Light Sorrows Speak, Great Ones Are Dumb CSS English Essay


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  • The way to unburden our heavy hearts is to talk and share the sorrow
  • Some deep pains are not expressive so causing the devastation of offerer's mind
  • The agony of grueling onslaughts cause dumbness in sufferer
  • Great pains, cause of isolation

Usually sorrows and pains find relief through expression in one form or another. When we cannot find words to let out our unhappiness, we wail and moan, and thereby unburden our heavy hearts. When we are smitten by the pangs of loss, failure, disappointment or thwarted desires and our hearts feel sore; we have to talk and share the sorrow so that it does not feel unbearable.

But yet there are pains which are too deep for words. Our senses respond promptly to our experience, but when a certain limit is reached, the senses may fail altogether. And at that stage a numbness overcomes our consciousness. In that torpor our body and mind become partly para lysed and quite incapable of displaying any normal reaction. It is not unusual that a sudden shock gives such a stunning blow to a person that he loses his mental balance for ever. At times the pain he is bearing is so devastating that the mind can scarcely perceive of it. When a man sees his whole world of hope and dreams, the very purpose of his existence crashing before him irretrievably, all that he can do is to stand and stare with a vacant look.

Words may prove poor vehicles of expression when the grief is of a towering-magnitude. Insufferable agony may froth and foam inside a closed heart and try in vain to find a channel. For want of adequate language one may fail to bemoan one’s sorrows. There are miseries and tragedies in life for which no words have as yet been coined. Such speechless sorrows also strike a person dumb.

Sorrows may be so deep rooted that no amount of words or tears can minimize its grueling, piercing onslaughts. Expression in such cases fails to bring any solace or peace. A sufferer lightens the load of his misery by sharing it with his friends and near ones. But all great sorrows penetrate the very core of one’s innermost being, and settle there instead of giving one eloquence: Thus the sufferer becomes incapable of purging out the corrosive feelings that eat away his poor heart.

A great pain’ isolates a man from hrs fellow-beings and renders him utterly lonely. The world after all is a callous place. Everyone goes about his own affairs. None has the time or inclination to minister to other’s comfort and share the grim fate of others. So a tragedy tends to make a man a spiritual recluse who will scrupulously guard his sorrow from the. gaze of the public and bear its torture alone in absolute silence.

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