FPSC Junior Admin Officer in Ministery of Defence Solved Past Paper 2004

FPSC Junior Admin Officer in Ministery of Defence Solved Past Paper 2004



Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
1. We the bus. Now we’ll have to walk.
(A) miss
(B) missed
(C) have missed ✓
(D) have been missed

2. We some of the players after the performance was over.
(A) had contacted
(B) were contacted
(C) were contacting
(D) contacted ✓

3. I you all my books if you promise to be regular in your studies.
(A) lend
(B) shall lend ✓
(C) would lend
(D) would be lent

4. I wish I harder
(A) was worked
(B) had worked ✓
(C) have been worked
(D) had been worked

5. Three hours will have passed when the bell
(A) will ring
(B) rings ✓
(C) will be ringing.
(D) will be rung.

6. You to complete your homework before you go out.
(A) must
(B) ought ✓
(C) should
(D) must have

7. I got up early so that I cover most of the distance before noon.
(A) would
(B) could
(C) might ✓
(D) ought to

8. so many books? How are you going to read them?
(A) Need you to buy
(B) Need you buy ✓
(C) Must you need buy
(D) Need you have to buy

9. so kind as to close the window?
(A) Will you be
(B) Would you be ✓
(C) Would you have been
(D) You may.be

10. When I reached there, I realised that I
(A) needn’t have gone ✓
(B) needn't to have gone
(C) must have not gone
(D) mustn’t to have gone. .

11. Superstitions in by many people.
(A) still believed
(B) are still believing
(C) are still believed ✓
(D) have still believed

12. He a written test before he was appointed.
(A) has been given
(B) will be given
(C) had been given ✓
(D) gave

13. He if we think it necessary.
(A) has been interviewed
(B) will be interviewed ✓
(C) would have been interviewed
(D) had interviewed

14. I could not use his car because it 
(A) was having repaired.
(B) was being repaired. ✓
(C) had being repaired.
(D) was-repairing.

15. It is time for the shops
(A) should be closed.
(B) to have been closet.
(C) to being closed.
(D) to be closed. ✓

Fill the blanks with prepositions

16. The magistrate acquitted him the charge.
(A) of ✓
(B) off
(C) from
(D) out of

17. They discussed  the matter for many hours without arriving at any conclusion.
(A) on
(B) about
(C) over
(D) no preposition ✓

Mark the phrase that gives meaning of the word

18. Philistine
(A) One who does not care for literature or art ✓
(B) One wno is a fine judge of literature or art
(C) One who is old-fashioned as far as art and literature are concerned?
(D) Devoted to music

19. Explicit
(A) Trade prohibited by law
(B) Drawing out a secret from somebody
(C) Comparison that is out of place
(D) Statement that is absolutely clear ✓

20. Wardrobe
(A) A place where horses are kept
(B) A place where planes are kept
(C) A place where official records are kept
(D) A place where clothes are kept ✓


21. CAR is an abbreviation of
(A) Central Asian Republicans ✓
(B) Central Asian Revolution
(C) Central Arabian Revolution
(D) Central Amercian Revolution

22. When Pakistan’s Minister of State for Economic Affairs visited CAR?
(A) 1990
(B) 1991 ✓
(C) 1992
(D) 1993

23. SAARC is abbreviation of
(A) South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation ✓
(B) South Asian Association for Re-formative Co-operation
(C) South Asian Association for Reconstruction Co-operation
(D) South Asian Association for Re-habitiation Co-operation

24. SAARC is which type of organization?
(A) National
(B) International
(C) Regional ✓
(D) Local

25 Neploeon was defeated by?
(A) Wellington ✓
(B) Nelson
(C) Hasting
(D) None of above

26 Lisbon is the capital of?
(A) Peru
(B) Monaco
(C) Portugal ✓
(D) Kenya

27 The SAF (South Asian Federation) Game, as a part of the SAARC programme, was first held in
(A) 1964
(B) 1974
(C) 1984 ✓
(D) 1994

28 When first SAARC summit held in Dhaka?
(A) 5-6 December, 1985
(B) 6-7 December. 1985
(C) 7-8 December, 1985 ✓
(D) 8-9 December, 1985

29. Hanging gardens are
(A) Egypt
(B) Syria
(C) Jordan
(D) Iraq ✓

30. When Pakistan became the member of Non Alliegned Movement?
(A) 1977
(B) 1978
(C) 1979
(D) 1987 ✓

31. Ghulam Muhammad Barrage was constructed on River
(A) Kabul
(B) Swat
(C) Jhelum
(D) Indus ✓

32 The world’s largest undersea railway tunnel is proposed to be-constructed between:
(A) France and England
(B) Canada and USA
(C) Russia and Japan ✓
(D) Japan and South Korea

33. What do you understand by ’Intifada’?
(A) Truce
(B) Peacp
(C) Uprising ✓
(D) Ethnically

34 The proposed 'Basha Dam on Indus River would be constructed in
(B) Northern Areas ✓
(C) Punjab
(D) None

35 Too much presence of one of the following salts in human blood' increases the risk of a heart attack, the salt is:
(A) Potassium ✓
(B) Calcium
(C) Iron
(D) Magnesium

36 The agro based industry is:
(A) Poultry farming
(B) Fishery
(C) Livestock
(D) All of above ✓

37. The extinct volcano “Koh-i-Sultan" in Balochistan contains the deposits of
(A) Chromite
(B) Sulphur ✓
(C) Gypsuny
(D) Bauxite

38. The minimum annual rainfall in Pakistan was recorded at
(A) Kalat
(B) Noshki
(C) Nokkundi ✓
(D) Panjgur

39. The US government has initiated a nuclear missile defence shield programme by the name of:
(A) National Missile Defence ✓
(B) International Missile Defence System
(C) Antiballistic Missile Shield
(D) Intercontinental Missile Defence Sysfem

40. ‘ZIANA’ is-a news agency of:
(A) Zambia
(B) Zimbabwe ✓
(C) New Zealand
(D) Zaire

41. ‘Mauritius’ is an island state in the:
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean ✓
(D) Artie Ocean

42. ‘Parkinson’ is a disease of:
(A) Brain ✓
(B) Heart
(C) Lungs
(D) Bones

43. 'NIKKEI' is a stock exchange index of:
(A) New York
(B) Tokyo ✓
(C) Hong Kong
(D) London

44. The present government has renamed the ‘Micro Finance Bank' as:
(A) Supporting Bank
(B) Kisan Bank
(C) Khushhali ✓
(D) Cooperative Bank

45. The world’s free economy’ with lowest taxes and lack of trade barriers is that of:
(A) Hong Kong ✓
(B) Singapore
(C) Ireland
(D) New Zealand

46. A nuclear agriculture research centre of Pakistan has developed a new variety of wheat crop by the name of:
(A) Sarhad
(B) Fakhre
(C) Naib-78 ✓
(D) Soghat

47. District “Swat" belongs to
(A) Peshawar Division
(B) Hazara Division
(C) Mardan Division
(D) Malakand Division ✓

48. The normal pulse beat of a human body is between:
(A) 72-80 ✓
(B) 82-90
(C) 92-98
(D) None

49. The biggest market of Pakistani exports is:
(A) USA ✓
(B) UK
(C) China
(D) Saudi Arabia

50. The headquarter of United Nations Environmental Programme is situated at:
(A) Nairobi ✓
(B) Berne
(C) Vienna
(D) Ottawa
51. 3/1000 written as a fraction is:
(A) 0.3
(B) 0.003 ✓
(C) 0.03
(D) 0 0003

52. While watching TV'from 7 pm to .8 p.m. you count 20 commercials, each 30 second long. What nearest percent of the hour is taken by the commercials.
(A) 17%
(B) 46%
(C) 13%
(D) None ✓

53. On neon sign blinks every 6 seconds. Another neon sign blinks every 8 seconds. If they blink together and you begin counting seconds, how many seconds after they will next blink together?
(A) 4 seconds
(B) 10 seconds
(C) 14 seconds
(D) None ✓

54. In a caravan, in addition to 50 hens there are 45 goats and 8 camels with some keepers. If the total number of feet be 224 more than the number of heads, find the number of keepers.
(A) 15 ✓
(B) 14
(C) 16
(D) 47

55. A mixture contains alcohol and water in the ratio of 12:5. On adding 14 litres of water, the ratio of alcohol to water becomes 43. The quantity of alcohol in the mixture is:
(A) 18 litres
(B) 24 litres
(C) 26 litres
(D) None ✓

56. Express 78 as percentage:
(A) 67 1/2%
(B) 31%
(C) 97 1/2%
(D) None ✓

57. The radius of a sphere is increased by 10%. The surface area increases by:
(A) 21% ✓
(B) 31%
(C) 41%
(D) None

58. The average of 7 consecutive numbers is 33. The largest of these number is:
(A) 36 ✓
(B) 33
(C) 30
(D) 28

59. If x3 + 1x3 = 52, the value of x + 1x is:
(A) 4
(B) 3
(C) 6
(D) 13 ✓

60. If 4a = 8b, what is he ratio of a to b?
(A) 12
(B) 23 ✓
(C) 32
(0) 24

61. A 100 meters long train passes a bridge @ 72 km/hr in 25 seconds. What is the length of the
' Bridge?
(A) 400 m
(B) 170 m
(C) 600 m ✓
(D) None

62. If 5x2 - 4x - 1 is divided by x - 1, the remainder is:
(A) 0 ✓
(B) 2
(C) 1
(D) None

63. During a 5-day festival, the number of visitors tripled each day. If the festival opened on a Thursday with 345 visitors, what was the attendance on that Sunday?
(A) 345
(B) 1,035
(C) 1,725
(D) 3,105
(E) 9,315 ✓

64. All sold a table Rs.800 which he was bought for Rs.1000. What is his % loss?
(A) 20% ✓
(B) 60%
(C) 14%
(D) 17%

65. The area of the kitchen is n times the area of the balcony. Hence n is
(A) 1 1/2
(B) 2 1/2 ✓
(C) 3 1/2
(D) 4 1/2
(E) None of the above

66. The number, whose 17% is 51, is
(A) 200
(B) 100
(C) 300 ✓
(D) 210

67. A car washer can wash 8 cars in 18 minutes. At this rate how many cars can be washed, in three hours?
(A) 13
(B) 40
(C) 80 ✓
(D) 125

68. There are four numbers. Average of the first three is 15 and that of the last three is 16. If the last number is 19 find the first number:
(A) 16 ✓
(B) 18
(C) 20
(D) 21

69. 10 men can complete a job in 14 days. How long will it take 4 men to finish the same job if they work? at the same rate?
(A) 33 days
(B) 35 days ✓
(C) 37 days
(D) 39 days

70. A man takes 50 minutes to cover a certain distance at a speed of 6 km/hr. If he walks with a.speed of 1 0 km/hr. he covers the same distance
(A) 1 hour 
(B) 30 minutes ✓
(C) 20 minutes
(D) 10 minutes

71. An orbiting satellite around the Earth receives Centripetal force from
(A) The gravitational pull of the Moon on the satellite
(B) Gravitational pull of the Sun on the satellite
(C) The rocket engine attached to the satellite
(D) The gravitational pull of the Earth on the satellite ✓

72. The necessary centripetal force to the moving car round a corner track is provided by:
(A) The coulomb’s force
(B) Gravitational force
(C) The force of friction ✓
(D) Centrifugal force

73. Life span of Red Blood Cells is:
(A) 120 days ✓
(B) 100 days
(C) 70 days
(D) 60 days

74. In Microcephaly smaller size of the?
(A) Skull
(B) Brain ✓
(C) Limbs
(D) None

75. Which is the outermost Planet in the Solar system?
(A) mercury
(B) Neptune ✓
(C) Pluto
(D) Uranus

76. SI unit of Charge is:
(A) Ampere
(B) Ohm
(C) Coulumb ✓
(D) Volt

77. Very High Frequency have wavelength:
(A) Shorter ✓
(B) shortest
(C) Longer
(D) Longest

78. Long-sight defect can be corrected by using
(A) concave
(B) diverging
(C) convex ✓
(D) None

79. ‘Deficiency of vitamin A results in?
(A) Hair fall
(B) Scurvy
(C) Nightblindness ✓
(D) Rickets

80. The density- of Water is :
(A) 1 g/cm3 ✓
(B) 2 g/cm3
(C) 1.5 g/cm3
(D) none

81. The Punjab Assembly approved One Unit on:
(A) 30th November 1954
(B) 30th November 1954
(C) 30th January 1955 ✓
(D) 20th February 1955

82. Who Announced 6 Points?
(A) Liaquat Ali Khan
(B) Jinnah
(C) Mujeeb-ur-Rehman ✓
(D) None

83. The Second Constituent Assembly approved the One Unit Bill on 30th September 1955 by 43 votes against:
(A) 13 votes ✓
(B) 23 votes
(C) 33 votes
(D) 36 votes

84. Iskander Mirza became the fourth Governor-General of Pakistan on:
(A) 5th September 1954
(B) 15lh September 1954
(C) 6th October 1955 ✓
(D) 15th October 1955

85. The Second Constituent Assembly approved the bill of the 1956 Constitution on-
(A) 9th February 1956
(B) 49th February 1956
(C) 29th February 1956 ✓
(D) 9th March 1956

86. The first Constitution of Pakistan was enforced on 23 March 1956 and under it the first President of Pakistan was
(A) Ayub Khan ✓
(B) Iskander Mirza
(C) Ghulam Muhammad
(D) Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

87. The statesman who was sworn-in as the first Prime Minister under 1956 Constitution was:
(A) Muhammad Ali Bogra
(B) Feroz Khan Noon
(C) 1.1. Chundrigar
(D) Chaudhry Muhammad Ali ✓

88. The language which was given official status in the 1956 Constitution was:
(A) Urdu
(B) Sindhi
(C.) Urdu and Bengali ✓
(D) Bengali

89. The number of seats of Parliament provided in the 1956 Constitution was.
(A) 300
(B) 38 ✓
(C) 320
(D) 330

90. The 1956 Constitution was abrogated by:
(A) Feroz Khan Noon
(B) Ayub Khan 
(C) H.S. Suhrawardy
(D) Iskander Mirza ✓

91. How long Hazrat Younas (AS) remained in the abdomen of the fish?
(A) 40 days ✓
(B) 04 days
(C) 50 days
(D) 35 days

92. Which bird had conveyed the message of Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) to the Queen Saba?
(A) Woodpecker ✓
(B) Dove
(C) Pigeon
(D) Parrot

93. Which prophet earned his living by making wallets?
(A) Hazrat Sulaiman (AS) ✓
(B) Hazrat Yahya (AS)
(C) Hazrat Uzair (AS)
(D) Hazrat Yousaf (AS)

94. How much Surah the Quran contains:
(A) 124
(B) 109
(C) 114 ✓
(D) 220

95. The Nisab of Zakat in gold is:
(A) 18 Tolas
(B) 24 Tolas
(C) 7 1/2 Tolas ✓
(D) 35 Tolas

96. A Verse of the Holy Quran indicates the name of:
(A) Hazrat Usman
(B) Hazrat Muaaz
(C) Hazrat Saad
(D) Hazrat Zaid ✓

97. A Muslim female is coffined in:
(A) Eight Sheets
(B) Five Sheets ✓
(C) One Sheet
(D) Ten Sheets

98. The original name of Imam Bukhari is:
(A) Saeed bin Hatem Ali
(B) Zaid
(C) Ismail
(D) Muhammad bin Ismail ✓

99. Makka was conquered in:
(A) 5 A.H
(B) 10 A.H
(C) 2 A.H
(D) 8 A.H ✓

100. Qurbani (Holy Slaughtering) is made during Hajj at:
(A) Arafat
(B) Mina ✓
(C) Muzdalifa
(D) Safa

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