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PPSC Past Papers of Assistant in Board of Revenue Department

PPSC Past Papers of Assistant in Board of Revenue Department

ASSISTANT (BS-14), 2011

QUESTION NO 1. Select any ONE of the following topics and write a comprehensive essay on it; preceded by a brief outline. (40 Marks)
(a) Cell Phone- boon or bane
(b) Unity,Faith and Discipline- need of the hour
(c) Cleanliness is next to godliness
(d) Function of Board of Revenue
(f) Miseries of Flood victims

Question No 2: Make a Precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title (20 Marks)
We have all experienced sudden arrival of a happy idea, but it is easiest to examine it in the great creative figures, many of whom experienced it in an intensified form and have put it on record in their memories and letters. One can draw examples from genius in any realm, from religious mysticism, philosophy and literature to art and music, and even in mathematics, science and technical invention, though these are often thought to rest solely on logic and experiment. It seems that all truly creative activity depends on some degree on these signals from the unconscious , the more highly intuitive the person, the sharper and more dynamic the signals become. Here, for example, is Richard Wagner conceiving the prelude to "Rhine Gold", as told by Wagner himself and recounted by Newman in hi biography. Wagner had been occupied with the general idea of the "Ring" for several years and for many months had been struggling to make a start with the actual composition. In this example, which is exceptional only in the violence of the emotion, the conscious mind at the moment of creation knew nothing of the actual process by which the solution was found.

Question No 3: Translate the following passage into Urdu: (20 Marks)
I used to lie waiting for the ominous tread on the uncarpeted attic stairs, and the voice it heralded sounded in my ears like a summon to damnation. The anticipation was always worse that reality; I do not remember ever being especially unhappy in class; but the oppressive weight of the knowledge of a full day's school remained a characteristics sensation of my childhood and disappeared only after i had left school and entered the University.

Question No 4: Translate the following passage into English: (20 Marks)
یہ ایک مسلمہ حقیت ہے کہ گلگت بلتستان کا خط قدرتی وسائل ، معدنیات، جنگلات ، صاف و شفاف آبشاروں، آبی ذخائی خشک میوجات سین میل وادیوں اور بلند و بالا پہاڑوں کا دیس ہے۔ دفاعی حوالے سے حساس، جغرافیائی اعتبار سے انتہائی اہم اور سیاحتی حوالے سے نہایت خوبصورت اور جاذب نظر ہے۔ اس وادی جنت نظیر کی سرحدیں بیک وقت چین، بھارت، افغانستان، تاجکستان، چترال اور شیر سےملتی ہیں۔ حال ہی میں اسے صوبے کا درجہ دیا گیا ہے۔

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