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Commonwealth of Nations General Knowledge MCQs -1

1. At Present how many sovereign states form Commonwealth?(a) 50
(b) 54 ✓
(c) 48
(d) 47

2. Who is the symbolic head of Commonwealth?
(a) British Prime Minister
(b) Alternatively British and French Prime Ministers
(c) Queen Elizabeth II ✓
(d) None of them

3. The Secretariat of Commonwealth operates from which city?
(a) Paris
(b) Geneva
(c) London ✓
(d) Oslo

4. Which of the following countries left the Commonwealth on becoming Republics in 1948?
(a) Scotland
(b) Myanmar (Burma) ✓
(c) Pakistan
(d) Egypt

5. Pakistan left Commonwealth in 1972 when Bangladesh was recognized by Commonwealth. When Pakistan did rejoined Commonwealth as 49th member?
(a) 1991 ✓
(b) 1992
(c) 1990
(d) 1993

6. South Africa left Commonwealth in 1961. It rejoined in May 1994 raising the number of Commonwealth to
(a) 54
(b) 49
(c) 51 ✓
(d) 52

7. The strength of the Commonwealth is now 54 members. Which country joined as the 54th member?
(a) Pakistan
(b) South Africa
(c) Macedonia
(d) Rwanda ✓

8. Which of these countries is a member of Commonwealth?
(a) Croatia
(b) Poland
(c) Romania
(d) Turkmenistan ✓

9. When the British dominions became defined as free and equal countries within the British Empire?
(a) 1923
(b) 1925
(c) 1924
(d) 1926 ✓

10. Which Asian city will host the Commonwealth games between 3 October and 14 October 2010?
(a) Islamabad
(b) Tokyo
(c) New Delhi ✓
(d) Colombo
1. How much of the total population of the world constitute Commonwealth
(a) 35%
(b) 30% ✓
(c) 45%
(d) 25%

2. Name the current Secretary-General of Commonwealth
(a) Lord George Byron
(b) Dag Hammar Skjold
(c) Roger Smith
(d) Patricia Scotland ✓

3. Which British politician coined the term “Commonwealth of Nations” in 1884
(a) Lord Reseburg ✓
(b) Lord George Baltimore
(c) Lord George Byron
(d) Lord Edger Dauglas Adrian

4. Which important Declaration was adopted in 1949?
(a) Singapore Declaration
(b) Harare Declaration
(c) London Declaration ✓
(d) Lusaka Declaration

5. Which was the Britain's largest colony that joined Commonwealth?
(a) Australia
(b) India ✓
(c) South Africa
(d) Sierra Leone

6. The Commonwealth games are held every
(a) 3 years
(b) 4 years ✓
(c) 5 years
(d) 6 years

7. What is the term of office for Commonwealth secretary General?
(a) 3 years
(b) 4 years ✓
(c) 5 years
(d) 6 years

8. Which country is called special member of Commonwealth of Nations?
(a) tonga
(b) Tuvalu ✓
(c) Fiji
(d) Belize

1. Approximately how many people live in Commonwealth countries.
(a) .7 billion
(b) 1.2 billion
(c) 2.1 billion ✓
(d) 2.7 billion

2. Since 1977 which day and month has been celebrated as Commonwealth Day?
(a) 1 st Monday in April
(b) 2nd Monday in March ✓
(c) 3rd Monday in May
(d) 4th Monday in June

3. In 1949, under which declaration, membership previously based on Common Allegiance to the British Crown changed to one in which members agreed to recognize the British Monarch as symbolic head of Commonwealth.
(a) British Declaration
(b) Frankfurt Declaration
(c) London Declaration ✓
(d) None of these

4. In how many Commonwealth countries British monarch is considered the head of state?
(a) 15
(b) 14
(c) 12
(d) 16 ✓

5. Ireland left Commonwealth in
(a) 1948
(b) 1947
(c) 1949 ✓
(d) 1945

6. Fiji lost Commonwealth membership due to military coup in 1987. When Fiji was reinstated?
(a) 1995
(b) 1997 ✓
(c) 1996
(d) 1994

7. The Commonwealth secretariat was established in London to serve as clearing house for the exchange of information in
(a) 1965 ✓
(b) 1959
(c) 1962
(d) 1964

8. When the office of dominions was abolished and the Secretary of the Commonwealth assumed charge.
(a) 1945
(b) 1947 ✓
(c) 1954
(d) 1953

9. When Commonwealth was established.
(a) 1931 ✓
(b) 1932
(c) 1947
(d) 1926

10. When the idea of a Commonwealth of nations comprising Great Britain, the dominions and other territories of the British empire was first accepted at the imperial conference in
(a) 1931
(b) 1947
(c) 1926 ✓
(d) 1932

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