PPSC Labour Inspector Solved Past Papaers 2004

PPSC Labor Inspector Solved Past Papers 2004

1. Which is the longest river of Europ#?
(A) Volga ✓
(B) Danube
(C) Amur
(D) None of these

2. Which of the following rivers belongs to Russia?
(A) Ob
(B) Lana
(C) Amur
(D) All of above ✓

3. Which is the longest river of South America?
(A) Missouri
(B) Peru
(C) Congo
(D) Amazon ✓

4. Dln-e-llahl founded by Akbar In:
(A) 1567
(B) 1568
(C) 1582 ✓
(D) 1560

5. Which river crosses the Equator twice?
(A) Amazon River
(B) Congo River ✓
(C) Nile River
(D) Indus River

6. The oldest written language is:
(A) Sanskrit
(B) Chinese ✓
(C) Japanese
(D) English

7. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?
(A) C.V. Raman
(B) R.N. Tagore ✓
(C) Mother Teresa
(D) IA Bunin

8. Masjid Wazir Khan is located In:
(A) Multan
(B) Thatta
(C) Karachi
(D) Lahore ✓

9. Noor Jahan, Asif Jah and Jahangir's tombs are located in:
(A) Peshawar
(B) Agra
(C) Lahore ✓
(D) Dehll

10. Who was the first Chief Minister of Balochistan from May 1972 to February 1973?
(A) Abdullah Murrree
(B) Sardar Atta ullah Mengal ✓
(C) Akbar Bughtl
(D) Sardar Akhtar Mengal

11. Name the first Governor of Punjab from August 1947 to August 1949:
(A) Sardar Abdur Rub Nlshter
(B) Sir George Cunningham
(C) Khaliquzzaman
(D) Sir Francis Moody ✓

12. Phelps won all 8 of the events he competed in / the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, to break the
record of:
(A) Mark Spitz
(B) LaszloCseh
(C) RvanLochte ✓
(D) Alessio Boggiato

13. Where the 1st Champions Trophy of Hockey was played In 1976?
(A) Sri Lanka
(B) West Indies
(C) Australia
(D) Pakistan ✓

14. Tasmania separated from Australia by:
(A) Bering Strait
(B) Bass Strait ✓
(C) Strait of Gibraltar
(D) Harmoz Strait

15. Ergophobla Is a fear of:
(A) Everything
(B) Work ✓
(C) Wealth
(D) None of these

16. The Conference of Head of States of OIC Is convened every
(A) 2 years
(B) 3 years ✓
(C) 4 years
(D) 5 years

17. Heliophobia is a fear of:
(A) Sunlight ✓
(B) height
(C) Everything
(D) None of these

18. When did Pakistan launched its first space satellite Badr-1?
(A) August 10.1991
(B) July 16,1990 ✓
(C) September 12,1992
(D) October 16,1989

19. Hepatitis and jaundice are the diseases of:
(A) Heart
(B) Brain
(C) Liver ✓
(D) Alhazen

20. Wall Street is famous for:
(A) Banking, finance and stock exchange ✓
(B) Sports goods
(C) Jewellery
(D) None of these

21. Famous poet of English Shakespeare was bom in:
(A) 1535
(B) 1554
(C) 1564 ✓
(D) 1574

22. Which was a centre of culture and learning for a thousand years from 500 BC to AD 500?
(A) Harappa
(B) Mohenjodaro
(C) Taxila ✓
(D) None of these

23. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Issued Comrade English newspaper from Cuicata
(A) 27th January1912
(B) 14th January 1911 ✓
(C) 27th Januaryl 911
(D) 27th Januaryl 912

24. "Al-Halal" Urdu newspaper was issued br Maulana Abu-Kalam-Azad in:
(A) July 1913
(B) July 1914
(C) July 1912 ✓
(D) April 1916

25. Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in
(A) 1913 ✓
(B) 1914
(C) 1911
(D) 1916

26. Urdu Is our national language. Which language was declared as the official language of the country under the 1973 Constitution?
(A) English
(B) Urdu
(C) Both a & b ✓
(D) Urdu&Sindhi

27. A new province Baluchistan was established In;
(A) 1970 ✓
(B) 1971
(C) 1972
(D) 1973

28. One unit was dissolved on:
(A) 1st July 1970 ✓
(B) 1st July 1971
(C) 1st July 1972
(D) 1st July 1973

29. East Pakistan was separated from rest of the country
(A) 16th D:ecember 1970
B) 16th December 1971 ✓
C) 16th December 1972
D) 16th December 1973

30. _____ ounces are there In one pound
(A) 18
(B) 16 ✓
(C) 14
(D) 15

31. The wonder of the world *TaJ' Mahal* Is situated In the Indian state of:-
(A) Uttar Pradesh ✓
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) None of these

32. State of Kashmir was the biggest state in the sub continent situated In the northern part of Indo Pak continent having boundaries with
(A) China
(B) Pakistan
(C) India
(D) All of these ✓

33. The Magna Carta was signed by King John on:
(A) 15th June 1215 ✓
(B) 15th August 1225
(C) 15th June 1235
(D) None of above

34. Marco Polo was the famous:
(A) Traveller ✓
(B) Scientist
(C) Politician
(D) None of above

35. What is the height of Angels Water-fall?
(A) 3081 feet
(B) 3181 feet
(C) 3212 feet ✓
(D) 3381 feet

36. Derawar Fort Is located near
(A) Multan
(B) Bahawalpur ✓
(C) Jehanlan
(D) AhmadpurEast

37. Who was the founder of Democratic Party of USA?
(A) Franklin Roosevelt
(B) Thomas Jefferson ✓
(C) Kennedy
(D) George Washington

38. Name the battle In which Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA) participated for the first time?
(A) Badr
(B) Khyber
(C) Mota ✓
(D) Khandaq

39. Name the first person among Infidels of Arabia whose gift was accepted by the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
(A) Abu Lahab
(B) Abu Sufyan ✓
(C) Abu Jehl
(D) Umar bln Hasham

40. The largest army that ever marched out of Medina was In
(A) GhazwaUhad
(B) Ghazwa Tabuk ✓
(C) GhazwaSaweeq
(D) GhazwaAhzab

41. Who first one gave royal gift to the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
(A) Ruler of Iran
(B) AbulHakam
(C) Najashl ✓
(D) Abu Sufyan

42. What can be the maximum duration of light to reach from sun to earth?
(A) 12.5 minutes
(B) 8 minutes 30 seconds ✓
(C) 1 hour 40 seconds
(D) There Is no maximum duration

43.  is known as The Land of the Thousand Lakes.
(A) Finland ✓
(C) UK
(D) Russia

44. Hamun Maskhel Lake present In Baluchistan plateau. It Is lake of:
(A) Freshwater
(B) Hard water
(C) Saltwater ✓
(D) None of these

45. A light year:
(A) 8.46 trillion kilometers
(B) 9.46 trillion kilometers ✓
(C) 10.46 trillion kilometers
(D) None of. these

46. Muhammad Bin Zlkrya Al-Razi prepared alcohol by using the process of
(A) Distillation
(B) Fermentation ✓
(C) Crystallization
(D) Evaporation

47. Inertia of matter was identified by
(A) Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi
(B) Al-Bairuni
(C) Bu Ali Sina
(D) Ibn-ul-Haitham ✓

48. lived In Sinkiang province of China?
(A) Tatars
(B) Vedics
(C) Huns ✓
(D) Bnatu

58. What is the Khmer Rouge?
(A) A communist movement In Russia
(B) A communist movement In China
(C) A communist movement in Japan
(D) A communist movement In Cambodia ✓

60. The famous book of Ibn-ul-Haitham is
(A) Al-Chemia
(B) Al-Kitab
(C) Kitab-ul-Mlnazir ✓
(D) AI-Khalls507

61. Nightingale Florence (belongs to Britain) was a:
(A) Soldier
(B) Nurse ✓
(D) Religious reformer
(D) None of the above

62. Who Is the poet of the famous poem of Balochi language “Dulhan?"
(A) Jam Darag
(B) Jamal Ishaq
(C) Ishaq Shamin ✓
(D) None of these

63. Badshahi Mosque (1673) located in Lahore was built by:
(A) Aurangzeb Alamgir ✓
(B) Shah Jahan
(C) Akbar
(D) Jahangir

64. When Pakistan won gold medal for the first time In Olympics?
(A) 1960 ✓
(B) 1961
(C) 1962
(D) 1963

65. Which of the following is second name of Football game?
(A) Golf
(B) Snooker
(C) Squash
(D) Soccer ✓

66. On which day were the first modem Olympics declared open at Athens:
(A) January 16,1898
(B) April 6,1897
(C) March 18,1896 ✓
(D) April 20,1897

67. Who was the first Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?
(A) Ishrat Kamal
(B) Saeed Hamid
(C) Zahld Hussain ✓
(D) Rashid Naqvl

68. The first Pakistani Postal stamp was issued In:
(A) September 1947
(B) August 1948
(C) December 1947
(D) July 1948 ✓

69. Who said "Democracy is government of the people by the people for the people"?
(A) Ibrahim Lincoln ✓
(B) WalteirScote
(C) George Washington
(D) Jean Austin

70. A colour television set makes colours by mixing light of which three different colours?
(A) Blue, Green and Yellow
(B) Blue, Red and Yellow
(C) Blue, Green and Red ✓
(D) Green, Black and Red

71. Cambal pure is the old name of:
(A) Jakababad
(B) Attack ✓
(C) Pakpattan
(D) None of these

72. Which Is the largest religion in the world?
(A) Islam
(B) Hinduism
(C) Christianity ✓
(D) Judaism

73. The European Union was established with its headquarters at Brussels in:
(A) 1954
(B) 1957 ✓
(C) 1956
(D) 1955

74. Where European Union's headquarter is located:
(A) Paris
(B) England
(C) Berlin
(D) Brussels ✓

75. Klmpo Airport is situated in:
(A) N. Korea
(B) S.Korea ✓
(C) Laos
(D) None of these

76. News agency of Morocco Is called:
(A) MAP ✓
(D) Mao

77. The highest peak of Karakoram Range is:
(A) Pamir
(B) Nanga Parbat
(C) K-2 ✓
(D) Rakaposhi

78. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed every year on:
(A) 23rd November
(B) 21th November
(C) 25th November
(D) 29th November ✓

79. Who directed the film "Jurassic Park"?
(A) Robert Browning
(B) Bob Wordward
(C) Steven Spielberg ✓
(D) None of these

80. "In the line of Fire" Is the autobiography of
(A) General Pervez Musharraf ✓
(B) Paul Kennedy
(C) Jeorge W. Bush
(D) None of these

81. Which country has received maximum Nobel prizes after its institution?
(A) Germany
(B) France
(C) USA ✓
(D) U.K.

82. Haleji Lake Is situated in:
(A) Punjab
(B) Sindh ✓
(C) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(D) None of these

83. Kachura Lake is situated in:
(A) Gilgit
(B) Kaghan Valley
(C) Skardu ✓
(D) None of these

84. What is the second independent state in the world?
(A) San Mareno
(B) Maldives
(C) Monaco ✓ (Monaco is the second-smallest independent state in the world.)
(D) Bermuda
Vatican City (0.44 km2) Technically, the tiny walled enclave of Vatican City is not a country but a 'sovereign city-state' ruled by the whichever Pope is currently in office. Whatever the case, with a mere 900 residents, it's the smallest independent state in the world, by both area and population.

85. What do you understand by Ex-parte?
(A) On one side only ✓
(B) An affair of the heart
(C) Party in opposition
(D) None of these

86. What do you understand by Douceur?
(A) Timetable
(B) Bribe ✓
(C) A first attempt
(D) None of these Christopher Columbus was the founder of USA belonged to

(A) Spain
(B) England
(C) France
(D) Italy ✓

88. Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Is buried In:
(A) Kasur
(B) Pakpatan
(C) Swhwan Sharif ✓
(D) Multan

88. East India Company established In
(A) 1578
(B) 1614
(C) 1600 ✓
(D) 1609

89. Bernier visited India during the reign of:
(A) Akbar
(B) Jahangir
(C) Shahjahan
(D) Aurangzeb ✓

90. Which place Is called “city of seas"?
(A) Sydney ✓
(B) Tokyo
(C) Karachi
(D) None of these

92. 'Riksdag* Is the Parliament of:
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq
(C) Sweden ✓
(D) United States

93. Yusuf Zulekha was written by:
(A) Ghulam Rasul ✓
(B) Bulhe Shah
(C) Hashim Shah
(D) WarisShah

94. Victoria Hospital Is In:
(A) Bahawalpur ✓
(B) Multan
(C) D.G. Khan
(D) D.l. Khan

95. The Tomb of Rukn-e-Alam Is in:
(A) Bahawalpur
(B) Hasan Abdal
(C) D.G. Khan
(D) Multan ✓

96. The head of the Suhrawardia Sllsila Is:
(A) Shah Din Alam
(B) Ghias-ud-DIn Alam ,
(C) Baha-ud-DIn Zakariya ✓
(D) Shah Rukn-e-Alam

97. Atlas mountains are present In:
(A) South Africa
(B) Morocco ✓
(C) Niger
(D) Congo

98. First country who Issued currency notes In the world
(A) Greece
(B) China ✓
(C) Italy
(D) Russia

99. Kremlin Is a fortress where there are government offices, palaces and churches is In
(A) Japan
(B) China
(C) Russia ✓
(D) Thailand

100. Which gas Is used in decoration lighting?
(A) Oxygen
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Neon ✓

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