A Clear Conscience is a Soft Pillow CSS English Essay


CSS English Essay


  • Sleep, best blessing of God
  • A clean conscience the surest way to enjoy sound sleep
  • A man not having the deceiving plans, haired against others will enjoy sound sleep.

Soft pillow is symbol of peaceful sleep. We all know that sleep is the best blessing conferred on us by God. Its denial robs us of all the joys and comforts of life. Nothing, not even the total wealth of the world, can be an adequate compensation for sleeplessness. But how it can be ensured at all time?

We all know that freedom from cares and worries is very-conducive to peaceful sleep. He who is haunted by evil thoughts and anxieties over misdeeds, done or to be done, will never enjoy sound sleep. And the surest means of' keeping the mind free from such emotional disturbances is to possess a clean conscience.

A man who does not think ill of others or do wrong to others has a good conscience. He has no enemies to guard against. All love him and none hates him. He has hot brood over plans-of deceiving others or concealing his guilts committed in other spheres. He is. in short, free from fear of private enmity, legal action or social disgrace. He is happy though poor. He is respected though he may be illiterate. All these give him such a calm and serenity of mind that he is never in want of that peaceful condition of mind which is a condition precedent to sound sleep. He needs no cosy bed or feather-made pillow. Even lying his head on a stone or having the bare earth as his bed. he can sleep comfortably than the king can enjoy on his feathered bed. His clean conscience is his soft pillow and he heeds none from outside.

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