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World Famous Lines General Knowledge MCQs - 1

World Famous Lines General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. The boundary line between Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir demarcated as a result of Shimla declaration in 1972 is
(a) Hot Line
(b) Control Line ✓
(c) McMahon Line
(d) None of them

2. Which of the following is the Polish-Russian frontier setup in 1945?
(a) Hindenburg Line
(b) Curzon Line ✓
(c) Green Line
(d) Plin Soil Line

3. 1400 miles (2250 Km) long frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan demarcated in 1893 in called_______.
(a) Curzon Line
(b) Control Line
(c) Durand Line ✓
(d) None of them

4. A Painted line in Nicosia (Cyprus) that serves as a demarcation line between the Greek and Turkish Communities is called_______.
(a) McMahon Line
(b) Maginot Line
(c) Oder-neisse Line
(d) Green Line ✓

5. German line of fortification, demarcated in 1977 separating Germany from Poland is called_______.
(a) Durand Line
(b) Hindenburg Line ✓
(c) Curzon Line
(d) Mannheim Line

6. A direct space satellites telephonic line called Hot Line between two countries was initially established in 1963 A.D. and upgraded in 1978 A.D. was between_______.
(a) Germany and USA
(b) USA and Russia ✓
(c) USA and France
(d) USA and UK

7. Imaginary line extending north and south through Pacific Ocean and is the point at which the traveller must add or subtract a day from the Calendar is called_______.
(a) International Date Line ✓
(b) international Hot Line
(c) international Green Line
(d) International Equator Line

8. French line of fortification built in 1934 A.D. along the German border from Switzerland to Belgium was called_______.
(a) Hot Line
(b) Hindenburg Une
(c) Maginot Line ✓
(d) None of them

9. Boundary line between India and China, demarcated under a boundary pact concluded in 1914 A.D. is called
(a) Radcliffe Line
(b) Green Line
(c) Control Line
(d) McMahon Line ✓

10. The boundary between Germany and Poland established after the World War II was called
(a) Mannerheim Line
(b) Plimsoll Line
(c) Oder-neisse Line ✓
(d) None of them


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