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World Secret Agencies General Knowledge MCQs - 1

World Secret Agencies General Knowledge MCQs - 1

1. Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin is the former General Director of secret agency
(a) CIA
(b) MI 8
(c) Mosad
(d) KGB ✓

2. “AMAH" is the secret agency of
(a) Israel ✓
(b) Portugal
(c) Canada
(d) Italy

3. Which of the following secret agency was suspected to be involved in Princess Diana's murder?
(a) Scotland Yard
(b) Ml 5
(c) Ml 8 ✓
(d) Mosad

4. RAW is an abbreviation of_______.
(a) Red Army Wing
(a) Research and Analysis Wing ✓
(c) Research and Warning
(d) None of these

5. Which of the following secret agency's agents are spread all over the world?
(a) MI 5
(b) KGB
(c) CIA ✓
(d) Khad

6. CIA is the secret agency of;
(a) United States of America ✓
(b) United Kingdom
(c) Canada
(d) India

7, Ml 8 is the name of secret agency, Its headquarter is located in;
(a) Paris
(b) Moscow
(c) London ✓
(d) New York

8. Secret agency MOSSAD belongs to
(a) India
(b) Israel ✓
(c) Russia
(d) Britain

9. Scotland Yard's headquarter is located in the city:
(a) London ✓
(a) New York
(c) Tokyo
(d) Paris

10. Ml 6 is the secret agency of_______.
(a) Russia
(B) America
(c) Britain ✓
(d) Italy

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