English Essay is most tough time giving subject of CSS. Most of students fail to give what they are asked to present in essay. Either they are not good in English grammar or have no credible facts and figures to support their writing. This uphill task can be covered through extensive reading and then writing the same in his / her own wording. Practice makes a man perfect. So, one should read quality material to get whole idea of topic. Here is a list of some tremendously written essays on burning issues. These are based on social, political, religious and economic issue.

Pakistan and Democracy

Building Image of Pakistan

Decline of Education in Pakistan

Global Zero: World without Nuclear Weapons

Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan

World Order: Unipolar to Multipolar

Perils of Muslim Union

Global Warming 

Disaster Management 

Status of Women in Islam

Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources but Poor in their Management 

The New Great Game and Pakistan's Foreign Policy 

Power of Media in Modern World 

Need for Good Governance in Pakistan 

Corruption in Pakistan Mother of All Ills 

Dialogue is the Best Course to Combat Terrorism  

The UNO Has Failed to Measure up to the Demands of its Charter

World Politics stands more derisive than it was before due to the specific imperialist designs

What has gone wrong with the system of education in Pakistan?

Economic cost of energy crisis in Pakistan and the way forward

Where Does The True Democracy Come From?

Modern-Day Communication via Social Network Ends True, Sincere Relationship    

The Suffering Soul in the Scientific Age

Terrorism the Biggest Threat to Pakistan

The Incivility & Unsocial Behaviour on Social Media

Pleasures of Readings

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