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Foreign Phrases General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Foreign Phrases General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. The foreign phrase ‘A Priori" denotes
(a) Reasoning (from cause to effect) ✓
(b) Preferential demand
(c) Special Treatment
(d) Self Projection

2. What is meant by the foreign phrase ‘Ad-hoc'
(a) Over and above
(b) Beyond restraint
(c) Arrange for this purpose ✓
(d) Temporary

3. Ad-infinitum
(a) Extra
(b) Limited
(c) For ever ✓
(d) Lovely

4. Ad-interim
(a) Additional interval
(b) In the meantime ✓
(c) Without interval
(d) Extra time

5. Ad-libitum
(a) Extension of limit
(b) At ease
(c) To a limit extent
(d) To any extent ✓

6. Ad-nauseam
(a) Annihilating attitude
(b) To a disgusting extent ✓
(c) To a reasonable level
(d) None of them

7. Adversus
(a) Genuine
(b) Against
(c) Rightful ✓
(d) Treacherously

8. Affair d’amour
(a) A love affair ✓
(b) At pleasure
(c) Mismanaged affair
(d) None of them

9. Affair de Coeur
(a) A love affair
(b) In the meantime
(c) An affair of the heart ✓
(d) Sorrow affair

10. Book, document serving as an aid to the memory especially in diplomatic uses is denoted by the foreign word
(a) Ad-interim
(b) Aid memoire ✓
(c) Affair diamous
(d) None of them


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