PPSC Inspector In Anti-Corruption Solved Past Papers 2011

PPSC Inspector In Anti-Corruption Solved Past Papers 2011

1. Punjab Anti-Corruption Rules are framed under:
(A) Punjab Anti-corruption rules 1985
(B) Punjab Anti-corruption rules 1947
(C) Punjab ACE 1961 ✓
(D) None of these

2. Suo Moto power in dropping cases/recommending departmental action:
(A) DG ACE ✓
(B) Chief Secretary
(C) Secretary
(D) Additional Secretary

3. The Provincial ACE Committee will meet once in a:
(A) Year ✓
(B) Three Months
(C) Six Months
(D) nine Months

4. Ex. Officio Additional Director of ACE has jurisdiction in:
(A) Department ✓
(B) Punjab
(C) Pakistan
(D) All of these

5. Authority competent to grant sanction is authorized to:
(A) Approve ✓
(B) Rescind
(C) Affirm
(D) Notify

6. Investigator is authorized to investigate under section.
(A) 154 of CrPC
(B) 155ofCrPC
(C) 156 of CrPC ✓
(D) 157 of CrPC

7. First research is taken under the rule of:
(A) 25.23(1) a
(B) 25.23 (1) b ✓
(C) 25.23 (1) c
(D) 25.23 (1) d

8. In Trap-cases supervision of Magistrate is:
(A) Mandatory ✓
(B) Causal
(C) Discretionary
(D) Not Necessary

9. Which is not a part of inquest report?
(A) post mortem report ✓
(B) Naqsha e Muaqa
(C) Inventory of clothing
(D) list of parcels

10. Track provision is available in:
(A) Punjab law act ✓
(B) Pakistan law act
(C) Sindh law act
(D) KPK law act

11. Which one is not included in investigation bag?
(A) Hand Cuff ✓
(B) Electric Torch
(C) Folin Paper
(D) Magnifying Glass

12. Approver shall remained under arrest
(A) Will be in jail till the Acquitted
(B) Will be in jail till the Discharge
(C) Will be in jail till the conclusion of trial ✓
(D) None of these

13. Rule 23.56 deals with:
(A) Complete charge sheet
(B) Incomplete charge sheet ✓
(C) Complaint Report
(D) None of these

23. When the Indus Water Treaty was signed?
(A) 19th September 1960  ✓
(B) 19th September 1962
(C) 19th December 1965
(D) 19th November 1964

24. The Indus Water Treaty was mediated by:
(C) World Bank ✓
(D) Britain

25. Kala Bagh is famous for minerals of:
(A) Iron ✓
(B) Sulphur
(C) Salt
(D) None of these

26. Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred on.
(A) January 30,1918
(B) April 13,1919 ✓
(C) August 14,1920
(D) July 3,1930

27. During the Mughal period which one of the following traders first came to India?
(A) Portuguese ✓
(B) Dutch
(C) Danish
(D) English

28. Mohenjodaro is also known as:
(A) Mound of the Great
(B) Mound of the Survivors
(C) Mound of the Living
(D) Mound of the Dead ✓

29. The coin rvpia was first issued by:
(A) Sher Shah Suri ✓
(B) AlauddinKhilji
(C) Akbar
(D) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

30. “The place where heaven and earth mea these words are said about which place?
(A) Chitral
(B) Kalash
(C) Punial ✓
(D) Swat

31. Constituent Assembly passed th “Constitution" of 1973 which was enforcer on
(A) 23 June, 1993
(B) 23 July, 1973
(C) 14 August, 1973 ✓
(D) 23 March, 1973

32. The system of Government introduced k Constitution of 1956 was
(A) Provincial
(B) Federal ✓
(C) Nonfederal
(D) Dictatorial

33. Which of the following is the longer Motorway?
(A) M5
(B) M2
(C) M8 ✓
(D) M9

34. Out of total how many National AssemK seats are allocated to Punjab?
(A) 175
(B) 183 ✓
(C) 182
(D) 170

35. The percentage of Muslims in Jammu an; Kashmir is:
(A) 80 ✓
(B) 85
(C) 90
(D) 95

36. Who inaugurated M.A.O. College in 1877? 
(A) Lord Lytton ✓
(B) Lord Curzon
(C) Lord Ankiuleck
(D) Lord Mayo

37. Bata Shoe Company is a:
(A) American company
(B) Canadian company ✓
(C) British company
(D) French company

38. The term Oligarchy means:
(A) The rule of Feudal
(B) The rule of the few ✓
(C) The rule of tyrants
(D) The rule of democrats

39. Zambia is the new name of:
(A) Congo
(B) Northern Rhodesia ✓
(C) Hespania
(D) Euphra

40. Who compiled the first English dictionary?
(A) Robert Cawdrey ✓
(B) Samuel Johnson
(C) John Bullokar
(D) Henry Cockeram

41. The first astronaut to set foot on moon was
(A) Yuri Gagarin
(B) Neil Armstrong ✓
(C) Alen Shephered
(D) Edwin Aldrin

42. Which is the highest civil award of Pakistan?
(A) Nishan-e-lmtiaz
(B) Iron Cross
(C) Nishane Pakistan ✓
(D) None of these

43. Which country's parliament is considered parliament of the world?
(A) UK
(B) UN General Assembly ✓
(C) Iceland
(D) Russia

44. UNO Day is observed on:
(A) 15th October
(B) 24th October ✓
(C) 21st October
(D) 5th October

45. Ex-officio means:
(A) Retired officer
(B) In virtue of one's office ✓
(C) Terminated officer
(D) Unofficial document

46. Which one of the followings fastest type of memory of the computer?
(A) Read only memory
(B) Random excess memory
(C) Flash memory
(D) Cache memory ✓

47. Entomology deals with:
(A) Plants
(B) Animals
(C) Insects ✓
(D) Chemicals

48. The second important step of Hajj after Waquf is:
(A) Say’ee
(B) Tawaf ✓
(C) Rami
(D) Sacrifice

49. The Treaty of Hudabia was signed in:
(A) 5th Hijrah
(B) 6th Hijrah ✓
(C) 7th Hijrah
(D) 8th Hijrah

50. The tragic incident of Karabala took place on Muharram, 10:
(A) 55 AH
(B) 61 AH ✓
(C) 70 AH
(D) 72 AH

51. Which prophet has been called as Zun-Noon in the Holy Quran?
(A) HazratYousaf (AS)
(B) HazratYounas (AS) ✓
(C) Hazratlssa (AS)
(D) Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

52. Which year is called the Year of Sorrow?
(A) 9th Nabvi 
(B) 13thNabvi
(C) 6th Nabvi
(D) 10th Nabvi ✓

53. How many Manazil are in the Holy Qur'an?
(A) 10
(B) 8
(C) 15
(D) 7 ✓

54. Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said prayer first time behind?
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
(B) Hazrat Umar (RA)
(C) HazratUsman (RA)
(D) HazratJibreal (AS) ✓

55. Who was the first key holder of Kaba among Quraish?
(A) Qussai ✓
(B) BanuHashim
(C) Abdullah
(D) Abdul Mutlib

56. How many Prophets are mentioned in the Holy Qur'an?
(A) 25 ✓
(B) 26
(C) 27
(D) 30

57. The first Ummayed Caliph was (Ummayd dynasty founder) is:
(A) Al-Mughira
(B) Ameer Muawiya ✓
(C) Yazid
(D) None of these

58. Who made most authentic translation of Quran in English?
(A) Abdullah Yousuf Ali ✓
(B) Abdullah Ahmad
(C) AkhtarAli
(D) NasirMehmood

59. The holy book Gospel related to:
(A) Anjeel ✓
(B) Veed
(C) Toraet
(D) Zaboor

60. The chemical name of laughing gas is:
(A) Nitric oxide
(B) Nitrogen dioxide
(C) Nitrogen pentoxide
(D) Nitrous oxide ✓

61. A mobile phone sends and receives messages through:
(A) Soundwaves
(B) Microwaves
(C) Ultraviolet waves
(D) Radio waves ✓

62. What type of infection is tuberculosis?
(A) Viral
(B) Bacterial ✓
(C) Fungal
(D) Parasitic

63. Who discovered X rays?
(A) Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen ✓
(B) Max von Laue
(C) Max Planck
(D) Marie Curie

64. Where is the H.Q. of the Interpol?
(A) Rome
(B) Lyons ✓
(C) Paris
(D) None of these

65. The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has its headquarters at
(A) Manila
(B) Jakarta ✓
(C) Kuala Lumpur
(D) Bangkok

66. The Asian Development Bank is located in
(A) Kuala Lumpur
(B) Tokyo
(C) Bangkok
(D) Manila ✓

67. Who among the following was the first Viceroy of India?
(A) Lord Canning ✓
(B) Lord Warren Hastings
(C) Lord Dalhousie
(D) Lord Bentinck

68. The belt of low atmospheric pressure on either side of the equator are called
(A) Doldrums ✓
(B) Westerlies
(C) Latitudes
(D) Easterlies

69. Zakat rate on diamonds is:
(A) 2.5% ✓
(B) 3.5%
(C) 5%
(D) 10%

70. Who was first Defence Minister of Pakistan?
(A) Feroz Khan Noon
(B) ZafarUllah Khan
(C) NawabLiaquat Ali Khan ✓
(D) None of these

71. Who is authorized to impose reasonable restrictions on fundamental rights?
(A) President ✓
(B) Prime Minister
(C) Supreme Court
(D) Army

72. Who is 44th USA president?
(A) Barack Obama ✓
(B) George Bush
(C) Bill Clinton
(D) None of these

73. 1 mile is equa’ to:
(A) 1.5 km
(B) 1.6 km ✓
(C) 1.7 km
(D) 1.8 km

74. Nobel Prize of literature in 1907 was given to:
(A) Rudyard Kipling ✓
(B) George Bernard Shaw
(C) Jane Austin
(D) None of these

75. Name of the helicopters used in Abbottabad incident:
(A) Black Hawk ✓
(B) Puma
(C) Apache
(D) None of these

76. Third largest Religion in the world is:
(A) Hinduism ✓
(B) Islam
(C) Christianity
(D) None of these

77. Newly born country of the world (youngest country of the world) is:
(A) South Sudan ✓
(B) Kosovo
(C) East Timor
(D) Brunei

78. Which is the capital of Libya?
(A) Tripoli ✓
(B) Trablus
(C) Logas
(D) Cankary

79. Raymond Davis pleaded for
(A) International Spy
(B) Technician 
(C) Diplomat ✓
(D) Alibi

80. Which country is without constitution?
(A) UK
(B) Israel ✓
(C) Fiji
(D) Australia

81. Gas bills are made by using units of:
(A) BTU ✓
(B) SI

82. Most appropriate meaning of Assimilate:
(A) Absorb ✓
(B) Same things
(C) Obsolete
(D) None of these

83. Which of the following animals can hear ultrasonic sound?
(A) Cat
(B) Rat
(C) Bat ✓
(D) Squirrel

84. What is the meaning of Indite?
(A) A letter of writing
(B) To put down in writing ✓
(C) First Speech
(D) None of these

85. Oasis is associated with:
(A) Glaciers
(B) Desert ✓
(C) Islands
(D) Oceans

86. Who is Anna Hazzaray?
(A) Mountain range
(B) Activist ✓
(C) Rebel of Nepal
(D) Terrorist

87. Who among the following is current Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization?
(A) Ban Ki Moon ✓
(B) Nelson Mandela
(C) Kofi Annan 
(D) Boutros Ghali

88. Blood Sugar is measured in:
(A) mmHg
(B) mg/deciliter ✓
(D) Gram/Liter

89. Blood pressure is measured in:
(A) mmHg ✓
(B) mg/deciliter
(D) Gram/Liter

90. Which of the following is the smallest ocean of the world?
(A) Pacific
(B) Indian
(C) Atlantic
(D) Arctic ✓

91. The rising of the evening star indicates the 
(A) South Pole
(B) North Pole
(C) East
(D) West ✓

92. Where Siachen glacier is located?
(A) Baltistan ✓
(B) Hindu Kush
(C) Pamir
(D) Swat

93. Which of the following country is called land of Milk and Honey?
(A) Syria
(B) Iraq
(C) Iran
(D) Lebanon ✓

94. One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to a distance of:
(A) 96 km
(B) 80 km
(C) 55 km
(D) 112 km ✓

95. Wind blowing in a spiral form around a region of low atmospheric pressure is a
(A) Hurricane
(B) Cyclone ✓
(C) Anticyclone
(D) Tornado

96. Which of the following female mosquito is the cause of Dengue fever?
(A) Aedes Aegypties ✓
(B) Anopheles
(C) Barinohils
(D) None of these

97. Name of writer of series “Harry Potter"?
(A) Robin Clark
(B) John Smith
(C) Earnest Hemmingway
(D) J.K. Rowling ✓

98. Who was the first President of All India
Muslim League?
(A) Nawab Salim Ullah Khan ✓
(B) Sir Agha Khan
(C) Nawab Waqarul Mulk
(D) Nawab Mohsinul Mulk

99. Who led Pakistani Cricket Team in World Cup 2011?
(A) Shahid Afridi ✓
(B) Misbahul Haq
(C) Younas Khan
(D) Salman Butt

100. Pakistan lies of the tropic zone of:
(A) Cancer ✓
(B) Equator
(C) Capricorn
(D) None of them

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