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PPSC Food Supervisor Solved Past Paper 2012

PPSC Food Supervisor Solved Past Paper 2012

1. Name the cricket player who has made maximum number of one day centuries
(A) Sachin Tendulkar ✓
(B) Ricky Ponting
(C) Brian Lara
(D) Sourave Ganguly

2. Tehrir Square is located in:
(A) Iran
(B) Egypt ✓
(C) Syria
(D) Yemen

3. Bandar Seri Begawan is the largest city and the capital of a country. It's also located on a bay. What is the country and what’s the bay called?
(A) Brunei Darussalam and Brunei Bay ✓
(B) Philippines and Manila Bay
(C) Singapore and Singapore Bay
(D) Taiwan and Tan-shui Bay

4. What cape divides the Atlantic from the Indian Ocean?
(A) Western Cape
(B) Cape Town
(C) Cape Agulhas ✓
(D) Cape of Good Hope

5. Highest military award of South Africa is:
(A) Golden Leopard ✓
(B) Virtuti military
(C) War cross with sword
(D) None of these

6. Next ICC Cricket World Cup will be played In 2015 in
(A) New Zealand
(B) Australia
(C) South Africa
(D) Both a & b ✓

7. What islhe national bird of Finland?
(A) Golden Wattle
(B) Rufous-bellied Thrush
(C) Whooper Swan ✓
(D) Gallic Rooster

8. Who has been re-elected as the Russian President for the third term in May 2012?
(A) Boris Yeltsin
(B) Vladimir Putin ✓
(C) Dmitry Medvedev
(D) None of these

9. Who became the President of France in May 2012?
(A) Paul Simon
(B) Victor Ponta
(C) Francois Hollande ✓
(D) Pal Schmitt

10. Which one of the following is not a nuclear site of Iran?
(A) Qom
(B) Natanz
(C) Bushehr
(D) Abadan ✓

11. Which is the third largest landlocked country in the world?
(A) Magnolia
(B) Sudan
(C) Switzerland
(D) Chad ✓

12. Which of the following countries is a landlocked country?
(A) Uruguay
(B) Pakistan
(C) Switzerland ✓
(D) All of above

13. What is the currency of Martinique?
(A) Peso
(B) Pound
(C) France ✓
(D) Dollar

14. Capital of the Ukraine Is:
(A) Lisbon
(B) Kiev ✓
(C) Santo Domingo
(D) None of the above

15. Second Battle of Panipat was fought between Hemublkal and Akbar in
(A) 1493
(B) 1555
(C) 1556 ✓
(D) 1548

16. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of Second Round Table Conference?
(A) Ramsay MacDonald ✓
(B) Clement Attlee
(C) Neville Chamberlain
(D) None of these

17. The Gandhi-lrwin Pact Proclaimed the suspension of:
(A) Non-Cooperation Movement
(B) Dandi March
(C) Civil Disobedience Movement ✓
(D) None of these

18. Name the leader who supported Pakistan's Resolution from U.P.
(A) Ch. Khaliquz-Zaman ✓
B) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy
(C) Both a and b
(D) None of these

19. Who presented Lahore Resolution on 23rd March, 1940?
(A) Allama Iqbal
(B) Liaquat All Khan
(C) A.K. Fazl-ul-Haq ✓
(D) Quafd-e-Azam

20. Lahore Resolution is also known as
(A) League Resolution
(B) Pakistan Resolution ✓
(C) Khilafot Resolution
(D) None of these

21. Hazrat Mujadid Alf Sani was borri in:
(A) 1493
(B) 1555
(C) 1564 ✓
(D) 1548

22. East India Company established in:
(A) 1578
(B) 1614
(C) 1600 ✓
(D) 1609

23. Yasir Arafat was elected, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority in:
(A) 1993
(B) 1995
(C) 1996 ✓
(D) 1998

24. Slavery was abolished in America in:
(A) 1863
(B) 1865 ✓
(C) 1852
(D) 1871

25. Who was Lionel Jospin?
(A) Prime Minister of Belgium
(B) Prime Minister of Canada
(C) Prime Minister of Switzerland
(D) Prime Minister of France ✓

26. When Taliban regime came into power in Afghanistan?
(A) 1992
(B) 1995
(C) 1996 ✓
(D) 1994

27. Between the Balkan Peninsula (Greece) and the Anatolian peninsula (Turkey), it connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Dardanelles Strait.
(A) Aegean Sea ✓
(B) Black Sea
(C) Sea of Marmara
(D) Sea of Azov

28. What is below the crust?
(A) Absolutely Nothing
(B) Inner Core
(C) Mantle ✓
(D) Outer Core

29. Myanmar observed its Independence Day every year on:
(A) January 2
(B) January 3
(C) January 4 ✓
(D) January 5

30. How thick is the oceans' crust?
(A) 60-10m
(B) 6-10 km ✓
(C) 6-10 m
(D) 60-10 km

31. Who was Chandrikp Kumaratunga?
(A) President of Sri Lanka ✓
(B) President of Indonesia
(C) President of Bangladesh
(D) President of India

32. World Red Cross Day is observed on?
(A) 17th May
(B) 2nd May
(C) 8th May ✓
(D) 12th May

33. Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was after a long wait allowed visiting any nation. First of all she has visited:
(A) Thailand ✓
(B) Vietnam .
(C) India
(D) China

34. Pakistan successfully test-fired Hatf III missile on 10 May 2012. Another name of the missile is:
(A) Babar
(B) Ghaznavi ✓
(C) Gouri
(D) Shahin

35. CXIX is the Roman numerals for which number?
(A) 119 ✓
(B) 121
(C) 49
(D) 99

36. Who is the first Pakistan Prime Minister who convicted for Contempt of Court?
(A) Yousuf Raza Gilani ✓
(B) Raja Pervaiz Ashraf
(C) Nawaz Shareef
(D) None of These

37. Who was the captain of the Nautilus in the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea’?
(A) Birdseye
(B) Nemo ✓
(C) Pugwash
(D) Morgan

28. Name the mythical creature with a spiral horn growing from its forehead?
(A) Rhinoceros
(B) Manatee
(C) Narwhal
(D) Unicom ✓

39. Name any one of the ten black-belt grades of proficiency in judo or karate?
(A) Jon
(B) Dan ✓
(C) Col
(D) Phil

40. Name the lowest adult male singing voice?
(A) Contralto
(B) Base ✓
(C) Bass
(D) Baritone

41. What Is the fifth letter of the Greek Alphabet?
(A) Gamma
(B) Psi
(C) Delta
(D) Epsilon ✓

42. Which of the following units of measurement was NOT named after a person?
(A) Barleycorn ✓
(B) Apgar
(C) Curie
(D) Hertz

43. What U.S. city sits where the Ohio River separates into the Allegheny and the Monongahela?
(A) Pittsburgh, PA ✓
(B) Cleveland, OH
(C) Cincinnatti, OH
(D) Wheeling, WV

44. Which is NOT a scale by which to measure natural disasters?
(A) Scoville ✓
(B) Fujita-Pearson
(C) Saffir-Simpson
(D) Richter

45. Which of the following is NOT one of the colors of the Olympic rings?
(A) Red
(B) Purple ✓
(C) Blue
(D) Yellow

46. The fear of thunder and lightning is known as:
(A) Brontophobia ✓
(B) Xantnophobia
(C). Eosophobia
(D) Myrmecophobia

47. Which of the following is a mammal?
(A) Sea Dragon
(B) Minke Whale ✓
(C) Whale Shark
(D) Horseshoe Crab

48. What type of animal was the first living creature in space?
(A) Monkey
(B) Dog ✓
(C) Rat
(D) Mouse

49. What Is a group of lions called?
(A) Envy
(B) Avarice
(C) Pride ✓
(D) Sloth

50. Name Europe's highest volcano.
(A) Etna ✓
(B) Vesuvius
(C) Stromboii
(D) Hekla

51. What inhabits an apiary?
(A) Bees ✓
(B) Apes
(C) Butterflies
(D) Birds

52. What value is the Roman numeral XL?
(A) 510
(B) 60
(C) 40 ✓
(D) 490

53. Name the brother of Moses who was the first high priest of the Israelites in the Old Testament.
(A) Presley
(B) Elvis
(C) Aaron ✓
(D) Eli

54. What is the groove under the nose called?
(A) Philtrum ✓
(B) Rayon
(C) Petersham
(D) Janeiro

55. In Roman Mythology name the messenger of the gods.
(A) Mercury ✓
(B) May
(C) Deacon
(D) Taylor

56. Name the highest mountain in the Alps.
(A) Matterhorn
(B) Monte Cervino
(C) . Jungfrau
(D) Mont Blanc ✓

57. Name Germany's longest river.
(A) Rhine ✓
(B) Danube
(C) Rhone
(D) Weser

58. What Is the length of Peshawar to Karachi railway route?
(A) 1605 km
(B) 1661km
(C) 1681 km ✓
(D) 1725 km

59. The length of first railway track was
(A) 86 Km
(B) 97 Km
(C) 115 Km
(D) 169 Km ✓

60. A Granny Smith is an Australian variety of:
(A) Knot
(B) Self-contained accommodation
(C) Primitive art
(D) Apple ✓

61. Which of the five Great Lakes means 'beautiful lake'?
(A) Huron
(B) Erie
(C) Michigan
(D) Ontario ✓

62. Who wrote The Lair of the White Worm'?
(A) Mary Shelley
(B) James Herbert
(C) Stephen King
(D) Bram Stoker ✓

63. Which of the following pass connects Dir and Chitral?,
(A) Lavreri Pass ✓
(B) Babusar Pass
(C) Bolan Pass
(D) Daragai Pass

64. The largest Lake of Pakistan is
(A) Sat Para
(B) Kachura
(C) Manchhar ✓
(D) None of these

65. Slachen glacier is located in the region of:
(A) Shigar
(B) Chitral
(C) Skardu
(D) Baltistan ✓

66. Which Pass connects Chitral with Gilgit and is just 381 meters long?
(A) Lawari Pass
(B) Shangla Pass
(C) Malakand Pass
(D) Shaundur Pass ✓

67. Panjgora River is located in the Province of
(A) Punjab
(B) Sindh
(C) K.P.K ✓
(D) Baluchistan

68. Pakistan is connected through Silk Road with?
(A) India
(B) China ✓
(C) Afghanistan
(D) None of these

69. The highest point above the sea level in Pakistan is
(A) Pamir
(B) Nanga Parbat
(C) K-2 ✓
(D) Rakaposhi

70. In which province of Pakistan, the desert of Thai lies?
(A) Punjab ✓
(B) Sindh
(C) K.P.K
(D) Baluchistan

71. Which of the following was the first news agency of Pakistan?
(A) APP ✓
(D) Blue Agency

72. When the TV Transmission started in the country first time?
(A) November 24,1964
(B) November 26,1964 ✓
(C) November 28,1964
(D) November 30,1964

73. When PTV started Its colour transmission for first time?
(A) December 20, 1976 ✓
(B) December 20, 1977
(C) December 20, 1978
(D) None of these

74. Which of the following states joined Pakistan first?
(A) Khairpur
(B) Bahawalpur ✓
(C) Chitral
(D) Swat

75. The first woman Prime Minister in Pakistan was Benazir Bhutto? In which year she assumed the office?
(A) 1999
(B) 1988 ✓
(C) 1989
(D) 1998

76. First Pakistani who climbed Mount Everest on 14th May 2000 is
(A) Nazir Sabir ✓
(B) AshrafHanan
(C) Numira Saleem
(D) Muhammad Massom

77. What do you understand by Magnum opus?
(A) A great success
(B) A gigantic project
(C) A great work ✓
(D) None of these

78. What do you understand by Mala fide?
(A) Based on facts
(B) Treacherously ✓
(C) Beyond doubts
(D) None of these

79. Nobel peace prize winner M. Younas bom 1940 at
(A) Lakhnow
(B) Chittagong ✓
(C) Dehli
(D) Khulna

80. How much of the total world's land is occupied by the African continent?
(A) 22%
(B) 18%
(C) 17%
(D) 20% ✓

81. The deepest lake in the world is
(A) Red Sea
(B) Dal Lake
(C) Caspian Sea
(D) Baikal ✓

82. The study of earthquakes is:
(A) seismology ✓
(B) physiology
(C) etymology
(D) zoology

83. The science which deals with the study of the heavenly bodies is:
(A) Astrology
(B) astronomy ✓
(C) biology
(D) zoology

84. What is the meaning of Havoc?
(A) prosperity
(B) knowledge
(C) fact
(D) devastation ✓

85. What is the meaning of Huddle?
(A) arrange
(B) neutral
(C) confuse ✓
(D) genuine

86. Which country has the oldest anthem of the world?
(A) Japan ✓
(B) China
(C) Denmark
(D) UK

87. The Headquarters of the IOC is located at
(A) Olympia
(B) Lausanne ✓
(C) Paris
(D) Athens

88. The background colour of Olympic Flag is
(A) Yellow
(B) White ✓
(C) Light Blue
(D) Silver

89. Which marathon runner won the gold medal at the first modem Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896?
(A) Spyridon Louis ✓
(B) EmilZatopek
(C) AbebeBikila
(D) Waldemar Cierpinski

90. Under whose leadership the All India Muslim League was set up?
(A) Mohammed Ali Jinnah
(B) Sayyed Ahmed Khan
(C) Agha Khan ✓
(D) Nawab Salimullah of Dacca

91. The Ahrar Movement was started as a:
(A) Pro-British movement
(B) Pro-Muslim League movement
(C) National and militant movement ✓
(D) Anti-communal and anti-Muslim League movement

92. Shaheen Air Line is the name of airline of:
(A) Pakistan ✓
(B) Brunei
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Iran

93. Kigali is the name of Airport:
(A) Rwanda ✓
(B) Japan
(C) Russia
(D) Canada

94. "JANA" is the news agency of:
(A) Japan
(B) Russia
(C) Libya ✓

95. MAD is the name of secret agency of:
(A) Germany ✓
(B) United States of America
(C) London
(D) Manchester

96. World day for War orphans is observed every year on
(A) 1st January
(B) 3rd January
(C) 5th January
(D) 6th January ✓

97. World Cancer Day is observed every year on
(A) 21st February
(B) 12th February
(C) 04th February ✓
(D) 19th February

98. Which place is called the Brasilia of Pakistan?
(A) Islamabad ✓
(B) Karachi
(C) Lahore
(D) Quetta

99. Seraglio is a
(A) Ancient residence of the sultan of Turkey at Istanbul ✓
(B) A roof with small regular opening
(C) A kind of pillar supporting a building
(D) Passage for the escape of smoke

100. Which of the following cities was known earlier as 'Pearl of the Antilles'?
(A) Mumbai
(B) Cuba ✓
(C) Manila
(D) Shanghai

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