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PPSC Assistant Sub Inspector In Anti-Corruption Solved Past Papers 2015

PPSC Assistant Sub Inspector In Anti-Corruption Solved Past Papers 2015

1. There are immense stretches of space
(A) Vast ✓
(B) small
(C) Little
(D) fearful

2. The writer looked into the luminous swirls of the water.
(A) Misery
(B) dim
(C) Bright ✓
(D) dark

3. The writer was reckless with misery.
(A) quiet ,
(B) talkative
(C) rash ✓
(D) slow

4. The driver was reluctant to take Abdul with him.
(A) willing
(B) eager
(C) drunk
(D) hesitant ✓

5. Churchill would whip his students hard for not knowing English.
(A) praise
(B) encourage
(C) admire
(D) beat ✓

6. I had to be vigilant until each mouthful was safely behind my teeth.
(A) careful ✓
(B) versatile
(C) serious
(D) fast

7. Mr. Chips has been ragged there a good deal.
(A) honored
(B) teased ✓
(C) cheated
(D) invited

8. The sudden hush as he took his place at the desk on the dais.
(A) noise
(B) silence ✓
(C) fear
(D) excitement

9. Not that Mr. Chips was boastful or conceited
(A) coward
(C) brave
(C) proud ✓
(D) afraid

10. And there was this new craze for bicycling.
(A) trend ✓
(B) compulsion
(C) greed
(D) hatred


11. He is jealous my fame.
(A) from
(B) of ✓
(C) over
(D) on

12. She is repenting her past.
(A) of
(B) for ✓
(C) on
(D) with

13. My brother is good ___ Mathematics.
(A) for
(B) of
(C) over
(D) at ✓

14. Sargodha is famous ____ producing best quality oranges.
(A) for ✓
(B) about
(C) on
(D) with

15. Do Rome as the Romans do.
(A) in ✓
(B) of
(C) Within
(D) at

Choose the correct form of verb

16. You cannot go because it heavily.
(A) Rains
(B) has rained
(C) Is raining ✓
(D) rained

17. I was reading a novel when they  to see me.
(A) Were coming
(B) come
(C) Had come
(D) came ✓

18. The book _____ two years ago.
(A) is published
(B) was published ✓
(C) published
(D) has been published

19. He ___  to Karachi tomorrow morning.
(A) goes
(B) will go ✓
(C) went
(D) is going

20. We our dinner when it started raining last night.
(A) had
(B) had had ✓
(C) have had
(D) will have had

Choose the correct Spellings.

(A) Proceder
(B) Precedure
(C) Procedure ✓
(D) Procedur

(A) Receive ✓
(B) Reiceve
(C) Receve
(D) Rieceve

(A) Frequent ✓
(B) Frequnt
(C) Freqent
(D) Frequente

(A) Disciplene
(B) Descipline
(C) Discipline ✓
(D) Discepline

(A) Subordinate ✓
(B) Subordinat
(C) Sabordinate
(D) Subordenate

(A) Pagent ✓
(B) Pegent
(C) Pagint
(D) Pigent

(A) Mosquito ✓
(B) Musquito
(C) Mosquitou
(D) Mosquoito

(A) Prirequisite
(B) Prereqisite
(C) Prerequisit
(D) Prerequisite ✓

(A) Pivot ✓
(B) Pivote
(C) Pivout
(D) Pivoti

(A) Continous
(B) Continuos
(C) Continuous ✓
(D) Continuouse

31. The price of a mobile is Rs.8600 inclusive of a 10% General Sales Tax. What is the original price of the mobile?
(A) 8,000
(B) 7818 ✓
(C) 10,000
(D) 7,000

32. Alia bought a Jewelry set for Rs. 84,000/- and sold for 85500 Find the percentage of profit?
(A) 1.79% ✓
(B) 1.80%
(C) 1.81%
(D) 1.82%

33. A symbol having a fixed numerical value is called 
(A) Variable
(B) Literals
(C) Constant ✓
(D) Binomial

34. Ham's bought 10 ice creams. He gave Rs 1000 to the shop keeper. The shop keeper returned him Rs. 250. For how much did he buy one ice cream?
(A) 50
(B) 75 ✓
(C) 100
(D) 150

35. The price of a pen is Rs 42 and of the note book is Rs. 18, Calculate how many pens and note books you can buy for Rs. 480 in equal quantity?
(A) 8,8 ✓
(B) 7.7
(C) 6,6
(D) 9,9

36. After 32 years from now, a boy will be five times as old as he was 8 years back. How old the boy is now?
(A) 20 Years
(B) 19 Years
(C) 18 Years ✓
(D) 17 Years

37. Distribute an amount of 200 between Rehman & Usman such that Rehman get Rs 50 more than twice as much as Uman gets. How much Rehman will get?
(A) 50
(B) 150 ✓
(C) 175
(D) 185

38. A linear equation consists of polynomials of degree 
(A) One ✓
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

39. A symbol represented by a literal and can take various numerical values is called 
(A) Constant
(B) Literal
(C) Variable ✓
(D) Polynomial

40. A truck covers the distance of 360 kilometers in 5 hours. What will be the speed of truck in kilo meters per hours.
(A) 72 ✓
(B) 73
(C) 74
(D) 75

41. 'Cathay Pacific' is the airline of:
(A) Italy
(B) Hong Kong ✓
(C) India
(D) France

42. The currency of Syria is:
(A) Dollar
(B) Pound ✓
(C) Guilder
(D) Peso

43. Thar is the desert of:
(A) Subtropical ✓
(B) Cold Winter
(C) Polar
(D) Coofcoastal

44. ‘‘Naples’ is the seaport of 
(A) United States
(B) Italy ✓
(C) Norway
(D) England

45. The capital of Sweden is:
(A) Stockholm ✓
(B) Oslo
(C) Tallinn
(D) christinia

46. 'BSS' is the news agency of:
(A) Bangladesh ✓
(B) Belarus
(C) Britain
(D) Brunei

47. The name of Nonway's parliament is:
(A) Stortinget ✓
(B) Congress
(C) National Assembly
(D) Senate

48. Kuril Islands are situated between:
(A) China and India
(B) Russia and Japan ✓
(C) India and Russia
(D) US and Afgan

49. Durand agreement was concluded between British India and Afghan Amir
(A) Abdur Rehman Khan ✓
(B) Abdul Khaliq
(C) Sharif Khan
(D) Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan

50. Which city is called gate way of Pakistan?
(A) Islamabad
(B) Karachi 
(C) Multan
(D) Lahore ✓
The Bab-e-Pakistan (Urdu: باب پاكستان ‎) (Gateway of Pakistan) is a national monument in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan which is being built on the site of one of the major Muslim refugee camps which operated in the aftermath of independence of Pakistan.

51. Jaillanwala Bagh massacre took place in:
(A) Lahore
(B) Amritsar ✓
(C) Delhi
(D) Agra

52. Who among the following were popularly known as Red shirts?
(A) Congress
(B) Khudai Khidmatgar ✓
(C) Socialists
(D) Democrats

53. Gandhi-lrwin Pact was signed in London in:
(A) 1930
(B) 1931 ✓
(C) 1933
(D) 1934

54. Moplah Rebellion of 1922 took place in:
(A) Kashmir
(B) Kerala ✓
(C) Aasam
(D) None of these

55. In Bengal, the headquarters of East India Company were located at:
(A) Fort St. David
(B) Fort William
(C) Fort St. George ✓
(D) Bengal khan

56. The state of Jammu & Kashmir was ruled by
(A) Ghulab Singh ✓
(B) Ghulab Khan
(C) Ghulab Dev
(D) Ghulab Chandergarh

57. After Nile, which is second longest river of world?
(A) Amazon ✓
(B) Mississippi
(C) Indus
(D) Kabul

58. What is the cause of dengue fever?
(A) Plasmodium
(B) Virus ✓
(C) Bacteria
(D) Both A 81 B

59. Pakistan became ILO member in:
(A) 14 Oct, 1947 ✓
(B) 14 Sep, 1947
(C) 14 Nov, 1947
(D) 14 Dec, 1947

60. 1st May is observed all over the world as Labour Day in honor of working people of:
(A) Moscow
(B) Beijing
(C) Chicago ✓
(D) Cairo

61. “Jinnah of Pakistan” was written by:
(A) I.H. Qurashi
(B) Stanley Wolpert ✓
(C) K.BSayyed
(D) K.K Aziz

62. Islamabad was chosen as a capital in the ' year:
(A) 1956
(B) 1957
(C) 1958
(D) 1959 ✓

63. Allama Iqbal delivered his famous address at Allahabad in:
(A) 1923
(B) 1930 ✓
(C) 1938
(D) 1940

64. Rachna Doab is located between two rivers which are:
(A) Indus & Chenab
(B) Jehlum & Chenab
(C) Ravi & Chenab ✓
(D) Sutlej & Ravi

65. Radcliffe was by profession:
(A) A doctor
(B) An Engineer
(C) A lawyer ✓
(D) A Dentist

66. Day of Deliverance was observed on:
(A) 23 Mar, 1940
(B) 14 Aug, 1947
(C) 15 Aug, 1940
(D) 22 Dec, 1939 ✓

67. Water makes of our blood:
(A) 95%
(B) 94% ✓
(C) 93%
(D) 92%

68. Which of the following is a land locked country?
(A) Spain
(B) Sudan
(C) Poland
(D) None of these ✓

69. Baku is the seaport on:
(A) Black Sea
(B) Caspian Sea ✓
(C) Mediterranean Sea
(D) Red Sea

70. Which of the following is larges country of South America?
(A) Argentina
(B) Brazil ✓
(C) Colombia
(D) Chile

71. World population is expected to reach by the year 2025:
(A) 10 billion
(B) 8 billion ✓
(C) 9 billion
(D) 11 billion

72. Which of the following is the greatest wool producer country in the world?
(A) Holland
(B) Australia ✓
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) India

73. Mirage is an example of:
(A) Refraction of Light ✓
(B) Reflection of Light
(C) Deviation of Light
(D) Polarization of Light

74. Saint Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya established a “Khankaha" in city of:
(A) Delhi
(B) Lahore
(C) Multan ✓
(D) Ajmer

75. British parliament is:
(A) Bi-Cameral ✓
(B) Tri-cameral
(C) Unicameral
(D) None of these

76. Planet closest to Earth:
(A) Mars
(B) Neptune
(C) Venus ✓
(D) Mercury

77. The term “Butterfly Stroke" is associated with:
(A) Swimming ✓
(B) Wrestling
(C) Boxing
(D) Jadu

78. The second Battle of Panipat was fought during the reign of:
(A) Babur
(B) Akbar ✓
(C) Humayun
(D) Aurangzeb

79. A stretch of land surrounded by water on all sides is known as:
(A) Strait
(B) Peninsula
(C) Island ✓
(D) Delta

80. Which animal is unable to stick out its tongue?
(A) Tortoise
(B) Hungal
(C) Crocodile ✓
(D) None of these

81. What is the old name of “Oslo”, the capital of Norway?
(A) Norwania
(B) LoroSae
(C) Chiristiania ✓
(D) Atlantica

82. The term that best describes the shape m earth: 
(A) Eclipse
(B) Geoid
(C) Globe
(D) Sphere ✓

83. The Second Summit conference of the was held in the year: 
(A) 1970
(B) 1971
(C) 1973
(D) 1974 ✓

84. Anti-corruption Department is a part of:
(A) Police Department
(B) S & GAD ✓

85. Mount Hira is in:
(A) Madina
(B) Muscat
(C) Makka ✓
(D) Taif

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