Airlines of the World General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Airlines of the World General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. ‘Lufthansa’ is the name of airline of
(a) Russia
(b) USA
(c) Malaysia
(d) Germany ✓

2. Which of the following is Russian airline?
(a) Aeroflot ✓
(b) Aero Asia
(c) Russian float
(d) Aero Russia

3. Which of the following is French airline?
(a) France Air
(b) Air France ✓
(c) Air French
(d) All of them

4. Name the Sri Lankan Airline?
(a) Lankan International
(b) Lankan Air
(c) Lanka International
(d) Air Lanka ✓

5. Name the Italian airline?
(a) Air Italy
(b) Italy Air
(c) Alitalia ✓
(d) Aero Italian

6. “Bheman” airline belongs to________.
(a) Indonesia
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) France
(d) Bangladesh ✓

7. "British Airways” is the airline of________.
(a) Commonwealth
(b) British ✓
(c) Ireland
(d) None of them

8. "Cathay Pacific" is the airline of ________.
(a) Hong Kong ✓
(b) Singapore
(c) China
(d) Romania

9. "Emirates Airlines" is the airline of ________.
(a) A.U.E
(b) Air Emirates ✓
(c) U.A.E
(d) Aero Emirates

10. Gulf countries airline is known as ________.
(a) Air Guff
(b) Aero Gulf
(c) Gulf-Gulf
(d) Gulf Air ✓


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