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Everyday Science MCQS Test 4

 1. What is the approximate mean distance that separates the sun from the earth?
(a) 1600,90,000 kms
(b) 1480,00,000 kms
(c) 1500,00,000 kms
(d) 1890,70,000 kms

2. The outer surface of the sun is called?
(a) Thermosphere
(b) Lithosphere
(c) Ionosphere
(d) Photosphere 

3. Which planet has the maximum number of satellites?
(a) Mars
(b) Mercury 
(c) Venus
(d) Jupiter

4. What is a light year?
(a) The year marked by extraordinary amount of radiation of sleight
(b) The year marked by the extraordinary less amount of radiation of sunlight reaching the earth due to protracted cloudy weather on earth making that year lighter than the normal
(c) The year in which the sun radiates more light making one complete extra day in February
(d) The distance travelled by light in 01 year. 

5. What are Red Giants?
(a) Stars which appear red because of their consuming a portion of their hydrogen. 
(b) The cluster of giant sized stars visible near mars
(c) Stars which consume some of their oxygen and thus appear red due to lack of O2
(d) Powerful communist countries.

6. What are asteroids?
(a) Piece of falling stares
(b) Satellite of other planets
(c) Very small planet revolving around the sun
(d) Rocks found on the moon

7. What is the temperature at the centre of the sun?
(a) 6 million k
(b) 10 million k
(c) 12 million k
(d) 20 million k (Correct)

8. The phase of moon are partially the result of the?
(a) Changes in the shape of the moon
(b) Revolution of the moon about the earth (Correct)

(c) Variation in the moon’s gravitation
(d) Variation in the speed of rotation of the moon

9. Constellations referred to as Zodiac are?
(a) Imaginary region that encompass the path of the planets (Correct)

(b) Signs of Roman god
(c) A group of stars
(d) None of these

10. The height of a geo-stationary satellite from the surface of the earth is about?
(a) 360 km
(b) 3600 km (Correct)

(c) 23000 km
(d) 360,000 km

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