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Important Books General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Important Books General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. Children classic The Adventures of Pinocchio was created by
(a) Mark Twain
(b) Carlo Collodi ✓
(c) Edith Wharton
(d) Walter Scott

2. Name the author who created “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”?
(a) Geoffrey Chaucer
(b) Sinclair Lewis
(c) Mark Twain ✓
(d) James Barrier

3. Canterbury Tales was written by
(a) Earnest Hemingway
(b) Geoffrey Chaucer ✓
(c) Harold Robbins
(d) Jane Austin

4. Alexander Dumas was the author of world classic
(a) The Count of Monte Christs ✓
(b) A Christmas Carol
(c) David Copperfield
(d) Don Quixote

5. Who is the author of “All Quiet on the Western Front”
(a) Anna Sewell
(b) Erich Remarque ✓
(c) Peal S. Buck
(d) Sinclair Lewis

6. ‘Aab-i-Hayat’ was the creation of
(a) Allama Iqbal
(b) Deputy Nazir Ahmed
(c) Muhammad Hussain Azad ✓
(d) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

7. “Al-Hawi" is the creation of .
(a) Al-Karaki
(b) Al-Khazini
(c) Al-Khwarizmi
(d) Abu Bakar I bn Zakaria Razi ✓

8. Name the classic book created by Ai-Beruni
(a) Al Athar-ai-Beqiyao ✓
(b) Al-Muhalla
(c) Asir-i-Hirs
(d) Bahs-o-Nazar

9. Who is the author of "Ail the King’s Men?
(a) Jack London
(b) Geoffrey Chaucer
(c) Henry Fielding
(d) Robert Penn Warren ✓

10. Masterpiece ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ was created by
(a) Theodore Dreiser
(b) Jules Verne ✓
(c) J.D. Salinger
(d) Graham Swift


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