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Annual Days & Weeks General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Annual Days & Weeks General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. February 5 is observed annually as
(a) Black day
(b) Mastry’s day
(c) Accession day
(d) Kashmir solidarity day ✓

2, Kashmir black day is observed on
(a) February 5
(b) July 13
(c) October 24
(d) October 27 ✓

3, Valentine's day is a special day for lovers, celebrated on
(a) 28 March
(b) 14th February ✓
(c) 10th April
(d) 23rd April

4. Armistice Day is held to commemorate the end of the first world war on
(a) 8th February
(b) 11th November ✓
(c) 16th April
(d) 11th June

5. Christmas is celebrated by Christian community throughout the world on
(a) 31 st December
(b) 1 st January
(c) 25th December ✓
(d) 26th December

6, Father's day a special day for people to give presents and to say thank you to their father is celebrated on
(a) 18th June ✓
(b) 15th July
(c) 25th August
(d) 21st July

7, International women day is
(a) 8th March ✓
(b) 9th April
(c) 25th January
(d) 16th March

8. Labour day is observed on
(a) 1st July
(b) 1st May ✓
(c) 1st April
(d) 1st November

9. Third Tuesday of September is popular as
(a) World environmental day
(b) International day of peace ✓
(c) World press freedom day
(d) World food day

10. 17th October is observed as
(a) International day for natural reduction day
(b) International day for eradication of poverty ✓
(c) International day of cooperation
(d) World telecommunication day


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