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Everyday Science MCQS Test 5

1. Seismology is the science of?
(a) Silkworm breeding
(b) Earthquakes (Correct)
(c) Atmospheric phenomenon
(d) Study of fossils

2. The source of solar energy is?
(a) Light energy
(b) Gravitational energy
(c) Kinetic energy of rotation of sun
(d) Nuclear energy (Correct)

3. If an object is placed midway between two parallel plane mirrors facing each other, then the number of images that appear in mirrors is
(a) Four
(b) Infinite (Correct)
(c) Two
(d) Zero because the images will cancel each other

4. In vacuum, What will be common among X rays visible light, radio waves
(a) Amplitude (Correct)
(b) Frequency
(c) speed
(d) wavelength

5. Barometer is used to measure
(a) Atmospheric pressure (Correct)
(b) Humidity
(c) Rainfall
(d) Temperature

6. If u use a microscope to watch smoke particles in still air, you will see them moving about all the time. This phenomenon is called?
(a) Brownian movement (Correct)
(b) Osmosis
(c) Tyndall effect
(d) Diffusion

7. The mass of a neutron is approximately
(a) Equal to the mass of proton (Correct)
(b) Three times the mass of a proton
(c) Twice the mass of a proton
(d) Zero

8. The spherical shape of rain drops is due to
(a) Atmospheric friction of air (Correct)
(b) brevity of spherical earth
(c) Surface tension of rain water
(d) Viscosity of rain water

9. Galvanometer is an instrument
(a) For measuring volume change in chemical reactions btw gases
(b) For measuring currents of small magnitude (Correct)
(c) Which prints automatically messages sent from one place to another
(d) For recording high temperature from a distance

10. Which of the following has highest frequency?
(a) Gamma rays (Correct)
(b) Microwaves
(c) Light waves
(d) Radio waves

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