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SAARC General Knowledge MCQs - 2

SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation General Knowledge MCQs - 2

1. Name the first Secretary-General of SAARC
(a) Nazim Karim
(b) Abu-al-Ahsan ✓
(c) Rafj Nizami
(d) None of them

2. President of Maldives Mammoon Abdul Qayoom has attended fourteen SAARC summits besides him who has attended maximum number of SAARC summits?
(a) King Jigme Singhe Wangchuk ✓
(b) King Birendra Bin Bikram
(c) Prime Minister Girjia Prasad Koirala
(d) None of them

3. 2010-2020 is the SAARC decade of
(a) The rights of the labour
(b) The rights of the women
(c) The rights of the child
(d) Intra-regional Connectivity ✓

4. In which year SAARC Law Commission was formulated?
(a) 1990
(b) 1991 ✓
(c) 1992
(d) 1993

5. SAARC law was accorded recognition in which year?
(a) 1991
(b) 1992
(c) 1993
(d) 1994 ✓

6. Who is the current secretary general of SAARC?
(a) Dr. Sheel Kant Sharma
(b) Kumar Shrestha
(c) Abul Ahsan
(d) Amjad Hussain B Sial ✓

7. Which country was a major donor in financing the SAARC?
(a) Pakistan
(b) Sri Lanka ✓
(c) India
(d) Bangladesh

8. The Seventeenth SAARC Summit was held from 10-11 of November 2011 in Addu City,
(a) Maldives
(b) Bhutan ✓
(c) Nepal
(d) Sri Lanka

9. __ SAARC Summit was cancelled, which was supposed to be held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 15-16 November 2016?
(a) 16th
(b) 15th
(c) 18th
(d) 19th ✓

10. The 19th SAARC Summit, which was postponed due to the Uri Attacks was supposed to be held in which country?
(a) Pakistan ✓
(b) Iran
(c) China
(d) India


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