Our Examination System English Essay for B.A

Our Examination System

Related Topic: Examinations and their uses

1. Introduction: Examinations are meant to judge student's ability.
2. Present examination system is quite old.
3. Faults of our examination system.
4. Some suggestions to improve it.
5. Conclusion: Examinations should be transparent.

Examinations are necessary to judge (پرکھنا) the ability of students. There are examinations in nearly every country of the world. But there are different systems of examinations. Our system of examination is very old. It was introduced(متعارف کروانا) in India before Partition. Englishmen wanted Jo educate Indians according to their needs and standards' After partition (تقسیم ملک)we had our needs and standards as an dependent nation. But we did not change the old examination system much.

Our examination system does not make our students learn their subjects well۔ Students generally study their subjects sometime before their examination. They learn some important parts of their courses in order to pass the examination. Many students fail in their examination. They give incomplete or wrong answers to questions. They have to answer five to ten questions in a paper on the whole course of one or two years. They cannot answer these questions well in three hours or so. Our students often have to team by heart (زبانی) parts of their courses. They have to give a proof of their memory in an examination. They do not have to show their understanding of a subject. They do not have to show their intelligence white answering questions.

Many of our students come to have a fear of examinations. They begin thinking that an examination at the end of the year is something very unusual (خلاف معمول)and strange. If they do not get good marks or division in it, they will fail to get admission to a higher class or to get a good job. So all their success in life is made to depend upon high marks or a good division. But all students getting high marks or good divisions in examinations are not really able. Many of them cannot do well in active life. Afterwards they realize that they were wrong to think very high of their examinations. In fact, we should make our examinations as useful as possible. Those who pass examinations well should be really able. Examinations shouldn't be a means to test students' memory. The intelligence (ذہاننت) and understanding (فہم) of students should be judged through them.
There should be more examinations in a year. Every examination should cover definite part of the course. Examiners should ask such questions as really test a student's general understanding of his subject Our new education system stresses (تاکید کرنا) all this very well.

Examinations in schools and colleges should be made more important and useful. The marks obtained in these examinations should be considered by the Board or the University while giving certificates or degrees to students. The certificates or degrees of candidates for examinations should show their progress at their educational institutions.

The courses for our examinations should be changed to suit our needs. For example, courses of science subjects should include new developments in science ail over the world. Courses in arts should also be made more up-to-date. Greater importance should be- given to our own culture, history, politics and religion. Examinations should make us team facts about the world, about other countries and our own country.

We should also try to use our own national languages in examinations. Our language will help us in understanding questions well. The results of our examinations should be declared as early as possible. Candidates should be satisfied with their results. The system of our examinations should be changed to make it really useful and good there must be an end to large-scale malpractices (خرابیاں، غلط کام) and unfair (ناجائز) mean in examinations. Honest staff should be appointed to conduct examinations.

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