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Empires & Dynasties General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Empires & Dynasties General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. Chandra Gupta founded an empire in 321 B.C. that encompassed most of the Subcontinent, it was called_______.
(a) Gupta Empire
(b) Mauryan Empire ✓
(c) Chandra Empire
(d) Ashoka Empire

2. Buddhist emperor Ashoka belonged to which dynasty?
(a) Ashoka
(b) Mauryan ✓
(c) Chandra
(d) Gupta

3. Gupta dynasty ruled over most of India from A.D. 320 to_______.
(a) 575 A.D,
(b) 510 A.D.
(c) 550 A.D. ✓
(d) 475 A.D.

4. Roman Empire was established in 27 B.C. by
(a) Octavian ✓
(b) Julius Caesar
(c) Mark Antony
(d) Brutus

5. Name the dynasty which ruled China from 202 to 220 A.D. and during this period Buddhism was introduced in China.
(a) Chin
(b) Han ✓
(c) Dengh
(d) Haun

6. Name the capital of Byzantine Empire.
(a) Damascus
(b) Rome
(c) Constantinople ✓
(d) Ankara

7. In 395 A.D., Roman Empire was divided into two parts the Eastern Part of Empire was called_______.
(a) Byzantine Empire ✓
(b) Eastern Roman Empire
(c) Eastern Empire
(d) None of them

8. Holy Roman Empire was weakened by the reformation and the thirty years war and was finally abolished in 1806 by_______.
(a) Alexander
(b) Napoleon ✓
(c) Nelson
(d) None of them

9. Persian Empire was founded in 549 B.C. by the great?
(a) Darius I
(b) Cyprus ✓
(c) Cambyses
(d) None of them

10. By whom Persian Empire was finally broken in 331 B.C.?
(a) Greeks ✓
(b) Muslims
(c) Romans
(d) None of them


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