The Medium of Instruction English Essay for B.A

The Medium of Instruction

1.Introduction: Proper medium of instructions is essential.
2.Urdu / English as our media of instruction.
3.English as a medium of instruction
4.What should be our medium of instruction?

The Medium of Instruction English Essay for B.A

It is very important to have a proper medium of instruction up to middle level. It is very important to have a proper medium of instruction (ذریعہ تعلیم). We should study our subjects in our own language. At present, we have English and Urdu as media of instruction in Pakistan. In our schools, we generally have Urdu as the medium of instruction. In some schools, English is the medium of instruction. In colleges and universities, English and Urdu are the media. It is often said that English should not be our medium of instruction. There is no doubt some advantages of this medium. But there are a number of disadvantages too. English is an advanced language of the world. It has a huge treasure of words. We can talk and write almost on, every topic in English. We can teach all modem subjects like Economics' Political Science, Psychology, etc. easily in English. We can teach different sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and so on well in English. The reason for this is that all kinds of books on these subjects are easily available. We can also find in English all the words or terms used in these subjects. We can read the most modern books published in advanced countries in English. We can get the Ideas of great thinkers, writers and scientists in English. Teachers can convey all these Ideas to their students In English. So English can be very helpful to us in teaching modem subjects to students. But most of our students do not know the English language well. They cannot speak and write It correctly and easily. So they cannot understand the different subjects taught in English so well. They have to learn the English language first of all. Then only they can learn different subjects in English. Students waste a lot of their time and energy in learning English and then study their subjects in English. Many of our teachers also cannot express their ideas well in English. They cannot teach their subjects in English as easily as they can teach in Urdu. We always feel that English is a foreign (غیر ملکی) language. This feeling has a bad effect upon our national unity. So we should avoid teaching our students in English as much as possible. Students should feel, think, speak and write in their national language. We can have Urdu as our medium of instruction. Urdu can be used for teaching different subjects in Pakistan. But we shall have to work very hard to have our national language as medium of instruction. We shall have to develop our own language; Urdu does not have enough number of words. Good books in Urdu also do not exist in the proper number. We cannot easily teach modern subjects and the sciences in it. Our teachers and scholars should develop Urdu and write the necessary book in it. Then we shall be able to adopt it as our medium of instruction everywhere.

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