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Straits General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Straits General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1 Which of the following words explains a narrow strip of water separating two landmarks and connecting two big seas?
(a) Strait 
(b) Bay
(c) Peninsula 
(d) Gulf ✓

2. Which of following strait separates Arabia and Africa and jons the red sea and Persian qulf?
(a) Bering strait ✓
(b) Bab-ul-Mandab
(c) Bosphorus 
(d) Davis

3. A strait which separates greenland from baffin islands is———-
(a) Gibraltar 
(b) Florida
(c) Davis 
(d) Dover ✓

4. Strait of Bosporous connects __________.
(a) Black sea and red sea
(b) Black sea and baltic sea
(c) Black sea and sea of marmara
(d) None of these ✓

5. It separates Italy form sicily __________.
(a) Palk strait 
(b) Sunda strait
(c) Messina strait ✓
(d) Megellan strait

6. Strait of maiacca separates __________.
(a) Malaysia and China
(b) Malaysia and Indonesia ✓
(c) Malaysia and Sri Lanka
(d) None of these

7. Which of the following straits separate India from Sri Lanka?
(a) Davis 
(b) Palk
(c) Sunda ✓
(d) Johor

8. It separates Spain form Africa and connects Mditerranean sea with the atlantic ocean
(a) Gibraltar ✓
(b) Johor
(c) Florida 
(d) Davis

9. Which of the following straits separate Malaysia from Singapore?
(a) Dover ✓
(b) Johor
(c) Sunda 
(d) Palk

10. Sunda strait separates .
(a) Java from sicily
(b) Sumatra from Java
(c) Java from Singapore
(d) Singapore form Sumatra ✓


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