Past Papers of English 10th Class Lahore Board 2018 Group-II

Past Papers of English 10th Class Lahore Board 2018 Group-II

NOTE: Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. The choice which you think is correct, fill that circle in front of that question with marker or pen ink. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.
1. It_____ to rain an hour ago.
(A) began
(B) has begun
(C) begins
(D) was beginning

2. It _____ At present.
(A) rains
(B) was raining
(C) is raining
(D) rained

3. I _____ Him next Monday. .
(A) saw
(B) see
(C) shall see
(D) have seen

4. She _____ since morning.
(A) will be working
(B) had been working
(C) was working
(D) worked

5. She _____ Her cat very much.
(A) is loving
(B) loves
(C) love
(D) shall love

Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the bubbles sheet;
6.(A) Motevation
(B) Motivition
(C) Motivasion
(D) Motivation

7.(A) Broadcost
(B) Bradcast
(C) Broadcast
(D) Broadcast

8.(A) Association
(B) Essociation
(C) Asociation
(D) Asosiation

9.(A) Ravenge
(B) Revamge
(C) Rivenge
(D) Revenge

Choose the correct option and fill up the bubbles sheet:
10. The antonym of “mighty” is :
(A) grand
(B) strong
(C) weak
(D) powerful

11. He devised the most equitable plan for the setting of the Black Stone. The underlined word means:
(A) privileged
(B) interrogative pronoun
(C) relative pronoun
(D) reflexive

12. The antonym of “Bright” is:
(A) dark
(B) brilliant
(C) clear
(D) successful

13. The synonym of “ancestors” is:
(A) antecedent
(B) forefathers
(C) predecessor
(D) children

14. The synonym of “solace” is:
(A) that
(B) whom
(C) which
(D) who

Choose the correct option according to the grammar and fill up the bubbles sheet:
15. Our job is to keep the audience happy. The underlined word is a / an -— noun.(A) at (B)with
(C) on
(D) in

16. He was accused _____ theft.
(A) of
(B) on
(C) for
(D) at

17. Flying above the lake at this time of night seems a little dangerous. The underlined phrase is:
(A) infinitive phrase
(B) gerund phrase
(C) prepositional phrase
(D) adverbial phrase

18. If he offers me a job I _____ it.
(A) will accept
(B) would accept
(C) would have accepted
(D) had accepted

19. They invited us to their home yesterday. What tense is it?
(A) past perfect
(B) past indefinite
(C) present indefinite
(D) past continuous

Past Papers of English 10th Class BISE Lahore 2018


2. Answer any FIVE of the following questions: (10)
(i) How can people achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and social areas of life?
(ii) Why is Chinese New Year never on the same day each year/ '
(iii) How does television make us lazy?
(iv) What has motivated the author to participate so actively?
(v) Why do some people read more than one newspapers?
(vi) On what condition was the criminal allowed to leave?
(vii) Explain the phrase “Profitable livelihood”.


3. Translate into Urdu OR Re-write into simple English the following paragraph (8)
Today, life has become more dynamic and innovative. Gone are the days when the medical and engineering fields were the only available choices. Now a whole world of non-traditional careers, from IT, electronic media and web networking to online business portals and fashion designing, are available for young people.
4. Write down the summary of the poem “Try Again” written by W.E. Hickson.
Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to the context:
I hear leaves drinking rain;
I hear rich leaces on top
Giving the poor beneath
Drop after drop;
‘Tis a sweet noise to hear
These green leaves drinking near.

5. Write and essay of 150-200 words of the following topics; (15)
(a) My House.
(B) A Hockey Match
(C) Quaid-e-Azam
Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any ONE of the following topics
A Visit to the Zoo
(B) My Neighbour
(C) A Meena Bazaar.

6. Change any FIVE of the following sentences in to indirect form: (5)
(i) She said to me, “You are a lazy boy.”
(ii) They said, “We have done our duty.”
(iii) They said, “Have you ever visited Murree Hills?”
(iv) The teacher said, “Whose is this book?”
(v) The mother said to her daughter, “Please tidy up you room.”
(vi) She said to them, “Let us not deceive ourselves.”
(vii) He said, “Hurrah! We have won the match.”
(viii) She said, “May you prosper!”

7. Use any Five of the following pairs of words in your own sentences: (5)
(i) Veil, Vale (ii) Sail, Sale (iii) Quite, Quiet (iv) Minor, Miner
(v) Discover, Invent (vi) Fare, Fair (vii) Dairy, Diary (viii) Bear, Bare
Translate the following paragraph into English: (8)
انور میرا سب سے بہترین دوست ہے۔ اس کے والد ایک استاد ہیں۔ وہ بہت نیک اور ایماندر ادمی ہیں۔ انور ہمارے گھر کے قریب ہی رہتا ہے۔ اس کا مکان بہت اچھا اور خوبصورت ہے ۔ ہم اکٹھے سکول جاتے ہیں۔ شام کو میں اس کے گھر جاتا ہوں۔ ہم اکٹھے پڑھتے ہیں۔ وہ امتحان میں ہمیشہ اول اتا ہے۔ وہ صاف ستھرے کپڑے پہنتا ہے۔
Exclusively for candidates whose medium of Examination is English (Quest -8 Alternative to Urdu Translation)
10. Write ten sentences about "My Ambition”.

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