World Parliaments General Knowledge MCQs - 6

World Parliaments General Knowledge MCQs - 6

1. Name the parliament of Thailand,
(a) People’s Assembly
(b) Federal Assembly
(c) Chamber of Deputies
(d) National Assembly ✓

2. The largest number of women representatives are in the parliament of:
(a) Sweden
(b) Denmark ✓
(c) Rawanda
(d) Pakistan

3. Piksdagen (E-duskunta) is the parliament of
(a) Sweden
(b) Finland ✓
(c) Netherlands
(d) Hungary

4. Which of the following is called “Mother of Parliaments?"
(a) The German Parliament
(b) The American Parliament
(c) The Japanese Parliament
(d) The British Parliament ✓

5. Which is called parliament of world?
(a) UNO
(b) General Assembly of UNO ✓
(c) Security council
(d) WTO

6. The Apex elected body in Israel is called
(a) Parliament
(b) Congress
(c) Knesset ✓
(d) Shura


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