March 2019

NTS Past Papers Solved for Assistant Director LDA


1. The headquarters of International Olympic Committee is at:
(A) Lausanne, Switzerland ☑️
(B) Moscow
(C) Los Angeles
(D) New York

2. Who was the author of “Utopia"?
(A) Sir Walter Scott
(B) Edith Warton
(C) Charles Dickens
(D) Sir Thomas More ☑️

3. What are Vaccines?
(A) Same as monoclonal antibodies
(B) Treated bacteria or viruses or one of their proteins ☑️
(C) MHC proteins
(D) Strands of nucleic acids

4. Rawal Lake is situated in:
(A) Islamabad ☑️
(B) Peshawar
(C) Quetta
(D) None of these

5. Which one of the following is an example of hereditary disease?
(B) Haemophilia ☑️
(C) Syphilis
(D) Formalin

6. First capital of Pakistan was:
(A) Islamabad
(B) Karachi ☑️
(C) Dhaka
(D) None of the above

7. First natural gas reserves was discovered at
(A) Sui ☑️
(B) Zain
(C) Khund
(D) None of the above

8. Which is the largest province of Pakistan according to population?
(A) Punjab ☑️
(B) Sindh
(D) Baluchistan

9. Cylindrical glasses are advised to a patient suffering from
(A) Hypermetropia
(B) Myopia
(C) Astigmatism ☑️
(D) Night blindness

10. Myopia is a defect of vistor.blurring
(A) Close objects
(B) Distant objects ☑️
(C) Coloured objects
(D) Identification of objects in dim light

11. Autopsy is connected with
(A) Post-mortem ☑️
(B) Study of living cells
(C) Cancer
(D) None of these

12. What do you understand by 'tour de force'?
(A) Tour of Armed forces
(B) Forceful tour
(C) A feat of strength ☑️
(D) None of them

13. Headquarter of International Finance Corporation (FC) is located in:
(A) New York
(B) Washington ☑️
(C) Geneva
(D) None of these

14. Name the author of "Pakistan in the Twentieth Century, A Political History.
(A) S. Akbar Zaidi
(B) Stanley Wolpert
(C) Lawrence Ziring ☑️
(D) Wheeler Mortimer

15. ‘Mein Kampf is autobiography of:
(A) Boras Postemak
(B) Adolf Hitler ☑️
(C) B. Navakov
(D) Goethe

16. The proteins are made in the cells under the ! instructions of:
(A) Genes ☑️
(D) Ribosome

17. When the days and nights are equal the rays of the sun directly fall on the:
(A) Equator ☑️
(B) Tropic of Cancer
(C) South Pole
(D) North Pole

18. Which of the following diseases is caused by I virus?
(A) Smallpox ☑️
(B) Tuberculosis
(C) Malaria
(D) Cholera

19. Which one of the following is the highest plateau in the world?
(A) Tibet (Pamir) ☑️
(B) Pother
(C) Lhotse
(D) None these

20. The disease in which bronchial tubes become narrow due to spasms of bronchial muscles Is called
(A) Influenza
(B) Asthma ☑️
(C) Diphtheria
(D) None of these

21. Gene was first isolated in laboratory by
(A) J.C. Bose
(B) John Napier
(C) Hargobind Khorana ☑️
(D) Friedrich Miescher

22. Which one of the following diseases Is genetically linked?
(A) Epilepsy
(C) Colorblindness ☑️
(D) Leucoderma

23. Trachoma is a disease of the
(A) Brain
(B) Larynx
(C) Ear
(D) Eye ☑️

24. When first census was conducted in Pakistan?
(A) 1955
(B) 1951 ☑️
(C) 1953
(D) 1954

25. Malaria is a disease which affects the:
(A) Heart
(B) Lungs
(C) Spleen ☑️
(D) Kidney

26. Meningitis is caused by:
(A) Fungi
(B) Salmonella
(C) Meningococcus ☑️
(D) Virus menin

27. Timur invaded India during the reign of:
(A) Alauddin Khilji
(B) Bahlol Lodi
(C) Firoz Tughlaq
(D) Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud ShahTughluq ☑️

28. Who laid the foundation of the first independent Turkish kingdom in India?
(A) Mohammad bin Qasim
(B) Qutubuddin Aibak ☑️
(C) Ghiasuddin Balban
(D) None of these

29. Headquarter of The World Trade Organization (WTO) is located in:
(A) Geneva ☑️
(B) Paris
(C) Vienna
(D) None of these

30. United Nations Development Programme was established in:
(A) 1962
(B) 1965 ☑️
(C) 1956
(D) None of these

31. What is the motto of Red Cross?
(A) In War, Charity ☑️
(B) Service in War
(C) Help in War
(D) All of these

32. Name of the great Muslim scientist who was considered as one of the founders of computer?
(A) Al Khawarizmi ☑️
(B) Zakerya
(C) Abu Sina
(D) None of these

33. Who is the owner of the Microsoft computer company?
(A) Bill Clinton
(B) Dick Cheney
(C) Bill Gates ☑️
(D) None of above

34. What is the diameter of Earth?
(A) 10,556 Kilometre
(B) 12,742 Kilometre ☑️
(C) 14,756 Kilometre
(D) None of these

35. The time required by moonlight to reach the earth is
(A) One second
(B) 1.3 second ☑️
(C) 2 seconds
(D) 3 seconds

36. Lines drawn parallel to the equator are called
(A) Latitudes ☑️
(B) Longitudes
(C) Meridians
(D) None of these

37. Name the author of 'Old Man and the Sea'?
(A) T.S. Eliot
(B) Charles Dickens
(C) John Masefield
(D) Earnest Hemingway ☑️

38. Which one of the following is heredity disease?
(A) Polio
(B) Cholera
(C) Typhoid
(D) Haemophilia ☑️

39. Deficiency of sodium and potassium causes:
(A) Muscular cramps
(B) Headache
(C) Constipation
(D) All of these ☑️

40. Which is fastest growing tree in the world?
(A) Teak
(B) Sal
(C) Eucalyptus ☑️
(D) Banyan

41. What is the meaning of Wag?
(A) prig
(B) bore
(C) joker ☑️
(D) blight

42. What is the meaning of Axiom?
(A) absurdity
(B) shirk
(C) elude
(D) maxim ☑️

43. What is the meaning of Authentic?
(A) strive
(B) serve
(C) genuine ☑️
(D) spurious

44. What is the meaning of Bemoan?
(A) acclaim
(B) galvanize
(C) lament ☑️
(D) defect

45. The study of derivation of words is:
(A) Etymology ☑️
(B) physics
(C) Astrology
(D) zoology

46. The study of hair and its disorders is called:
(A) toxophily
(B) tribology
(C) tocology
(D) trichology ☑️

47. What is the meaning of Supercilious?
(A) Arrogant ☑️
(B) courteous
(C) Quell
(D) excite

48. There is a limit everything in life.
(A) to ☑️
(B) on
(C) in
(D) with

49. She took advantage his leniency.
(A) of ☑️
(B) with
(C) after
(D) from

50. I met Asia the way to my office.
(A) in
(B) on ☑️
(C) upon
(D) with

51. Population of a district is 2,96,000 out of which 1,66,000 are male. 50% of the population is literate. If 70% males are literate, the number of women, who are literate is...
A) 32,200
(B) 66,400
(C) 31,800 ☑️
(D) 48,000

52. A certain number when divided by 899 gives a remainder 63. What is the remainder when the same number is divided by 29?
(A) 25
(B) 5
(C) 27
(D) 31

53. A man engaged a servant on the condition that he would pay him Rs. 90 and also give him a turban after service of one year. He served only for nine months and received a turban and Rs. 65. Find the value of the turban in rupees
(A) 10
(B) 9 ☑️
(C) 0
(D) 2.50

54. A can do a piece of work in 24 days which B can do it in 16 days. With the help of C, they finish the work in 8 days. C alone can do the work in
(A) 48 days ☑️
(B) 36 days
(C) 32 days
(D) 40 days

55. A garrison of 500 men had provisions for 24 days. However reinforcement of 300 men arrived. The food will now last for
(A) 18 days
(B) 15 days ☑️
(C) 17 1/2 days
(D) 16 days

56. If 3 men with 4 boys can earn Rs.210 in 7 days and 11 men with 13 boys can earn Rs.810 on 8 days in what time will men with 9 days earn Rs.1100?
(A) 6 days
(B) 10 days
(C) 12 days
(D) 16 days ☑️

57. in a business, A invests half as much as B and B invests twice as much as C. If C invests
Rs. 563, then A’s investment is
(A) Rs.1126
(B) Rs.1689
(C) Rs.563 ☑️
(D) None of these

58. The ratio between two numbers is 3:5. If each number is increased by 5, the ratio becomes
4:5, difference between the numbers is
(A) 1
(B) 2 ☑️
(C) 3
(D) 4

59. In a mixture of 28 litres, the ratio of milk and
water is 5:2. Another 2 litres of water is added to the mixture then the ratio of milk and water in the resulting mixture is
(A) 7:2
(B) 1:2
(C) 5:4 .
(D) 2:1 ☑️

60. The average of 13 results is 68. The average of first seven is 63 and that of the last seven is 70; the seventh result is
(A) 73.5
(B) 94
(C) 47 ☑️
(D) 69

61. Whoever, habitually deals in stolen property, shall be punished with:
(A) Imprisonment for life and fine
(B) Imprisonment extendable to ten years
(C) Imprisonment extendable to ten years and fine
(D) a & c are correct ☑️

62. Punishment of cheating shall be:
(A) Improvement extendable to one year
(B) Improvement extendable to one year or fine
(C) Improvement extendable to one year or fine or both ☑️
(D) Improvement extendable to one year and fine

63. Whoever cheats by “personation* shall be punished with:
(A) Imprisonment which may extend to seven years
(B) Fine
(C) Imprisonment which may extend to seven years and fine
(D) All of the above ☑️

64. Punishment for mischief shall be:
(A) Imprisonment extendable to three months or fine or both
(B) Imprisonment extendable to four months or fine or both ☑️
(C) Imprisonment extendable to six months or fine or both
(D) Imprisonment extendable to one year or fine or both

65. Right of Qisas in Qatl-i-Amd rests with:
(A) The Wali, if he is the only Wali
(B) If the victim has no Wali, then with the government
(C) Both of the above ☑️
(D) None of the above

66. Chapter III of Specific relief Act deals with:
(A) Specific Performance of Contracts
(B) Rectification of Instruments ☑️
(C) Recession of contracts
(D) Cancellation of Instruments

67. Term the body with judicial powers?
(A) Court ☑️
(B) Bar
(C) Judicial Court
(D) Civil Court

68. What is called an amount of money which is claimed as compensation for physical/material loss?
(A) Fine
(B) Demurrage
(C) Damages ☑️
(D) Compensation

69. An order of the court in proceedings commenced by petition is called:
(A) Decree ☑️
(B) Decision
(C) Short orders
(D) Court orders

70. What is called that legal document which sets out the terms of an agreement, signed by both parties?
(A) Decree
(B) Affidavit
(C) Deed ☑️
(D) Charter

71. Order I Rule 1 deals with:
(A) Who may be joined as plaintiff ☑️
(B) Power of court to order separate trials
(C) Who may be joined as defendants
(D) Court may give judgment for or against one or more of joint parties

72. Order II of CPC deals with:
(A) Frame of suit ☑️
(B) Recognized agents & pleaders
(C) Institution of suits
(D) Issue and service of summons

73. Order III CPC deals with:
(A) Frame of suit
(B) Recognized agents and pleaders ☑️
(C) Institution of suits
(D) Issue and service of summons

74. Under Order VII, Rule 11, a plaint shall be rejected if:
(A) It does not disclose a cause of action, or, the suit appears from the statement in the plaint to be barred by any law
(B) Where thft, relief claimed is undervalued and the plaintiff does not correct the valuation within the time fixed by the court for the said purpose
(C) Where the relief claimed is property valued but the plaint is written upon paper insufficiently stamped
(D) All of the above ☑️

75. Under section 124 of CPC the rules which made the ‘Rule Committees’ shall report to:
(A) District Court
(B) Session Court
(C) High Court ☑️
(D) Supreme Court

76. Under section 126 of CPC the rules which , made the “Rule Committees” shall be subject I to previous approval of the:
(A) High Court
(B) Local Government
(C) Provincial Government ☑️
(D) Federal Government

77. Precept is:
(A) An order to the decree holder to get the decree executed.
(B) An order or direction given by one court to another court for some act to be done ☑️
(C) An order to judgment debtor
(D) All of the above

78. The Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 came into force on the
(A) 1st  July, 1899
(B) 6th July, 1901
(C) 8th July, 1898 ☑️
(D) 4th July, 1900

79.  means a Judicial Magnate and
includes a Special Judicial Magistrate appointed under Sections 12 and 14
(A) Judicial Proceeding
(B) Magistrate ☑️
(C) Non-cognizable offence
(D) Offence

80. means an offence for, and “non-cognizable case* means a case in which a police officer, may not arrest with our warrant
(A) Judicial Proceeding
(B) Magistrate
(C) Non-cognizable offence ☑️
(D) Offence

81. Damar means the compensation determined by the court to be paid by the offender to the victim for causing hurt not liable to:
(A) Arsh ☑️
(B) Diyat
(C) Ikhar-i-Tam
(D) Wali

82. Qatl-i-Amd is:
(A) Killing a person with intention to kill him
(B) Injuring a person which ordinarily would cause his death
(C) Both of the above ☑️
(D) None of the above

83. In “Counterfeit* a man makes one thing to resemble with another to practice:
(A) Law
(B) Fraud
(C) Deception ☑️
(D) All of the above

84. “A will” as defined by PPC denotes:
(A) A document of property
(B) Any testamentary document ☑️
(C) An F.I.R.
(D) Letter of succession

85. If, through fraud or mutual mistake of the parties, a contract or instrument does not truly express their intention, then:
(A) Only Plaintiff can institute a suit for its rectification
(B) Only Defendant can institute a suit for its rectification
(C) Either party can institute a suit for its rectification, which may be rectified by the court only if it is clearly shown that there has been fraud or mistake in framing the instrument ☑️
(D) None of above

86. Total sections in Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 are
(A) 78 ☑️
(B) 76
(C) 31
(D) 55

87. An offence has been committed, or is suspected on reasonable grounds to have been committed by a person against the laws of the requesting State which, if committed in Pakistan, would have constituted an
(A) Offence under this Act ☑️
(B) Not offence under this Act
(C) Not crime under this Act
(D) None of these

88. means any act or omission made punishable by any law for the time being in force it also includes any act in respect of which a complainant may be made under Section 20 of the Cattle Trespass Act, 1871
(A) Judicial Proceeding
(B) Magistrate
(C) Non-cognizable offence
(D) Offence ☑️

89. includes also a house, building, tent and vessel
(A) Officer in charge of a police station
(B) Place ☑️
(C) Pleader
(D) Police Station

90.  means any post or place declared, generally or specially, by the Provincial Government to be a police station, and includes any local area specified by the Provincial Government in this behalf
(A) Officer in charge of a police station
(B) Place
(C) Pleader
(D) Police Station ☑️

91. means any person appointed under Section 492, and includes any person acting under the directions of a Public Prosecutor and any person conducting a prosecution on behalf of the State in any High Court in the exercise of its original criminal jurisdiction
(A) Public Prosecutor ☑️
(B) Sub-division
(C) Pleader
(D) Police Station

92. The period of imprisonment awarded in default of payment of fine shall not exceed
(A) Full imprisonment of the offence.
(B) Half imprisonment of the offence.
(C) One-Fourth of the imprisonment of the offence ☑️

93. Punishment for criminal breach of trust shall be:
(A) Imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years of fine or both ☑️
(B) Imprisonment for a term which may extend to six years of fine or both
(C) Imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years or fine or both
(D) Imprisonment for a term which may extend to eight years or fine or both

94. Whoever being a public servant or banker or merchant or agent, commits criminal breach of trust, shall be punished With:
(A) Imprisonment which may extend to ten years
(B) Imprisonment which may extend to ten years or fine
(C) Imprisonment which may extend to ten years or fine or both
(D) imprisonment which may extend to ten years and find ☑️

95. Anyone guilty of blasphemy shall be punished with:
(A) Life imprisonment with fine
(B) Death with fine
(C) Both of the above ☑️
(D) None of the above

96. The Court of Civil Judge passing the decree if applied for execution of the decree passed by it:
(A) Cannot stay the operation of the decree
(B) Can stay the execution till filing of the appeal to the higher court ☑️
(C) Can stay the execution even after the period for filing the appeal is expired.
(D) None of these

97. If anyone of the members of dacoits, commit a murder during dacoity, every member shall be punished with:
(A) Death Penalty
(B) Life Imprisonment
(C) Rigorous imprisonment for a period not less than 5 years and not more than 10 years
(D) All of the above ☑️

98. Whoever dishonestly misappropriates any movable property shall be punished with:
(A) Imprisonment extendable to five years
(B) Imprisonment extendable to five years or fine
(C) Imprisonment extendable to five years or fine or both ☑️
(D) Imprisonment extendable to five years and fine

99. Anyone guilty of sale of adulterated drugs shall be punished with:
(A) Imprisonment extendable to six months
(B) Fine extendable to one thousand rupees
(C) Both of the above
(D) All of the above ☑️

100. Any one guilty of deliberate and malicious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs shall be punished with:
(A) Imprisonment extendable to ten years, or with fine, or with both
(B) Imprisonment extendable to eleven years, or with fine, or with both
(C) Imprisonment extendable to fifteen years, or with fine, or with both
(D) None of the above ☑️

PPSC Assistant Director Labour Welfare Solved Past Paper (BPS-17) 2012

PPSC Assistant Director Labour Welfare Solved Past Paper (BPS-17) 2012

1. He is knocking the door.
(A) On
(B) Off
(C) At ✓
(D) Over

2. Did you hear_ the accident last Night?
(A) Of
(B) On
(C) In
(D) About ✓

3. Smoking is injurious health.
(A) On
(B) To ✓
(C) Of
(D) For

4. I am annoyed the students.
(A) At
(B) With ✓
(C) On
(D) Of

5. He was accused.  Theft.
(A) On
(B) In
(C) About
(D) Of ✓

6. ACCUMULATE Pinpoint the substitute word of the following five words mentioned in Q.6 to Q.10 05 Marks
(A) Wealth
(B) Complete
(C) Collect ✓
(D) Gain

(A) Superstar ✓
(B) Clever
(C) Ideal person
(D) Occasion

(C) Abatement 
(D) Association 

(A) Stubborn
(B) Willful
(C) Determined
(D) Harmful ✓

(A) Tiring
(B) Light
(C) Strong ✓
(D) Strange

Choose the right meaning of the foreign phrases: 05 Marks

11. Cul-de-sac?
(A) A without outlet
(B) A passage with many outlet
 (C) a passage with only one outlet ✓
(D) Confused passage

12. Persse.
(A) Essentially
(B) By itself
(C) As such
(D) all of them ✓

13. Prima faice:
(A) Human nature
(B) At first view ✓
(C) Valuable
(D) Repeatedly

14. Status quo:
(A) The same state as before ✓
(B) Adverse condition
(C) Don’t write in this way
(D) Change

(A) Definitely
(B) Till death
(C) indefinitely ✓
 (D) Till order

16. The teacher said, “Allah is one and Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger".
(A) The teacher told Allah is one and Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger. ✓
(B) The teacher told that Allah is one and Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger.
(C) The teacher told that Allah was one and Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger.
(D) The teacher told that Allah is one and Muhammad (PBUH) was His messenger.

17. She said to me "Tell the truth"
(A) She advised me to tell the truth. ✓
(B) She advised me that fell the truth.
(C) She told me to tell the truth.
(D) She told me tell the truth.

18. She says, “Ali, ao you prefer tea or coffee
(A) She asks All if he prefers tea or coffee. ✓
(B) She asked All if he prefers tea or coffee.
(C) She asks Alt that if he prefers tea or coffee
(D) She asks Al, if he preferred tea or coffee.

19. He says ‘Do not make so much noise.
(A) He asks us not to make so much noise. ✓
(B) He asked us not to make so much noise.
(C) He asks us not to made so much noise.
(D) He asks us that not to make so much noise

20. She said, ‘be careful, Babur*.
(A) She told Babur that be careful.
(B) She told Babur that to be careful.
(C) She told Babur to be careful. ✓
(D) She tells Babur to be careful.

21. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan retired from the British service as:
(A) Commissioner 
(B) Judge  ✓
(C) Principal
(B) (D) Clerk

22. Partition of Bengal in 1905 was carried out by: 
(A) Lord Curzon  ✓
(B) Lord Minto
(C) Lord Clive
 (D) Lord Cornwallis

23. The right of separate electorate were granted to the Indian Muslims by the British in:
(A) 1900
(B) 1909 ✓
(C) 1919
(B) (D) 1935

24. Quaid -e-Azam was assisted in the formulation of his famous Fourteen Points by:
(A) Liaquat Ali Khan
(B) Allama Iqbal
(C) S M Shafi
(D) Maulana Muhammad All Johar ✓

25. Who coined the name Pakistan?
(A) Allama Iqbal
(B) Quaid -e-Azam
(C) Ch. Rehmat Ali ✓
(D) None of the above

26. In what year did the Gandhi-Jinnah Talks take place?
(A) 1920
(B) 1930
(C) 1944  ✓
(D) 1945

27. The First President of Pakistan was:
(A) Quaid-i-Azam
(B) Ghulam Muhammad
(C) Isikandar Mirza ✓
(D) Ayub Khan

28. The membership of Pakistan in the United Nations was opposed by:
(A) India
(B) Afghanistan ✓
(C) Israel
(D) Soviet Union

29. In which Agreement the Ceasefire Line in Kashmir was named as Line of Control?
(A) Delhi Agreement
(B) Tashkent Agreement
(C) Simla Agreement ✓
(D) Lahore Agreement

30. Identify the area which separate Pakistan from Tajikistan?
(A) Wakhan ✓
(B) Pamir knot 
(C) Khyber Pass
(D) Sust

31. The tributaries of the Indus River converge to their confluence with the Indus at:
(A) Rawala Kot
(B) Jhelum
(C) Mithan kot ✓
(D) Tarbela

32. When was the state of Swat included in Pakistan?
(A) 1969 ✓
(B) 1970
(C) 1973
(D) 1975

33. Parachinar is the main town of:
(A) Khyber Agency
(B) North Waziristan
(C) South Waziristan
(D) Khurram Agency ✓

34. Umar Marvi is a folk story of:
(A) Punjab
(C) Sindh ✓
(D) Balochistan

35. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy case in 1951?
(A) Habib Jalib
(B) Mujeeb ur Rahman
(C) Shorash Kashmiri
(D) Faiz Ahmad Faiz ✓

36. from which country, Pakistan purchased Gawadar?
(A) Iran
(B) Muscat ✓
(C) Yemen
(D) Kuwait

37. Child under the age of 14, works in various fields of Pakistan are about:
(A) 2 million
(B) 4 million
(C) 6 million ✓
(D) 8 million

38. The first census was held in Pakistan in the year.
(A) 1949 
(B) 1950 
(C) 1951 ✓
(D) 1955

39. The only Nobel Laureate of Pakistan Dr. Abdul Salam contributed in the field of
(A) Chemistry 
(B) Physics ✓
(C) Biology
(D) Math

40. 'Makli' is a famous:
(A) Playground
(B) Graveyard ✓
(C) Stadium
(D) Garden

41. Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?
(A) AINehal
(B) Al Namal ✓
(C) Al Ahzaab 
(D) Al Noor

42. Ameen-ul-Umat is the title of Hazrat:
(A) Amar bin al Aas (R.A.)
(B) Suleman Farsi (R.A.)
(C) Abu-Ubaidah bin Al Jaraah (RA.)  ✓
(D) Abu Saeed Khuzri (R.A.)

43. Umm-ul-Masakeen was the title given to one of the wives of the Prophet (SAW):
(A) Hazrat Sauda (R.A.)
(B) Hazrat Zainab benet Jahsh (RA.)
(C) Hazrat Zainab benet Khuzicna (R.A.) ✓
(D) Hazrat Safia (R.A.)

44. Urfat gathering is held on:
(A) 8 Zil Hajj
(B) 9 Zil Hajj  ✓
(C) 10 Zil Hajj 
(D) 12 Zil Hajj

45. Which one of the following is included amongst the Ushera-e-Mubashara?
(A) Hazrat Saad bin Ubaid(R A)
(B) Hazrat Saad bin Ubaida (R A)
(C) Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqas (R A) ✓
(D) Hazrat Hamza (R A)

46. What duty is performed by the Angel Mikhail?
(A) Who brought Allah’s books, commands and messages to his prophets? 
(B) In charge of protection and also to bring rains ✓
(C) Who will blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgment?
(D) In charge of taking the lives of living creatures

47. The Holy Book Taurat' was revealed to:
(A) Prophet ‘Daud’ (peace be upon him)
(B) Prophet ‘Musa’ (peace be upon him) ✓
(C) Prophet ’Isa’ (peace be upon him)
(D) Prophet 'Ismail' (peace be upon him)

48. Identify the person upon whom 'Zakat' may be bestowed:
(A) Debtors
(B) Travellers
(C) 'Mis keens' or persons who have no property whatsoever 
(D) All the above mentioned ✓ 

49. How long did the Holy Book 'Quran' take for its complete revelation?
(A) 7 years
(B) 21 years
(C) 23 years ✓
(D) 27 years

50. Identify the seventh rponth of Islamic Calendar.
(A) Rabi-us-Sani 
(B) Jamadi-ul-Awwal
(C) Rajab ✓
(D) Shaaban

51. Identify the number of Surah’s in the Holy Quran which are on the names of various I prophets:
(C) Eight 
(D) Twelve 

52. What is the significance of 27th Rajab in the 10th year of Prophet Hood? 
(A) Holy Prophet's visit to Taif 
(B) Meraj Shareef  ✓
(C) Hazrat Hamza and Hazrat Umer embraced Islam 
(D) Migration from Makkah to Madina 

53. Identify the Muslim Ruler who introduced jail system for the detention of prisoners: 
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr (May Allah Bless Him) 
(B) Hazrat Umer (May Allah Bless Him)  ✓
(C) Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz (May Allah Bless Him) 
(D) Walid bin Abdul Malik (May Allah Bless Him) 

54. Identify the Muslim ruler who instituted the Islamic Calendar from the year of the Holy Prophet's migration to Madina: 
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr (May Allah Bless Him) 
(B) Hazrat Umer (May Allah Bless Him)  ✓
(C) Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz (May Allah Bless Him) 
(D) Abdul Malik bin Marwan 

55. On which of the following occasions, Muslims offer 'Namaz-e-Kusuf 
(A) At the time of an eclipse of the Moon 
(B) At the time of an eclipse of the Sun ✓
(C) At the time of drought 
(D) For the sake of rain 

56. Under ILO Declaration 2009, Child Labor has been vanished completely from: 
(A) Carpet Industry 
(B) Football Industry 
(C) Mines 
(D) None of these ✓

57. Who discovered the sea route to India? 
(A) Ibn e Batuta 
(B) Al-Baruni 
(C) Vasco de Gama  ✓
(D)  Marco Polo 

58. Which one is the oldest religion? 
(A) Buddhism 
(B) Hinduism  ✓
(C) Confucianism 
(D) Judaism 

59. The best conductor of electricity is: 
(A) Aluminum 
(B) Iron 
(C) Silver 
(D) Copper  ✓

60. The largest among the followings is: 
(A) The Earth 
(B) The Sun 
(C) A Solar System 
(D) A Galaxy  ✓

61. Artificial Dialysis is a substitute for: 
(A) Lungs 
(B) Liver 
(C) Kidneys  ✓
(D) Gall bladder 

62. The largest organ of the human body is: 
(A) Heart 
(B) Liver  ✓
(C) Lungs 
(D) Brain 

63. Child Labor is the main theme in most of the novels of 
64. Human Rights Day is observed internationally on: 
(A) 10 December  ✓
(B) 8 March 
(C) 16 October 
(D) 15 May 

65. SANA is the news agency of: 
(A) Sudan  ✓
(B) Sri Lanka 
(C) Syria
(D) None of these 

66. Siam is the old name of: 
(A) Japan 
(B) Taiwan 
(C) Thailand  ✓
(D) None of these 

67. Won is the currency of: 
(A) Indonesia 
(B) Cuba 
(C) South Korea  ✓
(D) None of these 

68. Who pioneered the modem nursing system? 
(A) Mother Teresa 
(B) Florence Nightingale 
(C) Madam Curie  ✓
(D) None of these 

69. Deficiency of Vitamin 'C' in human body leads to: 
(A) Eye diseases 
(B) Nerve diseases 
(C) Teeth diseases  ✓
(D) Skin diseases 

70. Horse Power is a standard unit of power equal to: 
(A) 370 Watts 
(B) 480 Watts 
(C) 656 Watts 
(D) 746 Watts  ✓

71. On which place Pakistan stands in South Asia, in view of signing largest number of ILO conventions: 
(A) 1"  ✓
(B) 2"? 
(C) 3 
(D) 4th 

72. In 1994, Pakistan was the world champion of 
(A) Cricket 
(B) Hockey and Squash 
(C) Snooker 
(D) Ail of these  ✓

73. Human Rights Organization “Freedom House” is based in: 
(A) Washington  ✓
(B) Geneva 
(C) London 
(D) Paris 

74. “Adam Peak" is in: 
(A) Nepal 
(B) Tibet 
(C) Myanmar 
(D) Sri Lanka  ✓

75. ‘Christ the Redeemer- is among the Seven Wonders of the World located in: 
(A) Rome 
(B) Athens 
(C) Rio de Janeiro ✓
(D) Mexico City 

76. Ali bought a watch for Rs. 60. What will it fetch if he sells it at a gain of 20%? 
(A) Rs.72  ✓
(B) Rs.80 
(C) Rs.96 
(D) Rs.120 

77. What is 14% of 1400? 
(A) 116 
(B) 196  ✓
(C) 216 
(D) 256 

78. What number continue the series 2, 4, 12, 48, 240,-?
(A) 1000
(B) 1200
(C) 1440  ✓
(D) 2400 

79. A boy had twice as many sums wrong as right, if he had 24 sums in all, how many of them were wrong? 
(A) 4 
(B) 6 
(C) 8  ✓
(D) 16 

80. A man travels 2 km, turns left and travel 3 km, turn left again and travels 2 km. How far is he from the starting point? 
(A) 3 km  ✓
(B) 4 km 
(C) 5 km 
(D) 7km 

81. Laissers faire means 
(A) Right to interfere 
(B) A policy of non-interference by the State  ✓
(C) Let individuals be not left alone to do what they like 
(D) Helping the poor by taxing the rich 

82. Which of the co following country is known as “Mistress of Seas?” 
(A) USA 
(B) Ireland 
(C) UK  ✓
(D) Russia 

83. Which country is the largest foreign aid donor? 
(A) USA 
(B) Canada 
(C) Japan  ✓
(D) Germany 

84. International Atomic Energy Agency’s Chief 'Al-Beradi won Nobel Prize for Peace in: 
(A) October 2005  ✓
(B) November 2005 
(C) September 2004 
(D) October 2004 

85. Which was the first capital of Islamic Commonwealth? 
(A) Makkah 
(B) Madina  ✓
(C) Taaif 
(D) Khyber 

86. Which is the largest jungle of Pakistan? 
(A) Changa Manga  ✓
(B) Junpur 
(C) Chitral 
(D) Chichawatni 

87. How many Radio station were working In Pakistan at the time of partition of subcontinent? 
(A) 3  ✓
(B) 4 
(C) 5 
(D) 6 

88. When was the First Woman Bank established Pakistan? 
(A) Dec 1, 1988  
(B) Dec 1, 1989  ✓
(C) Dec 1, 1973 
(D) August 14, 1948 

89. Which of the following Newspaper top the average daily circulation in the world? 
(A) The Wall Street Journal 
(B) Yomiuri Shimbun  ✓
(C) The Sun 
(D) New York Post 

90. What are the names of the districts in Switzerland? 
(A) Countries 
(B) Provinces 
(C) Cantons  ✓
(D) States 

91. A color television set makes colors by mixing light of which three different colors?
(B) Blue, Red and Yellow
(C) Blue, Green and Red ✓
(D) Green, Black and Red

92. Which is the second smallest country of the world?
(A) San Mareno
(B) Maldives
(C) Monaco ✓
(D) Bermuda

93. The greatest fort of Pakistan that is Rani Kot Fort is situated near the city:
(A) Hyderabad ✓
(B) Peshawar
(C) Rawalpindi
(D) None of the above

94. Dome of Rock is located in
(A) Jerusalem ✓
(B) Lebanon
(C) Jordan
(D) Iraq

95. 19th Amendment to USA’s constitution essentially granted the right of voting to
(A) Red Indians
(B) Women ✓
(C) Negroes
(D) None of the above

96. What is meant by Dengue? 
(A) Break bone fever ✓
(B) Disease of lungs 
(C) Brain disorder 
(D) None of the above 

98. Name the capital of Byzantine Empire? 
(A) Damascus 
(B) Rome 
(C) Constantinople  ✓
(D) Ankara 

99. After Ahmad Shah Dynasty, there rose a competition for control between Russians and: 
(A) British  ✓
(B) Afghanis 
(C) Arabas 
(D) None of the above 

100. SIM stands for 
(A) Single in-line module  
(B) Single in-line memory 
(C) Subscriber identity module ✓
(D) None of the above

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PPSC Assistant Director Labour Solved Past Paper

1. Which is the largest community in the world without state?
(A) Greeks
(B) Arabs
(C) Syrians
(D) Kurds ✓

2. Name of hurricane which touches the Florida in 2012?
(A) Diego Garcia
(B) Speedy Waters
(C) Hurricane Isaac ✓
(D) None of these

3. Who is the president of china?
(A) Wen Jia Bao
(B) Xi Jinping ✓
(C) Xinhua
(D) None of these

4. Who was the opponent of Obama in election 2012?
(A) Mitt Romney ✓
(B) Hu Jintao
(C) Bill Clinton
(D) John Carry

5. Sylhet District was the part of which?
(B) West Eastern Division of Bangladesh
(C) North Western Division of India
(D) North Eastern Division of Bangladesh ✓

6. What is the meaning of term Annuity?
(A) Salary Package
(B) Pension Allowance  ✓
(C) Benevolent Fund
(D) Annual Income

7. Which is the American state with most lakes?
(A) California
(B) New York
(C) Hawaii
(D) Alaska ✓

8. Obama got maximum electoral vote from which state?
(A) Alaska
(B) Washington ✓
(C) New York
(D) Hawaii

9. National flower of Pakistan?
(A) Rose
(B) Jasmine ✓
(C) Mustard
(D) Cauliflower

(A) Ahmad G. Chagla ✓
(B) Hafeez Jalandhri
(C) Allama Iqbal
(D) Quaid Azam

11. Timbuktu city in which African country?
(A) Sudan
(B) Chilli
(C) Nigeria
(D) Mali ✓

12. Next winter Olympics 2014 will held in which city?
(A) London UK
(B) Delhi India
(C) Sochi. Russia ✓
(D) New York USA

13. Who is the winner of snooker world championship held in Sofia, Bulgaria?
(A) Muhammad Akram
(B) Muhammad Asif ✓
(C) Ali Abbas
(D) Imran Khan

14. Who is the winner of Wimbledon 2012 men’s single?
(A) Roger Federer ✓
(B) TimWikison
(C) David Wheaton
(D) Michael Stich

15. End of Eden book is written by?
(A) Nicholson
(B) Dr Smith
(C) David Wheaton
(D) Graham Phillips ✓

16. Real name of Sher Shah Suri?
(A) Farid Khan ✓
(B) Bashir Khan
(C) Ameer Khan
(D) Bahawal Khan

17. Which number will come next?
87, 90, 84, 88, 81
(A) 85 ✓
(B) 98
(C) 86
(D) 76

18. The number, whose 9% is 63, is
(A) 700
(B) 800
(C) 900 ✓
(D) 600

19. 20 men can construct a building in 40 days. How long will it take 10 men to do this work?
(A) 50 days ✓
(B) 60 days
(C) 70 days
(D) 80 days

20. A man saves Rs.500 which is 15% of his annual income. How much does he earn in one year?
(A) 3542.50
(B) 3333.33 ✓
(C) 3132.30
(D) 3075.75

21. What is the meaning of AASRA?
(A) Dealing
(B) Shelter ✓
(C) Wages
(D) Work

22. 8 machines can do a piece of work in 10 days. How long will it take 16 machines to do the work?
(A) 7 days
(B) 5 days ✓
(C) 6 days
(D) 8 days

23. Capital of Libya?
(A) Tripoli ✓
(B) Beijing
(C) Kiev
(D) Lisbon

24. Most abundant element crust in the earth?
(A) Carbon
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Oxygen ✓
(D) Hydrogen

26. Capital of Myanmar?
(A) Naypyidaw ✓
(B) Pyay
(C) Bago
(D) Mandalay

27. Ordinary mobiles communication from which rays?
(A) Gamma Rays
(B) Beta Rays
(C) Alpha Rays
(D) Radio Frequency ✓

And Microwave Radiation

28. Currency of South Africa?
(A) The Rupiah
(B) The rand ✓
(C) Dollar
(D) Pound

29. The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah took place in
(A) 628 AD ✓
(B) 632 AD
(C) 634 AD
(D) 640 AD

30. Capital of Uzbekistan?
(A) Samarqand
(B) Zarafshon
(C) Tashkent ✓
(D) Quva

31. Southern Cross is in southern region and at night skies how many stars in it?
(A) 4
(B) 5 ✓
(C) 6
(D) 7

32. Greenwich is located in:
(B) Russia
(C) France
(D) England ✓

33. Zero longitude on the Greenland is known as?
(A) Tropic of Cancer
(B) Zero Meridian
(C) Latitude
(D) Prime Meridian ✓

34. How many districts are there in Punjab?
(A) 23
(B) 30
(C) 32
(D) 36 ✓

35. Latest district in Punjab?
(A) Jhang
(B) Nankan Sahib ✓
(C) Okara
(D) Sahiwal

36. Which gas has the same chemical composition of CNG?
(A) Bio Mass
(B) Bio Gas ✓
(C) Fossil
(D) Energy

37. Trachoma disease related to?
(A) Cancer
(B) Dental Decay
(C) Blindness ✓
(D) Diabetes

38. Hepatitis C affects the?
(A) Liver ✓
(B) Skin
(C) Blood
(D) Urine

39. Which was the capital of Byzantine Empire?
(A) Abyssinia
(B) Angora
(C) Cyclone
(D) Constantinople ✓

40. Who was the head of Byzantine Empire at the time of Muhammad(S.A.W.W)?
(A) Heraclius ✓
(B) Julian “The Apostate”
(C) Constantius ii
(D) None of These

41. Which sahabi’name is in the Quran? *
(A) Hazrat Umar (Razi Allah Anhu)
(B) Hazrat Ali (Razi Allah Anhu.)
(C) Hazrat Usman (Razi Allah Anhu.)
(D) Hazrat Zaid bin Harisa (Zayd bin Harithah) R.A ✓

42. Yasir Arfat died on the date?
(A) 10 November 2007
(B) 21 November 2003
(C) 11 November 2004 ✓
(D) 12 November 2000

43. Ghyasudin Balban tenure starts in year?
(A) 1260
(B) 1266 ✓
(C) 1270
(D) 1280

44. Bastille revolution was in the country?
(A) 14 July 1789 ✓
(B) 24 June 1788
(C) 4 May 1787
(D) 28 June 1790

45. Head of Bank of England is from the country?(A) USA
(B) UK
(C) France
(D) Canada ✓

46. Who is the Head of the Commonwealth?
(A) President of USA
(B) Queen Elizabeth ✓
(C) President of Canada
(D) Prime Minister of Spain

47. Latin term sui generis mean?
(A) Fast
(B) Unique ✓
(C) Rich
(D) Strict

48. Which gas is used in the balloons?
(A) Nitrogen and Carbon
(B) Oxygen and Carbon
(C) Helium or Hydrogen ✓
(D) Methane and Carbon

49. Name the largest fresh water lake in the world
(A) Lake Tanganyika
(B) Lake Superior ✓
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Michigan

50. English Channel separates England from:
(A) Italy
(B) France ✓
(C) Germany
(D) None of these

51. "Babylon’ is the famous city of:
(A) Iraq ✓
(B) Jordan
(C) Kuwait
(D) Greece

52. Dardanelles strait is located in:
(A) Turkey ✓
(B) Indonesia
(D) None of these

53. The USA consists of how many states?
(A) 42
(B) 50 ✓
(C) 32
(D) 40

54. Name the first person who reached south
(A) Major White
(B) Ronald Amundsen ✓
(C) Charles Conrad
(D) Alan Bean

55. Child labor is prohibited in which act?
(A) ACT 1991 ✓
(B) ACT 1992
(C) ACT 1993
(D) ACT 1994

56. Minimum wages in Pakistan?
(A) Rs 3,000
(B) Rs 8,000 ✓
(C) 4,000
(D) 20,000

57. How many millions child labour in the developing countries according to UN?
(A) 80 million
(B) 150 million ✓
(C) 88 million
(D) 120milloin!

58. What is the circumference to radius?
(A) 40
(B) 42
(C) 58 ✓
(D) 88

59. Pakistan set the Guinness World Record for tree planting,
(A) 341,170
(B) 541,176 ✓
(C) 441, 1780
(D) 241,179

60. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is a stock exchange located in Tokyo, Japan is:
(A) Second largest stock exchange in the world ✓
(B) Third largest stock exchange in the world
(C) Fourth largest stock exchange in the world
(D) Fifth largest stock exchange in the world

61. On which date Gilgit Baltistan was made as separate province?
(A) June 22, 2004
(B) August 29, 2009 ✓
(C) August 24, 2003
(D) May 25, 2006

62. What is the meaning of fluent?
(A) Rich
(B) Poor
(C) Confident
(D) Smooth ✓

63. How many numbers of peaks in Pakistan out of world highest 14 peaks?
(A) 2
(B) 5 ✓
(C) 7
(D) 9

64. Which is the following river in the Pothohar Plateau?
(A) Chenab river
(B) River Ravi
(C) River Liari
(D) Swan River ✓

65. The number, whose 25% is 75, is
(A) 600
(B) 500
(C) 300 ✓
(D) 400

66. Where is the head quarter of ILO?
(A) Washington
(B) Geneva ✓
(C) London
(D) Madrid

67. Now what is the status of philistine in UN?
(A) Bulgaria
(B) Mali
(C) Armenia
(D) Vaticane ✓

68. Prime minister of state of Palestine is?
(A) Hassan Rohani
(B) Kofi Anan
(C) Hasim Thaci '
(D) Rami Hamdallah ✓

69. Latest UNO member?
(A) Armenia
(B) South Sudan ✓
(C) Vatican
(D) Mali

70. In 2003 Secretary General of UN was?
(A) Ban Ki Moon
(B) Kofi Annan, ✓
(C) U Thant
(D) Javier P6rez de Cuellar

71. What is the meaning of Hobson’s choice?
(C) Take It or Leave It ✓
(D) Approval

72. What is the meaning of term Leading Question?
(A) First Question
(B) Introduction
(C) Summary
(D) A question that prompts or encourages the answer wanted. ✓

73. UAE border with Qatar on the northwest
(A) 10km
(B) 19-kilometer ✓
(C) 12 Km
(D) 25 Km

74. Break?
(A) Up,
(B) Down
(C) Of
(D) All of these ✓

75. Antonym of enthusiasm?
(A) Happy Feelings
(B) Great Joy
(C) Sadness ✓
(D) Weakness

76. Synonym of tentative?
(A) Weak
(B) Provisional ✓
(C) Helping Hand
(D) No Response

77. Synonym of weak?
(A) Feeble ✓
(B) Powerful
(C) Courage
(D) Kill

78. Antonym of disjointed?
(A) Organised ✓
(B) Collection
(C) Making
(D) Disorganized

79. Victoria is the name of waterfall. Where is it Situated?
(A) Norway
(B) Philippines
(C) Zimbabwe ✓
(D) Venezuela

80. ROM stands for:
(A) Read only Memory
(B) Read over Memory
(C) Read of Memory ✓
(D) None of these

81. Who headed the Cabinet Mission?
(A) Sir Stafford Cripps
(B) A.V. Alexander
(C) Lord Pethick Lawrence ✓
(D) None of these

82. International Day of Disabled Persons is Observed every year on:
(A) 2nd December
(B) 3rd December
(C) 5th December
(D) 7th December ✓

83. Name of the lower house of the parliament of Malaysia is:
(A) Majlis
(B) Parliament
(C) National Assembly
(D) Dewan Rakyat ✓

84. World No tobacco day is observed on:
(A) 15th May
(B) 25th September
(C) 10th September
(D) 31st May ✓

85. Ontario Lake is situated in:
(B) Canada
(C) Italy ✓
(D) France

86. Which of the following countries lead in the production of tea?
(A) India
(B) Myanmar
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) China ✓

87. Which of the following countries is the largest importer of tea?
(A) Pakistan ✓
(B) Myanmar
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Japan

88. Which of the following countries was expelled
From UNO when it did not accept the name as suggested by the UNO?
(A) Indonesia
(B) South Africa
(C) Southern Rhodesia
(D) Taiwan ✓

89. Land of silver fiber is the nickname of:
(A) Pakistan ✓
(B) India
(C) Bangladesh
(D) China

90. Wimbledon known for lawn tennis courts is in:(A) London
(B) New York ✓
(C) Washington
(D) Geneva

91. Khyber Pass connects Peshawar with:
(A) Bolan
(B) Gilgit
(C) Kabul ✓
(D) Chitral

92. Khyber Pass is 53 km long. What is the height of Khyber Pass?
(A) 3870 ft
(B) 3670 ft
(C) 3370 ft
(D) 3570 ft ✓

93. Bolan Pass is situated in:
(A) Himalaya Range ✓
(B) Karakoram Range
(C) Hindukush Range
(D) Sulaiman Range

94. Calcutta is situated on bank of river:
(A) Indus River
(B) Hooghli River ✓
(C) Spree River
(D) None of these

95. Dublin is situated on bank of river:
(A) Nile River
(B) Rhine River
(C) Liffey River ✓
(D) None of these

96. The second largest desert of the world is:
(A) Arabian Desert ✓
(B) Gobi Desert
(C) Sononon Desert
(D) Namibian Desert

97. Bali is an Island of:
(A) Indonesia ✓
(B) Malaysia
(C) Australia
(D) None of these

98. Which is the third largest island of the world?
(A) Honshu
(B) Baffin
(C) Borneo Island ✓
(D) None of these

99. The General Assembly meets every year Regular sessions beginning every year in:
(A) September
(B) October ✓
(C) November
(D) December

100. Security Council comprises of 15 members how many non-permanent members Security Council has?
(A) 8
(B) 10 ✓
(C) 9
(D) 7

PPSC Assistant Director ( Labour Welfare) 2013 Solved Past Paper

1. Which article of the 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan prohibits all forms of slavery, forced labor and child! Labor
(A) 37
(B) 11 ✓
(C) 25
(D) 18

2. Under the Factories Act, 1934 no adult Employee, defined as a worker who has completed his or her 18th year of age, can be required or permitted to work in any Establishment in excess of hours a Day and hours a week!
(A) 7.45
(B) 9, 48
(C) 8, 48 ✓
(D) 8, 56

3. The capital of Byzantine Empire was:
(A) Anatolia
(B) Adrianople
(C) Byzantium
(D) Constantinople ✓

4. During the time of Prophet (PBUH), the Emperor of Byzantine Empire was:
(A) Justinian
(B) Cyrus
(C) Heraclius ✓
(D) Khosrau

5. Servile is the opposite of:
(A) Puerile
(B) Futile
(C) Haughty ✓
(D) Foul

6. Wrote the treaty of Hudaibiya:
(A) Hzarat Ali (RA) ✓
(B) Hazrat Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah (RA)
(C) Hazrat Amr bin Aas (RA)
(D) Hazrat Usman (RA)

7. is the meaning of Assraa:
(A) Disseminator
(B) Pessimism
(C) Ascension  ✓
(D) Descent

8. Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan was leader of:
‘Actual word is "Issraa", which means visit of the Garden
(A) Muslim League
(B) Unionist Party ✓
(C) Congress
(D) None of them

9. The national flower of Pakistan is:
(A) Tulip
(B) Rose
(C) Jasmine ✓
(D) Sunflower

10. Ghiyas ud din Balban declared himself the king of Delhi Sultanate in the year:
(A) 1166
(B) 1266 ✓
(C) 1366
(D) None of these

11. In the election of United States President, the largest number of ‘Electoral College’ members are elected from the state of:
(A) New York
(B) Texas
(C) California ✓
(D) Florida

12. The recently appointed Governor of Bank of England Mark Carney is a citizen of:
(A) United States
(B) Canada ✓
(C) United Kingdom
(D) Australia

13. Out of the following, the largest ethnic group by population without having a state of its own is:
(A) Kurdish ✓
(B) Welsh
(C) Uighurs
(D) Sikhs

14. The first President of Palestinian Authority Yasir Arafat died on:
(A) 11th September 2006
(B) 9th November 2001
(C) 12th December 2007
(D) 11th November 2004 ✓

15. The phenomenon of 'Arab Spring’ was sparked by the self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi, a fruit-seller in:
(A) Egypt
(B) Tunisia ✓
(C) Morocco
(D) Syria

(16). Pakistan, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad was:
(A) Foreign Minister
(B) Finance Minister ✓ 
(C) Defense Minister
(D) Interior Minister

17. The imaginary line of zero degree longitude which passes through Greenwich is called:
(Al Meridian ✓
(B) Equator
(C) Tropic of Cancer
(D) Tropic of Capricorn

18. The famous book “East of Eden' is the work of:
(A) John Steinbeck ✓
(B) R.W. Emerson
(C) Bertrand Russell
(D) Earnest Hemingway

19. Bastille Day is the commemoration of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the revolutionary uprising in:
(A) Canada
(B) France ✓
(D) Belgium

20. The hurricane in October 2012 was caused wide-spread damage in the Eastern sea-board states of the USA is:
(A) Katrina
(B) Sandy ✓
(C) Isaac
(D) Irene

21. The newly elected President of People’s Republic of China is:
(A) Hu Jintao
(B) Xi Jinping ✓
(C) Likening
(D) Wen Jiabao

22. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is headed by:
(A) British monarch
(B) Russian President
(C) Host nation's head of state ✓
(D) None of the above

23. Sui generis is a Latin term for.
(A) Unique ✓
(B) Generous
(C) Sui gas
(D) Common

24. The Strait of Hormuz fall between:
(A) UAE and Oman ✓
(B) Iran and UAE
(C) Iran, Oman and UAE
(D) Iran and Oman

25. Under the West Pakistan Shops and Establishments Ordinance, 1969, employees working in ____ shops and commercial Establishments are restricted to work for the following maximum weekly hours:
(A) 42
(B) 48 ✓
(C) 38
(D) 56

26. ‘Rand is the currency of:
(A) South Africa ✓
(B) Tanzania
(C) Educator
(D) Somalia

27. Total number of districts in Punjab are:
(A) 32
(B) 35.
(C) 34
(D) 36 ✓

28. Artisan has the opposite meaning of which of the following:
(A) educator
(B) Sculptor
(C) Decider
(D) Unskilled laborer ✓

29. Recently, the United Nations granted the Palestinians with the status of:
(A) Non-state Observer
(B) Non-member Observer State ✓
(C) Member State
(D) Non-member State

30. The new status of Palestinians at the United Nations will make them equal in diplomatic status to:
(B) Switzerland
(C) Vatican City ✓
(D) Cook Islands

31. The Headquarters of International Labor Organization (ILO) are established at:
(A) Geneva ✓
(B) Vienna
(C) Frankfurt
(D) Rome

32. In the recent President Elections in the United States, the main election rival of President Obama was:
(A) David Petraeus
(B) Rick Santorum
(C) John McCain
(D) Mitt Romney ✓

33. Under the Employment of Children Act 1991, employment of Children is banned who are aged below:
(A) 12
(B) 14 ✓
(C) 15
(D) 16

34. The number of working children according to ILO estimates in developing countries is:
(A) 80 million
(B) 300 million
(C) 250 million

(D) 320 million ✓35. Trachoma is a disease of the:
(A) Brain
(B) Spinal Cord
(C) Larynx
(D) Eye ✓

36. If x = 4, y = 2, then (x)2- (y)2 =
(A) 20
(B) 32
(C) 36
(D) 12 ✓

37. Which is not one of the functions performed by Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI):
(A) Medical care for secured workers and their dependents
(B) Hajj facility
(C) Cash benefits
(D) Provision of free quality education to the children of industrial workers ✓

38. Despicable is the opposite of:
(A) Worthy of esteem
(B) Incapable ✓
(C) Inevitable
(D) Steering

39. Which of the following is not a function of Punjab Workers' Welfare Board:
(A) Provision of medical care to Industrial workers ✓
(B) Construction of labor colonies
(C) Provision of free education to the children of Industrial workers
(D) Welfare grants

40. Which one of the following statements is false?
(A) 'Unenforceable' means that there is no remedy for breaches of a convention
(B) The laws of the constitution are enforceable in the courts
(C) The conventions of the constitution are binding political rules which are not enforceable in the courts
(D) Constitutional conventions are not binding on anyone  ✓

41. Which one of the following statements is false?
(A) The legislative function is primarily responsible for making, unmaking and amending the law
(B) The executive function gives effect to and enforces the law
(C) The legislative function is inferior to the judicial function of government  ✓
(D) The primary judicial function is to interpret and apply the law, resolve disputes, provide remedies and determine punishments when the law is breached

42. Which of the following is not an essential ingredient of a 'Legally-binding' contract:
(A) Offer
(B) Written form ✓
(C) Acceptance
(D) Consideration

43. Waylay has nearly the same meaning as:
(A) Ambush  ✓
(B) Journey
(C) Rest
(D) Roadmap

44. in rots, the principle ““restitutio in integrum" means:
(A) Compensation for damages
(B) Restoration to the original condition ✓
(C) Restriction on integration
(D) None of the above

45. Contributory negligence means:
(A) Two or more than two defendants contributed towards the negligence against the plaintiff
(B) Plaintiff and defendant both contributed to the negligence of a third person
(C) Plaintiff contributed to the negligence which drew the suit against the defenant ✓
(D) None of the above

46. Out of the 14 highest Independent peaks in the world (the eight-thousanders) Pakistan has:
(A) 5 ✓
(B) 9
(C) 8
(D) 12

47. The birth name of Sher Shah Suri was:
(A) Haider Khan
(B) Sher Khan
(C) Farid Khan ✓
(D) Fateh Sher

48. “Southern Cross" which is a constellation Found in the solution region of the night sky consists mainly of:
(A) Seven Stars
(B) Three Stars
(C) Five Stars ✓
(D) None of these

49. Sylhet District at the time of partition was part of the province of:
(A) Bengal
(B) Assam ✓
(C) Bihar
(D) United Provinces

50. Hepatitis C is a leading cause of:
(A) Chronic liver disease ✓ 
(D) Diabetes

51. Euphonious is the opposite of:
(A) Strident
(B) Lethargic ✓
(C) Literary
(D) Merry

52. The incident of child labor in Punjab is reportedly highest in:
(A) Brick-kilns ✓
(B) Foot-ball manufacturing industry
(C) Surgical Instruments manufacturing
(D) Carpet-weaving

53. There has been a complete book of law and order in the country.
(A) Up
(B) Off
(C) Down
(D) Of ✓

54. The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius is:
(A) 1
(B) 2ㄫ ✓

55. At 3:00 AM, the temperature was 13 C below zero but by noon it had risen to 32 C, therefore, the average hourly increase in temperature was:
(A) 5 ✓
(B) 7.5
(C) 45
(D) (19/6)

56. An important river at Pothohar Plateau is:
(A). Hub river
(B). Bolan river
(C) Gomal River
(D) Swan river ✓

57. The newest district of Punjab out of the following is:
(A) Nankana Sahib ✓
(B) Pakpattan
(C) Kasur
(D) Mandi Bahauddin

58. The capital city of Libya is:
(A) Benghazi
(B) Misrata
(C) Sirte
(D) Tripoli ✓

59. The Secretary-General of the United Nations at the time of invasion of Iraq in 2003 was:
(A) Boutros-Boutros Ghali
(B) Ban Ki-moon
(C) Kofi Annan ✓
(D) Mohmmad Al Baradei

60. Yangtze River* does not pass through which of the country:
(A) Mongolia
(B) Thailand
(C) Taiwan
(D) all of these ✓
The Yangtze River, which is 6,380 km long, is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world. The river is the longest in the world to flow entirely within one country.

62. The garden city movement, a method of urban planning has not significantly influenced the design and planning of:
(A) New Delhi
(B) Islamabad
(C) Canberra
(D) New York ✓

63. The latest country to become member of the United Nations is:
(A) Montenegro
(B) East Timor
(C) South Sudan ✓
(D) Switzerland

64. The Incan Civilization flourished in:
(A) South America ✓
(B) Australia
(C) North America
(D) Indonesia
65. The legendary African city of Timbuktu is located in:
(A) Niger
(B) Ivory Coast
(C) Mali ✓
(D) Mauritania

66. The minimum rate of wages for all adult unskilled and juvenile workers employed in the Industrial establishments in Punjab province has been fixed at:
(A) Rs. 8000
(B) Rs. 9000 ✓
(C) Rs. 7500
(D) Rs. 8500

67. According to West Pakistan Minimum Wages Rules 1962, an adult female worker performing work of equal value is entitled to get:
(A) Lesser wage
(B) Identical wage ✓
(C) Greater wage
(D) Special wage

68. The jurisdiction of Controller of Weights & Measures, Punjab does not extend to:
(A) Pakistan International Airlines Corporation
(B) Pakistan Post Offices
(C) CNG Stations
(D) None of these ✓

69. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has the same chemical composition as that of:
(B) Sui Gas ✓
(C) Tear gas
(D) Poison gas

70. The largest amongst the Great Lakes of Northeastern America is:
(A) Lake Superior ✓
(B) Lake Huron
(C) Lake Michigan
(D) Lake Ontario

71. If 5(3x - 7) = 20, what is 3x - 8?
(A) 11/3 ✓
(B) 0
(C) 3
(D) 14

72. The largest city by population in the Great Lakes region is:
(A) Toronto
(B) Montreal
(C) Chicago ✓
(D) Detroit

73. Among-st the provinces of Pakistan, the highest ratio of economically active children to their overall population in age-group 5-14 is in:
(A) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
(B) Baluchistan
(C) Sindh ✓
(D) Punjab

74. Leading questions:
(A) Main question
(B) Question requiring a precise answer
(C) Question suggesting an answer ✓
(D) Question which is the most difficult to answer

75. The law prohibiting employment of children in lieu of loan or peshgi is:
(A) Employment of Children Act, 1991
(B) Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Act, 1992 ✓
(C) Factories Act, 1934
(D) None of the above

76. Greenwich associated with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is situated in:
(A) Greenland
(B) Australia
(C) England ✓
(D) Finland

77. The capital of Myanmar is:
(A) Ho Chi Minh City
 (B) Saigon
(C) Yangon
(D) Naypyidaw ✓

78. The next winter Olympic Games were scheduled to take place in 2014 at:
(A) Sochi ✓ (Russia)
(B) Vancouver
(C) Salt Lake City, Utah

79. The men's event of Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2012 was won by:
(A) Roger Federer ✓
(B) Novak Djokovic
(C) Rafael Nadal
(D)  Andy Murray

80. The gas commonly used in balloons is:
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Helium ✓
(C) Oxygen
(D) Carbon dioxide

81. Ferment has nearly the same meaning as:
(A) Stir up ✓
(B) Fill
(C) Ferret
(D mutilate

82. The last military expedition assembled by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was directed against Byzantine army is Syria and was headed by:
(A) Hazrat Umar Bin Al-Khattab (RA)
(B) Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas (RA)
(C) Hazrat Usama Bin Zaid (RA) ✓
(D) Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid (RA)

83. An ordinary mobile phone communicates by using:
(A) Soundwaves
(B) Microwaves
(C) Radio waves ✓
(D) UV waves

84. Stock indices at Tokyo are known by their popular name of:
(A) Dow Jones
(B) Hang Seng
(C) Nikkei ✓

85. An open market operation (also known as OMO) is an activity by a central bank:
(A) To buy or sell government bonds on the open market ✓
(B) To track illegal currency dealers in the open market
(C) To print currency and disseminate in open market for improving money supply
(D) All of the above

86. In 2009, Gilgit-Baltistan was given the status equal to a province by:
(A) Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan
(B) Act of Parliament
(C) Promulgation of ordinance ✓
(D) Executive order communicated through notification

87. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander
(A) Everyone regardless of differences deserves equal treatment ✓
(B) Goose and gander should both be fed with sauce
(C) Like treatment for like things
(D) Rich and poor should be treated equally

88. Annuity is a:
(A) A sum of money received on a regular basis as one of a series of fixed payments ✓
(B) A financial products designed to pay out a stream of payments to the holder at a later point in time
(C) Both (A) and (B)

89. Hobson's choice:
(A) Given no choice at all ✓
(B) To make the best choice
(C) To make the worst choice
(D) To settle for a compromise

90. The tune of the national anthem of Pakistan was composed by:
(A) Khawaja Khurshid Anwar
(B) Naushad Ali
(C) Sohail Rana(D) Ahmad G. Chagia ✓

91. Labour Court in the province of Punjab was established under:
(A) Punjab Industrial Relatios Act, 2010 ✓
(B) West Pakistan Social Security Ordinance, 1965
(C) Industrial Relations Act 2012

(92) Pakistan Industrial Relations Ordinance, 2011 92 100 1000000
(A) .002
(B) .0001 ✓
(C) .001
(D) .02

93. The capital city of Uzbekistan is:
(A) Tashkent ✓
(B) Samarkand
(C) Bokhara
(D) Dushanbe

94. The United Nations Special Representative on Syria is:
(A) Kofi Annan
(B) Lakhdar Brahimi ✓
(C) Navanethem Pillay
(D) Juan Mendez

95. The recently-held World Snooker Championships at Sofia, Bulgaria were won
(A) Muhammad Yousuf
(B) Wael Talaat
(C) Asjad Iqbal
(D) Muhammad Asif ✓

96. The only sahabi who was mentioned by name in the Holy Quran is:
(A) Hazrat Umar (RA)
(B) Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (RA)
(C) Hazrat Zaid bin Harith (RA) ✓
(D) Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas (RA)

97. Prophylactic is the opposite of:
(A) causing growth
(B) causing disease ✓ 
(C) antagonistic
(D) favourable

98. Tentative has nearly the same meaning as: (A) Prevalent
(B) experimental ✓
(C) portable
(D) mocking

99. if an object is moving at a speed of 30 km/hour, how many meters does it travel in one second*:
(A) 10
(B) 36 ✓
(C) 100
(D) 360

100. Disjointed has opposite meaning of which of the following:
(A) Carved
(B) Connected ✓
(C) Understood
(D) Evicted

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Show me the answers!
Question 1: The correct answer is the Answer 1.
Question 2: The correct answer is Answer 2.
Question 3: The correct answer is Answer 3.
Question 4: The correct answer is Answer 4.
Question 5: The correct answer is Answer 1.
Question 6: The correct answer is Answer 2.
Question 7: The correct answer is Answer 3.
Question 8: The correct answer is Answer 4.
Question 9: The correct answer is Answer 1.
Question 10: The correct answer is Answer 2.
You answered them all right!

PPSC Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police 2008 Solved Past Paper

1. Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah started his Law practice in:
(A) Delhi
(B) Karachi
(C) Calcutta
(D) Bombay ✓

2. The All India Muslim League was founded in 1906 at:
(A) Dhaka ✓
(B) Lahore
(C) Allahabad
(D) Aligarh

3. Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah presented his “Fourteen Points” in response  to:
(A) Simon Commission Report
(B) Nehru Report ✓
(C) June, 3 Plan
(D) The Delhi Proposals

4. The head of the Boundary Commission for demarcation of borders between India

and Pakistan was:
(A) Sir Stafford Cripps
(B) Lord Mountbatten
(C) Sir Cyril Radcliffe ✓
(D) Lord Waved

5. Who demanded a separate Muslim homeland in 1930 at Allahabad?
(A) Allama Iqbal ✓
(B) Quaid-i-Azam
(C) Liaqat Ali Khan
(D) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

6. The famous Pamphlet 'Now or Never1 was written by:
(A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(B) Ch. Rehmat Ali ✓
(C) Mohammad Ali Johar
(D) Allama Iqbal

7. The first Mughal Emperor of India was:
(A) Akbar
(B) Humayun
(C) Babur ✓
(D) Sher Shah Suri

8. Who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan after the death of Liaqat Ali Khan?
(A) Mohd. Ali Bogra
(B) Ghulam Mohammad
(C) Kh. Nazimuddin ✓
(D) Ch. Mohammad Ali

9. Which one of the following leaders took part in Presidential Elections?
(A) Shaista Ikram Ullah
(B) Fatima Jinnah ✓
(C) Rana Liaqat Ali Khan
(D) Begum Shahnawaz

10. Which Mughal King made Lahore his capital  for 14 years?
(A) Shah Jehan
(B) Akbar ✓
(C) Aurangzeb
(D) Bahadur Shah Zafar

11. Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brelvi is buried at:
(A) Balakot ✓
(B) Muzzafarabad
(C) Jehlum
(D) Abbottabad

12. The boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called:
(A) Line of Control
(B) No Man's Land
(C) Durand Line ✓
(D) International Border

13. The last Mughal king of India was:
(A) Aurangzeb Alamgir
(B) Bahadur Shah Zafar ✓
(C) Shah Jahan
(D) Mohammad Shah

14. Gawadar is in the province of:
(A) Punjab
(B) Balochistan ✓
(C) Sindh

15. The famous Khyber Pass is a link between Peshawar and:
(A) Quetta
(B) Kabul ✓
(C) Mardan
(D) Tehran

16. Bagiihar Dam a disputed dam between India and Pakistan has been built in:
(A) Held Kashmir ✓
(B) Azad Kashmir
(C) Amritsar
(D) Delhi

17. The appointment of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is made by?
(A) The Prime Minister
(B) The President ✓
(C) Supreme Judicial Council
(D) Parliament

18. The major source of electrical energy in Pakistan is:
(A) Thermal Power ✓
(B) Hydroelectricity
(C) Nuclear Power
(D) Solar Energy

19. The largest Industry in Pakistan is:
(A) Woollen Textile
(B) Sugar industry
(C) Cotton Textile ✓
(D) Cement Industry

20. Tarbela Dam has been constructed on which river?
(A) Ravi
(B) Jehlum
(C) Indus ✓
(D) Chenab

21. The present Hijri year is:
(A) 1428
(B) 1429 ✓
(C) 1430
(D) 1427

22. The National University of Modem Language is in:
(A) Lahore
(B) Karachi
(C) Islamabad ✓
(D) Peshawar

23. Who is the present Secretary General of the United Nations Organization?
(A) Kofi Anan
(B) Ban Ki Moon ✓
(C) Albardi
(D) Collin Powell

24. 10-Downing Street is the residence of:
(A) American President
(B) Queen of England
(C) French President
(D) British Prime Minister ✓

25. Jerusalem is the Holy City of:
(A) Christians
(B) Muslims
(C) Jews
(D) All of them ✓

26. Myanmar is the new name of:
(A) Nepal
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) Burma ✓
(D) Bhutan

27. The author of Harry Potter series of books for children is:
(A) J. K. Rowling ✓
(B) Enid Blyton
(C) Roald Dalh
(D) Danis Robins

28. Nelson Mandela belongs to:
(A) Kenya
(B) Somalia
(C) South Africa ✓
(D) Uganda

29. Scotland Yard is the Police Department of:
(A) America
(B) England ✓
(C) France
(D) Germany

30. Tayyip Erdogan is the Prime Minister of:
(A) Iran
(B) Turkey ✓
(C) Egypt
(D) Jordan

31. Which country has banned wearing of head scarf by Muslim students?
(A) Holland
(B) France ✓
(C) Canada
(D) America

32. FIR stands for:
(A) First Information Report ✓
(B) First Investigation Report
(C) Forensic Investigation Report
(D) Follow up Information Report

33. Dr. Fahmida Mirza the speaker of National Assembly was elected as MNA from:
(A) Sindh ✓
(B) Punjab
(D) Baluchistan

34. The Leader of opposition in the National Assembly is:
(A) Ch. Pervez Ellahi
(B) Ch NisarAli ✓
(C) Raza Rabbani
(D) Ch. Shujaat Hussain

35. The headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is at:
(A) Tehran
(B) Ankara
(C) Jeddah ✓
(D) Cairo

36. Union Jack is the flag of:
(A) America
(B) England ✓
(C) Canada
(D) France

37. One kilometer is equation to:
(A) 100 meters
(B) 500 meters
(C) 1000 meters ✓
(D) 2000 meters

38. Sunlight is a good source of:
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin D ✓

39. Which gas is used in advertising lights?
(A) Argon
(B) Neon ✓
(C) Helium
(D) Carbondioxide

40. The largest continent in the world is:
(A) Asia ✓
(B) Africa
(C) Europe
(D) Australia

41. What kind of energy is stored in a dry cell?
(A) Mechanical
(B) Electrical
(C) Chemical ✓
(D) Solar

42. The normal boiling point of water is?
(A) 100°C ✓
(B) 110°C
(C) 120°C
(D) 200°C

43. Which gas is used to kill bacteria in water?
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Sulphur
(C) Chlorine ✓
(D) Nitrogen

44. One tonne is equal to:
(A) 500 K.G.
(B) 1000 K.G. ✓
(C) 2000 K.G.
(D) 3000 K.G.

45. Which of the following does not provide energy?
(A) Carbohydrates
(B) Proteins
(C) Fats
(D) Water ✓

46. Diabetes is caused due to the deficiency of:
(A) Calcium
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Insulin ✓

47. Which part of human body is like a computer?
(A) Heart
(B) Brain ✓
(C) Lungs
(D) Eyes

48. The planet nearest to the sun is:
(A) Earth
(B) Mercury ✓
(C) Mars
(D) Jupiter

49. The age of a tree can be known from its:
(A) Height
(B) Number of Branches
(C) Number of Fruits
(D) Number of Rings on its trunk ✓

50. Green vegetables provide us:
(A) Proteins
(B) Vitamins & Minerals ✓
(C) Fats and Oils
(D) Starch

51. Condoleezza Rice is the American:
(A) Secretary of State ✓
(B) Defence Minister
(C) Secretary Defence
(D) Advisor of President

52. Roger Federer is a famous player of:
(A) Tennis ✓
(B) Golf
(C) Football
(D) Cricket

53. Bill Gates is the founder of:
(B) Dell
(C) HP
(D) Microsoft ✓

54. The most widely used internet search engine in the world is:
(A) Yahoo
(B) Google ✓
(D) YouTube

55. Barack Obama the American President Candidate belongs to:
(A) Democratic Party ✓
(B) Republican Party
(C) American Congress
(D) Labour Party

56. CPU stands for:
(A) Central Processing Unit ✓
(B) Control Panel Unit
(C) Central Programming Unit
(D) Computer Power Unit

57. NATO stands for
(A) North Asia Treaty Organization
(B) North Atlantic Treaty Organization ✓
(C) North America Treaty Organization
(D) Non Alliance Treaty Organization

58. identity the correct spellings:
(A) Successful ✓
(B) Successful
(C) Successful
(D) Successful

59. Frightened means:
(A) Worried
(B) Afraid ✓
(C) Dangerous
(D) Confused

60. Alma mater means:
(A) Library
(B) Personal matter
(C) Bookshop
(D) One’s college or university ✓

61. Which word is wrongly spelt in the following?
(A) Confusion
(B) Distinction ✓
(C) Previous
(D) Computer

62. Beautiful is a:
(A) Noun
(B) Verb
(C) Adjective ✓
(D) Adverb

63. An Above Board person means:
(A) Trustworthy ✓
(B) Dishonest
(C) Friendly
(D) Cruel

64. A fair weather friend means:
(A) False Friend ✓
(B) Good Friend
(C) Loyal Friend
(D) Close Friend

65. Davis cup is associated with:
(A) Tennis ✓
(B) Hockey
(C) Football
(D) Cricket

66. The fourth state of matter is known as:
(A) Plasma ✓
(B) Wood
(C) Metal
(D) Rubber

67. The square root of V169 is:
(A) 43
(B) 13 ✓
(C) 84
(D) 169

68. What comes next in the following series?
64, 48,40, 36, 34
(A) 30
(B) 31
(C) 32
(D) 33 ✓

69. The zoo had some lions and some parrots. The supervisor counted 15 heads and 50 legs. How many lions were there?
(A) 9
(B) 10 ✓
(C) 12
(D) 13

70. Which number can replace both question marks? 2/? = ?/50
(A) 5
(B) 10 ✓
(C) 25
(D) 100

71. Divide1/4 + 1/4 = ?
(A) 1/32
(B) 1/8
(C) 1/2 ✓
(D) 2

72. 5/14 x 7/10
(A) 1/4 ✓
(B) 50/98
(C) 35/140
(D) 6

73. The square root of / 729 is:
(A) 33
(B) 27 ✓
(C) 37
(D) 43

74. If 15 men can manufacture 27 baskets in an hour, how many baskets would 45 men can manufacture in 40 minutes?
(A) 27
(B) 35
(C) 40
(D) 54 ✓

75. 18 is 75% of?
(A) 24 ✓
(B)  28
(C) 34
(D)  32

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