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Political, Constitutional & Diplomatic Terms MCQs - 1

A person employed and smuggled into the territory of the adversity to organize subversion while outwardly posing as an adherent
(a) Apartheid
(b) Agent Provocateur ✓
(c) Lynching
(d) Nexalism

Loyalty or duty of a subject to the sovereign or the government is called
(a) Condominium
(b) Suzerainty
(c) Allegiance ✓
(d) Sovereignty

A condition in which a government is powerless to maintain law and order is called
(a) Episcopacy
(b) Diarchy
(c) Appeasement
(d) Anarchy ✓

General Pardon shown to the convicts on special occasions is called
(a) Four Freedoms
(b) Hierarchy
(c) Amnesty ✓
(d) Mediation

The Policy of racial segregation of Whites and non-Whites mainly in South Africa is called
(a) Apartheid ✓
(b) Demagogy
(c) Pacifism
(d) Nexalism

The act of gratifying one’s adversary with concessions even by sacrificing principles is called
(a) Appeasement ✓
(b) Comintern
(c) Impeachment
(d) Naturalization

A temporary cessation of fighting pending formal negotiations for peace is called
(a) Blitzkrieg
(b) Bourgeoisie
(c) Armistice ✓
(d) Coup d'etat

Refuge or Protection granted to a foreign national in another country is called
(a) Amnesty
(b) Asylum ✓
(c) Inquest
(d) Parole

Junior official in the diplomatic service such as military Naval or Commercial is called
(a) Charged’ Affaires
(b) Consul
(c) Envoy
(d) Attache ✓

 A form of government in which absolute political and coercive powers are concentrated in the ruler is called
(a) Bolshevism
(b) Autocracy ✓
(c) Imperialism
(d) Fascism
The term ‘Suzerainty is used for
(a) Right of general control over a small state by aggression
(b) Right of general control over a semi-independent state ✓
(c) Right of general control over a semi-independent state by the order of controlling country
(d) None of the them

The term Totalitarianism is used for
(a) Total power concentrated in one group and no rival parties tolerated ✓
(b) Total control of a smaller state against the wishes of people
(c) Merging a smaller state against the wishes of people of the smaller state
(d) None of them

The term Troika1 is used for
(a) A Russian proposal to replace UN Secretary-General with a three nation executive-council ✓
(b) A Russian proposal to reduce the five permanent members with three China, Russia and United States
(c) A Russian proposal to form a separate group to combat USA and British aggressive foreign police.
(d) None of them

 The term ‘Unicameral’ is used for
(a) Presidential system of government without public representatives
(b) A system in which all the powers are vested with Prime Minister
(c) A legislature having only one house ✓
(d) None of them

The term White Paper’ is used for
(a) A detailed document issued by the opposition providing evidences of corruption made by the ruling party
(b) A detailed policy statement issued by a government with regard to a matter of considerable public importance ✓
(c) A detailed report of opposition parties about the rigging done in the general elections by the ruling party
(d) None of them

Handing over of criminals by one government to another of
(a) Genocide
(b) Extradition ✓
(c) Impeachment
(d) Polycentrism

Aggressive patriotism with contempt towards other nations is called
(a) Anarchism
(b) Chauvinism ✓
(c) Condominium
(d) Fascism

Which term, used to describe well-to-do businessmen, comes from the Japanese words meaning “Great Lord” or “Great Prince”?
(a) Business Magnate
(b) Samurai
(c) Shogun
(d) Tycoon ✓

Fifth column refers to
(a) Hogo pillar
(b) Long writing
(c) Loyalty
(d) Treachery ✓

Which term is used for the doctrine of elimination of war by individual and collective action
(a) Pessimism
(b) Pacifism ✓
(c) Maxaim
(d) Syndicalism

The term Persona non Grata is used for
(a) A person who assumes absolute powers and turn a tyrant
(b) A diplomatic envoy not welcomed in the host country ✓
(c) A senior most diplomat

The term 'Plebiscite' is used for
(a) Votes of the entire electorate on a distinct issue ✓
(b) Votes of the party members for the presidential candidate
(c) Survey made by independent agencies just before the elections are held
(d) None of these

The term 'Plutocracy is used for
(a) A government run by wealthy class of people ✓
(b) A government run by people with dictatorial attitude
(c) A government run by Fundamental class of people
(d) A government run by intellectual class of people

The term 'Prerogative5 is used for
(a) The exclusive right or privilege enjoyed by the president of the country
(b) The exclusive right or privilege enjoyed by a person or body ✓
(c) The exclusive right or privilege enjoyed by judiciary of a country
(d) The exclusive right or provided enjoyed by the police of a country

The term Protectorate is used for
(a) A dependent state which looks to another strong state for its protection ✓
(b) A strong state which conducts the foreign relation of weaker state forcefully
(c) A departmental stamp which is put on the documents of great importance
(d) None of them

The term 'Protocol is used for
(a) Departmental rules
(b) Diplomatic etiquette ✓
(c) Respect for the seniors
(d) None of them

The term ‘Quorum 1 is used for
(a) A fixed minimum number of clients required to make a business viable
(b) A fixed minimum number of members whose presence is essential for proceeding ✓
(c) A fixed minimum number of players whose presence is required for a game
(d) None of them

The term ‘Spoils System’ is used for
(a) Allocate funds of the party to loyal members
(b) Allocate important offices to the loyal members of the party ✓
(c) Accumulation of election funds form sponsors who benefit after the government is formed
(d) None of them

 The term 'Statute' is used for
(a) The right of the parliament to amend the constitution of country
(b) Presidential order to bring changes in the constitution
(c) Laws made by the parliament which are binding on all subjects of the country ✓
(d) None of them

Body of anti-national spies who, in the time of war commits subversion acts to hinder the national effort are called
(a) Fourth Column
(b) Fifth Column ✓
(c) Coup d'etat
(d) None of these

A wilful extermination of a racial, religious or a political group is called
(a) Extradition
(b) Genocide ✓
(c) Oligarchy
(d) None of these

A Pacific and Conciliatory role played by a third party to help compose differences between two parties is called
(a) Good offices
(b) Naturalization
(c) Polarization ✓
(d) None of these

A body, religious or secular, organized on ranks, orders or grade is called
(a) Theocracy
(b) Skinheads
(c) Hierarchy ✓
(d) Plutocracy

A British law under which, if a person is kept in prison without trial the courts are empowered to issue a writ to the jailor to produce the person
(a) Suzerainty
(b) Habeas Corpus ✓
(c) Statute
(d) Prerogative

The term used for formal accusation and prosecution by a legislature against the Head of the State or high Public official for serious misconduct against the state or constitution* is
(a) Appeasement
(b) Guislement
(c) Genocide
(d) Impeachment ✓

The term used for legal or judicial probe into the circumstances lead to the death of an individual
(a) Extradict
(b) Quisle
(c) Inquest ✓
(d) Exhibit

The term Legation is used for
(a) Chamber of Chief Justice of Pakistan
(b) A diplomatic mission lower than embassy ✓
(c) Powers given by the Constitution to the President
(d) None of these

The term lynching 1 is used for:
(a) Law which made the trade of black slaves legal
(b) Law which deprived the Negro slave of all human rights ✓
(c) System of extra legal Punishment Inflicted on Negroes by whites in 18th Century in USA and England
(d) None of these

The term Oligarchy means
(a) The rule of Feudals
(b) The rule of the few ✓
(c) The rule of tyrants
(d) The rule of democrats

A constitutional set up in which the legislature comprises two chambers like House of Lords and House of Commons
(a) Bilateral
(b) Bicameral ✓
(c) Diarchy
(d) None of these

A powerful faction or dominant group with in a party is also called
(a) Black Panthers
(b) Autocracy
(c) Cancus ✓
(d) Bourgeoisie

The senior most diplomat after the Head of the Mission who temporarily conducts the affairs of the Mission during the absence of the Head of Mission is also called?
(a) Charged Affairs ✓
(b) Attache
(c) Armistice
(d) Agent Provocateurs

Aggressive patriotism with contempt towards other nations is called
(a) Anarchism
(b) Chauvinism ✓
(c) Condominium
(d) Fascism

Handing over by one government to another of a fugitive from justice is called
(a) Genocide
(b) Extradition ✓
(c) Impeachment
(d) Polycentrism

 A combination or association of two parties with the purpose of forming a composite government or to forge unity of action, is called
(a) Confederation
(b) Concordant
(c) Coalition ✓
(d) Co-existence

 Alliance of countries for specific purpose but the states continue to retain their individual independence is called
(a) Federation
(b) Confederation ✓
(c) Coalition
(d) None of them

Goods and war material which are forbidden under the international law to be supplied by neutral states to the belligerents are called
(a) Contraband ✓
(b) Embargo
(c) Espionage
(d) Lynching

Completely standstill situation wherein further negotiations are impossible
(a) Condominium
(b) Demagogy ✓
(c) Dialectical
(d) Diarchy

A well-planned and well-directed system of spying laid by government or its agents in a foreign country is called
(a) Coup d’etat
(b) Plenipotentiary
(c) Espionage ✓
(d) None of these

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