Islamic Studies

The candidates are expected to display basic knowledge of the Holy Quran, Hadith, life and times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Khulfa-e-Rashideen, Arkan-e-lslam, broad knowledge of important events in Islamic History and prominent personalities. Non-Muslim candidates would be tested in the field ethics, comparative religions and questions of general nature.

Complete Notes for Preparation of Islamic Studies Tests/Examinations by various departments like PPSC, SPSC, NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, BPSC, AJKPSC, COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS, NAVY, PAF, ARMY, POLICE.

Islamic Studies MCQs,Questions, Notes, Questions with Answers, Quiz, Online Tests, Important Solved Questions. In Jobs Written Test Islamic Studies Questions Portion is mostly compulsory so I have tried here a collection of islamiat related general knowledge for preparation of such tests exams.

A collection of the Questions with Answers on the holy Qur'an General Knowledge.

General Knowledge Solved MCQs of The Holy Quran
General Knowledge About The Holy Quran
The Holy Quran MCQs Questions With Answers
Al Quran MCQs

Islamic Studies Multiple Choice Questions MCQs from Past Papers of CSS & PMS other written tests exams.

General Knowledge of History of Islam
Muslim Rulers and Their Govts
BPSC AJKPSC Islamiat MCQs Test
Islamiat MCQs Test for Navy Air Force Army
KPKPSC Islamiat MCQs Test
NTS Islamiat MCQs Test
FPSC Islamiat MCQs Test
PMS PCS Islamiat MCQs Test
CSS Islamiat MCQs Test
SPSC Islamiat MCQs Test
PPSC Islamyat MCQs Test
Islamiat MCQs Test
Important Events In the History of Islam
Islamyat Solved MCQs of Previous Papers
General Knowledge of Islam
Islamic Studies Quiz Questions
Islamic Studies MCQs Paper 2005


Islamic Studies MCQs Tests
Islamic Studies MCQS for SPSC KPKPSC
All About Islam General Knowledge
Islamic Studies General Knowledge
CSS and PMS Islamic Studies MCQS
PPSC Islamic Studies MCQS Notes
Islamic Studies Notes in Urdu
Islamic Studies Past Papers mcqs
Islamic Studies Solved MCQS Notes
Islamic Studies MCQS For CSS
Islamic Studies MCQS for KPKPSC
FPSC Islamic Studies MCQS Papers
Islamic Studies MCQs Sample and Model Papers

FPSC MCQS Papers of Islamyat
FPSC Islamiat MCQS Papers

Arkan-e-Islam General Knowledge Solved MCQs Questions Answers

All MCQS And General Knowledge About Hajj
MCQS About Fasting Roza
MCQS of Zakat
General Knowledge of Namaz

General Knowledge about The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH Life, Wives of the holy Prophet. Companions Caliphs of the Prophet.

MCQS About the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
Islamiat Solved MCQs for CSS
Ghazwat of Islam MCQs
Caliphs of Islam
General Knowledge Of Muslim Governments
General Knowledge of About Caliphs of Islam
All Information About Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
Umat-ul-Momineen/Wives of Holy prophet.
General Knowledge about the Life of Hazrat Muhamma...
Events History in the Life of the Holy Prophet Muh...
Prophet of Islam.Battles of Islam Ghazwat,History of Islam
Solved MCQS About Prophets of Islam
Prophets of Islam MCQS General Knowledge
General Knowledge About Prophets of Islam
All Islamic Knowledge About Prophets
Questions with Answers About History of Prophets
Battels of Islam General Knoewledge
Year Wise Islamic History Events
General Knowledge of Islam Islamiat Islamic Studie...
Islamiat MCQs Notes and Papers for All Competitive...
Islamic Studies Solved Questions With Answers
Islamyat Solved Notes for Quiz
Islamic Studies MCQs Past Papers for CSS PMS
Islamiat Solved MCQs Notes for NTS and SPSc Tests
History of Muslims States
ALL About Islamic History Dates
Islamic history month wise outlines

Subjective Notes for Islamic Studies:Hadith,Sharia,Jihad,Tauheed,Risalat,Arkan Islam,The Day Of Judgement,Fasting/Saum/Roza,Zakat,Hajj

I have tried my best to provide you correct Questions Answers but if you find any wrong answer please inform through comments. Your suggestion are welcome.

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