FPSC Assistant Director Ministary of Defence Solved Past Paper 2004



1. In which of the following countries Special Equity Courts exist?
(a) Amenca
(b) England ✓
(c) Pakistan
(d) India

2. “The Politics" is considered as the first book on the art of government, identify the author:
(a) Socrates
(b) Plato
(c) Aristotle ✓
(d) Adam Smith

3. “Thomas Cup" s given for the game:
(a) Lawn Tennis
(b) Golf
(c) Table Tennis
(d) Badminton ✓

4. The Nobel Prize for Peace is given in the city of:
(a) Stockholm
(b) Oslo ✓
(c) Brussels
(d) Copenhagen

5. Identify the world’s largest “Peninsula”:
(a) Alaska
(b) Scandinavia
(c) Arabia ✓
(d) Labrador

6. What is the length of “Great Wall of China"?
(a) 2400 km ✓
(b) 2600 km
(c) 3200 km
(d) 3400 km

7. Which is largest gland in the human body?
(a) Pancreas
(b) Lachrymal
(c) Liver ✓
(d) Sweat Glands

8. Who is the founder of “Scout Movement”?
(a) Robert Baden Powell ✓
(b) E. O. Lawrence
(c) Maccollins
(d) Nicoba Tesla

9. Which group of the following countries are not members of UN?
(a) Laos, Madagascar, Dominica ✓
(b) Monaco, San Marino, Dominica
(c) Burundi, Cape Verde, Switzerland
(d) All are members

10. International “Date Line" is located on:
(a) 180° Latitude
(b) 180° Longitude ✓
(c) 90° Latitude
(d) 90° Longitude

11. The first Pakistani who became the judge of “international Court of Justice" was:
(a) Durab Petel
(b) M.R. Kiani
(c) Sir Zafarullah Khan ✓
(d) None of above

12. The UN Security Council Consists of:
(a) 5 members
(b) 11 members
(c) 15 members ✓
(d) 20 members

13. The Suez Canal Connects:
(a) Indian Ocean and Pacific
(b) Atlantic and South China Sea
(c) Black Sea and the Mediterranean
(d) Mediterranean and the Red Sea ✓

14. The headquarters of the “Asian Development Bank” is at:
(a) Jakarta
(b) Tokyo
(c) Kuala Lumpur
(d) Manila ✓

15. Which Strait separates India from Sri Lanka?
(a) the Palk Strait ✓
(b) Malacca Strait
(c) Strait of Hormuz
(d) None of these

16. The Digital Computer operates on:
(a) Binary system ✓
(b) Octal system
(c) Hexadecimal system
(d) Decimal system

17. The Constitution of Pakistan 1973, can be amended:
(a) With the simple majority vote in the two houses of parliament.
(b) With two-third majority in the National Assembly and a simple majority of the Senate.
(c) With two third majority of both the houses of parliament ✓
(d) With the approval of Provincial Legislatures.

18. Identify “Software" in computer technology:
(a) Physical equipment
(b) Collection of programmes ✓
(c) Graphical representation
(d) None of these

19. “Disarmament” conveys the meaning:
(a) Reduction of armaments
(b) Abandonment of armaments
(c) Reduction of armed forces
(d) All of these ✓

20. The number of chromosomes present in a man, including the two (X&Y), which determine the sex of an organism are:
(a) 23
(b) 26 ✓
(c) 46
(d) 56

21. An ordinance promulgated by the President of Pakistan stands repealed at the expiration of'
(a) Three months ✓
(b) Four months
(c) Six months
(d) Nine months

22. No person shall be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan unless he has been a judge of a high Court for a period of:
(a) Five years ✓
(b) Seven years
(c) Nine years
(d) Fifteen years

23. What is the function of Internet?
(a) To receive e-mail
(b) To advertise commercial products
(c) To connect one computer to another ✓
(d) All of these

24. What do you understand by the term “Kerb” in foreign currency dealings?
(a) The exchange rate of currencies in the open market ✓
(b) The exchange rate of currencies determined by the State Bank of Pakistan
(c) All sort of monetary dealings in foreign currencies within the stock exchange.
(d) None of these

25. In Pakistan, Ushr began to be collected from the:
(a) Rabi crop of 1982-83 ✓
(b) Kharif crop of 1981-82
(c) Rabi crop of 1983-84
(d) None of these

26. When third martial law was lifted?
(a) Dec 28,1985
(b) Dec 29, 1985
(c) Dec 31, 1985 ✓
(d) Dec 30, 1985

27. President Zia, after execution of ZA Bhutto found it difficult to control province?
(a) Punjab
(b) Sindh ✓
(c) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(d) Baluchistan

28. Which political party launched an offensive against Zia?
(a) Muslim League
(b) PPP ✓
(c) Awami Party
(d) ANP

29. Quartizite is metamorphosed from
(a) Limestone
(b) Obsidian ✓
(c) Sandstone
(d) Shale

30. Which of the following cell organelles play the most significant role in protein synthesis?
(a) Lysosome and Centrosome
(b) Endoplasmic reticulum and Ribosome ✓
(c) Golgi apparatus and Mitochondria
(d) Lysosome and Mitochondria

31. The term '16 yards hit' is associated with
(a) Badminton
(b) Baseball
(c) Polo
(d) Hockey ✓

32. Which of the following animals can hear ultrasonic sound?
(a) Cat
(b) Rat
(c) Bat ✓
(d) Squirrel

33. Who is the founder of Wikipedia?
(a) Jimmy Wales ✓
(b) Rowne Descgrtes
(c) Bill Gates
(d) None of the above

34. A mobile phone sends and receives messages through
(a) Sound waves
(b) Micro waves
(c) UA/waves
(d) Radio waves ✓

35. Muslim Students Federation (MSF) was established in 1937 by
(a) Abdur Rab Nishtar
(b) Raja Sahib of Mehmud Abad ✓
(c) Raja Gazanfir Ali
(d) Sir Agha Khan

36. Name the person who presented 'Chenab Formula' to resolve the Kashmir dispute
(a) Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan ✓
(b) Ali Shah Gilani
(c) Barrister Sultan Mahmood
(d) None of the above

37. Who introduced the principle of the Doctrine of Lapse?
(a) Clive
(b) Cornwallis
(c) Hastings
(d)Dalhousie ✓

38. Dome of Rock is located in
(a) Jerusalem ✓
(b) Lebanon
(c) Jordan
(d) Iraq

39. SIM stands for:
(a) Single in-line Module
(b) Single in-line Memory
(c) Subscriber identity Module ✓
(d) Subscriber identity Memory

40. Which gas is used in electric bulb?
(a) Nitrogen ✓
(b) Hydrogen
(c) Carbon dioxide
(d) Cholorine

41. The wonder of the world Taj Mahal’ (Agra) is situated in the Indian state:
(a) Uttar Pradesh ✓
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) None of them

42. Greenwich Mean Time was established in
(a) 1864
(b) 1880
(c) 1884 ✓
(d) 1892

43. The number of amendments in Pakistan’s constitution are:
(a) 13
(b) 14
(c) 17
(d)19 ✓

44. The Magna Carta was signed by King John on
(a) 15th June 1215 ✓
(b) 15th August 1225
(c) 15th June 1235
(d) None of above

45. The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with
(a) France
(b) Germany
(c) Russia ✓
(d) England

46. Name the country through which equator passes:
(a) Indonesia ✓
(b) China
(c) Malta
(d) Pakistan

47. Who first pioneered the idea of a blood bank?
(a) Booker T, Washington
(b) George Washington Carver
(c) Jonas Salk
(d) Charles Drew ✓

48. Which of the following countries became the last member of UNO?
(a) Kosovo
(b) East Timor
(c) Montenegro
(d) South Sudan ✓

49. “Decision Points” Book is written by
(a) Barack Obama
(b) George W Bush ✓
(c) Asif Ali Zardari
(d) AIGore

50. Which of the following is the oldest Parliament of world?
(a) National congress
(b) National Assembly
(c) Bondesrat
(d) Althing ✓
51. Who is the largest shareholder of Worid Bank?
(a) Japan
(b) Germany
(c) USA ✓
(d) United Kingdom

52. Headquarter of World Bank Is located In
(a) Geneva
(b) Washington DC ✓
(c) London
(d) New York

53. The new name of British Guiana Is:
(a) Tuvalu
(b) Greenland
(c) Guyana ✓
(d) Gold Coast

54. Cambodia is the new name of:
(a) Formosa
(b) Kampuchea ✓
(c) Nyasaland
(d) Manchukus

55. Religion Shintoism is followed in which of the following countries?
(a) China
(b) Thailand
(c) Japan ✓
(d) Nepal

56. The headquarters of FAO is in:
(a) Geneva
(b) Rome ✓
(c) London
(d) Paris

57. Who among the following rulers fought the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in which he was killed?
(a) The Nizam
(b) Aurangzeb
(c) Tipu Sultan ✓
(d) Shivaji

58. The earliest Surat factories were established by the:
(a) Portuguese
(b) Dutch
(c) English ✓
(d) French

59. Name the longest tunnel which is under construction since long period?
(a) Khojack Tunnel
(b) Kachura Tunnel
(c) Lawari Tunnel ✓
(d) Chiantar Tunnel

60. Name the Province which have longest coastline?
(a) Balochistan ✓
(b) Sindh
(c) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(d) None of these

61. The Governor George Cunningham directed by the Government of Pakistan to dismiss the NWFP Congress Ministry headed by Khan Sahib on:
(a) 22nd August, 1947 ✓
(b) 14lh August 1948
(c) 3rd July 1949
(d) 15th August 1947

62. The person who was invited to form the NWFP Government after dismissal of the Congress Ministry headed by Khan Sahib was:
(a) NWFP Muslim League head, Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan ✓
(b) NWFP Muslim League head, Wall Khan
(c) NWFP Muslim League head, Nasrullah Babar
(d) None of the above

63. The first person appointed as Head of the Pakistani delegation to the UN on 13th September, 1947 was:
(a) Mrs.Tasaddaq Hussain ✓
(b) Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan
(c) Fatima Jinnah
(d) None of the above

64. The first US ambassador to Pakistan was:
(a) Stephen Cohen
(b) George Bush
(c) Paul H. Ealing (assumed charge on 23rd September, 1947) ✓
(d) None of the above

65. A man buys shirts at Rs.80 each and sells them at Rs.100 each. What percentage of profit does he make on the sale of each shirt?
(a) 28%
(b) 40%
(c) 25% ✓
(d) 80%

66. A steel rod has a diameter of 2.25cm Express its diameter in millimeter?
(a) 22.5mm ✓
(b) 0.25min
(c) 0.46mm
(d) 0.49m

67. The original price of a perfume is Rs.250. The discount is allowed 25% in sale. What is the sale price?
(a) 187.5 Rs ✓
(b) 210 Rs
(c) 1870 Rs
(d) 130 Rs

68. The original price of a gift pack is 80 Rs. A discount of 15% is allowed in shop. What is the sale price.
(a) 65 Rs
(b) 68 Rs ✓
(c) 61 Rs
(d) 50 Rs

69. A man buys calculators at Rs.120 each and sells them at Rs.150 each. What percentage of profit does he make on the sale of each calculator?
(a) 50%
(b) 30%
(c) 10%
(d) 25% ✓

70. Two cyclists start biking from a trail’s start 3 hours apart. The second cyclist travels at 10 miles per hour and starts 3 hours after the first cyclist who is traveling at 6 miles per hour. How much time will pass before the second cyclist catches up with the first from the time the second cyclist started biking?
A. 2 hours
B. 4 1/2 hours ✓
C. 5 3/4 hours
D. 6 hours

Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word

(a) Stressed
(b) Urged ✓
(c) Demanded
(d) Emphasised

(a) Promote ✓
(b) Inform
(c) Proclaim
(d) Enforce

(a) Treacherous ✓
(b) Slow
(c) Pessimistic
(d) Unfortunate

(a) Inescapable ✓
(b) Crowded
(c) Solitary
(d) Defensive

75. WILT
(a) Collapse ✓
(b) Strike
(c) Challenge
(d) Warn

(a) Violence
(b) Insolence
(c) Prudence ✓
(d) Silence

(a) Active
(b) Frank ✓
(c) Skilful
(d) Smart

(a) Good-looking ✓
(b) Gentle
(c) Noble
(d) Polite

Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the italicized bold part of the sentence

79. An enquiry was ordered to ascertain the actual cause of the accident.
(a) discover
(b) investigate
(c) determine ✓
(d) prove

80. Whatever the verdict of history may be, Chaplin will occupy a unique plate in its pages.
(a) prediction
(b) outcome
(c) judgment ✓
(d) voice

81. Miss Universe pageant was really worth seeing.
(a) contest
(b) show ✓
(c) function
(d) carnival

82. Shazia painted some delightful pictures of children.
(a) funny
(b) colourful
(c) charming ✓
(d) happy

83. He did not make any attempt to placate her.
(a) please
(b) pacify ✓
(c) serve
(d) satisfy

84. The actor with many graces leaves the stage end becomes only a memory in a world of happy memories.
(a) delicacies
(b) tarn
(c) charms ✓
(d) gestures

85 During negotiations, the Managing director remained obdurate.
(a) adamant ✓
(b) tough
(c) co-operative
(d) flexible

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word

(a) Uneducated
(b) Uncivilised
(c) Unintelligent
(d) Unknown ✓

(a) Warn
(b) Disapprove
(c) Dampen
(d) Discourage ✓

(a) Crime
(b) Mischief
(c) Guilt ✓
(d) Sin

(a) Patient
(b) Generous
(c) Kind ✓
(d) Simple

(a) Urban
(b) Delicate
(c) Bright ✓
(d) Sweet

(a) Safe ✓
(b) Playful
(c) Virulent
(d) Forgiving

(a) Gaudy
(b) Generous
(c) Extravagant ✓
(d) Charitable

(a) Absolve
(b) Infuriate
(c) Accuse ✓
(d) Vindicate

Directions: Each of the following questions consists of a word or phrase which is italicised bold in the sentence given. It is followed by certain words or phrases. Select the word or phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the italicised bold word or phrase.

94. I know you would have to prolong your tour; but still I advise you to complete this job also,
(a) Restrain
(b) curtail ✓
(c) Hinder
(d) obstruct

95. He found an ancient statue in the village.
(a) Fresh
(b) new
(c) Recent
(d) modem
(e) Refreshed ✓

96. His knowledge of the subject is quite extensive.
(a) Ordinary
(b) little
(c) Limited ✓
(d) restricted

97. He abdicated his post of his own accord.
(a) Acquired
(b) inherited
(c) Seized
(d) usurped ✓

98. This is a trivial matter.
(a) Difficult
(b) easy
(c) Small
(d) important ✓

99. Elephants, when they go wild, ought to be killed.
(a) Tame ✓
(b) meek
(c) Mild
(d) domestic

100. Her coming to this place tomorrow is definite.
(a) Doubtful ✓
(b) regrettable
(c) Questionable
(d) unpredictable

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