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Deserts and Plains General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Deserts and Plains General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. A traveller is thirsty in a desert at 15° E and 25° S, The desert in question is __________.
(a) Kalahari ✓
(b) Patagonia
(c) Sahara
(d) Mohave

2. Which is the largest desert in the world present in north Africa?
(a) Atacama
(b) Sahara
(c) Gobi  ✓
(d) Rub' al-Khali

3. Ogaden desert is present in __________.
(a) Asia
(b) Africa ✓
(c) Europe
(d) America

4. The temperate grasslands of Asia and Europe are known as __________.
(a) Pampas
(b) Prairies
(c) Tundras
(d) Steppes ✓

5. The Kalahari Desert, which stretches over 225,000 miles (900,000 sq. m), is in __________.
(a) Australia
(b) South Africa ✓
(c) East Africa
(d) Saidu Arabia

6. Oasis is associated with __________.
(a) Glaciers
(b) Desert ✓
(c) Islands
(d) Heiff

7. Which one of the following regions of the world is called “the bread basket of the world”?
(a) Temperate grassland ✓
(b) Tropical monsoonal region
(c) Mediterranean region
(d) Savana grassland

8. “Dasht-e-Lut" desert is located in __________.
(a) China
(b) Libya
(c) Turkmenistan
(d) Iran ✓

10. Down plains are grassland plains present in __________.
(a) USA
(b) Newzealand
(c) Australia  ✓
(d) Russia


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