FPSC Assistant Director Ministary of Defence Solved Past Paper 2010




1. Detain is most opposite to:
(A) release ✓
(B) silence
(C) forget
(D) prosper
(E) withhold

2. The ratio of 50ml and 2 liters is
(A) 1:20
(B) 1:25
(C) 1:40 ✓
(D) 1:80

3. Deplete is most similar to
(A) decorate
(B) beg
(C) exhaust ✓
(D) hurry

4. If you in advance you will get some
(A) buy
(B) work
(C) submit
(D) pay ✓

5. If 6 is 24% of a number, what is 40% of the same number
(A) 8
(B) 10 ✓
(C) 15
(D) 20
(E) 25

6 ASEAN was founded on 8 August 1967 with following five members
(A) Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines
(B) Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Philippines
(C) Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines
(D) Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines ✓

7. Pit Is the most opposite to
(A) group
(B) peak ✓
(C) select
(D) marry

8 The students were not willing to ___ the examination
(A) gave
(B) give
(C) appear
(D) take ✓

9. Most students choose to live in student in the first year of their studies as it is convenient and affordable
(A) accommodation ✓
(B) acomodation
(C) accomodation
(D) accommodation

10. If + means -,-means .means /, and / means +,____which of the folloing is the value of 142+2/3-5?
(A) 19
(B) 20 ✓
(C) 22
(D) 23
(E) 24

11. 26th January is India’s
(A) Independence day
(B) Republic Day ✓
(C) Revolution Day
(D) Parliament day
(E) Defence Day

12. If 60% of the employees went to a meeting, it means 40% did not go to the meeting. If 28 employees did not go to the meeting, how many total employees are there
(A) 84
(B) 70 ✓
(C) 72
(D) 75
(E) 76

13. Prolong is most similar to
(A) extend ✓
(B) inquire
(C) relax
(D) wait
(E) proud

14. _____ you work hard, you won't be able to clear the preliminaries
(A) If
(B) Until
(C) Unless ✓
(D) Lest
(E) When

15. To which Prophet the Zabur(Psalms) was revealed by Allah
(A) Prophet Moses
(B) Prophet Ibrahim
(C) Prophet Jesus
(D) Prophet David
(E) None of the above ✓

16. He listened to him very carefully but could not make ____ of what he was saying
(A) out ✓
(B) Into
(C) of
(D) off
(E) On

17. The district magistrate has agreed to ____ the rule and reduce the amount of tax in deserving cases
(A) Wave
(B) Way
(C) Weigh
(D) Waive ✓
(E) Levy

18. Pacify is most opposite to
(A) excite ✓
(B) land
(C) coddle
(D) unhand
(E) deliver

19. Let us aim ______ producing something original
(A) On
(B) At ✓
(C) To
(D) For
(E) In

20. Last SAARC conference was held in
(A) April 2009
(B) July 2009
(C) December 2009
(D) April 2010 ✓

21. Continue is most opposite to
(A) curve
(B) argue
(C) carry
(D) pause ✓
(E) active

22. Distort is most similar to
(A) wrong
(B) evil
(C) deform ✓
(D) harm
(E) calm

23. It's most important that students studying at university learn to work ______
(A) Indepenantly
(B) Independintly
(C) Independently ✓
(D) Independentely
(E) Indepandently

24. I could ______ see the sight since it was dark
(A) Clearly
(B) Barely ✓
(C) Obviously
(D) Aptly
(E) completely

25. Predict is most similar to
(A) foretell ✓
(B) decide
(C) prevent
(D) discover
(E) review

26. Remote is most similar to
(A) automatic
(B) distant ✓
(C) savage
(D) mean
(E) remove

27. Indifferent is most similar to
(A) neutral ✓
(B) unkind
(C) precious
(D) mean
(E) similar

28. What was the relation between Prophet Ismail (PBUH) and Prophet Ishaq (PBUH)
(A) Real Brothers
(B) Step Brothers ✓
(C) Cousins
(D) Father and Son
(E) None

29. Unlike the ancient Greeks, we are Interested In a person's  ______ , the things that make each person different from the general
(A) Qualities
(B) Idiosynetfases ✓
(C) Failures
(D) Stereotypes
(E) Humanity

30. There are total how many seats in the national assembly of Pakistan
(A) 332
(B) 342 ✓
(C) 352
(D) 362
(E) None of the above

31. Your ______ will ______ all the benefits you derived from your hard work
(A) Patience, Delete
(B) Possessiveness, Enhance
(C) Carelessness, Nullify ✓
(D) Apathy, Increase
(E) Help, Intensify

32. Heathrow Airport is located in
(A) London ✓
(B) New York
(C) Paris
(D) Sidney
(E) Tehran

33. Who wrote Pakistan's first National Anthem
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) JaganuthAzad
(C) Ahmad Faraz
(D) Hafeez Jalandhari ✓

34. World's highest peak Mount Everest is located in?
(A) Pakistan
(B) India ✓
(C) Tibet,China
(D) Nepal
(E) Bhutan

35. 'Arena' is the special name for playground of which sport
(A) Wrestling ✓
(B) Skating
(C) Boxing
(D) Fencing
(E) Catwalk

36. If the banks desire to______ profit, they should get rid of ______ measures
(A) Lose, Concentrate
(B) Increase, Populist ✓
(C) Earn, Unhealthy
(D) Maximise, Traditional
(E) Make, Unsteady

37. Research shows that an organization’s______  to cater to the customer’s changing needs will ______ its success
(A) Incent, Realise
(B) Ability, Determine ✓
(C) Capacity, Lead
(D) Desire, Insure
(E) Flexibility, Acquire

38. The success of business ventures ______  his expectations; he never thought that the firm would prosper;
(A) confirmed
(B) belied ✓
(C) nullified
(D) fulfilled
(E) ratified

39. Common is most opposite to
(A) strange ✓
(B) uneasy
(C) quick
(D) fest
(E) dull

40. The doctor took out his to examine the patient
(A) Horoscope
(B) Microscope
(C) Telescope
(D) Stethoscope ✓
(E) Kaleidoscope

41. Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) at the time of independence?
(A) Muslim League
(B) Congress ✓
(C) Justice Party
(D) Communist Party
(E) Tehreek e Pakistan

42. Secret is most opposite to
(A) friendly
(B) covert
(C) hidden
(D) overt ✓
(E) clever

43. Impartial is most opposite to
(A) hostile
(B) biased ✓
(C) dislike
(D) worried
(E) tired

44. Animosity is most opposite to
(A) love ✓
(B) plant like
(C) barren
(D) tiny
(E) grudge

45. Who was the Foster Mother of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
(A) Hazrat Amina
(B) Hazrat Eve
(C) Hazrat Haleema ✓
(D) Hazrat Hajra
(E) None of the above

46. Withdraw is most opposite to
(A) reduce
(B) need
(C) advance ✓
(D) want
(E) shallow

47. Bad news! I'm afraid there has been a drop in sales since the same period last year
(A) Definate
(B) Definite ✓
(C) Defenete
(D) Definite
(E) Dafinlte

48. On account of the In sales the softare firm has achieved an eight percent In net profit
(A) Surge, Fall
(B) Increase, Rise ✓
(C) Decline, Slope
(D) Hike, Loss
(E) Growth, Advance

49. A Person of Which of the Following Blood groups Is called a universal donor?
(A) O-ve
(B) AB-ve ✓
(C) A-ve
(D) B-ve
(E) A+ve
50. What was the main difficulty which delayed the constitution making in Pakistan
(A) Exact number of state
(B) Lack of interest among members of the constitution assembly
(C) The distribution of powers between Federal and Provincial governments
(D) Corrupt administration
(E) None of these ✓

51. The first migration (Hijrat) of the companions and relatives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to which place
(A) Mecca
(B) Syria
(C) Jerusalem
(D) Ethiopia (Habshia) ✓
(E) Medina

52. Beneficient is most similar to
(A) help
(B) advantageous ✓
(C) charity
(D) wise
(E) fresh

53. Even after a’century of investigation, the relation of the solar cycle with terrestrial weather remains
(A) Meticulous, Apparent
(B) Cursory, Clear
(B) Sedulous, Pertinent
(D) Extensive, Enigmatic ✓
(E) Scientific, Unobserved

54. The Cyprus dispute is a conflict over Cyprus (an island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea) between:
(A) Cyprus and UK
(B) Turkey and EU
(C) Greece and US
(D) Greece and Turkey ✓
(E) None of the above

55. What are the  qualifications for the job?
(A) necessary ✓
(B) neccesary
(C) necessary
(D) necessary
(E) neccessery

56. Simulate is most similar to
(A) excite
(B) imitate
(C) trick ✓
(D) apelik
(E) merry

57. It during summer months
(A) Rain
(B) Rains ✓
(C) has rain
(D) is raining
(E) Is rained

58. A robber broke his house last night and took aay a lot of valuables
(A) by
(B) on
(C) Into ✓
(D) In

59. The befor the Court prayed for  the appointment orders Issued by the management
(A) Writ, Granting
(B) Application, Posting
(C) Appeal, Removing
(D) Petition, Quashing ✓
(E) Jury, Dismissing

60. Negligible is most similar to
(A) insignificant ✓
(B) arguable
(C) careless
(D) dark
(E) sufficient

61. Red blood corpuscles are formed in the
(A) Liver
(B) Bone marrow ✓
(C) Kidneys
(D) Heart
(E) Brain

62. Talent is most opposite to
(A) ungrateful
(B) silent
(C) show
(D) inability ✓
(E) arrogance

63. Onions grow in in this part and hence they are always very cheap here:
(A) Demand
(B) Abundance ✓
(C) Peak
(D) Excessive
(E) Dearth

64. Nine members have about the decision, but the tenth one view it
(A) Consensus, Similarly
(B) Disagreement, Collectively
(C) Agreement, Differently ✓
(D) Spoken, Expressly
(E) Solution, Critically

65. If difference between the ages X and Y is 12 years and the ratio of their ages is 3:7 then what is the age of Y
(A) 4 years
(B) 7 years
(C) 11 years
(D) 21 years
(E) 16 years

66. If 9 x 7=3545 and 4 x 3=1520 then 6 x 8=?
(A) 5040
(B) 6050
(C) 4030 ✓
(D) 3040
(E) 4060

67. At a company's Annual Dinner,1/2 in attendance are employees. Employees' spouse is 1/3 of the attendance. What is the percentage of people Is the percentage of the people In attendance who are neither employees nor employee spouses
(A) 10.5%
(B) 16.7% ✓
(C) 25%
(D) 32.3%
(E) 38%

68. If fifth of the month falls two days after Monday, what day of the week will precede the19th of the month?
(A) Friday
(B) Wednesday ✓
(C) Saturda
(D) Tuesday
(E) Monday

69. When my father went to school, the boys and girls were taught in classes
(A) seperate
(B) separate ✓
(C) separete
(D) seperete
(E) saparate

70. You need 4/5 cups of water for a recipe. You accidentally put 1/3 cups into the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients. How much more water  in the cups do you need to add?
(A) 1/3cups
(B) 2/3cups
(C) 1/15 cups
(D) 7/15 cups ✓
(E) 7/16 cups

71. Kin is most similar to
(A) Extilt
(B) Twist
(C) Friend
(D) Relative ✓
(E) Kind

72. Assure is most opposite to
(A) alarm
(B) reassure
(C) quiet
(D) unsure ✓
(E) decide

73. I tried to   him to accept my suggestions but I failed
(A) persuade ✓
(B) pursuit
(C) persue
(D) peruse
(E) suede

74. When Sindh was annexed by the British what message was sent by Charled Napier to headquarters
(A) The die is cast
(B) Peccavi ✓
(C) Do or Die
(D) In hoc signo vinces
(E) The eagle has landed

75. Normally he is very in his behaviour, but on that occasion he behaved very aggressively
(A) Rude
(B) Obedient ✓
(C) Docile
(D) Intolerant
(E) Immature

76. I have been awake 4 o'clock
(A) For
(B) Since ✓
(C) Till
(D) Until
(E) By

77.   to your error the  consignment has been delayed by a week
(A) According, Important
(B) Duly, Urgent
(C) Owing, Entire ✓
(D) Added, Crucial
(E) Admitting, Special

78. There are 16 teams In a soccer tournament If everyone plays against everyone exactly once, how many games are there going to be?
(A) 119
(B) 120 ✓
(C) 128
(D) 135
(E) 256

79. Which companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) suggested digging a ditch (khandaq) around Medina to keep Quraysh army at bay?
(A) Hazrat Abu Salyman
(B) Hazrat Umar Farooq
(C) Hazrat Salman Farsi ✓
(D) Hazrat Ayvais Qarni
(E) None of the above

80. Negotiators related to the demarcatment of the Caspian Sea have been going on among the following litorial states bordering the Caspian
(A) Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran and Turkeministan
(B) Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkemenistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey
(C) Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Turkemenistan and Greece
(D) Azerbaijan, Russia, Pakistan, Turkemenistan and Pakistan

81. The candidate’s exposition was for its brevity and clarity
(A) complimentary
(B) conspicous
(C) Incomprehensible
(D) remarkable ✓
(E) hilarious

82. Fluid is most opposite to
(A) solid ✓
(B) liquid
(C) afraid
(D) decent
(E) placid

83. Boy can type 1350 words in 30 minutes, how many he could type in 5 minutes?
(A) 225 ✓
(B) 235
(C) 50
(D) 60

84. The objective resolution of March 12,1949 was passed by the constituent family with what significance
(A) It is a Magna Carta of the constitutional history of Pakistan ✓
(B) It does not provide solution to the economic problem of the people
(C) It mixes religion with politics
(D) It makes working of the government complicated
(E) None of the above

85. The speed of light with the rise of temperature in the medium
(A) Increases sharply
(B) Decreases sharply
(C) Remains unaltered
(D) Increase gradually ✓
(E) Decrease gradually

86. Please see it that no harm is done to me
(A) To
(B) Into ✓
(C) On
(D) In
(E) By

87. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
(A) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(B) Liaqat Ali Khan
(C) Sikandar Mirza ✓
(D) Ayub Khan
(E) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

88. In many rural areas hospitals are equipped because of the of funds from the government
(A) Well, Dearth
(B) Faulty,Lacking
(C) Optionally, Disparity
(D) III,Surplus
(E) Inadequately, Scarcity ✓

89. Literary criticism has in recent years become increasingly it is almost impossible for the non analysis person to understand analyses
(A) Abstruse ✓
(B) Accessible
(C) Colloquail
(D) Wide Ranging
(E) Professional

90. UN security council consists of the following 5 veto wielding permanent members
(A) China, France, Russia, UK, and US ✓
(B) China, France, USSR, UK and US
(C) China, Germany, Russia,UK and US
(D) China, France, Russia, Spain and US
(E) Japan, France, Russia, UK and US

91. The factory workers were not with their low wages and the non payment of wages for the last three months fuel to flames
(A) Good,Put
(B) Satisfied,Added ✓
(C) Joyful,Poured
(D) Pleased,Sprinkled
(E) Unhappy,Meant

92. Utter is most similar to
(A) express ✓
(B) defer
(C) borrow
(D) laugh
(E) cautious

93. Which gas is predominantly responsible for global warming
(A) carbon dioxide ✓
(B) carbon monoxide
(C) nitrous oxide
(D) nitrogen peroxide
(E) none of the above

94. UN was established in the year
(A) 1940
(B) 1945 ✓
(C) 1947
(D) 1951
(E) none of the above

95. Which is the national animal of Pakistan
(A) Markhor ✓
(B) Buffalo
(C) Peacock
(D) Lion
(E) Tiger

96. There is no need of any proof because everything is already very
(A) obvious ✓
(B) uncertain
(C) definite
(D) regular

97. 'If there were 100 Gandhis and 200 Abdul Kalam Azad with Muslim League but only on Muhammad Ali Jinnah so that India would never have
been divided', who said that?
(A) Fatima Jinnah
(B) Rana Liaqat Ali Khan
(C) Sirojni Nido ✓
(D) Lakhshmi Pandit
(E) Lord Mountbatten

98. Food is normally digested in the in the
(A) Liver
(B) Stomach
(C) Small Intestine ✓
(D) Large Intestine
(E) Gallbladder

99. Which Pakistani Prime Minister received Indian Prime Minister Atal Biharee Vajpayee when he arrived in Lahore by bus
(A) Benazir Bhutto
(B) Nawaz Sharif ✓
(C) Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi
(D) Shujaat Hussain
(E) ShaukatAziz

100. Fraud is most similar to
(A) Malcontent
(B) Argument
(C) Impostor ✓
(D) Clown
(E) Twist



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Atif Pedia: FPSC Assistant Director Ministary of Defence Solved Past Paper 2010
FPSC Assistant Director Ministary of Defence Solved Past Paper 2010
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