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FPSC Deputy Director in Intelligence Bureau Solved Past Paper 2008



1. Which one among the following rivers is the longest?
(A) Amazon ✓
(B) Amur
(C) Congo
(D) Lena

2. In human body, which one of the following hormones regulates blood calcium and phosphate?
(A) Glucagon
(B) Growth hormone
(C) Parathyroid hormone ✓
(D) Thyroxin

3. How do most insects respire?
(A) Through skin
(B) Through gills
(C) By lungs
(D) By tracheal system ✓

4. Production of which one of the following is a function of the liver?
(A) Lipase
(B) Urea ✓
(C) Mucus
(D) Hydrochloric acid

5. Which one of the following is not a digestive enzyme in the human system?
(A) Gastrin ✓
(B) Trypsin
(C) Ptyalin
(D) Pepsin

6. A second class magistrate can give the sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding:-
(A) One month
(B) Three months
(C) One year ✓
(D) Three years

7. In which of the following constitutional cases, Kelson's theory of 'Doctrine of Necessity' was first applied in Pakistan:-
(A) The State Vs. Dosso
(B) Asma Jilani Vs. Government of Pakistan
(C) Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan Vs. Federation of Pakistan
(D) Begum Nusrat Bhutto Vs Federation of Pakistan ✓

8. Pedagogy is a science of:-
(A) Bodily diseases
(B) Stamp collecting
(C) Languages
(D) Teaching ✓

9. A man is five years older than his wife who is ten times as old as her daughter. If the daughter attains the age of eight in three years’ time, what is the age of the man?
(A) 45 years
(B) 55 years ✓
(C) 60 years
(D) 65 years

10. If 40 per cent of women are voters and 52 per cent of the population are women, what per cent of the population are women voters?
(A) 18.1%
(B) 20.8% ✓
(C) 26.6%
(D) 38.2%

11. The main cause of earthquakes is:-
(A) Sudden cooling and contraction of the earth’s surface.
(B) Coming into activity of some dormant volcanoes.
(C) Due to internal heat, sometimes water changes into steam and expands.
(D) All of these

12. Which of the following statement is NOT true?
(A) Chechens are fighting against Russian subjugation.
(B) Daghistanis are Christians living near Chechnya's neighbourhood.
(C) Grozny is the capital of Chechnya.
(D) Daghistan is a Muslim dominated area in Russian federation. ✓

13. After USA which country is the second biggest arms seller in the world?
(A) Britain
(B) Russia ✓
(C) France
(D) Germany

14. During the period of martial law (1977-85) the Constitution of 1973 was:-
(A) Abrogated
(B) Held in abeyance
(C) Partially abrogated ✓
(D) None of the above

15. Digital Computer was invented by:-
(A) Vannevor Bush
(B) John Harrison
(C) M. R. Bissel
(D) Howard Aiken ✓

16. Which of the following is not an asset?
(A) Buildings
(B) Debtors
(C) Loan from a bank ✓
(D) Cash balance

17. What is the traditional name for a 30th anniversary?
(A) Ruby
(B) Pearl ✓
(C) Sapphire
(D) Diamond

18. Which newspaper used to have the nickname of The Thundered?
(A) The Daily Telegraph
(B) New York Times
(C) The Washington Post
(D) The Times ✓

19. If a pole in the ground is leaning over at an angle, it could be said to be:
(A) Oblique ✓
(B) Horizontal
(C) Vertical
(D) None of these

20. Who said: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it”?
(A) Margaret Thatcher
(B) Karl Marx ✓
(C) Martin Luther King
(D) Abraham Lincoln

21. “Ramallah” is the headquarters of Palestinian Authority located in:
(A) West Bank ✓
(B) Gaza strip
(C) Egypt
(D) Jordan

22. The French Revolution began in the year:
(A) 1770
(B) 1788
(C) 1789 ✓
(D) None of these

23. The Declaration of Independence of USA which renounced on
(A) July 25, 1796
(B) August 14,1766
(C) July 4,1776 ✓
(D) August 4, 1786

24. What description is NOT correct about the European Council?
(A) Its primary role is to propose and implement legislation
(B) It is a meeting of the heads of state ✓
(C) It is also known as the European summit
(D) There approx. 4 meeting every year

25. What was martial artist Bruce Lee's birth name?
(A) Lee Chin Go
(B) Lee Yao Sun
(C) Lee Yuen Kam ✓
(D) Lee Ming Na

26. Who was the first scientist to observe bacteria through a lens?
(A) Carolus Linnaeus
(B) Anton van Leeuwenhoek ✓
(C) Gregor Mendel
(D) Galileo Galilei

27. What is a shawm?
(A) a bird
(B) a type of horse
(C) a flower
(D) a musical instrument ✓

28. Who wrote “the proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains?”
(A) Vladimir lllyich Lenin
(B) Leon Trotsky
(C) Karl Marx ✓
(D) Josef Stalin

29. Which Hindu Leader supported ‘Pakistan Resolution’?
(A) Raj Gopalacharia ✓
(B) Abul Kalam Azad
(C) M.K. Gandhi
(D) Lala Lajpat Rai

30. SIM stands for:
(A) Single in-line module
(B) Single in-line memory
(C) Subscriber identity module ✓
(D) None of these

31. Who participated in all the three sessions of the Round Table Conference (1930 -1932)?
(A) Fatima Jinnah
(B) Annie Besant
(C) Jahan Ara Gul
(D) Begum Jahan Ara Shah Nawaz ✓

32. George Washington was succeeded by:
(A) Thomas Jefferson
(B) John Hamilton
(C) John Adams ✓
(D) None of the above

33. In an Island near Alexandria an ancient wonder “The pharaohs of Alexandria” is situated. What is it?
(A) A light House ✓
(B) Hanging Garden
(C) Great Wall
(D) A Wall

34. In Italy, which famous wonder is located?
(A) Hanging Garden
(B) Leaning Tower ✓
(C) Great Wall
(D) Budha Statue

35. Algeria got Independence in 1962 from
(A) France ✓
(B) Portugal
(C) Britain
(D) America

36. Where Ikhwan As-safa (Brethern of purity) was founded?
(A) Baghdad Iraq
(B) Basra, Iraq ✓
(C) Tehran, Iran
(D) Ankara, Turkey

37. What do King Tonkin, Duchess of Oldenburg and Rambo have in common?
(A) They all died at sea
(B) Films nominated for an Oscar
(C) They all are revolutionaries
(D) They are varieties of apples ✓

38. Name the most widely spoken family of languages in the world. About 1.7 billion people speak these languages?
(A) Indo-European Languages ✓
(B) Indo-Aryan Languages
(C) Indo-Asian Languages
(D) None of these

39. Transformation of Britain from a mainly agricultural society to a mainly industrial society took place in the period from 1760 to 1840. What is called this transformation?
(A) Enlightenment
(B) Industrial Revolution ✓
(C) Renaissance
(D) Imperialism

40. Indus valley civilization was one of the four earliest ancient civilizations of the old world. Where was it developed about 2500 BC?
(A) NW of the Indian subcontinent ✓
(B) West of the Indian subcontinent
(C) South of the Indian subcontinent
(D) Central Asia

41. What is the most popular pedigree cat breed in both the US and Britain?
(A) Siamese
(B) Persian ✓
(C) Burmese
(D) Domestic

42. The job of the sophisticated unmanned US spacecraft Voyager was:
(A) To examine Jupiter
(B) To examine Saturn
(C) To examine the Uranus ✓
(D) All of these

43. In 1977, USA launched two Voyagers. When they passed Jupiter and sent back colour pictures and other information about the planet and its moons?
(A) 1978
(B) 1980
(C) 1979 ✓
(D) 1977

44. What is commonly known the series of scandals in America involving President Richard Nixon and his administration?
(A) Watergate scandal ✓
(B) Nixon Scandal
(C) Serial Scandal
(D) None of these

45. Name of boundary line between India and China is:
(A) Radcliffe Line
(B) Green Line
(C) Control Line
(D) McMahan Line ✓

46. Napoleon is known as “Man of Destiny” and “Little Corporal”. Who is called the Man of “Iron and Blood”
(A) Prince Bismarck ✓
(B) US President Ford
(C) Lenin
(D) Karl Mark

47. Dragon is the symbol of china and the “Bear" is the symbol of:
(A) Poland
(C) Russia ✓
(D) Romania

48. Herodotus is called the father of history. To which country did he belong?
(A) Rome
(B) Britain
(C) Spain
(D) Greek ✓

49. Who is called the father of comedy?
(A) Aristotle
(B) Aristophanes ✓
(C) Potomy
(D) None of these

50. To which country Christopher Columbus did belong?
(A) Italy ✓
(B) Spain
(C) Britain
(D) Portugal
51. Whose creation is the famous painting “Mona Liza”?
(A) Romalo
(B) Picasso
(C) Leonardo da vinic ✓
(D) Richard Leonardo

52. What Louis Phillip of France was called?
(A) Great King
(B) Citizen King ✓
(C) Slave King
(D) Student King

53. Which of the following is known as “The Bible of English Constitution"?
(A) Magna Carta ✓
(B) British Constitution
(C) US Constitution
(D) None of them

54. In which year the Noble Prize was first awarded?
(A) 1905
(B) 1903
(C) 1901 ✓
(D) 1902

55. How many days were there in February 1992?
(A) 30
(B) 28
(C) 27
(D) 29 ✓

56. Everest is the world's highest mountain – what is the name of the second highest?
(A) K2 ✓
(B) Annapurna
(C) Nanga Parbat
(D) Chimborazo

57. Which is Britain’s oldest university?
(A) St Andrews
(B) Oxford ✓
(C) Cambridge
(D) StHelina

58. Which is the largest fresh-water lake in the world?
(A) Lake Tanganyika
(B) Lake Superior ✓
(C) Lake Michigan
(D) Lake Super

59. Where are the engines mounted on Concorde?
(A) On one side of the wing
(B) On either side of the fuselage
(C) Under the wings ✓
(D) On top of the wings

60. About how far is it between London and New York?
(A) 4,500 miles
(B) 2,500 miles
(C) 1000 miles
(D) 3,500 miles ✓

61. Adelaide city of Australia is famous for
(A) Textile Industry ✓
(B) Oil refineries
(C) Cricket grounds
(D) None of them

Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word
(A) Diseased ✓
(B) Dying
(C) Irritated
(D) Angry

(A) Heal
(B) Hurt
(C) Signify ✓
(D) Reform

(A) Warn
(B) Capture
(C) Concentrate
(D) Wander ✓

65. JINK
(A) Dodge ✓
(B) Refrain
(C) Inherit
(D) Travel

(A) Ready
(B) Willing
(C) Hesitating ✓
(D) Inclined

(A) Poor
(B) Bankrupt ✓
(C) Broke
(D) Penniless

(A) Theme
(B) Example ✓
(C) Proof
(D) Paragone

(A) Adjourn
(B) Confess ✓
(C) Relate
(D) Commit

(A) Rakish
(B) Elegant
(C) Unstylish ✓
(D) Corpulent

(A) Rub
(B) Prohibit
(C) Ease ✓
(D) Enlarge

Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the italicised bold part of the sentence

72. He was ingenious enough to know how to get out of the clutches of law.
(A) clever ✓
(B) intelligent
(C) alert
(D) cunning

73. Everyone in the bazaar turned to stare at the visitor and his preposterous dress.
(A) pompous
(B) vague
(C) absurd ✓
(D) strange

74. Sohaib had got an indication from his friend about the changes in the export market.
(A) a feeling
(B) a hint ✓
(C) a guess
(D) a signal
(e) an ultimatum

75. Those who acquire quick money are impatient to flaunt their wealth and material possessions.
(A) waste
(B) show off ✓
(C) hide
(D) squander

76. India's attitude towards China has all along been pusillanimous.
(A) generous
(B) cowardly ✓
(C) subversive
(D) restrained

77. Parents should cultivate in their children the habit of helping others.
(A) propagate
(B) sprout
(C) create
(D) foster ✓

78. The recent acts of vandalism in the country cannot be ignored.
(A) disturbance
(B) ravage
(C) provocation
(D) violence ✓

79. Bearing to the complaints of the villagers, the father would come and box his ears, and cuff him.
(A) lock
(B) abuse
(C) scold
(D) slap ✓

80. A person unrestrained by the rules, of morality or tradition is called a licentious person.
(A) libertine ✓
(B) criminal
(C) loafer-type
(D) freelance

81. The Principal's advice will prove salutary for the students.
(A) encouraging
(B) remarkable
(C) beneficial ✓
(D) harmful

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word
(A) Divergent ✓
(B) Curved
(C) Random
(D) Wavy

(A) Willing
(B) Consenting
(C) Pliable ✓
(D) Easy

(A) Formal
(B) Ancient
(C) Customary
(D) Traditional ✓

(A) Real ✓
(B) Deceptive
(C) Imaginary
(D) Certain

86. ARID
(A) Plentiful
(B) Productive
(C) Humid ✓
(D) Agreeable

(A) Collect
(B) Assemble ✓
(C) Hoard
(D) Save

(A) Cautious ✓
(B) Considerate
(C) Clever
(D) Cunning

(A) Treasure
(B) Debt
(C) Assets ✓
(D) Property

(A) Bungle ✓
(B) Avail
(C) Direct
(D) Wild

(A) Spicy
(B) Unfavourable ✓
(C) Conspicuous
(D) Condemnatory

Directions: Each of the following questions consists of a word or phrase which is italicised bold in the sentence given. It is followed by certain words or phrases. Select the word or phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the italicised bold word or phrase.
92. This is only the tenuous evidence for it.
(A) abundant ✓
(B) enough
(C) reasonable
(D) less

93. Vigour and excitement are the prime
characteristic of youth.
(A) adolescence
(B) teenage
(C) childhood
(D) senility ✓

94. I worship him as my ideal.
(A) deify
(B) despise ✓
(C) abuse
(D) neglect

95. The influence of political broadcasts on elections is considerable.
(A) inadequate ✓
(B) uninfluential
(C) negligible
(D) insignificant

96. There was not a single bibulous adventurer in our expedition.
(A) fearful
(B) cowardly
(C) sober ✓
(D) unenergetie

97. The dinner set the presented to me was durable enough.
(A) worn out
(B) fragile ✓
(C) light
(D) delicate

98. His meanness is proverbial
(A) generosity ✓
(B) pragmatism
(C) timidity
(D) kindness

99. Rafique drove to the place by a circuitous route.
(A) short
(B) roundabout
(C) direct ✓
(D) obvious

100. The minister gave a public speech on the controversial subject to, precipitate the matter,
(A) defer ✓
(B) push
(C) pull
(D) create

FPSC Civilian Labour Officer in Ministery of Defence Solved Past Paper 2007



Fill In the blanks:
1. Famous Novel “Pride and Prejudice" is written by _______
(A) Jane Eyre
(B) Jane Austen ✓
(C) Emily Brounte
(D) Byron

2. They the office at 5 o'clock last evening.
(A) had left
(B) had beet leaving
(C) left ✓
(D) leave

3. He _____movies regularly but now he prefers dramas.
(A) was used to watch
(B) used to watch ✓
(C) uses to watch
(D) watches

4. His father for ten years now.
(A) is dead
(B) has been died ✓
(C) was dead
(D) has died

5. I wish I how to play violin.
(A) know
(B) knew ✓
(C) would know
(D) will know

6. It has been raining for the past five days. I wish it
(A) stopped to rain.
(B) stopped raining. ✓
(C) would stop raining.
(D) were to stop raining.

7. I cannot remember where  my coat.
(A) I would have left
(B) did I leave
(C) Heft ✓
(D) Was I made to leave

8. I trouble with my bicycle these days
(A) have bebn experiencing ✓
(B) experience
(C) had been experienced
(D) experienced

9. When the clock struck six, I ,for ver an hour.
(A) have waited
(B) had to wait
(C) shall have waited
(D) had been waiting ✓

10. He will win the race if he running regularly.
(A) practices ✓
(B) would practise
(C) will practice
(D) will be practiced

11. Rising prices  immediate measures.
(A) call for ✓
(B) all over
(C) call in
(D) call forth

12. I will you on next Sunday.
(A) call on
(B) call in
(C) call at ✓
(D) call for

13. Rana said, “I am well".
(A) Rana said, that I am well.
(B) Rana said that he is well. ✓
(C) Rana said that he was well.

14. I said, “I will read".
(A) I said that I shall read.
(B) I said that I will read.
(C) I said that I would read. ✓

15. He said to me, “You are dishonest".
(A) He said to me that I am dishonest.
(B) He told to me that I am dishonest.
(C) He told me that I was dishonest. ✓

16. She said, “The earth goes round the Sun”
(A) She said that the earth went round the Sun.
(B) She said the earth goes round the Sun.
(C) She said that the earth goes round the Sun. ✓

17. He said, “True friends are but few”.
(A) He said"that true friends were but few.
(B) He said that true fiends are but few. ✓
(C) He said true friends are but few.

18. “Have patience", I said to her.
(A) 1 said that she should have patience. ✓
(B) I told her to have patience.
(C) It said that she had patience.

19. He replied, “I have promised to help them".
(A) He replied that he has promised to help them.
(B) He replied that he had promised to help them. ✓
(C) He replied that he promised to help them.

20. She said to me, “Will you accompany me"?.
(A) She said whether I can accompany her.
(B) She asked me if l-would accompany her. ✓
(C) She said that I would accompany her.


21. 65% of a number is 21 less than four fifth of what number. What is the number?
(A) 100
(B) 120
(C) 140 ✓
(D) 160

22. A man has Rs. 480 in the denominations of one-rupee notes, five-rupee notes and ten-rupee notes. The number of notes of each denomination is equal. What is the total number of notes that he has ?
(A) 45
(B) 60
(C) 75
(D) 90 ✓

23. An article is sold for Rs.45 for a loss of 10 % It is sold at Rs.65, the gain percent is
(A) 10
(B) 15
(C) 20
(D) 30 ✓

24. A batsman scored 120 runs which included 9 boundaries and 4 sixes. What percent of his total socore did he makes.
(A) 45%
(B) 50% ✓
(C) 60%
(D) 70%

25. Iqbal sells a shirt at a profit of 25 %. Had he bought it at 25 % less and sold it for Rs.25 less, he would have gained 25 %, The cost price of the shirt is
(A) Rs.60 ✓
(B) Rs.25
(C) Rs.80
(D) Rs. 100

26. What 40 % of a number is added to 42, the result is the number itself. The number is
(A) 70 ✓
(B) 80
(C) 90
(D) 75

27. 24 % of 44 + 12 % of 22 =?
(A) 18.6
(B) 13.2 ✓
(C) 13.1
(D) 11.88

28. If 3712 of a number is 45, then 8712 % of the number will be
(A) 105 ✓
(B) 102
(C) 96
(D) 92

29. A dealer purchases 22 pencils for Rs.20 and sells them at the rate of 10 pencils for Rs.11. His profit percent is
(A) 10%
(B) 20%
(C) 21 % ✓
(D) 22 %

30. A toy is sold for Rs.220. What was the cost of the rate of profit was 10% of the cost?
(A) Rs.196
(B) Rs.198 ✓
(C) Rs.200
(D) Rs.210

31. A fruit seller buys oranges at the rate of 12 for Rs.20, for how much should he sell one orange to gain 20 %
(A) Rs. 1.50
(B) Rs.2 ✓
(C) Rs.2.50
(D) Rs.2.75

32. In a group of buffaloes and ducks, the number of legs are 24 more than twice the number of heads. What is the number of buffaloes in the group?
(A) 10
(B) 12 ✓
(C) 6
(D) 8

33. 0.26 + 100 = ?
(A) 0.0026 ✓
(B) 0.026
(C) 26
(D) .00026

34. A fires 5 shots to B's 3 but A kills only once in 3 shots while B kills once in 2 shots. When B has missed 27 times, A has killed:
(A) 60 birds
(B) 30 birds ✓
(C) 90 birds
(D) 72 birds

35. If 10 men can do a piece of work in twenty days, how long will it take 9 men to do the job if they work at the same rate?
(A) 21 days
(B) 22 days
(C) 25 days ✓
(D) 26 days

36. If 311 of a number is 22. What is 611 of that* number?
(A) 6
(B) 12
(C) 33
(D) 44 ✓

37. Which number is divisible by both 4 and 9?
(A) 2,178 ✓
(B) 1 311
(C) 5,526
(D) 8,513

38. 148 is divisible “by:
(A) 21
(B) 37 ✓
(C) 17
(D) 43

39. A bag contains 9 KG of sugar which his separated into packages containing 450 game each. How many such packages can be made?
(A) 16
(B) 18
(C) 20 ✓
(D) 24

40 Find unit digit in (515)31 + (515)90:
(A) 0 ✓
(B) 5
(C) 1
(D) 4

41. The planet between Earth and Mercury is
(A) Venus ✓
(B) Mars
(C) Jupiter
(D) Neptune

42. Can you name the three planets of the Solar system which have no satellites?
(A) Mercury
(B) Venus
(C) Pluto
(D) All of A,B,C ✓

43. The velocity of sound is largest in
(A) Air
(B) Water
(C) Steel rod ✓
(D) Kerosene

44. A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy:
(A) motor
(B) moving-coil meter
(C) generator
(D) battery ✓

45. Liquids are
(A) poor conductors of heat ✓
(B) good conductors of heat
(C) worst conductors of heat
(D) perfect insulators

46. If an iron piece remains exposed to air and dampness, it gets rust on it. Scientifically speaking, rust is
(A) iron oxide ✓
(B) a kind of moss
(C) corrosive quality of damp air
(D) the natural wearing of iron

47. Which of the following air carries no moisture?
(A) dry air ✓
(B) warm air
(C) cool air
(D) icy wind
(E) None

48. Frost is not formed generally on cloudy nights. Reasons?
(A) Absence of water vapour in the air;
(B) Clouds generate air currents and disturbances which do not promote frosty conditions
(C) Clouds prevent radiation and therefore help the ground temperature remain higher ✓
(D) moisture of air has been sucked away by the clouds

49. Lightning is caused when
(A) similar charges of electricity rush towards each other
(B) opposite charges in different clouds break down the resistance offered by the intervening air ✓
(C) clouds strike against impurities in air and result in a gigantic frictional flare-up
(D) earth exerts a pull on the floating clouds

50. Sun is a :
(A) star ✓
(B) planet
(C) asteroid
(D) Meteor
51. Coronary heart disease is most often found in persons suffering from:
(A) anaemia
(B) hemophilia
(C) high blood pressure ✓
(D) low blood pressure

52. As a person becomes older, his blood pressure generally?
(A) increases ✓
(B) decreases
(C) remains the same
(D) None

53. Roentgen rays are
(A) alpha rays
(B) sun rays
(C) electromagnetic rays
(D) X-rays ✓

54. Sound travels in Water than in air
(A) much faster ✓
(B) much slower
(C) at no difference
(D) None

55 What is an echo?
(A) a natural phenomenon that defies an explanation
(B) a repetition of one’s own voice
(C) a sound repeated by reflection ✓
(D) the proof that dead matter can speak

56. Kinetic energy is the energy that is produced by the fact of
(A) nuclear explosion
(B) human effort
(C) any movement of an object ✓
(D) water power

57. Can you name the scientist who first of all did some, experiments with gravity? Laws of Gravhtation came much later.
(A) Newton
(B) Cavendish
(C) Galileo ✓
(D) Marconi

58. Mercury is an unusual substance because it is
(A) a metal but in liquid form
(B) liquid at room temperature
(C) extremely sensitive to temperature variations
(D) All of A,B,C  ✓

59. A clear sky is blue because?
(A) red light is scattered more than blue
(B) ultra violet light has been absorbed
(C) blue light is scattered more than red ✓
(D) blue light has been absorbed

60. Whale, the largest sea-animal, breathes through its
(A) gills
(B) lungs ✓
(C) fins
(D) skin


61. Kitab-ul-Khraj was authored by?
(A) Abu Yousaf, ✓
(B) Imam Shafi
(C) Imam Hanifa
(D) Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal
Kitāb al-Kharāj (Book of taxation) is a classic text on fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), written by Abū Yusūf Yaʿqūb Ibrāhīm al-Anṣārī al-Kūfī (died 798; 182 A.H.) at the request of the Abbasid caliph Hārūn al-Rashīd (763 or 766-809).

62. Wasal Bin Ata was the founder of the sect?
(A) Qramta
(B) Muatzilla ✓
(C) Rwandiya

63. Imam Hanifa died in?
(A) 710 ✓
(B) 716
(C) 718
(D) 720

64. “Ahyay-i-Ulum” was authored by?
(A) Razi
(B) Gazali ✓
(C) Bu Ali Sina
(D) Jabir Bin Hayyan

65. Real name of Abu Hanifa was?
(A) Ismail
(B) Abdullah
(C) Numan Bin Sadth ✓
(D) Ahmad
Abū Ḥanīfa al-Nuʿmān b. Thābit b. Zūṭā b. Marzubān (Arabic: أبو حنيفة نعمان بن ثابت بن زوطا بن مرزبان‎; c. 699 – 767 CE), known as Abū Ḥanīfa for short, or reverently as Imam Abū Ḥanīfa by Sunni Muslims, was an 8th-century Sunni Muslim theologian and jurist of Persian origin, who became the eponymous founder of the Hanafi school of Sunni jurisprudence, which has remained the most widely practiced law school in the Sunni tradition. He is often alluded to by the reverential epithets al-Imām al-aʿẓam ("The Great Imam") and Sirāj al-aʾimma ("The Lamp of the Imams") in Sunni Islam.
66. Abu Yousaf received spiritual education from?
(A) Abu Hanifa ✓
(B) Malik
(C) Shafi
(D) Hanbal

67. Musa Al-Khwarzmi was?
(A) Historian
(B) Astrologer
(C) Geographer ✓
(D) Mathematician

68. Real name of Imam Sha'fi was?
(A) Ahmad
(B) Muhammad Bin Idrees ✓
(C) Ahmad Bin Hambli
(D) Khalid

69. Madrisa Nazamia Baghdad was founded in?
(A) 1055
(B) 1060
(C) 1065 ✓
(D) 1070

70. Wazir of Halaku Khan was?
(A) Nasir-uddin Tusi ✓
(B) Khalid Brmki
(C) Abu Salma
(D) Khaljis

71. Hazrat Sheikh Ali Bin Usman Hajweri (Data Ganj Bukhsh) came to India during the time of
(A) Mughals
(B) Khtljis
(C) Tughluq
(D) Ghaznavi ✓

72. Akbar was a  great builder. He constructed and founded.
(A) Agra Fort
(B) Gujrat Fort
(C) Tombof Humayun
(D) All of these ✓

73. Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-lslam was established on 24th December:
(A) 1880
(B) 1382
(C) 1884 ✓
(D) 1886

74. The Mohammad Educational Conference was founded in:
(A) 1884
(B) 1886 ✓
(C) 1890
(D) 1891
The Muslim League was born in the 20th session of All India Muhammadan Educational Conference, which was established by Syed Ahmed Khan in Aligarh in 1886.
75. Maulana Abut Kalam Azad launched:
(A) Comrade
(B) Al-Hilal ✓
(C) Ideology
(D) Muslim Defense
In October 1920, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was elected as a member of foundation committee to establish Jamia Millia Islamia at Aligarh in U. P. ... He served as Congress president from 1940 to 1945, during which the Quit India rebellion was launched.
76. The Jallianwala Bagh incident took place on 13th April:
(A) 1913
(B) 1915
(C) 1917
(D) 1919 ✓

77. The pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by:
(A) Allama Iqbal
(B) Chaudhry Rehmat Ali ✓
(C) Quaid-e-Azam
(D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
The "Pakistan Declaration" (titled Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever?) was a pamphlet written and published by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, on 28 January 1933, in which the word Pakstan (without the letter "i") was used for the first time and was circulated to the delegates of the Third Round Table Conference in 1932.
78. Which of the following term was not agreed by the British following the Gandhi-Irwin Pact of 1931-
(A) Lifting of ban over Congress. ✓
(B) Complete abolition of tax on salt production in India
(C) Permitting peaceful picketing of liquor arid foreign doth shops
(D) Restoration of the confiscated properties of the satyagrahis

79. The main purpose of the “Communal Award" announced by the British Prime Minister Ramsey Macdonald
on 4 August 1932 was
(A) To grant separate electorates to minority communities in India, including Muslims, Sikhs, and Dalits in India ✓
(B) To grant separate pay scales to different communities in government service in India.
(C) To grant awards to distinguished members of minority communities in India including Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits.
(D) None of these

80. At the time of independence from the British, Indian sub-continent comprised of Princely or Native States which numbered:
(A) 596
(B) 540
(C) 323
(D) 572 ✓

81. Father of former US Secretary of Stale, Madeline Albright was also a member of the UN Commission on India and Pakistan and author of the book “Danger in Kashmir”. What was his name?
(A) Joseph Albright
(B) Joseph Korbel ✓
(C) Owen Dixon
(D) Alistair Lamp

82. Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Muhammad, was by education a(n):
(A) Engineer
(B) Economist
(C) Political Scientist
(D) Medical Doctor ✓

83. Epistemology is the study of:
(A) Knowledge ✓
(B) Insects
(C) Parasites
(D) Religions

84. Who was the leader of the 1958 coup in Iraq, which led to proclamation of Iraq as a Republic?
(A) Saddam Hussain
(B) Nuri Al Said
(C) Abdul Karim ✓
(D) Fagnel Jama

85. Major Shabbir Sharif was awarded Nishan-e-Haider posthumously. Which other model for bravery was he awarded during his career in the Army.
(A) Tamgha-e-Basaalat
(B) Nishan-e-Shujaai
(C) Hilal-e-Jurat
(D) Sitar-e-Jurat ✓

86. Which Indian personality served as the President of the UN General Assembly in 1953-54?
(A) S. Radha Krishhan
(B) Gopalswamy Ayyengar
(C) V.K Krishna Menon
(D) Vijayalakshami Pandit ✓

87. In which organ of the United Natrons all member states of the UN are represented?
(A) Economic and Social Council
(B) General Assembly ✓
(C) Security Council
(D) Human Rights Council

88. Ustad Allah Baksh was a famous of Pakistan.
(A) Classical singer
(B) Sitar Player
(C) Tabla Player
(D) Painter ✓

89. Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz holds a Masters degree in Development Economics from
(A) Cambridge University
(B) Harward University ✓
(C) Columbia University
(D) Karachi University

90. Which is Pakistan’s Major Export?
(A) Sugar
(B) Wheat
(C) Rice
(D) Cotton ✓

91. UNFCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) was adopted during the Earth Summit at Rio de Janero (1992). When did it come in force?
(A) March 1994 ✓
(B) August 1295
(C) October 1996
(D) January 1994

92. De Beers is one of the biggest name in diamond industry. Who was the founder of De Beers Consolidated Mining Company?
(A) John Cecil Rhodes ✓
(B) Joseph D Rockefeller
(C) Krugger
(D) Robert

93. When was hover dam constructed?
(A) 1930
(B) 1936 ✓
(C) 1939
(D) None

94. Red sea and Mediterranian Sea are connected by which canal?
(A) Panama
(B) Suez Canal ✓
(C) Kiel canal
(D) None

95. Atlantic ocean and Pacific Ocean are connected by which canal?
(A) Kiel canal
(B) Panama canal ✓
(C) Suez canal
(D) None

96. How many types of canals are there in the world?
(A) 3 ✓
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 9

97. “Wetland canal" is located in which country?
(A) UK
(B) Canada ✓
(C) Australia
(D) None

98. “Hingol dam” is being constructed in which province of Pakistan?
(A) K.P
(B) Punjab
(C) Sindh
(D) Balochistan ✓

99. Volga river flowj in which country?
(A) Russia ✓
(B) Canada
(C) UK

100. “Bosheen dam” is located in which country?
(A) Peru ✓
(B) Russia
(C) France
(D) None

FPSC Civilian Labour Officer in Ministery of Defence Solved Past Paper 2011



1. He is an amateur stenography
(A) for
(B) in ✓
(C) to
(D) of

2. Children are the delight the house.
(A) for
(B) of ✓
(C) to
(D) with

3. No one has control his tongue
(A) for
(B) to
(C) on ✓
(D) with

4. She was conscious her weakness.
(A) in
(B) for
(C) of ✓
(D) by

5. I bade farewell my colleague
(A) for
(B) to ✓
(C) with
(D) of

6. We went the room and sat down soft cushions
(A) to in
(B) from, upon
(C) into, on ✓
(D) in, in

7. Will you play  me  a while?
(A) with, for ✓
(B) for, in
(C) for, within
(D) against, over

8. the last fortnight, I have noticed that you have been keeping away the French class.
(A) During, from ✓
(B) Within, in
(C) In, during
(D) Amid, in

9 the corner of the street stood a dog a shed, shivering in the rain.
(A) On, with
(B) From, under ✓
(C) By, in
(D) At, under

10. She is accustomed  doing work under any type of circumstances.
(A) in
(B) with
(C) of
(D) to ✓

11 my word, I am telling you nothing
 the truth.
(A) By, from
(B) Upon, but ✓
(C) On, outside
(D) By, but

12.  the room it was very hot; but the terrace it was cool.
(A) Within, near
(B) In, outside
(C) Inside, on ✓
(D) Outside, inside

13. You may leave Sunday or before but must return seven days
(A) from, after
(B) after, by
(C) on, within ✓
(D) since, before

14. Send the letter post  my Ludhiana address.
(A) in, at
(B) by, to ✓
(C) through, on
(D) in. for

15.  you and me,  ten o’clock this morning. I have had two good offers for my TV set.
(A) Between, since ✓
(B) Within, before
(C) Amongst, after
(D) Among, within

16. The prisoner is accused theft,
(A) for
(B) of ✓
(C) with
(D) by

17. This is not in accordance  the standing orders applicable to this Factory.
(A) to
(B) with ✓
(C) by
(D) in

18. We must adapt ourselves  our circumstances.
(A) with
(B) in
(C) to ✓
(D) by

19. Nothing can absolve you  the promise you have made.
(A) from ✓
(B) in
(C) for
(D) with

20. He is accustomed  doing work under any type of circumstances.
(A) in
(B) with
(C) of
(D) to ✓

21 Georgia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan became the members of UNO in
(A) 1991
(B) 1992 ✓
(C) 1993
(D) 1994

22. Guru Gobind Singh was
(A) the 10th Guru of the Sikhs .
(B) founder of Khalsa, the inner council of the Sikhs in 1699
(C) author of Dasam Granth
(D) All the above ✓

23. Hermann Scheer (Germany) received right livelihood Award in 1999 for
(A) his indefatigable work for the promotion of solar energy worldwide ✓
(B) his long standing efforts to end the impunity of dictators
(C) showing that organic agriculture is a key to both environmental sustainability and food security
(D) None

24. Germany signed the Armistice Treaty on and World War I ended
(A) January 19, 1918
(B) May 30, 1918
(C) November 11, 1918 ✓
(D) February 15, 1918

25. During World War II, when did Germany attack France?
(A) 1940 ✓
(B) 1941
(C) 1942
(D) 1943

26. Frederick Sanger is a twice recipient of the Nobel Prize for
(A) Chemistry in 1958 and 1980 ✓
(B) Physics in 1956 and 1972
(C) Chemistry in 1954 and Peace in 1962
(D) Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911

27. The ozone layer restricts
(A) Visible light
(B) Infrared radiation
(C) X-rays and gamma rays
(D) Ultraviolet radiation ✓

28. Eugenics is the study of
(A) altering human beings by changing their genetic components ✓
(B) people of European origin
(C) different races of mankind
(D) genetic of plants

29. Euclid was
(A) Greek mathematician
(B) Contributor to the use of deductive principles of logic as the basis of geometry
(C) Propounded the geometrical theorems
(D) All of the above ✓

30. Ecology deals with
(A) Birds
(B) Cell formation
(C) Relation between organisms and their environment ✓
(D) Tissues

31. What does ISO stand for ?
(A) International Societies Organization
(B) International Organization of Standardization ✓
(C) International Systems Operation
(D) International Scientists Organization

32. The next winter Olympic games are scheduled to take place in 2014 at
(A) Sochi ✓
(B) Vancouver
(C) Torino
(D) Salt Lake city, Utah

33. Google is:
(A) A famous sports brand
(B) A transport agency
(C) An Internet search engine ✓
(D) A European Trade Union

34. BankiMon?
(A) President Security Council
(B) Prime Minister of Japan
(C) Secretary General U.N.O ✓
(D) U.N. Disaster Management Representative.

35. For how; many years did Nelson Mandela remain in Prison ?
(A) 27 years ✓
(B) 37 years
(C) 17 years
(D) 10 years

36. How many countries are presently members of the Non-Aligned Movement:
(A) 100
(B) 120 ✓
(C) 125
(D) 150

37. Secretary General U N.O Ban- Ki- Mon belongs to
(A) South Korea ✓
(B) Northe Korea
(C) Japan
(D) China

38. Currently there are member states of the United Nations
(A) 190
(B) 193 ✓
(C) 196
(D) 197

39. Currently countries hold the status of Observer States in the United Nations
(A) 2 ✓
(B) 3
(C) 4 .
(D) 5

40. There are members of SAARC
(A) 5
(B) 4
(C) 6
(D) 8 ✓

41. Secretary General SAARC Ahmed Saleem belongs to 
(A) Pakistan
(B) India
(C) Maldives ✓
(D) Bhutan

42. Which from the following countries does not posses Veto power in the UNO ?
(A) United States
(B) Canada ✓
(C) United Kingdom
(D) France

43. Al- Jazeera Tv Channel Belongs to :
(A) Qatar ✓
(B) Kuwait
(C) Egypt
(D) Bahrain

44. The largest river of Asia is
(A) Yangtze ✓
(B) Yenisei
(C) Indus
(D) Mekong

45. The Iran Pakistan gas pipeline is also called :
(A) Friendship pipeline
(B) Future Pipeline
(C) Peace Pipeline ✓
(D) Unity Pipeline

46. Barack Obama the President of the U.S. belongs to which party:
(A) Republic Party
(B) Democratic Party ✓
(C) Conservative Party
(D) Labour Party

47. Which out of the following has the status of an observer state of the United Nations:
(A) South Sudan
(B) Kosovo
(C) East Timore
(D) Holy See ✓

48 Who won the 100th Davis cup by defeating Spain?
(A) Italy
(B) Germany
(C) Brazil
(D) Czech Republic ✓

49. In which place the 21st ASEAN Summit was held?
(A) Birla Auditorium Jaipur, India
(B) Peace, Palace Phnom penh Combodia ✓
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Cuba Havanah

50. Pakistan and India has become non permanent member of Security Council
(A) 7 times ✓
(B) 4 times
(C) 3 times
(D) 5 times
51 Four metal rods of lengths 78 cm, 104 cm, 117 cm and 169 cm are to be cut into parts of equal length. Each part must be as long as possible. What is the maximum number of pieces that can be cut?
(A) 27
(B) 36 ✓
(C) 43
(D) 480

52. In an examination, there are three subjects A, B and C. A student has to pass in each subject. 20% students failed in A, 22% students failed in B and 16% failed in C. The total number of students passing the whole examination lies between
(A) 42% and 84%
(B) 42% and 78% ✓
(C) 58% and 78%
(D) 58% and 84%

53. How many times are an hour hand and a minute hand of a clock at right angles during their motion from 1.00 p.m. to 10 00 p.m.?
(A) 9
(B) 10
(C) 18 ✓
(D) 20

54. There are 240 balls and n number of boxes B1, B2, B3, ..., Bn. The balls are to be placed in the boxes such that should contain 4 balls more than B2, B2 should contain: 4 balls more than B3, and so on. Which one of the following cannot be the possible value of n?
(A) 4
(B) 5
(C) 6
(D) 7 ✓

55. A man fills a basket with eggs in such a way that the number of eggs added on each successive day is the same as the number already present in the basket. This way the basket gets completely filled in 24 days. After how many days the basket was 1 /4 th full?
(A) 6
(B) 12
(C) 17
(D) 22 ✓

56. The diameters of two circular coins are in the ratio of 1:3. The smaller coin is made to roll around the bigger coin till it returns to the position from where the process of rolling started. How many times the smaller coin rolled around the bigger coin?
(A) 9
(B) 6
(C) 3 ✓
(D) 1.5

57. The difference between the simple interest received from two banks on Rs. 500 for two years is Rs. 2-50. What is the difference between their rates?
(A) 0.25% ✓
(B) 0.5%
(C) 1%
(D) 2.5%

58. A candidate attempted 12 questions and secured full marks in all of them. If he obtained 60% in the test and all questions carried equal marks, then what is the number of questions in the test?
(A) 36
(B) 30
(C) 25
(D) 20 ✓

59. In how many ways can four children be made to stand in a line such that two of them, A and B are always together?
(A) 6
(B) 12 ✓
(C) 18
(D) 24.

60. 16 men build a house in 10 days. How much time will it take 8 men to do this work?
(A) 25 days
(B) 20 days ✓
(C) 30 days
(D) 32 days

61. 20 men can construct a building in 40 days. How long will it take 10 men to do this work?
(A) 50 days
(B) 60 days
(C) 70 days
(D) 80 days ✓

62. What sum of money will amount to Rs. 1800 in 5 years at 12% per annum simple interest?
(A) 1000
(B) 1120
(C) 1125 ✓
(D) 1130

63. 10 men can construct a building in 40 days. How long will it take 20 men to do this work?
(A) 20 days ✓
(B) 30 days
(C) 40 days
(D) 50 days

64. If takes 14 taps to fill a swimming pool in 10 hours. How much time will it take 5 taps to fill the pool?
(A) 25
(B) 26
(C) 27
(D) 28 ✓

65. The number, whose 25% is 75, is
(A) 600
(B) 500
(C) 300 ✓
(D) 400

66. 120 men are used to build huge-building for 30 days. How long will it take 80 men to do the same work?
(A) 35 days ✓
(B) 30 days
(C) 45 days
(D) 40 days

67. Akbar bought a sweater for Rs.200 and sold it Rs.250. How much profit did Akbar get?
(A) Rs.40
(B) Rs.20
(C) Rs.80
(D) Rs.50 ✓

68. The number, whose 20% is 100, is
(A) 400
(B) 500 ✓
(C) 600
(D) 700

69. Salaam bought a pair of shoes for Rs.300 and sold it Rs.370. How much profit did Salaam get?
(A) Rs.80
(B) Rs.70 ✓
(C) Rs.75
(D) Rs.20

70. Anwar bought a shirt for Rs 500 and sold it Rs.525. What, profit did Anwar get?
(A) Rs.35
(B) Rs,30
(C) Rs.25 ✓
(D) Rs.20

71. Tank was invented by
(A) Swinston ✓
(B) Band
(C) Walt
(D) None of above

72. Who invented the X-ray?
(A) Max Plank
(B) J.C. Perier
(C) Wilhelm K, Roentgen ✓
(D) Samuel Colt.

73. By whom the safty pin was invented'?
(A) Sir Ernest
(B) Gail Borden
(C) Frank Whittle
(D) Wialter Hunt ✓

74. Spectacles have become integral part of our life. Can you name the scientist who invented spectacles?
(A) George Eastman
(B) William Friese-Greene
(C) Karl Graebe
(D) Unknown Optician ✓

75. Who invented the Barometer?
(A) Newton
(B) Davy
(C) Torricelli ✓
(D) Becquerel

76. Who invented the Automobile?
(A) Macmillan
(B) Daimler ✓
(C) Henry Ford
(D) Wright Brothers

77. Who is credited with the invention of Lenses?
(A) Henry Greathead
(B) Wright Brothers’
(C) Brequet Brothers
(D) Zeiss ✓

78. German silver is an alloy of
(A) Copper, silver and zinc
(B) Copper, nickel and zinc ✓
(C) Silver, tin and zinc
(D) Silver, nickel and zinc.

79. Which of the following is the hardest metal?
(A) Gold
(B) Iron
(C) Platinum ✓
(D) Tungsten.

80. Of ail the gases present in the air, which one of the following is highest in percentage?
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Nitrogen ✓
(D) Oxygen.

81. Tipu Sultan got martyrdom on:
(A) 8th May 1799 ✓
(B) 5th June 1799
(C) 5th May 1799
(D) 5th August 1799

82. Tipu Sultan was the first Indian ruler who took steps for trade and industrial progress in the Sub-continent. He made a very famous throne named as:
(A) Tukhtay-Shahi
(B) TukhtayNoor
(C) Tukhtay Sulemain
(D) Tarhtai Huma ✓

83. British Governor-General Lord Wellesly accused Tipu Sultan of conspiring with the ruler of Afghanistan and:
(A) Iran
(B) France ✓
(C) Libya
(D) Iraq

84. British attacked Mysore in.
(A) 1798
(B) 1799 ✓
(C) 1800 .
(D) 1801

85. Who was known as Alexander too
(A) Ala-ud-Khilji ✓
(B) Jalal-ud-Din Khilji
(C) Balbon
(D) Mahmud Ghaznavi

86. The Tughjaq Dynasty was from:
(A) 1320 to 1410
(B) 1320 to 1412
(C) 1320to 1414 ✓
(D) 1320to 1420

87. The founder of Tughlaq dynasty was:
(A) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq ✓
(B) Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughlaq
(C) Feroze Sher Tughlaq
(D) None

88. Many historians called Muhammad Bin Tughlaq?
(A) Mad king ✓
(B) Coward king
(C) Peousking
(D) Crueo king

89. Who ordered a five day massacre in Dehli on account of a minor scuffle between his army and masses?
(A) Timur ✓
(B) Akbar
(C) Humayun
(D) Khizar Khan

90. The Muslim fought their first battle on the Indian soil during the Khilafat of:
(A) Hazrat Umar (R.A) ✓
(B) Hazrat Ali (R.A)
(C) Hazrat Usman (R.A)
(D) None

91. Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of:
(A) Imam Ahmad
(B) Imam Malik ✓
(C) Imam Sha'afi
(D) Imam Muhammad

92. The seal affixed on important letters by the Prophet (PBUH) was in the custody of:
(A) Hazrat Ali (R.A)
(B) Hazrat Qais (R.A)
(C) Hazrat Khuzaifa (R.A) ✓
(D) Hazrat Bilal (R.A)

93. Ameen-ul-Umat is title of Hazrat:
(A) Emar bin Yasir (R.A)
(B) Suleman Farsi (R.A)
(C) Abu-Ubaida bin Al Jaraah (R A) ✓
(D) Abu Saeed Khuzn (R.A)

94. River Neil was declared as Sayed-ul-Anhar by Hazrat:
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakar (R A)
(B) Hazrat Umer (R.A) ✓
(C) Hazrat Usman (R.A)
(D) Hazrat Ali (R.A)

95. Umm-ul-Masakeen was the title given to one of the wives of the Prophet (PBUH)
(A) Hazrat Sauda R.A
(B) Hazrat Zainab benet Jehash R.A
(C) Hazrat Zainab bint Khuzima R.A ✓
(D) Hazrat Safia R.A

96. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) gave the key of Bait Ullah permanently to Hazrat:
(A) Umara Bin Utba
(B) Hanzia bin Abi Aamir
(C) Usman Bin Talha ✓
(D) Abdullah Bin Aamir

97. Urfat gathering is held is:
(A) 8 Zil Hajj
(B) 9 Zil Hajj ✓
(C) 10 Zil Hajj
(D) 12 Zil Hajj

98 Which one of the following is included amongst the Ushera-e-Mubashera?
(A) Saad bin Ubaid
(B) Saad bin Abada
(C) Saad bin Abi Waqas ✓
(D) Hazrat Hamza

99. Batha Valley is situated in:
(A) Makkah ✓
(B) Madina
(C) Egypt
(D) Jordan

100. The longest Surah of the Quran is:
(A) Surah al-Baqarah ✓
(B) Surah Aal Imran
(C) Surah Al-Taubah
(D) Surah Younus



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