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Explorations & Discovered World General Knowledge MCQs - 1

Explorations & Discovered World General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. Name the person who discovered Greenland in 982 A.D.
(a) John Cabot
(b) Eric the Red ✓
(c) Koro Gligora
(d) Oumar Konari

2. Who reached N America for the first time in history in 1000 A.D*?
(a) Christopher Columbus
(b) John Speke
(c) Leif Eriesson ✓
(d) James Clark

3. Name the first person who journeyed through China, India and other parts of Asia from 1271 -94.
(a) Christopher Columbus
(b) Vascoda Gama
(c) Marco Polo ✓
(d) Nicole Maffeo

4. San Salvador now Watling Island, the Bahamas, Cuba and Haiti were discovered in 1492 by __________.
(a) Kero Gligora
(b) Charles Taylor
(c) Christopher Columbus
(d) Abel Tasman ✓

5. Who explored Mexican part of E, Coast of America and S. America coast from 1497 to 1503?
(a) Christopher Columbus
(b) John Cabot
(c) Amengo Vespucci ✓
(d) William Dampier

6. Name the person who discovered sea route from Europe to India.
(a) Vasco da Gama ✓
(b) Christopher Columbus
(c) Marco Polo
(d) Amengo Vespuci

7. Christopher Columbus landed on mainland of South America in______.
(a) 1496
(b) 1497
(c) 1492 ✓
(d) 1499

8. Who discovered Trinidad during1502-4?
(a) Sebastain Cabot
(b) Vitus Bering
(c) De Soto
(d) Christopher Columbus ✓

9. Name the first to sail round the world: discovered the Magailan Strait, reached the Philippines and named the Pacific
(a) William Dampier
(b) Lord Anson
(c) Ferdinand Magailan ✓
(d) John Davis

10. Name the person who discovered Canada and explored St Lawennie from 1534-36
(a) Jacquies Cartier ✓
(b) William Dampier
(c) James Cook
(d) Capt Wallis

11. Christopher Columbus who discovered America was
(a) Spanish
(b) Dutch
(c) Italian ✓
(d) French


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