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PPSC Civil Judges-Cum-Judicial Magistrates, 2005 Solved Past Papers


1. Which of the following provinces of Afghanistan is situated adjacent to Durand Line?
(A) Khowst ✓
(B) Heart
(C) Nimruz
(D) None of the above

2. The first European country to ratify the European Union constitution was:
(A) Italy ✓
(B) Germany
(C) France
(D) None of the above

3. 'Sir Creek’ issue between Pakistan and India is related to:
(A) Distribution of pre-partition assets
(B) Delimitation of the Siachin Glacier
(C) Delimitation of a maritime boundary ✓
(D) Implementation of Indus Basin Treaty 1960

4. Which country's parliament has the largest membership?
(A) India
(B) China ✓
(C) Russia
(D) Canada

5. The stumbling block in the settlement of Palestine Issue is:
(A) Status of East Jerusalem,
(B) Repatriation of 3.7 million Palestinian refugees to their homeland,
(C) Removal of all the Jewish settlements in the occupied territories
(D) All of the above ✓

6. Which of the following International Institutions was created through 'Rome Statute' July, 2002
(A) Freedom House
(B) International Criminal Court ✓
(D) None of the above

7. 'Ml 5' is the security intelligence agency of:
(B) UK ✓
(C) Russia
(D) India

8. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the:
(A) Shape of the earth
(B) Rotation of the earth on its axis ✓
(C) Revolution of the earth around the sun
(D) Movement of the sun

9. Which of the following tennis players has won the Wimbledon Championship (Men's Single) thrice?
(A) Bjorn Borg of Sweden
(B) Pete Sampras of America
(C) Roger Federer of Switzerland
(D) All of the above ✓

10. J.K.Rowling’s famous character 'Harry Potter1 is associated with:
(A) Space fiction
(B) Spying
(C) Computer genius
(D) Wizardry ✓

11. The capital of Somalia is:
(A) Windhoek
(B) Free Town
(C) Maputo
(D) None of the above ✓

12. European Court of Justice is based in:
(A) Luxembourg ✓
(B) Austria
(C) Belgium
(D) Netherlands

13. The world's largest producer of tea is:
(A) Sri Lanka
(B) India ✓
(C) Kenya
(D) Bangladesh

14. ‘Uranium’ is extracted in Pakistan from:
(A) Chagai
(B) Kala Bagh
(D) KalarKahar

15. 'Maria Montessori’s name is associated with:
(A) Social Work
(B) Women's rights champion
(C) Child education ✓
(D) Sports

16. 'Last Judgment’ is the famous painting of:
(A) Michel Angelo ✓
(B) Rembrandt
(C) Pablo Picasso
(D) Leonardo da Vinci

17. The tower of London is on the river:
(A) Volga
(B) Thames ✓
(C) Danube
(D) Don

18. What is the effect of deficit financing on economy:
(A) Inflation ✓
(B) Deflation
(C) Depression
(D) Recession

19. The world's first women Prime Minister of a country was:
(A) Margaret Thatcher (England)
(B) Srimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka) ✓
(C) Golda Meir (Israel)
(D) Indira Gandhi (India)

20. ‘Kyat’ is the currency of:
(A) Thailand
(B) Myanmar ✓
(C) Gambia
(D) Bhutan

21. In November 2003 US President George W Bush announced a Plan named 'Greater Middle East Initiatives' with the objective to:
(A) Promote democracy and freedom in the Middle East ✓
(B) Consolidate the defense of Pro American regimes in the Middle East
(C) Set a roadmap for the creation of an Independent Palestinian state in the Middle East by 2007
(D) All of the above

22. Day and night are equal at the:
(A) North Pole
(B) South Pole
(C) Prime Meridian
(D) Equator ✓

23. Who among the following personalities is the inventor of a system of writing and printing for the blind?
(A) Helen Keller
(B) Louis Braille ✓
(C) Sir Humphrey Davy
(D) None of the above

24. Which of the following statements is correct:
(A) Socrates was a disciple of Plato
(B) Plato was a disciple of Aristotle
(C) Plato was a disciple of Socrates ✓
(D) Socrates and Plato were disciples of Aristotle

25. The playground for playing 'Baseball' is called:
(A) Diamond
(B) Court
(C) Ring
(D) Rink

26. ‘Suez Canal’ connects:
(A) Mediterranean sea and Red sea ✓
(B) Red sea and Atlantic sea
(C) Red sea and Arabian sea
(D) None of the above

27. Three islands in the Persian Gulf, Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa are disputed between:
(A) Iran and United Arab Emirates ✓
(B) Bahrain and Qatar
(C) Iran and Iraq
(D) Iran and Saudi Arabia

28. The highest average age (Male) is in:
(A) Japan
(B) Germany
(C) Iceland ✓
(D) None of the above

29. Which of the following is the oldest Barrage:
(A) Kotri
(B) Guddu
(C) Taunsa
(D) Sukkur ✓

30. Money paid by a government to reduce the costs of producing goods so that their prices can be kept low termed as:
(A) Value added services
(B) Grant.
(C) Subsidy ✓
(D) Soft Money

31. Pakistan's largest gas fired power plant is:
(A) Uch power plant ✓
(B) Malakand-Dargai power plant
(C) Gomal power plant
(D) Faisalabad Gas Turbine power plant

32. ‘Hyde Park’ London is famous for:
(A) Beautiful rare tulips
(B) Unique Fountains
(D) Residence of Lord Chancellor
(D) None of the above ✓

33. The World Cup Cricket 2007 will be played in:
(A) England
(B) Australia
(C) New Zealand
(D) West Indies ✓

34. The strength of Federal Shariat Court in Pakistan is:
(A) Six Judges
(B) Eight Judges ✓
(C) Ten Judges
(D) None of the above

35. 'Bala Hissar1 (The elevated Fort) is situated at
(A) Quetta
(B) Peshawar ✓
(C) Swat
(D) Hyderabad

36. The most abundant mineral in the human body is:
(A) Calcium ✓
(B) Magnesium
(C) Iron
(D) None of the above

37. The world’s largest computer software industrial centre is:
(A) Beijing
(B) Bangalore ✓
(C) Bangkok
(D) None of the above

38. The process of Pakistan India Composite Dialogue started in February 2004 to resolve the issue of:
(A) Kashmir
(B) Siachin Glacier
(C) Wullur Barrage
(D) All of the above ✓

39. 'Miran Shah' is the main town of:
(A) South Waziristan
(B) North Waziristan ✓
(C) Kurrum Agency
(D) Khyber Agency

40. September 8, every year is observed throughout the world as:
(A) International Literacy Day ✓
(B) Universal Children day
(C) Women's Day
(D) None of the above

41. After the promulgation of 1973 constitution, the first Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court was:
(A) Justice Aslam Riaz Hussain
(B) Justice Dr.Javaid Iqbal
(C) Justice Sardar Muhammad Iqbal ✓
(D) Justice Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain

42. Who is known as the ‘Father of Modem Astronomy’?
(A) Nicolas Copernicus ✓
(B) Albert Einstein
(C) Galilee Galileo
(D) None of the above

43. Which of the following straits is called The Gate of Tears’?
(A) Strait of Gibraltar
(B) Strait of Hormuz
(C) Strait of Babel Mandeb ✓
(D) Malacca Strait

44. The Middle East News Agency (MENA) is of:
(A) Saudi Arabia
(B) Iraq
(C) Egypt ✓
(D) Qatar

45. ‘Cathay Pacific’ is an airlines of:
(A) South Korea
(B) North Korea
(C) Japan
(D) none of the above ✓

46. Which of the following countries is situated in the Scandinavian region
(A) Denmark
(B) Norway
(C) Sweden
(D) All of the above ✓

47. Which of the following places is called ‘Land of Thunderbolt’?
(A) Darjeeling
(B) Katmandu
(C) Shanghai
(D) None of the above ✓

48. The rebel group 'Maoist' are struggling to overthrow the Monarchy and replace it with a republican system in:
(A) Bhutan
(B) Thailand
(C) Nepal ✓
(D) None of the above

49. 'Confucianism' is the religious mythology of:
(A) Japan
(B) Greece
(C) China ✓
(D) Nepal

50. The world's largest salt water lake is:
(A) Baikal
(B) Superior
(C) Caspian Sea ✓
(D) None of the above

51. Pakistan has recently been given observer status in:
(A) Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
(B) Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) ✓
(C) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
(D) None of the above

52. 'Ibn Battutah’ was a famous Muslim:
(A) Mathematician
(B) Astronomer
(C) Physicist
(D) None of the above ✓

53. 'Kara-Kum' desert is in the Central Asian State of:
(A) Kazakhstan
(B) Kyrgyzstan
(C) Turkmenistan ✓
(D) Tajikistan

54. 'Genoa' is the seaport of:
(A) Italy ✓
(B) Germany
(C) France
(D) Canada

55. 'Dragon' is the National Symbol of:
(A) China ✓
(B) Japan
(C) Russia
(D) None of the above

56. Which of the following parts of the human body is affected by the disease of 'Malaria?'
(A) Liver
(B) Lungs t
(C) Intestine
(D) Spleen ✓

57. 'Ornithology' is the scientific study of:
(A) Animals
(B) Reptiles
(C) Sea Plants
(D) Birds ✓

58. Which is the most ancient civilization of the world?
(A) Egyptian
(B) Chinese
(C) Indus Valley
(D) Sumerian ✓

59. 'West Indies' consists of almost:
(A) 500 islands
(B) 700 islands ✓
(C) 1200 islands
(D) 2000 islands

60. ‘The Light House of Alexandria’ is among the seven wonders of the world, located in:
(A) Turkey
(B) Egypt ✓
(C) Greece
(D) Italy

61. Myanmar has been pressurized by USA to give up the Chairmanship «f ASEAN in 2006 because of the reason that:
(A) There is no political freedom and democracy in Myanmar ✓
(B) It has acquired nuclear technology through illegal ways
(C) It declined to send troops in Iraq
(D) None of the above

62. 1 Kilometer is equal to:
(A) 100 meters
(B) 500 meters
(C) 1000 meters ✓
(D) 10000 meters

63. What is the cause of water logging and salinity problem in Pakistan?
(A) Uncontrolled seepage of water from rivers, canals, ponds, etc that rises underground water table
(B) Improper slope and poor drainage conditions of the land
(C) Intensive cultivation of rice in low water table areas
(D) All of the above ✓

64. Which dynasty comes first in sequence?
(A) Tughlaq
(B) Sadaat
(C) Khilji ✓
(D) Lodhi

65. Which of the following International Organization has no headquarters?
(A) D-8
(B) World Economic Forum
(C) G-8 ✓
(D) All of the above

66. Israel has constructed a concrete wall to divide the Palestinians in:
(A) West Bank ✓
(B) Gaza Strip
(C) East Jerusalem
(D) Golan Heights

67. 'Oasis' is associated with
(A) Glaciers
(B) Islands
(C) Desert ✓
(D) Sea

68. Which of the following gases illuminates signs?
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Neon ✓
(C) Ammonia
(D) Methane

69. Red Cross Organization was founded by:
(A) J H Durant ✓
(B) Baden Powell
(C) Donald Ross
(D) None of the above

70. The term of office of a Judge of International Court of Justice is:
(A) Five Years
(B) Six Years
(C) Nine Years ✓
(D) Ten Years

71. The Prime Meridian passes through: -
(A) Britain ✓
(B) America
(C) Switzerland
(D) Finland

72. Which of the following planets has the maximum number of satellites?
(A) Jupiter ✓
(B) Earth
(C) Saturn
(D) Mars

73. The largest share of revenue receipts of the Federal Government comes from;
(A) General Sales Tax ✓
(B) Income Tax
(C) Wealth Tax
(D) Central Excise Duty

74. 'Diego Garcia’ is an American Naval base in:
(A) Indian Ocean ✓
(B) Pacific Ocean
(C) Atlantic Ocean
(D) Arctic Ocean

75. The world's oldest capital city is:
(A) Cairo
(B) Rome
(C) Damascus ✓
(D) Baghdad

76. 'Synagogue' is a place of worship for:
(A) Buddhist
(B) Jews ✓
(C) Parsees
(D) None'of the above

77. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has recovered a large amount of money from corrupt officials through the provision of:
(A) Voluntary Return
(B) Plea Bargain ✓
(C) Fine from NAB courts
(D) Confiscation of property

78. The first space shuttle launched by United States on April 12,1981 was:
(A) Discovery
(B) Endeavor
(C) Columbia ✓
(D) Atlantis

79. Which of the following towns of Baluchistan is located nearest to Iran's border?
(A) Dalbandin
(B) Nokundi ✓
(C) Mastung
(D) Naushki

80. The largest number of women nominated for Noble Peace Prize 2005, are from:
(A) America
(B) China
(C) India ✓
(D) Japan

81. The Secretary General of SAARC Q.A. Rahim belongs to:
(A) India
(B) Pakistan
(C) Bangladesh ✓
(D) Maldives

82. Which of the following militant organizations has recently announced to become a Political Movement and give up arms struggle?
(A) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE)
(B) Irish Republican Army (IRA) ✓
(C) More National Liberation Front (MNLF)
(D) None of the above

83. The Equator, the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, all run through the continent of
(A) Africa ✓
(B) Asia
(C) South America
(D) None of the above.

84. Who introduced the principle of the Doctrine of Lapse?
(A) Clive
(B) Cornwallis
(C) Hastings
(D) Dalhousie ✓

85. A place where government records are kept is called?
(A) Headquarter
(B) Aquarium
(C) Archives ✓
(D) Chalet

86. Symbol of which of the following is ‘White Flag'?
(A) Friendship
(B) Peace
(C) Truce ✓
(D) War

87. Harvard University was established in USA in:
(A) 1615
(B) 1630
(C) 1636 ✓
(D) 1764

88. Princeton University is a famous university of:
(A) UK
(B) Japan
(C) Pakistan
(D) USA ✓

89. Pisa Tower is located in
(A) Germany
(B) Italy ✓
(C) France
(D) Paris

90. Hezbollah, a Islamic party of Lebanon was established in
(A) 1978
(B) 1980
(C) 1982 ✓
(D) 1987

91. ‘IBM’ is a computer company of
(A) France
(B) Japan
(C) USA ✓
(D) China

92. Which one of the following provides constitutional guarantee of personal freedom?
(A) Writ of Quo warrant
(B) Writ of Mandamus
(C) Writ of Certiorari
(D) Writ of Habeas corpus ✓

93. Where is Red Square situated?
(A) Kashmir
(B) Moscow ✓
(C) China
(D) New York

94. Fear of foreigners is known as:
(A) Xenophobia ✓
(B) Musophobia
(D) Photophobia
(D) Altiphobia

95. First Chairman of SPARCO was
(A) Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
(B) Dr. Munir Ahmed Khan
(C) Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman
(D) Dr. Abdus Salam ✓

96. Which of the following countries were integral parts of the USSR until December 1991 bul had separate UN membership
(A) Turkmenistan
(B) Ukraine ✓
(C) Georgia
(D) Tajikistan

97. CNN stands for .
(A) Common News Network
(B) Cable News Network ✓
(C) Cable National Network
(D) Cable Natural Network

98. Which one of the following languages is spoken by the largest number of persons?
(A) English
(B) Chinese ✓
(C) Hindi
(D) Russian

99. Which river in the world carries the maximum volume of water?
(A) Amazon ✓
(B) Nile
(C) Mississippi-Missouri
(D) None of the above

100. China has most land borders with how many countries?
(A) 16 ✓
(B) 19
(C) 30
(D) 22

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PPSC Civil Judges-Cum-Judicial Magistrates, 2003 Solved Past Papers

1. The theory of ‘Clash of Civilizations' was presented by:
(A) Francis Fukuyama
(B) Michael W. Doyle
(C) Fouad Ajami
(D) Samuel P. Huntington ✓

2. Which of the following countries has signed and ratified ‘Kyoto Protocol’ an International environmental protection treaty
(A) Germany
(B) France
(C) Japan
(D) All of the above ✓

3. Under which of the following case, it was decided that' No judge of the superior court can be sent to the Federal Shariat Court without his consent:
(A) Al-Jihad Trust Case 1996 ✓
(B) Khizer Sultan Case 2001
(C) Dewan Ali Case 2001
(D) None of the above

4. 'Al-Jazeera' television network is based in:
(A) Iraq
(B) Bahrain
(C) Jordan
(D) Qatar ✓

5. Which country is situated below the sea level?
(A) New Zealand
(B) Netherlands ✓
(C) Australia
(D) Japan

6. In Pakistan, the largest share of electricity comes from the source of:
(A) Thermal ✓
(B) Hydel
(C) Nuclear
(D) Coal

7. United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blinx belongs to:
(A) Norway
(B) Sweden ✓
(C) Italy
(D) France

8. 'Pre-emptive attack’ is an :
(A) attack before enemy's attack ✓
(B) attack with chemical weapons
(C) attack with conventional weapons
(D) diplomatic pressure on the rival country:

9. Which of the following gases is mainly causing global warming:
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Methane
(C) Carbon dioxide ✓
(D) Hydrogen

10. In South Asia, the highest per capita income is in:
(A) Pakistan
(B) India
(C) Sri Lanka ✓
(D) Maldives

11. The headquarters of The Arab League lire situated at:
(A) Doha
(B) Cairo ✓
(C) Abu Dhabi
(D) Riyadh

12. Which of the following three countries have abolished Death Penalty for all offences during 2002?
(A) Turkey, Tanzania, Mexico ✓
(B) Vietnam, Syria, Bangladesh
(C) Malaysia, South Korea, Egypt
(D) Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro

13. According to a latest research, global warming would increase temperature on earth at least one degree centigrade in :
(A) 20 years
(B) 30 years
(C) 50 years ✓
(D) 100 years

14. Which International Organization was founded on 25th May 1981:
(A) The Arab League
(D) Gulf Cooperation Council ✓

15. According to a recent report of 'Amnesty International' the largest number of death penalties during 2002 were awarded in:
(A) China
(B) Iran
(D) Saudi Arabia ✓

16. Under the 'Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Ordinance 2002,' the sale of cigarettes is prohibited in Pakistan for people below the age of:
(A) 14 years
(B) 16 years
(C) 18 years ✓
(D) 20 years

17. Which of the following historical monuments was built in 1642 AD:
(A) Tomb of Emperor Jahangir
(B) Badshahi Mosque
(C) Shalamar Garden ✓
(D) Wazir Khan Mosque

18. US inventor Martin Cooper invented ‘Mobile Phone' in:
(A) 1969
(B) 1973 ✓
(C) 1976
(D) 1980

19. The largest coal reserves in Pakistan have recently been discovered in the district of:
(A) Sibbi
(B) Noshki
(C) Kalat
(D) Tharparkar ✓

20. ‘Anaemia’ is:
(A) Respiratory disease
(B) Brain disease
(C) Nervous disorder
(D) Bloodlessness ✓

21. The world's largest natural gas deposits are in:
(B) Russia ✓
(C) China
(D) France

22. Which country's parliament is called ‘Jatiya Sangasad':
(A) Nepal
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) Bhutan
(D) None of the above ✓

23. Russian space scientists have made a plan to launch a manned flight to Mars by:
(A) 2010
(B) 2014
(C) 2018
(D) 2030 ✓

24. The lowest point on earth is:
(A) Dead sea ✓
(B) Death Valley
(D) None of the above
(C) Caspian Sea

25. 'Petra' Is the news agency of:
(A) Poland
(B) Syria
(C) Jordan ✓
(D) Qatar

26. Abu Rehan Al Bairunl was a great:
(A) Mathematician
(B) Astronomer
(C) Physician
(D) All of the above ✓

27. The headquarters of International Environmental Organization 'Green Peace’ are situated at
(A) Amsterdam ✓
(B) Paris
(C) Brussels
(D) Vienna

28. The oldest among the Seven Wonders of the World was:
(A) The Pyramids of Egypt ✓
(B) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
(C) The Statue of Zeus
(D) The Temple of Artemis

29. 'Modem' in a computer is:
(A) a unit that enables a computer to be linked to other computers over a telephone line ✓
(B) a memory unit where information is temporarily stored
(C) a screen which is used to display computer information
(D) a unit of space

30. The world's largest desert is:
(A) Sahara ✓
(B) Gobi
(C) Atacama
(D) Thar

31. 'Asmara' is the capital of:
(A) Cameroon
(B) Eritrea ✓
(C) Peru
(D) Rwanda

32. In the modem world, the office of 'Ombudsman' was first created in :
(A) United Kingdom
(B) United States
(C) Switzerland
(D) Sweden ✓

33. In chronological order, which of the following personalities come first:
(A) Plato
(B) Aristotle
(C) Socrates ✓
(D) Epicurus

34. Israel snatched ‘Golan Heights’ in 1967 from:
(A) Egypt
(B) Lebanon
(C) Jordan
(D) Syria ✓

35. What is the range of 'Shaheen-T missile of Pakistan?
(A) 600 km
(B) 750 km ✓
(C) 1000 km
(D) 12O0km

36. 'Alexandria' is the seaport of:
(A) Greece
(B) Iraq
(C) Syria
(D) Egypt ✓

37. Cyprus was divided in to Greek and Turkish parts in:
(A) 1970
(B) 1974 ✓
(C) 1978
(D) 1980

38. Which of the following central European countries will join the European Union in 2004?
(A) Poland
(B) Hungary
(C) Czech Republic
(D) All of the Above ✓

39. In violation of the Indus Basin Treaty 1960, India has planned 'Baghliar Dam1 on riven
(A) Chenab ✓
(B) Jhelum
(C) Indus
(D) Sutlej

40. The largest among the following is:
(A) A Galaxy ✓
(B) The Earth
(C) The Sun
(D) A Solar System

41. What is ‘Sinn Fein’?
(A) The first artificial satellite placed in Earth’s orbit
(B) A spiritual movement in China
(C) A political party of Northern Ireland ✓
(D) Foreign Minister of Japan

42. ‘Rand’ is the currency unit of:
(A) Sudan
(B) South Africa ✓
(C) Thailand
(D) None of the above

43. How many times Pakistan has been elected a non-permanent member of UN Security Council:
(A) Three
(B) Five
(C) Six
(D) Seven ✓

44. In South Asia, the highest infant mortality rate is in:
(A) India
(B) Bangladesh ✓
(C) Pakistan
(D) Bhutan

45. The power generating capacity of Ghazi Brotha project would be:
(A) 950MW
(B) 1250MW
(C) 1350MW
(D) 1450MW ✓

46. Tea plant was first grown in:
(A) India
(B) Kenya
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) China ✓

47. Tartus’is the seaport of:
(A) Turkey
(B) Lebanon
(C) Syria ✓
(D) Algeria

48. In the Muslim world, the highest per capita income is recorded in:
(A) Saudi Arabia
(B) Qatar
(C) Kuwait ✓
(D) Brunei Darussalam

49. US Naval Base at ‘Guantanamo Bay' is located in:
(A) Japan
(B) South Korea
(C) Qatar
(D) Cuba ✓

50. 'Tenge’ is the currency unit of:
(A) Vietnam
(B) Mongolia
(C) Cambodia
(D) None of the above ✓

51. ‘SARS’ stands for:
(A) Slowly Acquired Respiratory Syndrome
(B) Severe Acute Respiratory Symptoms
(C) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ✓
(D) Suddenly Acquired Respiratory Syndrome

52. In which of the following south Asian countries, the political structure is 'Unitary':
(A) Bangladesh
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) Maldives
(D) All of the above ✓

53. 'Boy Scouts Movement' was founded by Robert Baden Powell in:
(A) 1908 ✓
(B) 1912
(C) 1920
(D) 1923

54. Which planet has the largest number of satellites?
(A) Saturn
(B) Jupiter ✓
(C) Earth
(D) Mars

55. Who administered the oath of office to Liaquat Ali Khan as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan?
(A) Quaid-i-Azam ✓
(B) Justice Mian Abdul Rashid
(C) Lord Mountbatten.
(D) Maulvi Tamizuddin.

56. The world's largest glacier is:
(A) Lambert ✓
(B) Siachin
(C) Hispar
(D) None of the above

57. ‘McMahon Line' is a boundary between:
(A) Germany and Poland
(C) China and India
(B) India and Nepal ✓
(D) China and Nepal

58. 'Aeroflot' is an Airline of:
(B) Russia ✓
(C) Germany
(D) Australia

59. Pakistan's peacekeeping troops have served under United Nations in:
(A) Congo
(B) Haiti
(C) Sierra Leone
(D) All of the above ✓

60. Pakistan has now become world's fifth largest producer of:
(A) Mangoes
(B) Cotton ✓
(C) Milk
(D) Dates

61. The discovery of Radium in 1898, led to the invention of:
(A) Camera
(B) X-ray machine ✓
(C) Electric bulb
(D) Missile

62. The ruling dynasty of India from 1290 to 1320 AD was:
(A) Khilji Dynasty ✓
(B) Tughlaq Dynasty
(C) Slave Dynasty
(D) Lodhi Dynasty

63. The world’s oldest National Anthem is of:
(A) China
(B) Iran
(C) Greece
(D) Japan ✓

64. ’Kohat Tunnel Project’ is being completed with the financial assistance of:
(A) Japan ✓
(B) South Korea
(C) China

65. 'Penology1 is the study of:
(A) Finger prints for the identification of criminals
(B) Criminal punishment and its effects on culprits ✓
(C) Toxic drugs
(D) None of the above

66. The world's most populous city is:
(A) Kolkata
(B) Beijing
(C) New York
(D) Tokyo ✓

67. The only spy museum has recently been opened in:
(A) Washington D C
(B) London
(C) Moscow ✓
(D) Paris

68. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio de Mello belongs to:
(A) Germany
(B) Belgium
(C) Spain
(D) Brazil ✓

69. Which of the following International Organizations has no headquarters:
(C) G-8 ✓
(D) D-8

70. The world's oldest written language is:
(A) Chinese ✓
(B) Japanese
(C) Cambodian
(D) Latin

71. The world's largest mammal is:
(A) Tiger
(B) Camel
(C) Giraffe
(D) Whale ✓

72. When two or more political parties combine to form a government, it is called:
(A) An Alliance
(B) A Coalition ✓
(C) A Mixed Government
(D) All of the above

73. Which country has the largest number of Internet users In the world?
(B) Japan
(C) India
(D) China ✓

74. The first South Aslan Federation Games were held in 1987 at:
(A) New Delhi
(B) Karachi
(C) Colombo
(D) Kathmandu ✓

75. Which of the following Gulf States has recently adopted a written constitution?
(A) Oman
(B) Saudi Arabia
(C) Qatar ✓

76. The world’s largest bay is:
(A) Bay of Bengal
(B) Hudson Bay ✓
(C) Bay of Biscay
(D) Lyme Bay

77. Which capital city is situated at the highest altitude?
(A) Ankara
(B) Sofia
(C) Minsk
(D) LaPaz ✓

78. The world's longest mountain range is:
(A) The Andes ✓
(B) The Alps
(C) Himalayas
(D) Karakoram

79. Point X is in the north of point Y and point Y is east of point Z, to which direction is point X with respect to Z:
(A) North East ✓
(B) North
(C) East
(D) South East

80. Which country is called 'Land of Cakes':
(A) Italy
(B) Spain
(C) Scotland ✓
(D) Thailand

81. The world's largest bicycle manufacturer is:
(A) India
(B) China ✓
(C) South Korea
(D) Pakistan

82. Under the roadmap, announced on 30th April, 2003 an Independent Palestinian State would be established by the end of:
(A) 2004
(B) 2005 ✓
(C) 2006
(D) 2007

83. 'Antara' Is the news agency of:
(A) Indonesia ✓
(B) Turkey
(C) Syria
(D) Malaysia

84. The 10th meeting of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) will be held on September 2003 at:
(A) Doha ✓
(B) Cairo
(C) Islamabad
(D) Kuala Lumpur

85. The Line of Control in Kashmir was recognized through:
(A) Tashkent agreement 1966
(B) Lahore agreement 1999
(C) Simla agreement 1972 ✓
(D) Karachi agreement 1949

86. Dragon air* is an airline of:
(A) Japan
(B) South Korea
(C) North Korea
(D) Hong Kong ✓

87. “Quald-e-Azam Jlnnah The story of a Nation" Is a biography of Quaid-e-Azam written-by:
(A) Hector Bolltho
(B) Matlub ul Hasan Syed
(C) K.K.AzIz
(D) G. Aliana ✓

88. Which one Is not the official language of United Nations?
(A) Spanish
(B) Arabic
(C) German ✓
(D) Russian

89. A Swiss scientist A.L. Breguet was the inventor of:
(A) Watch ✓
(B) Piano
(C) Parachute
(D) Clock

90. Iraq's old name was:
(A) Najd
(B) Mesopotamia ✓
(C) Tripoli
(D) Abyssinia

91. 'Bactria' is the old name of:
(A) Syria
(B) Turkey
(C) Afghanistan ✓
(D) Sri Lanka

92. A great traveler 'Ibn e Batuta’ belonged to
(A) Tunis
(B) Syria
(C) Morocco ✓
(D) Spain

93. The world's first International Airline, operated its first flight in 1920 was:
(A) KLM (Netherlands) ✓
(B) Aeroflot (Russia)
(C) Lufthansa (Germany)
(D) Delta (USA)

94. The population of the Muslims in the world is around:
(A) 80 million
(B) 93 million
(C) 1.3 billion ✓
(D) 2.3 billion

95. The Statue of Liberty was presented to the United States by the people of
(A) Britain
(B) Germany
(C) Canada
(D) France ✓

96. The U S government has recently allocated 5 billion dollars for the 'Millennium Challenge Account' to:
(A) Combat the fatal disease of Aids
(B) Fight global poverty ✓
(C) Control International Terrorism
(D) Support newly emerging democracies.

97. Which is the lightest of all the gases?
(A) Oxygen
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Hydrogen ✓
(D) Carbon dioxide

98. Among the SAARC countries, the smallest by area and population is:
(A) Bhutan
(B) Nepal
(C) Maldives ✓
(D) Sri Lanka

99. 'After USA the largest number of Atomic Reactors is in:
(A) Japan
(B) Russia
(C) UK
(D) France ✓

100. Which of the following Mughal emperors was bom at Lahore in 1592?
(A) Jahangir
(B) Akbar
(C) Shah Jahan ✓
(D) Aurangzeb
PPSC Solved Papers, PPSC Past Papers, Civil Judges-Cum-Judicial Magistrates 2003, PPSC Civil Judges-Cum-Judicial Magistrates Past Papers 2003, PPSC Civil Judges-Cum-Judicial Magistrates 2003 Solved Past Papers 

PPSC Chief Warder in the Punjab Prison Home Department 2013 Solved Past Papers

1. Who was the founder of Mughal Rule in India?
(A) Babur ✓
(B) Akbar
(C) Humayun
(D) Jehangir

2. The war of Independence started at:
(A) Delhi
(B) Maysoor
(C) Lahore
(D) Mearut ✓

3. The Muslim demand of Separate Electorate presented by the Simla Deputation 1906 was Incorporated In the:
(A) Minto-Morley Reforms  ✓
(B) Govt, of Indila Act
(C) Mountabatten Plan
(D) 3rd June

4. Mohammdan Anglo Oriental College was founded by:
(A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ✓
(B) Muhammad Ali Jauhar
(C) Allamalqbal
(D) Ch. Rehmat Ali

5. The Government of India Act___ was passed in:
(A) 1930
(B) 1932
(C) 1935 ✓
(D) 1936

6. The Partition of Bengal took place in:
(A) 1905 ✓
(B) 1906
(C) 1907
(D) 1908

7. Who was the leader of Quit India Movement?
(A) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(B) Muhammad Ali Jauhar
(C) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(D) Mahatma Gandhi ✓

8. The demand for a separate Muslim Homeland in 1930 at Allahbad was made by:
(A) Quald-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(B) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(C) Allama lqbal ✓
(D) Muhammad Ali Jauhar

9. Syed Ahmed ShaheedBrelvi is buried at:
(A) Jehlum
(B) Abbotabad
(C) Balakot ✓
(D) Muzaffarabad

10. In Pakistan the sale of cigarettes is prohibited under the age of:
(A) 15
(B) 16
(C) 18 ✓
(D) 20

11. The total number of seats in the National Assembly is:
(A) 340
(B) 342 ✓
(C) 344
(D) 349

12. “Hayat-e-Javed” was written by:
(A) Sir Syed Ahmed
(B) Muhammad Ali Johar
(C) Allama Iqbal
(D) Altaf Hussain Hali ✓

13. The Bolan Pass connects Pakistan with:
(A) Iran
(B) Afghanistan
(C) China
(D) None of these ✓

14. FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) consists of how many Agencies?
(A) 6
(B) 7 ✓
(C) 8
(D) 9

15. The Siachin Glacier is located in:
(A) Baltistan ✓
(B) Swat
(C) Hunza
(D) Sakardu

16. Most of the electricity in Pakistan is produced
(A) Hydal Power
(B) Nuclear Power
(C) Solar Power
(D) Thermal Power ✓

17. Area wise which is the largest province of Pakistan?
(A) Sindh
(C) Balochistan  ✓
(D) Punjab

18. Islamabad was officially made the capital of Pakistan in:
(A) 1960
(B) 1962
(C) 1964
(D) 1967  ✓

19. How many hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time is Pakistan's Standard Time?
(A) 2 hours
(B) 3 hours
(C) 4 hours
(D) 5 hours  ✓

20. The biggest Salt mine of Pakistan is located near:
(A) Jhelum  ✓
(B) Mianwali
(C) Sargodha
(D) Mingora

21. Which of the following is the major export commodity of Pakistan?
(A) Cotton  ✓
(B) Wheat
(C) Sugar
(D) Rice

22. Islam is the world’s ___ largest religion.
(A) first
(B) second  ✓
(C) third
(D) fourth

23. Who is the present coach of Pakistan's Cricket Team?
(A) Intikhab Alam
(B) Javed Miandad
(C) Waseem Bari
(D) Dav Whatmore  ✓

24. The Olympic Games are held after every:
(A) 2 years
(B) 3 years
(C) 4 years  ✓
(D) 5 years

25. The name of Tiger Woods is associated with:
(A) Golf  ✓
(B) Tennis
(C) Football
(D) Swimming

26. The founder of Social Media Network 'Facebook' is:
(A) Mark Zukerberg  ✓
(B) Steve Jobs
(C) Bill Gates
(D) StevaWozniak

27. The most widely used internet engine in the world is:
(A) YouTube
(B) Google  ✓
(C) Yahoo

28. Bashar al-Assad is the president of:
(A) Iran
(B) Yemen
(C) Syria  ✓
(D) Lebanon

29. Vatican City where the Pope lives is in:
(A) Italy  ✓
(B) France
(C) Spain
(D) Germany

30. Nairobi is the capital city of:
(A) Uganda
(B) Kenya  ✓
(C) South Africa
(D) Libya

31. Rhodesia* was the old name of:
(A) Morocco
(B) Zimbabwe  ✓
(C) South Africa
(D) Kenya

32. Ashkabad is the capital of.
(A) Turkmenistan  ✓
(B) Armenia
(C) Azerbaijan
(D) Bosnia

33. The Wall Street is in:
(A) New York  ✓
(B) Paris
(C) London
(D) Rome

34. Before the Partition of India the Round Table Conferences were held in:
(A) Lahore
(B) London  ✓
(C) Simla
(D) Delhi

35. The hottest place in Pakistan is:
(A) Sibi
(B) Multan
(C) Jacobabad ✓
(D) D.G. Khan

36. The Karakoram Highway starts at:
(A) Rawalpindi
(B) Islamabad
(C) Abbottabad
(D) Hassan Abdal ✓

37. Juvenile Prisoners are under the age of:
(A) 12 years
(B) 14 years
(C) 16 years
(D) 18 years ✓

38. Amsterdam is the capital of
(A) Norway
(B) Canada
(C) Sweden
(D) Netherlands ✓

39. The old name of Istanbul was:
(A) Babylon
(B) Constantinople ✓
(C) Bukhara
(D) Samarqand

40. 10 Downing Street is the official residence of:
(A) American President
(B) Queen of England
(C) British Prime Minister ✓
(D) French President

41. Who Is the author of Harry Potter Series of Books for Children?
(A) Enid Blyton
(B) Roald Dahl
(C) Denis Robins
(D) J.K. Rowling ✓

42. Serena Williams is the famous player of:
(A) Tennis ✓
(B) Badminton
(C) Swimming
(D) Hockey

43. Which of the following countries has no system of railways?
(A) Afghanistan ✓
(B) Iran
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Sri Lanka

44. Abu Ghraib Jail is located in:
(A) Afghanistan
(B) Iraq ✓
(C) Pakistan
(D) Iran

45. The System of Jails was introduced by:
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (RA)
(B) Hazrat Usmna Ghani (RA)
(C) Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) ✓
(D) Hazrat Ali Murtaza (RA)

46. Abdullah Gul is the president of:
(A) Iran
(B) Turkey ✓
(C) Lebanon
(D) Egypt

47. EPIisa:
(A) Vaccination Programme ✓
(B) Human Rights Programme
(C) Environmental Protection Project
(D) Poverty Alleviation Programme

48. The largest industry of Pakistan is:
(A) Cotton Textile ✓
(B) Sugar
(C) Fertilizers
(D) Syed

49. The Nationalization Policy was introduced during the period of.
(A) AyubKhan
(B) Zfa-uiHaq 
(C) Z.A. Bhutto ✓
(D) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

50. Pakistan is the _____  most populous country in the world.
(A) 4th
(B) 5th
(C) 6th ✓
(D) 7th

51. Pakistan's largest Import category is:
(A) Petroleum & Petroleum Products ✓
(B) Machinery
(C) Wheat 
(D) Medicines

52. Capital of Turkey:
(A) Ankara ✓
(B) Izmir
(C) Istanbul
(D) Konia

53. How many seats for Non-Muslims are reserved In the National Assembly?
(A) 8
(B) 10 ✓
(C) 12
(D) 14

54. OGRA stands for:
(A) Oil & Gas Regeneration Authority
(B) Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority ✓
(C) Oil & Gas Reproduction Authority
(D) Oil & Gas Restoration Authority

55. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the ____ Prime Minister of Pakistan
(A) 25th  
(B) 26th 
(C) 27th ✓
(D) 28th 

56. John Kerry is the:
(A) US Ambassador to Pakistan
(B) British Foreign Secretary
(C) US Secretary of States ✓
(D) None of these

57. Neelum Valley is in:
(A) Swat
(B) Gilgit
(C) Hunza
(D) Azad Kashmir ✓

58. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in suicide attack in:
(A) December 2008
(B) December 2007 ✓
(C) December 2009
(D) December 20067

59. The headquarters of World Health Organization are in:
(A) Geneva ✓
(B) London
(C) Paris
(D) New York

60. The International Islamic University is located at:
(A) Bahawalpur
(B) Lahore
(C) Karachi
(D) Islamabad ✓

61. Which word is wrongly spelt in the following set of words?
(A) Miltary ✓
(B) Victory
(C) Referee
(D) Necessary

62. (A) Player
(B) Traiter ✓
(C) Waiter
(D) Painter

63 (A) Attraction
(B) Infction ✓
(C) Revision
(D) Intention

64. (A) Parted ✓
(B) Popular
(C) Honest
(D) Loyal

65. Apparel means:
(A) appearance ✓
(B) clothes
(C) impression
(D) luggage

66. Anonymous means:
(A) foreigner
(B) stranger
(C) nameless ✓
(D) outsider

67. Wealthy Is a:
(A) verb
(B) noun
(C) adverb
(D) adjective ✓

68. Bravely Is a:
(A) noun
(B) verb
(C) adverb ✓
(D) adjective

Fill in the blanks with most suitable word.

69. Could you ____ the pencil for me?
(A) sharp
(B) sharpen ✓
(C) sharped
(D) sharpening

70. He went ____ the direction of the post office.
(A) at
(B) In ✓
(C) to
(D) of

71. He is interested in ______ coin collection.
(A) at
(B) of
(C) with
(D) in ✓

72. Smoking is injurious____health.
(A) to ✓
(B) for
(C) with
(D) of

73. He agreed ____ my proposal.
(A) to ✓
(B) with
(C) for
(D) on

74. The horseman pulled the ____ of the horse.
(A) reins ✓
(B) reigns
(C) rainess
(D) ranes

75. This work is____his____capacity
(A) beyond ✓
(B) under
(C) over
(D) in

76. He jumped off the bus while it 
(A) moved
(B) had moved
(C) was moving ✓
(D) moves

77. Make hay the sun shines.
(A) while ✓
(B) when
(C) before
(D) as

78. The cake was shared____Amjad and Shakeei.
(A) with
(B) to
(C) between ✓
(D) among

79. The girls learned to cook ____ her mother.
(A) by
(B) from ✓
(C) with
(D) through

80. The teacher asked the students to complete their assignment____Monday.
(A) on
(B) by ✓
(C) about
(D) at

Beginning in 1972 the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission began geological surveys to find mineable deposits of uranium. Uranium deposits were found in several locations in Pakistan. The Atomic Energy Minerals Centre (AEMC) in Lahore was responsible for the exploration and mining operations. The Siwalik Hills, west of Dera Ghazi Khan, was indentified as the most promising location. Even this uranium ore is of relatively low grade, containing only a few kg of uranium per ton [compared to tens of kilograms in high-grade Canadian or Australian ore].
In 1996 Pakistan launched a five-year effort to locate new uranium resources. The $7 million effort included exploratory drilling, reconnaisance and radon track density surveys and mapping in the areas of north and south Nangar Nai, Khara-Murghan Zai and Pitek Sori Gorakh in the Dera Ghanzi Khan region.
The Pakisani uranium extraction plant, located in the same region, was designed by Pakistani chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers from AEMC and other PAEC centers with the assistance from other Pakistani industrial concerns which manufactured certain key components. Construction of the uranium yellow cake plant was completed in short order, and the first yellow cake, which is a concentrated form of uranium, was produced at the plant within 12 months of the start of construction.

This facility is not applicable to IAEA safeguards

Sources and Resources:
"How Pakistan Made Nuclear Fuel" by Munir Ahmad Khan, former chairperson of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission: Islamabad The Nation 7 February 1998, page 7 [Pakistan: Article on How Pakistan Made Nuclear Fuel : FBIS-NES-98-042 : 11 Feb 1998]
[NB96.36-16] Pakistan: Uranium Institute News Briefing
Tracking Nuclear Proliferation 1998 Carneige Endowment for International Peace

PPSC Assistant Suprintendent Jail 2011 Solved Past Papers

1. How many Jails are there is Punjab?
(A) 36
(B) 32  ✓
(C) 20
(D) 39

2. Mention the number of central Jails in the Punjab
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 8  ✓
(D) 9

3. In Pakistan into how many types Jails are classified
(A) 4  ✓
(B) 6
(C) 3
(D) 5

4 There are four kind of Jails in Pakistan namely central Jails special Jails district Jails and
(A) Staff Jails
(B) Official Jails
(C) Divisional Jails
(D) Sub Jails  ✓

5. How many prisoners central Jails should have accommodate irrespective of length of sentence
(A) More than 1000  ✓
(B) More than 600
(C) More than 500
(D) More than 400

6. Who can declare any special Jails or distract Jails to be a central jail
(A) Federal government
(B) National Assembly
(C) District government
(D) Provincial government  ✓

7. Women's Jails, open Jails, portal institutions and juvenile training centers are called
(A) Minor Jails
(B) Major Jails
(C) Special Jails  ✓
(D) sub Jails

8. Any prisoner who have not attained the age of eighteen years is called
(A) Minor
(B) Juvenile  ✓
(C) Innocent
(D) Insane

9. How many classes of district Jails are there in Punjab?
(A) 2
(B) 3  ✓
(C) 4
(D) 5

10. Administration of prisons and jails is the provincial subject and comes under the administrative control of:
(B) Police Department
(C) Home Department  ✓
(D) Welfare Department

11. A distract Jails having accommodation ordinarily for 500 prisoners or more with sentence up to 5 years is ranked into the:
(A) Second class
(B) Fourth class
(C) Third class
(D) First class  ✓

12. A district Jails having accommodation ordinarily for less than 300 prisoners with sentence up to 3 years is ranked into the
(A) Fourth class
(B) second class  ✓
(C) Third class
(D) First class

13. How many district Jails are in Punjab?
(A) 15
(B) 16
(C) 20  ✓
(D) 19

14. How many Women Jails are in the Punjab?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 1  ✓
(D) No one

15. Mention the city where women Jails is located
(A) Sahiwal
(B) Lahore
(C) Rawalpindi
(D) Multan  ✓

16. When women Jails Multan was constructed
(A) 1980
(B) 1978  ✓
(C) 1987
(D) 1950

17. How many sub Jails are there in the Punjab?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 1  ✓
(D) 4

18. How many Borstal Jails are there in the Punjab?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 1  ✓
(D) 4

19. Borstal Jails for?
(A) A Jail for children  ✓
(B) A Jail for old men
(C) A Jail for women
(D) A Jail for special people

20. Where the Punjab's only sub jail is located?
(A) Mianwali
(B) Multan
(C) Lahore
(D) Chakwal  ✓

21. Which of the following Is the newest Jail In Punjab?
(A) District Jails Chakwal
(B) District Jails Lahore
(C) Sub Jails Chakwal  ✓
(D) Camp Jails Lahore

22. At the time of partition how many Jails were in the Punjab?
(A) 17
(B) 12
(C) 19  ✓
(D) 16

23. After partition how many Jails were constructed in Pakistan
(A) 10
(B) 5
(C) 4
(D) 12  ✓

24. Which of the following Jails is the oldest of Pakistan?
(A) District Jail, Jhelum
(B) Central Jail, Gujranwala
(C) Both of them  ✓  (Both are build in 1854)
(D) None of them

25. When Central Jail Gujranwala was constructed?
(A) 1854  ✓
(B) 1850
(C) 1844
(D) 1845

26. How many Jails in the Lahore?
(A) 2  ✓
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 5

27. In Punjab how many Jails are located which were constructed during 19m century
(A) 3
(B) 9  ✓
(C) 5
(D) 7

28. Where the inspectorate headquarter Jails of Punjab is situated
(A) Lahore  ✓
(B) Multan
(C) Kasur
(D) Sargodha

29. Who heads the Jails Department?
(A) Inspector General of prisoners  ✓
(B) Deputy Inspector General of prisons
(C) Home secretary
(D) Chief Minister

30. Who appoints Inspector General of Prisons?
(A) Public service
(B) Provincial Government  ✓
(C) Federal Government
(D) Governor

31. Liverpool is situated on bank of river
(A) Indus River
(B) Mersey River  ✓
(C) Delaware River
(D) None of them

32. Which is the longest river in the world?
(A) Nile  ✓
(B) Amazon
(C) Yangtze
(D) Mississippi-Missouri

33. Name the American President - who had to resign when it became clear that he was about to be impeached and convicted by Congress
(A) Ulysses S. Grand
(B) William KcKinly
(C) Richard Nixon  ✓
(D) Dwight D. Eisenhower

34. Michelangelo was a famous:
(A) Artist  ✓
(B) Politician
(C) Singer
(D) None of them

35. Where would you find the Sea of Galilee?
(A) Syria
(B) Turkey
(C) Israel  ✓
(D) Jordan

36. The first Muslim scientist who presented the law of reflection and refraction is
(A) Ibn-ui-Haitham  ✓
(B) Al-Bairuni
(C) Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi
(D) Jabir Bin Hayyan

37. AI-Balrunl was a
(A) Physician
(B) Chemist
(C) Physicist
(D) Only(A)&(C)  ✓

38. Al-Bairuni discovered the radius of the earth, which was
(A) 6000 km
(B) 6255 km
(C) 6338 km  ✓
(D) 6585 km

39. The plants and vegetations of a region are known as:
(A) Flora  ✓
(B) Fauna
(C) Land fruits
(D) None of them

40. Neruda waterfall is located in:
(A) USA  ✓
(B) UK
(C) Italy
(D) India

41. Sioeskan is the name of waterfall where is it situated?
(A) South Africa
(B) Canada
(C) USA  ✓
(D) France

42. Which of the following term is'used for the “Murder of a king”?
(A) Marticlde
(B) Genocide
(C) Regicide  ✓
(D) Homicide

43. One 'who thinks that human nature is essentially evil is known as
(A) Agnostic
(B) Cynic  ✓
(C) Sceptic
(D) Misogynist

44. NI PA stands for:
(A) National Institute of Public Administration  ✓
(B) New Institute of Public Administration
(C) National institute of Pakistan
(D) National institute of Provincial Administration

45. Who was the Prime Minister of Italy during World War II? He was associated near Como in 1945.
(A) Mussolini  ✓
(B) Parodi Nariag
(C) Nansen Fom
(D) Moiiere

46. Who among the following is regarded as the forerunner of revenue administration in medieval India?
(A) Akbar
(B) Sher Shah  ✓
(C) Balban
(D) Shahjahan

47. Which is the National Game of Pakistan?
(A) Polo
(B) Hockey
(C) Football  ✓
(D) None of them

48. Name the National language of Pakistan
(A) Urdu  ✓
(B) Punjabi
(C) English
(D) None of them

49. The Declaration of Independence of USA which renounced on
(A) July 25, 1796
(B) August 14,1766
(C) July 4,1776  ✓
(D) August 4,1786

50. The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with
(A) France
(B) Germany
(C) Russia  ✓
(D) England

51. Nelson Mandela was the President of which country?
(A) Ethiopia
(B) Zambia
(C) Ghana
(D) South Africa  ✓

52. Physical wearing and grinding of a surface through friction and Impact by material carried in air, water, or ice
(A) Abrasion  ✓
(B) Ablation
(C) Altitude
(D) None of them

53. Vertical distance above sea-level
(A) Absolute Zero
(B) Altitude  ✓
(C) Ablation
(D) None of them

54. Which of the following countries does not have a common land with the Peoples Republic of China?
(A) Japan  ✓
(B) North Korea
(C) Russia
(D) All of these

55. The North Atlantic sea route is regarded as an important international trade route because:
(A) It is the oldest sea route
(B) It connects two industrially developed countries
(C) Trade winds help shipping  ✓
(D) There are less number of storms

56. The Magna Carta is
(A) The name of an English king
(B) One of Napoiean's Wars
(C) A British naval ship
(D) A historical document curbing the king's power  ✓

57. Scientific socialism is connected with
(A) Rousseau
(B) Roosevelt
(C) Bismarck
(D) Karl Marx  ✓

58. Democracy Wall is located in:
(B) UK
(C) Japan
(D) China  ✓

59. John Keats, poet and author of La Bella Dame Sans Merci is a poet of
(A) France
(B) England  ✓
(C) German

60. Who among the following Is known as 'Fuehrer'?
(A) Stalin
(B) Lenin
(C) Hitler  ✓
(D) Bismarck

61. Second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan Is:
(A) Uzbek
(B) Tajik  ✓
(C) Hazaras
(D) None of them

62. Who was the founder of Umayyad dynasty?
(A) Yazid
(B) Marwan
(C) Mu'awiya (RA)  ✓
(D) Waiidl

63. Which was the oid capital of Japan?
(A) Kobe
(B) Kyoto  ✓
(C) Okinawa
(D) None of them

64. Name the bank which started issuing travellers cheques for the first times in 1891
(A) Charted Bank
(B) Barclays Bank
(C) American Express  ✓
(D) City Bank

65. Which of the following Muslim countries celebrated its independence day on 1st January?
(A) Sudan  ✓
(B) Senegal
(C) Morocco
(D) None of them

66. Which is the saltiest lake of the world?
(A) Titicaca lake
(B) Dead Sea
(C) Assai Lake  ✓
(D) Caspian Sea

67. Who was the first person to fly across the English Channel?
(A) Charles Limbaugh
(B) Roger Albright
(C) Wilbur Weight
(D) Louis Bleriot  ✓

68. Which was the first country to give women a right to vote in 1893?
(A) United Stated
(B) Denmark
(C) Austria
(D) New Zealand  ✓

69. Which one among the following covers the highest percentage of forest area in the world?
(A) Temperate Coniferous forests  ✓
(B) Temperate Deciduous forests
(C) Tropical Monsoon forests
(D) Tropical Rain forests

70. Which of the following is fastest growing tree?
(A) Teak
(B) Sal
(C) Eucalyptus  ✓
(D) Banyan

71. World's largest synthetic rubber and tyre making centre Is:
(A) Cleveland
(B) Sharon
(C) Akron  ✓
(D) Wheeling

72. in which of the following countries are the world's highest waterfall is located?
(A) Canada
(B) Venezuela  ✓
(C) Britain
(D) Laos

73. The largest island in the world is:
(A) Greenland  ✓
B) Caribbean
C) Andamans and Nicobar
D) Sri Lanka

74. Photophobia Is a fear of:
(A) light  ✓
(B) dogs
(C) wealth
(D) None of them

75. The only US President who received aii the electoral votes:
(A) George Washington  ✓
B) James Monroe
C) Andrew Johnson
D) Theodore Roosevelt

76. Which of the following US states is called “The Lone Star Republic"?
(A) Florida
(B) Texas  ✓
(C) New Mexico
(D) Maryland

77. From what country did the US purchase Alaska?
(A) Canada
(B) Russia  ✓
(C) Spain
(D) France

78. What is the “MEA”?
(A) Secret Agency
(B) Airline  ✓
(Cl River in Switzerland
(D) Mountain Range of Europe

79. POTA stands for:
(A) Prohibition of Terrorist Act
(B) Prevention of Terrorist Act  ✓
(C) Prevention of Territorial Act
(D) Prevention of Terrorist Agency

80. What do you meant by Heptarchy?
(A) Seven Sided Piat
(B) Seven Parties System
(C) Government of Seven Rulers in UK  ✓
(D) Seven members of Cabinet

81. Comcorder is a word used for:
(A) Cassette player
(B) Video camera  ✓
(C) Blood pressure machine
(D) Still camera

82. Who invented logarithms in 1614?
(A) William Ougntred
(B) John Napier  ✓
(C) Konrad Ruse
(D) Murray Hopper

83. Which is the oldest university of U.S.A?
(A) Yale University
(B) Seattle University
(C) New York University
(D) Harvard University  ✓

84. Mongols conquered northern China in 1215 and established a vast empire in Mongolia. Which of the following was the Capital?
(A) Tibet
(B) Karakoram  ✓
(C) Xiang
(D) Baku

85. Hundred-Year War was fought in 1338-1453 between:
(A) France and England  ✓
(B) France and Germany
(C) England and Germany
(D) England and Dutch

86. ‘Kyoto Protocol’ the UN Convention on Climate Change enforced from:
(A) February 2008
(B) March 2010
(C) April 2009
(D) May 2006  ✓

87. In the election of American President, the largest number of Electoral College members are elected from the state of
(A) New York
(B) Texas
(C) California  ✓
(D) Florida

88. The More Islamic Liberation Front is struggling for an independent state in:
(A) Sierra Leone
(B) Philippines  ✓
(C) Nigeria
(D) Russia

89. RADAR stands for:
(A) Rays Detecting and Ranging
(B) Radio Detecting and Ranging  ✓
(C) Radio Detecting and Ranging
(D) Radio Detecting and Roaring

90. 'Mauritius’ is an island state in the:
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean  ✓
(D) Arctic Ocean

91. US Diplomatic case arose between USA and Iran in:
(A) 1979  ✓
(B) 1981
(C) 1988
(D) 1993

92. Jinnah station was established on 25 January 1991 in____by Pakistan
(A) Asia
(B) Africa
(C) Antarctica  ✓
(D) America

93. Kosovo, the latest independent nation in the world was ruled by?
(A) Indonesia  ✓
(B) Australia
(C) Malaysia
(D) Serbia

94. Name the highest capital city in the world?
(A) La Paz (Bolivia)  ✓
(B) Potosi (Bolivia)
(C) Lhasa (Tibet)
(D) Sucre (Bolivia)

95. ‘Shock and Awe" was the name of
(A) A book written on Iraq
(B) A US Army operation against Iraq in 2003  ✓
(C) A US army operation against Afghanistan in 2001
(D) A new plan of attack against Iran

96. Which one of the following Governor Generals was impeached by the British Parliament?
(A) Lord Curzon
(B) Warren Hastings  ✓
(C) Lord Canning
(D) William Bentinck

97. More Islamic liberation fronts' chairman and founder Saiamat Hashim was died in:
(A) August, 2003  ✓
(B) September 2004
(C) June 2008
(D) March 2006

98. The majority of 'Kurd Population is living in:
(A) Iran & Afghanistan
(B) Iraq and Turkey  ✓
(C) Syria and Libya
(D) Jordan and Tunis

99. Name the king who laid the foundation of Muslim Empire In indo-Pakistan. He fell from the horse while playing Polo and died
(A) Akbar
(B) Muhammad Ghort
(C) Zaheer-ud-Din Babar
(D) Qutbudd-in-Aibak  ✓

100 The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with:
(A) France
(B) Germany
(C) Russia  ✓
(D) England

PPSC Assistant Suprintendent Jail 2012 Solved Past Papers

1. 'Mauritius' is an island state in the:
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean ✓
(D) Arctic Ocean

2. Vitamin C cannot be stored in human body. Deficiency of vitamin C causes:
(A) Night-blindness
(C) Disease of skin
(D) disease of teeth ✓

3. Which one of the following is the highest plateau In the world?
(A) Tibet (Pamir) ✓
(B) Pothohar
(C) Lhotse
(D) None pf these

4. KLM Airline is the name of airline of:
(A) Russia
(B) America
(C) Netherlands ✓
(D) None of these

5. Where the Pakistan's first radio station was setup?
(A) Lahore
(B) Karachi ✓
(C) Multan
(D) Islamabad

6. What is the total length of Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway?
(A) 155 Km ✓
(B) 197 Km
(C) 220 Km
(D) 270 Km

7. Peshawar-lslamabad Motorway is called:
(A) M1 ✓
(B) M2
(C) M3
(D) M4

8. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was established in:
(A) 1949
(B) 1955 ✓
(C) 1960
(D) 1965

9. One mile is equal to how many kilometres?
(A) 1.725
(B) 1.108
(C) 1.609 ✓
(D) 1.475

10. 'Ramallah' is the headquarters of Palestinian Authority situated at:
(A) West Bank ✓
(B) Gaza strip
(C) Egypt
(D) Jordan

11. 14 points of Woodrow Wilson were presented at:
(A) Severs
(B) London
(C) Tehran
(D) Versailles ✓

12. Caspian Sea, Dead Sea and Aral Sea are actually
(A) Lakes ✓
(B) Rivers
(C) Part of Oceans
(D) Artificial Seas

13. Which is the second largest Sea of the world?
(A) Bering Sea
(B) Caribbean Sea ✓
(C) Sea of Japan
(D) Red Sea

14.On the bank of which river is New York situated?
(A) River Colorado
(B) River Hudson ✓
(C) River Mississippi
(D) River Amazon

15. In which year Badr, the first battle in the history of Islam, was fought?
(A) 624 AD ✓
(B) 681 AD
(C) 619 AD
(D) None of these

16. Who conceived the idea of Pakistan?
(A) AsafAli
(B) Chowdhary Rahmat Ali ✓
(C) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(D) H. S. Suharwardhy

17. The Quite India Movement started at:
(A) Delhi on Aug. 15, 1942
(B) Bombay on Aug. 8, 1942 ✓
(C) Lahore on July 7,1942
(D) Wardha on Aug. 7,1942

18. Year of creation of one unit is:
(A) 1953
(B) 1954
(C) 1955 ✓
(D) 1956

19. Third Israeli aggression against Lebanon started on:
(A) 8th July, 2006
(B) 5th July, 2006
(C) 12th July, 2006 ✓
(D) None of these

20. Who is referred in the Qur'an as Roh-al-Qudus?
(A) Hazrat Mekael (AS)
(B) Hazrat Isra'feel (AS)
(C) Hazrat Izraeel (AS)
(D) Hazrat Jibra'eel (AS) ✓

21. Who is referred in the Qur’an as Rooh-al-Ameen?
(A) Hazrat Isra'feel (AS)
(B) Hazrat Jibra'eel (AS) ✓
(C) Hazrat Mekael (AS)
(D) Hazrat Izraeel (AS)

22. Name the foster mother(s) of the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
(A) Hazrat Halema (RA)
(B) Hazrat Sobia (RA)
(C) Hazrat Khola (RA)
(D) All of them  ✓

23. Which of the following countries consur-. more fish than any other country in ? world?
(A) China ✓
(B) France
(C) Great Britain
(D) Japan

24. English Channel separates England from:
(A) Italy
(B) France ✓
(C) Germany
(D) None of these

25. Basra is situated on bank of river:
(A) Shatt-al-Arab River ✓
(B) Rhine River
(C) Delaware River
(D) None of these

26. The foreign phrase Ad-libitum means:
(A) Extension of limit
(B) At ease
(C) To a limit extent
(D) To any extent ✓

27. Brussels is situated on bank of river:
(A) Senno River ✓
(B) Sumida River
(C) Indus River
(D) None of these

28. 'DVD stands for
(A) Dynamic Versatile Disc ✓
(B) Dynamic Vehicle Disc
(C) Dynamic Vehicle Demo
(D) Demo Vehicle Disc

29. World press freedom day is observed on:
(A) 3rd May ✓
(B) 13th May
(C) 15th May
(D) 18th May

30. Where is Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake in the world, located?
(A) USA ✓
(B) Brazil
(C) Russia
(D) None of these

31. Baba Bulleh Shah's tomb is located in:
(A) Bahawalpur
(B) Multan
(C) Kasur ✓
(D) Lahore

32. Lai Shahbaz Qalandaris tomb is located in:
(A) Uch
(D) Daddu
(C) Thatta
(D) Sehwan ✓

33. When for the rehabilitation of refugee emergency was declared for the first time f the history of Pakistan?
(A) November 25,1948
(B) August 27,1948 ✓
(C) July 25,1948
(D) September 25,1948

34. The first Gazette of Pakistan was issued of August 15,1947:
(A) For announcement of Independence of Pakistan
(B) For appointment of Governor-General of Pakistan ✓
(C) For appointment of Chief Justice of Pakistan
(D) For the appointment of Chief Rehabilitation Commissioner

35. Oum Dum is the name of Airport:
(A) Calcutta ✓
(B) New York
(C) Oslo
(D) Dhaka

36. ’Al-Hawl’ was written by:
(A) Ai-Karakl
(B) Al-Khazini
(C) Al-Khawrizml
(D) Abu Bakar Ibn Zakaria Razl ✓

37. Agoraphobia is a fear of a:
(A) Wealth
(B) Open places
(C) Water
(D) None of these ✓

38. Name the author of Tom Jones’?
(A) Scott Fitzgerald
(B) George Elliot ✓
(C) Henry Fielding
(D) Henry James

39. When Anwar Saddat was awarded peace Nobel Prize in:
(A) 1976
(B) 1978
(C) 1979 ✓
(D) 1980

40. WAM’ news agency belongs to:
(A) Bahrain
(B) Kuwait ✓

41. Who was the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan?
(A) Ghulam Muhammad
(B) Chaudhry Muhammad Ali
(C) Abdur Rub Nishter ✓
(D) Zafarullah Khan

42. Which country has the largest GNP?
(A) Russia
(B) China
(D) Japan ✓

43. Name the first person who reached South Pole in 1911?
(A) Major White
(B) Ronald Amundson
(C) Charles Conrad ✓
(D) Alan Bean

44. Who was the Pakistan's first Minister of Religion Affairs?
(A) Kosar Niazi
(B) Abdus Sattar ✓
(C) Ijaz-ul-Haq
(D) None of above

45. Who was the first American to reach North Pole in 1909?
(A) James Clark ✓
(B) John Ross
(C) Robert-e-Peary
(D) Robart Walpole

46. Brontophobia is a fear of:
(A) storms
(B) Water
(C) Wealth ✓
(D) None of these

47. Aviophobia is a fear of:
(A) Fire ✓
(B) flying
(C) Water
(D) None of these

50. When was the second battle of Panipat fought?
(A) 1191
(B) 1540
(C) 1556 ✓
(D) 1757

51. Who is the largest shareholder of World Bank?
(A) Japan
(B) Germany
(C) USA ✓
(D) United Kingdom

52. Headquarter of World Bank Is located in
(A) Geneva
(B) Washington DC ✓
(C) London
(D) New York

53. The new name of British Guiana is:
(A) Tuvalu
(B) Greenland
(C) Guyana ✓
(D) Gold Coast

54. Cambodia Is the new name of:
(A) Formosa
(B) Kampuchea ✓
(C) Nyasaland
(D) Manchukus

55. Religion Shintoism is followed in which of the following countries?
(A) China
(B) Thailand
(C) Japan ✓
(D) Nepal

56. The headquarters of FAO is In:
(A) Geneva
(B) Rome ✓
(C) London
(D) Paris

57. Who among the following rulers fought the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in which he was killed?
(A) The Nizam
(B) Aurangzeb
(C) Tipu Sultan ✓
(D) Shlvaji

58. The earliest Surat factories were established by the:
(A) Portuguese
(B) Dutch
(C) English ✓
(D) French

59. Name the longest tunnel which is under construction since long period?
(A) Khojack Tunnel
(B) Kachura Tunnel
(C) Lawari Tunnel ✓
(D) Chiantar Tunnel

60. Name the Province which have longest coastline?
(A) Balochistan ✓
(B) Sindh
(C) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(D) None of these

61. International day for preservation of the ozone layer is observed on:
(A) 6th September
(B) 16th September ✓
(C) 26th September
(D) None of these

62. What is the installed electric generating?
(A) 787 MW ✓
(B) 510 MW
(C) 415 MW
(D) None of these

63. Which sector is the biggest consumer of Petroleum Products in Pakistan?
(A) Industry
(B) Household
(C) Transport ✓
(D) None of these

64. The first fort which the British constructed in India was:
(A) Hooghly Fort
(B) St. George Fort ✓
(C) Agra Fort
(D) St. David Fort

65. Which country is called 'The Battlefield of Europe’?
(A) Germany
(B) Belgium ✓
(C) France
(D) Denmark

66. Which city is also called by the name of ‘Eternal City1?
(A) Baghdad
(B) Stalingrad
(C) Ankara
(D) Rome ✓

67. Which of the following desert is situated in China?
(A) Nubian Desert
(B) Gobi Desert
(C) Taklamakan Desert ✓
(D) Sandy Desert

68. Greenwich Mean Time was established in:
(A) 1864
(B) 1880
(C) 1884 ✓
(D) 1892

69. What is a length of grand trunk road (N5) which run from Peshawar to Karachi?
(A) 1635 km
(B) 1835 km
(C) 1735 km ✓
(D) 1935 km

70. Siachen glacier is located In the region of:
(A) Shigar
(B) Chitrai
(C) Skardu
(D) Baltistan ✓

71. 'Monarchy' still exists in:
(A) Thailand
(B) Japan
(C) None of these
(D) All of the above ✓

72. Great Britain is an island located in:
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean ✓
(C) Indian Ocean
(D) None of these

73. Lake Tana is present in:
(A) Ethopia ✓
(B) Kenya
(C) Ghana

74. Which of the following lake is most polluted lake in the world?
(A) Lake mead
(B) Lake Victoria
(C) Huron
(D) Lake Erie ✓

75. Which is the longest railway line in the world?
(A) Canadian-Pacific Railway
(B) Trans-Siberian Railway ✓
(C) Indian Railway
(D) London Railway

76. The National Hockey Stadium Lahore is known as:
(A) Latest Hockey Stadium
(B) Smallest Hockey Stadium
(C) Largest Hockey Stadium ✓
(D) none of these

77. The deepest lake in the world is:
(A) Red Sea
(B) Dal Lake
(C) Caspian Sea
(D) Baikal ✓

78. Which country has the oldest anthem of the world?
(A) Japan ✓
(B) China
(C) Denmark
(D) UK

79. Which country is the biggest produce Uranium in the world?
(A) France
(B) Canada ✓
(C) U.S.A.
(D) Zaire

80. Which is the largest of animal?
(A) Elephant
(B) Baleen whale
(C) Blue whale ✓
(D) Whale shark

81. The second largest island of Atlantic is:
(A) Britain
(B) Baffin ✓
(C) Borneo
(D) Java

82. Dr. Ahmad Sukarno was the President of.
(A) Malaysia
(B) Indonesia ✓
(C) Maldives
(D) None of these

83. U. Thante, secretary-general of Ur; Nations from 1961-71 belonged to:
(A) Thailand
(B) Singapore
(C) Burma ✓
(D) Brazii

84. Which of the following Olympic Games i known as 'Bloody Olympic games' in I history of games?
(A) 1970
(B) 1968
(C) 1972 ✓
(D) 1984

85. Which is the oldest Holy Book?
(A) The Torait ✓
(B) The Zuboor
(C) The Injeel
(D) The Quran

86. Which Holy Book is called the Testament?
(A) The Torait ✓
(B) The Zuboor
(C) The Injeel
(D) The Qur’an

87. Which Holy Book is called the Testament?
(A) TheTorait
(B) TheZuboor
(C) The Injeel ✓
(D) The Qur’an

88. Which is the second longest Surah?
(A) Baqarah
(B) Yaseen
(C) Aal-e-Amran ✓
(D) Rahman

89. Who was the first one to embrace Isle the land of Yemen?
(A) Hazrat Zoaib bin Kalaib (RA) ✓
(B) Hazrat Awais Qarni (RA)
(C) Hazrat Abu Moosa Ashari (RA)
(D) None of them

90. Ghazi lla-ud-Din killed Rajpal on:
(A) 24th March 1929
(B) 27th March 1929
(C) 28th March 1929
(D) April 6,1929 ✓

91. The Khaksar Tahrik was established by Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi:
(A) 1931 ✓
(B) 1930
(C) 1932
(D) 1933

92. Which Viceroy convened the 'Simla Conference' in 1945?
(A) Lord Mountbatten
(B) Lord Wavell ✓
(C) Lord Linlithgow
(D) Lord Willingdon

93. The 2nd Constituent Assembly passed the 'First Constitution' (1956) on 2nd March, 1956 which was enforced on:
(A) 23 June, 1956
(B) 23 July, 1956
(C) 14 August, 1956
(D) 23 March, 1956 ✓

94. Pakistan became Islamic Republic in:
(A) 1953
(B) 1954
(C) 1955
(D) 1956 ✓

95. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan died on:
(A) 27th November 1953
(B) 27th November 1954
(C) 27th November 1955
(D) 27th November 1956 ✓

96. Sikandar Mirza abrogated the 1956 Constitution and dissolved assemblies on:
(A) 7th October 1958 ✓
(B) 7th October 1959
(C) 7th October 1960
(D) 7th October 1961

97. Lahore is situated on bank of river:
(A) Ravi River ✓
(B) Indus River
(C) Chenab River
(D) None of these

98. Which of the following rivers belongs to Russia?
(A) Ob
(B) Lana
(C) Amur
(D) All of above ✓

99. The famous strait located in Mediterranean Sea is:
(A) Bering Strait
(B) China Strait
(C) Strait of Gibraltar ✓
(D) Harmoz Strait

100. Which is the longest river of South America?
(A) Missouri
(B) Peru
(C) Congo
(D) Amazon ✓

PPSC Assistant Superintendent Jail 2014 Solved Past Papers

1. When was the First Woman Bank established in Pakistan?
(A) Dec 1,1988
(B) Dec 1,1989 ✓
(C) Dec 1,1973
(D) August 14,1948

2.  cubic millimeters constitute cubic centimeter?
(A) 1000 ✓
(B) 2000
(C) 3000
(D) 4000

3. What is the approximate length of the Great Wall of China?
(A) 2000 km
(B) 2500 km
(C) 3000 km
(D) 3460 km ✓

4. Total area of Chechnya is
(A) 11,500 sq km ✓
(B) 15,000 sq km
(C) 10,900 sq km
(D) None of these

5. Following a period of bloody internal strife, Russia invaded Chechnya and met strong resistance in
(A) 1994 ✓
(B) 1974
(C) 1947
(D) None of these

6. Lebanon faced first military intervention from Israel in:
(A) April. 1977
(B) March 1979
(C) March 1978 ✓
(D) None of these

7. Russia completed its control by force over Grozny in
(A) March, 1996
(B) June, 1997
(C) January, 1990
(D) February, 1995 ✓

8. Ottoman Empire was eliminated from the world map in?
(A) 1919
(B) 1925
(C) 1932
(D) 1922 ✓

9. Philadelphia is situated on bank of river.
(A) Rhine River
(B) Shatt-al-Arab River
(C) Delaware River ✓
(D) None of these

10. Don is a river of:
(A) Turkey
(B) Russia ✓
(C) UK

11. The deepest lake is in Siberia:
(A) Baikal Lake ✓
(B) Superior Lake
(C) Huron Lake
(D) Aral Sea

12. Which is the largest lake of the world?
(A) Caspian Sea ✓
(B) Superior Lake
(C) Huron Lake
(D) Aral Sea

13. Which is the largest gulf?
(A) Arabian Gulf
(B) Gulf of Mexico ✓
(C) Gulf of Oman
(D) None of these

14. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan?
(A) G. I. Khan
(B) S. A. Rehmat
(C) F. M. Khan ✓
(D) Justice S. K. Bashir

15. Itaipu Dam is located in:
(A) Argentina
(B) Brazil ✓
(C) Turkey
(D) Ghana

16. The frozen Continent around the South Pole is:
(A) Arctic
(B) Antarctica ✓
(C) Greenland
(D) Iceland

17. Which of the following countries is not landlocked?
(A) Afghanistan '
(B) Burma ✓
(C) Nepal
(D) Switzerland

18. Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 2005?
(A) Robert Crwsi
(B) Harold Pinter ✓
(C) Neil Gilbert
(D) Roger Moore

19. ‘Sharame-el' Sheikh' is the Egyptian seaport on:
(A) Black Sea
(B) Red Sea ✓
(C) Mediterranean Sea
(D) Arabian Sea

20. Batura is the second largest glacier of Pakistan with the length of:
(A) 64.5 km ✓
(B) 67 km
(C) 68.5 km
(D) 69 km

21. Which of the following pass connects Qila Abdullah with Cheman?
(A) Mintaka Pass
(B) Khojak Pass ✓
(C) Dorah Pass
(D) Muztagh Pass

22. The historic site 'Mehrgarh' was discovered on the right bank of the:
(A) Indus river
(B) Kabul river
(C) Bolan river ✓
(D) Hub river

23. Who patented the technology of controlled blast of nitroglycerine in 1863?
(A) Alfred Nobel ✓
(B) LH Baekeland
(C) Charles Drew
(D) Paul Muller

24. Gibraltar is also known as:
(A) Key to Mediterranean ✓
(B) The eternal city
(C) Queen of the Adriatic
(D) None of above

25. The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930. Which country hosted the games?
(A) Australia
(B) England
(C) New Zealand
(D) Canada ✓

26. Which Asian city will host the Commonwealth games in 2010?
(A) Islamabad
(B) Tokyo
(C) New Delhi ✓
(D) Colombo

27. Which country is called Great Britain of Pacific?
(A) Japan ✓
(B) New Zealand
(C) Singapore
(D) None of these

28. Which research scientist is one of the cofounders of Sony Corporation, the other being Akio Morita?
(A) Masao Morita
(B) Masaru Ibuka ✓
(C) Kaoru Shoki
(D) ShuzaburoTachikawa

29. Chaklala is the Airport of:
(A) Pakistan ✓
(B) India
(C) Nepal
(D) Afghanistan

30. Star news agency is the agency of:
(A) Italy ✓
(B) Germany
(C) India

31. Which is the longest strait of the world?
(A) Northumberland Strait
(B) Malacca strait ✓
(C) Messina strait
(D) Bosphorous strait

32. What do you understand by Ibid?
(A) Same
(B) In the same book ✓
(C) Same as before
(D) None of these

33. The headquarters of food and agriculture organization (FAO) is located in:
(A) Geneva
(B) Rome ✓
(C) Montreal
(D) Vienna

34. The Russian nuclear submarine 'Kursk' was submerged under water in
(A) Siberian Sea
(B) Bering Sea ✓
(C) Barents Sea
(D) Baltic Sea

35. Name of US president who was a film actor
(A) Richard Nixon
(B) Jimmy Carter
(C) Ronald Reagan ✓
(D) London B. Jonson

36. When did State Bank of Pakistan issue new currency note of Rs. 5000 denomination?
(A) 15th June 2006
(B) 25th June 2006
(C) 5th May 2001
(D) 27th May 2006 ✓

37. Who is the write of Divinia Commedia?
(A) Samuel Taylor
(B) Fyodor Dostoevsky
(C) Alighieri Dante ✓
(D) Alexander Dumas

38. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was a winner of Nobel Prize belonged to:
(A) Thailand
(B) Myanmar ✓
(C) North Korea
(D) South Korea

39. NEPRA stands for.
(A) National Electric Power Regulatory Authority ✓
(B) Natural Electric Power Regulatory Authority
(C) National Electric Power Regulatory Agency
(D) National Electric Power Regulatory Association

40. Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the First Battle of Panipat in:
(A) 1523
(B) 1524
(C) 1526 ✓
(D) 1532

41. The area of highest rainfall in Pakistan is:
(A) Hunza
(B) Murree ✓
(C) Nathiagalli
(D) None of these

42. The soil composed of sand and clay is called:
(A) Sandy soil
(B) Loam soil ✓
(C) Clayey soil
(D) Mixture soil

43. Which dam has the largest electricity generating potential in the world?
(A) Tarbela ✓
(B) Mangla
(C) Rawal
(D) None of these

44. Sumatra island is situated in:
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Indian Ocean ✓
(C) Atlantic Ocean
(D) Arabian Sea

45. Surinam is the new name of:
(A) Congo
(B) Dutch Guyana ✓
(C) Dutch East Indies
(D) Burma

46. Jerusalem is a sacred place for.
(A) Christian
(B) Jews
(C) Muslims
(D) All of these ✓

47. Labour Day is observed every year on:
(A) 9th April
(B) 1st May ✓
(C) 1st April
(D) 25th January

48. Which of the following Sea separates Asia from Africa?
(A) Arabic Sea
(B) Yellow Sea
(C) Red Sea ✓
(D) None of these

49. Babar came to India originally from:
(A) Ferghana ✓
(B) Khiva
(C) Khorasan
(D) Seistan

50. Babar laid the foundation of Mughal Empire in 1526 after defeating:
(A) Daulat Khan Lodi
(B) Ibrahim Lodi ✓
(C) Rana Sanga
(D) Alauddin Khilji

51. Anza III surface to surface missile was launched on:
(A) July 25, 1999
(B) August 10,1999
(C) August 29,1999 ✓
(D) September 19,1999

52. Which is the largest university of Pakistan?
(A) Quaid-e-Azam University
(B) Punjab University ✓
(C) Karachi University
(D) Govt. College University

53. The first railway track was established between:
(A) Karachi and Kotri ✓
(B) Lahore and Okara
(C) Peshawar and Jamrud
(D) Quetta and Chaman

54. What is the total length of'Pindi Bhattian-Faisalabad Motorway M-3?
(A) 120 km
(B) 52 km ✓
(C) 140 km
(D) 80 km

55. Who undertook the Long March of 1934?
(A) Chinese Communist  ✓
(B) George W. Marshall
(C) John W. Regan
(D) All of these

56. Richard Nixon was only president of USA who resigned from his post. When did he resign?
(A) 6th August 1974
(B) 9th August 1974 ✓
(C) 6th August 1975
(D) None of these

57. Which country is the largest debtor of UNO?
(A) India
(B) Mexico ✓
(C) China
(D) U.S.A

58. The largest fishing catching ground in the world is:
(A) Arabian Sea
(B) Mediterranean Sea ✓
(C) North West Pacific Ocean
(D) East China Sea

59. Ontario lake is situated in:
(B) Canada ✓
(C) Italy
(D) France

60. Which one of the following is the largest river of the world?
(A) Amazon ✓
(B) Indus
(C) Nile
(D) None of these

61. Which is the largest archipelago of the world?
(A) Indonesia ✓
(B) Malaysia
(C) West Indies
(D) Japan

62. Which is the biggest fresh .water lake in the world?
(A) ChilkaLake
(B) Caspian Lake ✓
(C) Dal Lake
(D) Lake Superior

63. Which is the second highest mountain peak in the world.located in Pakistan?
(A) Mt Everest
(B) K-2 ✓
(C) TrichMir
(D) NangaParbat

64. The second highest mountain peak Goodwin Austen in the world is located in:
(A) Nepal
(B) India
(C) Pakistan ✓
(D) China

65. When Pakistan first time became the non-. permanent member of Security Council?
(A) 1952 ✓
(B) 1954
(C) 1955
(D) 1956

66. The working language(s) of the UNESCO is/are:
(A) English only
(B) French only
(C) English and French ✓
(D) English, French and Russian

67. Which of the following' airlines is the oldest airline of the world?
(A) Orient Airline (Pakistan)
(B) KLM Airline (Holland) ✓
(C) Delta Airline (America)

68. Which is the oldest airline of the Pakistan?
(A) Orient Airways ✓
(B) Pakistan Airline
(D) None of these

69. Which is the most important belief in Islam after Tai ihnnH9
(A) Belief in the Holy Prophet (SAW)
(B) Belief in Aakhirat
(C) Prophethood ✓
(D) Belief in Angels

70. 'Manchester' is the seaport of:
(B) Russia
(C) UK ✓
(D) Brazil

71. WAFA is the news agency of:
(A) Iran
(B) Jordan
(C) Syria
(D) Palestine ✓

72. Which strait connects Baffin Island and Quebec, Canada?
(A) Strait of Canso
(B) Strait of Belle Isle ✓
(C) Hudson Strait
(D) Northumberland Strait

73. Baba Farid Ganj Shakar’s tomb is located in:
(A) Uch Sharif
(B) Multan
(C) Kasur
(D) Pakpatan ✓

74. Khawaja Qhulam Farid’s tomb is located in:
(A) Mithan Kot ✓
(B) Bahawalpur
(C) Kasur
(D) Pakpatan

75. The first Chief Justice of Pakistan:
(A) Justice Sardar A. Rashid ✓
(B) Justice Bashir Ahmad
(C) Justice AR Cornelius
(D) Justices.A. Rehman

76. When the first Constitution of Pakistan was announced?
(A) August 14,1956
(B) December 25,1956
(C) March 23,1956 ✓
(D) None of them

77. Which team won most of the Cricket World Cup?
(A) West Indies
(B) South Africa
(C) Australia ✓
(D) England

78. Which of the following books was written by the most influential philosopher-scientists of Islam?
(A) Tahdib al-Akhlaq
(B) Ahya’al unnat
(C) Al-Jami-al-Sahihi
(D) Kitab Aush-Shafa ✓

79. Name the English mathematician who first stated the laws of gravitation and light:
(A) Isaac Newton ✓
(B) Richard Gatling
(C) Johns Elva Addison
(D) Edwin Armstrong

80. Which organ of UNO is considered as world parliament?
(A) General Assembly ✓
(B) Security Council
(C) International Court of Justice
(D) Trusteeship Council

81. Indicate the number of Pakistan, area-wise in the world?
(A) 33rd
(B) 34th
(C) 36th ✓
(D) 27th

82. The boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan is called:
(A) Radcliff Line
(B) Mcmohan Line
(C) Durand Line ✓
(D) Control Line

83. When the Indus Water Treaty was signed?
(A) 19th September 1960 ✓
(B) 19th September 1952
(C) 19th December 1975
(D) None of these

84. Who amongst the following leaders took major initiative in the formation of the League of Nations?
(A) Abraham Lincoln
(B) Woodrow Wilson ✓
(C) Franklin Roosevelt
(D) George Washington

85. Wtithering Height novel written by:
(A) Stevie Smith
(B) Clive James
(C) Emily Bronte ✓
(D) Frank Baum

86. Ghunyat-ul-Talibeen was written by:
(A) Sheikh Abdul QadirJelani ✓
(B) Hazrat Ali Hajveri
(C) Khalifa Abdul Hakim
(D) MaulanaMaudoodi

87. The first Muslim who got Nobel Prize:
(A) Abdul Salam
(B) Anwar Saddat ✓
(C) YousafAli
(D) YasirArfat

88. Name the person who devised shorthand system which made him famous throughout the world:
(A) Sir Isac Pitman ✓
(B) Sir Isac Newton
(C) J. Philip Reis
(D) David Bushnell

89. The first Mughal emperor to issue a farman in favour of the British to open a factory at Surat was:
(A) Aurangzeb
(B) Jahangir ✓
(C) Shahjahan
(D) Akbar

90. What is the total length of Siachen glacier?
(A) 63 km
(B) 67 km
(C) 71.5 km
(D) 72.5 km ✓

91. Sri Lanka is the new name of:
(A) Malaya
(B) Dhomey
(C) Malawi
(D) Ceylon ✓

92. Oslo is the capital of Norway. What is its old name?
(A) Christina ✓
(B) Ellice Islands
(C) Benin
(D) Formosa

93. Zanzibar is also known as:
(A) Island of spice
(B) Island of cloves ✓
(C) island of Flavour
(D) Town of Food

94. Which place is called the 'Land of Midnight Sun?
(A) Noway ✓
(B) Sweden
(C) Denmark
(D) Japan

95. Which of the following pass connects Abbotabad and Gilgit?
(A) Babusar Pass ✓
(B) Tochi Pass
(C) Bolan Pass
(D) Dargai Pass

96. What is 'Great Bear'?
(A) Waterfall
(B) Lake ✓
(C) Sea
(D) Animal

97. Which is the largest continent (population wise) of the world?
(A) America
(B) Asia ✓
(C) Europe
(D) Australia

98. The world's highest waterfall is situated in:
(A) Venezuela ✓
(C) Guyana
(D) Australia

99. How much of the total population of the world is living in Asia?
(A) 51%
(B) 62%
(C) 55.5%
(D) 58.6% ✓

100. Which is fastest growing tree in the world?
(A) Teak
(B) Sal
(C) Eucalyptus ✓
(D) Banyan




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