Past Papers of English 10th Class Gujranwala Board 2017 Group-II

Past Papers of  English 10th Class Gujranwala Board 2017 Group-II
Time Allowed: 20 Minutes GROUP-I Max. Marks: 19

NOTE: Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. The choice which you think is correct, fill that circle in front of that question with marker or pen ink. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.
1. The sun in the east.
(A) rise
(B) rising
(C) rises
(D) are rising

2. She English now.
(A) speak
(B) is speaking
(C) spoken
(D) are speaking

3. She the piano since 20’ Clock.
(A) play
(B) have played
(C) has been playing
(D) plays

4. It to rain an hour ago.
(A) began
(B) begin
(C) beginning
(D) will begin

5. I him next Monday.
(A) seeing
(B) shall see
(C) saw
(D) seen

Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the bubbles sheet;
6.(A) revenge
(B) reoveng
(C) reavang
(D) roivenge

7.(A) omiet
(B) omit
(C) oemit ,
(D) omiatt

8.(A) ciontost
(B) contesta
(C) contest
(D) cointast

9.(A) meroly
(B) moreliy
(C) meraloy
(D) merely

Choose the correct option and fill up the bubbles sheet:
10. The synonym of “foe” is .
(A) relative
(B) enemy
(C) friend
(D) fellow

11. This developing positive outlook has given the author the motivation he needs to become
(A) famous
(B) wealthy
(C) successful
(D) friendly

12. The synonym of “lovely” is .
(A) unattractive
(B) beautiful
(C) ugly
(D) clear

13. The antonym of “bright” is
(A) dark
(B) brilliant
(C) honest
(D) happy

14. Have you seen the man bought a book from the shop iust now?
(A) whom
(B) what
(C) which
(D) who

Choose the correct option according to the grammar and fill up the bubbles sheet:
15. “They invited us to their home yesterday”. What tense is it?
(A) past indefinite
(B) past perfect
(C) present indefinite
(D) present continuous

16. I saw mvself in the mirror. The underlined word is a/an
(A) interrogative pronoun
(B) demonstrative pronoun
(C) relative pronoun
(D) reflexive pronoun

17. Last summer, we many places.
(A) visited
(B) have visited
(C) are visiting
(D) visit

18. 1 he accident was due to his ruthlessness. The underlined word is a/an noun.
(A) collective
(B) concrete
(C) proper
(D) abstract

19. He works carefully. The underlined word is a/an .
(A) noun
(B) verb
(C) adverb
(D) pronoun

Past Papers of English 10th Class BISE Gujranwala 2017
ENGLISH (COMPULSORY) Group-II  (SUBJECTIVE TYPE) Time Allowed: 2:10 Hour Max. Marks: 56

NOTE: Write same equations number and its part number on answer book, as given in the equation paper.


2. Write short answers to any FIVE of the following questions. 2x5 = 10
(i) What made non-muslim bring their suits to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
(ii) What is Chinese belief about cleaning houses before new year day?
(iii) Why is it necessary to keep away soap form the wound?
(iv) What will happen after the rain stops?
(v) Why do some people read more than one newspapers?
(vi) In past why did people want to become a doctor, an engineer or a pilot?
(vii) Which career do you want to opt for?
(viii) Who looked after Pip after the death of his parents?


3. Translate the following paragraph into Urdu (8)
Hazart Muhammad (PBHU) practically proved that no one could be more just and equitable than the Messenger of Allah Almighty. As a young trader, he earned the food reputation of being an honest, fair and just business man. He always had fair and just dealings with all people. When the Ka’bah’ was being constructed, there arose a dispute among the people regarding the Black Stone. He advised the most equitable plan for the setting of the Black Stone.
ALTERNATE QUESTION FOR FOREIGN/ENGLISH MEDIUM CANDIDATES Re-write the above paragraph into simple English: -

4. Write down the summary of the poem “The Rain” by W.H. Davies. (5)
Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to the context:
If we strive, ‘tis no disgrace
Through we did not win the race
What should you do in that case?

5. Write an essay of 150-200 words on any one of the following topics. 15
(a). My Last Day at School
(B) Courtesy
(C) Our National Poet
Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any one of the following topics 5
(a) A Visit to Museum
(B) The Teacher I like the Best
(C) An Industrial Exhibition

6. Change any five of the following sentences into indirect form 5
(i) He said. “I am not a thief’.
(ii) He said, “’’Will you listen to me?
(iii) The pupil said, “Where have I eased?”
(iv) He said, “Alas! I am ruined”.
(v) He said to his sister, “Please say something”.
(vi) She said to me, “Tell the truth”.
(vii) She says, “I hope I am not late”.
(viii) They say, “We have done our duty”.

7. Use any five of the following pairs of words in your own sentences. 5 x 1 = (5)
(i) affect, effect (ii) fair, fare (iii) gaol, goal (iv) marry , merry
(v) prey, pray (vi) quiet, quite (vii) root, route (viii) sole , soul

8. Translate the following the following paragraph into English. 08
ایک نوجوان باغ میں بیٹھا تھا۔ وہ کچھ فکر مند تھا۔ کچھ دیر کے بعد ایک بوڑھا ادمی باغ میں داخل ہوا۔ اس نے نوجوان کو ایک خط دیا۔ نوجوان نے خط کھولا اور اسے پڑھا۔ وہ خط پڑھ کر بہت خوش ہوا۔ اس کے فکر مندی کے اچار غائب ہو گئے۔ اس نے بوڑھےادمی کا شکریہ ادا کیا۔

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