954

51. How many members were nominated by Muslim League for the Interim-Government in 1946?
(A) 5 ✓
(B) 8
(C) 10
(D) 15

52. Who was the first Chief Minister of Balochistan from May 1972 to February 1973?
(A) Abdullah Murrree
(B) Sardar Atta ullah Mengal ✓
(C) Akbar Bughti
(D) SardarAkhtarMengal

53. Tasmania separated from Australia*by:
(A) Bering Strait
(B) Bass Strait ✓
(C) Gibraltar
(D) Harmoz Strait

54. Hepatitis and jaundice are the diseases of
(A) Heart
(B) Brain
(C) Liver ✓
(D) Alhazen

55. Famous poet of English Shakespeare was bom in
(A) 1535
(B) 1554
(C) 1564 ✓
(D) 1574

56. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar issued Comrade English newspaper from Calcutta:
(A) 27th January1912
(B) 14th January 1911 ✓
(C) 27th January1911
(D) 27th January1912

57. One unit was dissolved on-
(A) 1st July 1970 ✓
(B) 1st July 1971
(C) 1st July 1972
(D) 1st July 1973

58. State of Kashmir was the biggest state in the sub-continent situated in the northern part of Indo Pak continent having boundaries with:
(A) China
(B) Pakistan
(C) India
(D) All of these ✓

59. A light year is:
(A) 8.46 trillion kilometers
(B) 9.46 trillion kilometers ✓
(C) 10.46 trillion kilometers
(D) None of these

60. Nightingale Florence (belongs to France) was a
(A) Soldier
(B) Nurse ✓
(D) Reformer
(D) Driver

61. When Pakistan won gold medal for the first time in Olympics?
(A) 1960 ✓
(B) 1961
(C) 1962
(C) 1963

62. A colour television set makes colours by mixing light of which three different colours?
(A) Blue, Green and Yellow
(B) Blue, Red and Yellow
(C) Blue, Green and Red ✓
(D) Green, Black and Red

63. The European Union was established with its headquarters at Brussels in
(A) 1954
(B) 1957 ✓
(C) 1956
(D) 1955

64. Which country has received maximum Nobel prizes after its institution?
(A) Germany
(B) France
(C) USA ✓

(D) U.K

65. What do you understand by Ex-parte?
(A) On one side only ✓
(B) An affair of the heart
(C) Party in opposition
(D) None of these

66. Bernier visited India during the reign of:
(A) Akbar
(B) Jahangir
(C) Shahjahan ✓
(D) Aurangzeb

67. 'Riksdag' is the Partiament of
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq
(C) Sweden ✓
(D) United States

68. Kremlin is a fortress where there are government offices, palaces and churches is in:
(A) Japan
(B) China
(C) Russia ✓
(D) Thailand

69. Which gas is used in decoration lighting?
(A) Oxygen
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Neon ✓

70. During the Mughal period which one of the following traders first came to India?
(A) Portuguese ✓
(B) Dutch
(C) Danish
(D) English

71. Penicillin was discovered by:
(A) Alfred Nobel
(B) Alexander Fleming ✓
(C) Louis Pasteur
(D) S. A. Waksman

72. The third battle of Panipat was fought between Ahmad Shah Abdali and Mahrattas
(A) 1801 AD
(B) 1750 AD
(C) 1761 AD ✓
(D) 1758 AD

73. Name the Mughal king who died in 1707?
(A) Jahangir
(B) Aurangzeb ✓
(C) ShahJahan
(D) Akbar

74. The foreign phrase Affair de Coeur means:
(A) A love affair
(B) In the meantime
(C) An affair of the heart ✓
(D) None of these

75. French line of fortification built in 1934, along the German border from Switzerland to Belgium was called
(A) Hot Line
(B) Hindenburg  Line
(C) Maginot Line ✓
(D) None of them

76. 'Lufthansa' Is the name of airline of
(A) Australia
(B) France
(C) China
(D) Germany ✓

77. What Is the name of Syria’s news Agency?
(A) Belga
(C) SANA ✓

78. Archipelago is a cluster of
(A) Flowers
(B) Islands ✓
(C) Stars
(D) Trees

79. Anjuman-i-Hamayat-lslam was established in subcontinent
(A) 1884 ✓
(B) 1877
(C) 1878
(D) 1892

80. Foundation of Indian National Congress by A.O. Hume in
(A) 1877
(B) 1885 ✓
(C) 1878
(D) 1892

81. Who was the President of USA during World War I?
(A) Woodrow Wilson  ✓
(B) George Truman
(C) George Adams
(D) Abraham Lincoln

82. Name the German scientist who invented the atom bomb?
(A) Hahn Otto ✓
(B) John Walker
(C) John Gutenberg
(D) William Hunt

83. Who discovered the 'First Law of Thermodynamics’?
(A) James Prescott Joule ✓
(B) Fredrick Benling
(C) Marie Pierse
(D) None of these

84. In Algebra and mathematics who is credited With the originating the Binomial Theorem.
(A) Al-Beruni
(B) Zadaria Raza
(C) Al-Khawrzmi
(D) Omar-i-Khayyam ✓

85. Which river forms the Grand Canyon in the United States?
(A) Mississippi
(B) Hudson
(C) Colorado ✓
(D) Columbia

86. “Decline of the West* book was written by German Philosopher:
(A) Herbert Spencer
(B) Spengler ✓
(C) Spinoza
(D) None of these

87. Who laid the foundation of the first independent Turkish kingdom in India in 1206?
(A) Mohammad bin Qasim
(B) Qutubuddin Aibak ✓
(C) Ghiasuddin Balban
(D) None of these

88. Headquarter of UNESCO is located in:
(A) Paris ✓
(B) Beme
(C) Geneva
(D) London

89. The doctrine of Wahdatul-Wajood was presented by
(A) Ibn-e-Arabi ✓
(B) Mujadid-alf-Saani
(C) IbneYazid
(D) Sheikh Sirhindi

90. Before Referendum Sylhet was the part of
(A) Assam ✓
(B) Bihar
(C) Chitagong
(D) U.P

91. Muslim Students Federation (MSF) was established in 1937 by
(A) Abdur RabNishtar
(B) Raja Sahib of Mehmud Abad ✓
(C) Raja Gazanfir Ali
(D) Sir Agha Khan

92. “Khaki Shadows” book was written by
(A) S.M. Bruke .
(B) Mansoor A Shah
(C) K. M. Arif ✓
(D) Kamal Ahamed

93. Nobel peace prize 2064 was awarded to 'Wangari Maathai’ of
(A) Uganda
(B) Kenya ✓
(C) South Africa
(D) Nigeria

94. Which one of the following is not a 'Cash Crop’?
(A) Cotton
(B) Wheat ✓
(C) Sugarcane
(D) None, of these

95. Where Quaid-e-Azam stayed during his last illness in 1948?
(A) Hanna Lake
(B) Kohlu
(C) Ziarat ✓
(D) Makran

96. Which country is ’Sick Man of Europe’?
(A) Turkey ✓
(B) France
(C) South-hall
(D) Berlin

97. Warsak dam is located on
(A) River Kabul ✓
(B) River Karam
(C) River Gomal
(D) River Bera

98. Fort Wiiliam College was established at Calcutta
(A) 1799
(B) 1789
(C) 1800 ✓
(D) 1803

99. Shalimar Garden is located in the city of
(A) Lahore ✓
(B) Karachi
(C) Multan
(D) Taxila

100. Badshahi Mosque was built in:
(A) 1670
(B) 1673 ✓
(C) 1676
(D) 1678

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