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A List of Branches of Science and their Studies - 1

A List of Branches of Science and their Studies

The branches of science, also referred to as sciences, "scientific fields", or "scientific disciplines," are commonly divided into three major groups:


Acarology – study of mites and ticks
Accountancy – measurement, processing, analyzing, reporting and communication of financial information about economic entity and activities
Aceology – science of remedies, or of therapeutics; iamatology.
Acology – study of medical remedies
Acoustics – science of sound
Adenology – study of glands
Aedoeology – science of generative organs
Aerobiology – study of airborne organisms
Aerodonetics – science or study of gliding
Aerodynamics – dynamics of gases; science of movement in a flow of air or gas
Aerolithology – study of aerolites; meteorites
Aerology – study of the atmosphere
Aeronautics – study of navigation through air or space
Aerophilately – collecting of air-mail stamps
Aerostatics – science of air pressure; art of ballooning
Agonistics – art and theory of prize-fighting
Agriology – comparative study of primitive peoples
Agrobiology – study of plant nutrition; soil yields
Agrology – study of agricultural soils
Agronomics – study of productivity of land
Agrostology – science or study of grasses
Alethiology – study of truth
Algedonics – science of pleasure and pain
Algology – study of algae or the study of pain
Anaesthesiology – study of anaesthetics
Anaglyptics – art of carving in bas-relief
Anagraphy – art of constructing catalogues
Anatomy – study of the structure of the body
Andragogy – theory and practice of education of adults
Anemology – study of wind
Angiology – study of blood flow and lymphatic system
Anthropobiology – study of human biology
Anthropology – study of human cultures
Aphnology – science of wealth
Apiology – study of bees
Arachnology – study of arachnids
Archaeology – study of human material remains
Archelogy – study of first principles
Archology – science of the origins of government
Arctophily – study of teddy bears
Areology – study of Mars
Aretaics – science of virtue
Aristology – science or art of dining
Aromachology – study of smell and odor
Arthrology – study of joints
Arthropodology – study of arthropods like insects and arachnids
Astacology – science of crayfish
Astheniology – study of diseases of weakening and aging
Astrobotany – study of plants in space
Astrogeology – study of extraterrestrial geology
Astrology – study of influence of celestial objects on humanity
Astrometeorology – study of effect of stars on climate
Astronomy – study of celestial bodies
Astrophysics – study of behaviour of interstellar matter
Astroseismology – study of star oscillations
Atmology – the science of aqueous vapor
Audiology – study of hearing
Autecology – study of ecology of one species
Autology – scientific study of oneself
Auxology – science of growth
Avionics – science of electronic devices for aircraft
Axiology – science of the ultimate nature of value


Bacteriology – study of bacteria
Balneology – science of the therapeutic use of baths
Barodynamics – science of the support and mechanics of bridges
Barology – study of gravitational force
Batology – the study of brambles
Bibliology – study of books
Bibliotics – study of documents to determine authenticity
Bioecology – study of interaction of life in the environment
Biology – study of life
Biochemistry – study of chemical processes within and relating to living organism
Biometrics – study of biological measurement for security purposes
Bionomics – study of organisms interacting in their environments
Botany – study of plants
Bromatology – study of food
Bryology – study of mosses and liverworts


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