FPSC Assistant Director Ministry Of Defense 2017 Solved Past Paper

FPSC Assistant Director Ministry Of Defense 2017 Solved Past Paper


1. Study of coins called: Numismatic
2. Zamindar newspaper published by Molana Zafar Ali
3. How many idols in Kaba at Fateh Makkah: 360 idols?
4 Teacher of Plato was: Socrates
5. Great philosophers of Greek are Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.
6. His father does not refrain him FROM smoking.
7. Theory of reward & punishment: Utilitarian
8. Energy from the Sun: Solar Energy
9. Vitamin from the Sun: Vitamin D
10. TB affects which organ? Lungs
11. One party system in: China
12. Two parties of UK: Conservative+Labour
13. 10x1.5:15 liters
14. 127 = 84
15. Distribute 60000 in ratio 3, 5, 7.
Difference between small & large share: 160000
16. Lucknow pact was to: Settle Hindu-Muslim Disputes
17. Gandhi withdrew Khilafat movement due
to: Chaura Chauri incident *
'l°.. Arsenal rotation of an object at the center of earth: Circular Zigzag
19. Sassi Punuh wrote by: Hashim Shah
20. Ctrl+F12 key: Open word document
21. Which is Notan application software: Windows XP
22. Shudars cast in India perform: Serving lower jobs
23. Inclined towards social company called. Gregarious
24. CENTO ended in: 1979
25. Finland Capital is: Helsinki
26. End of Black age from start of: Enlightenment
27. The greatest act in Greek was to: Sacrifice
28. Day of deliverance observed due to’ End of Congress Ministries
29. Khilafat Movement started During Chelmsford period:
30. Leader of Quraish in battle of Uhd was Abu Sufiyan
31. Bolshevik 1917 revolution referred to: Mark Lenin
32. Germany attacked Poland in: WWII
33. Karl Marx said culture changes due to: Economy
34. To elect President via 1962 constitution by: Elections
35. Father of political economy: Ibn-e-Khaldun
36. State comprises of Population, Sovereignty, Territory but not: Religion
37. Input device: Keyboard
38. Having no religion, the state is referred as: Secular
39. To keep things in for yourself irrespective to social revealing: Privacy
40. Popular sovereignty lies with: People
41. Diamond Is expensive due to: Having rare utility making by people
42. Height measurement by: Altimeter
43. Going upwards atmosphere pressure: Decreases
44. Which Gas to resist UV rays: Ozone
45. Cold drink contains: Carbon dioxide
46. Real antonym: Fake
47. Landslide takes place in: Mountains
48. Summer Monsoon comes from: Arabian Sea
49. Pakistan's coastal provinces: Sindh and Baluchistan
50. Harmful gas to environment: Carbon Monoxide
51. Oil & gas that we get from: Fossil Fuels
52. Fluctuate antonyms: Remain Constant
53. Place where low rainfall called: Drought
54. 1 Nibble=4 Bits
55 Coldest Place in Pak: Skardu
56. Hiran Minar in: Sheikhupura
57. on sunny day, photosynthesis: Increases
58. The treaty of Human rights is called: UDHR
59. Baltic States got independence from: USSR in 1991
60. Power point consist: Slides
61. MS Excel has: Rows & Columns
62. Which of the following is not a web browser: Microsoft Outlook
63. Pak is linked to china via: Karakorum Highway
64. Pak joined UNO on: 30 Sep, 1947
65. After partition of Bengal, Muslim majority was in: West
66. What was Purpose of RCD: Socioeconomic development
67. Factors of Productions are: 4
68. UN declaration of Human Rights on: 1948
69. Landscape+ Portrait Is type of: Page layout
70. Shah Latif poet of: Sindh
71. Bahaudln Zakrla tomb Is In: Multan
72. Sialkot is famous for: Surgical Instrument
73. Source of International Law: Jurisdiction
74. Morse code uses in' Telegraph
75. Noise pollution cause: High BP
76. American declaration of independence via: Treaty of Paris 1783
77. Developed countries try for democracy in other countries to: Liberalize trade
78. Developed countries earn in trade by: Tariff
79. When electron jumps from lower to upper shell/orbit it gain energy: Kinetic Energy
80. Wood use in furniture called: Timber
81. In database which type hold the single/one type of data: Field
82. IP address: A unique network identification
83. 1km=1000m
84. Kala Chita Range is famous for: Marble
85. One of the sources of constitution based upon. Islamic Ideology
86. Countries which seek self/national interest, is a theory: Realism
87. Most emphasis in Quran for: Namaz
88. Foreign entities which affect domestic policy of state' NGOs
89. A student studying external affairs with respect to domestic interest: Foreign Policy
90. Who address grievances of public federal ombudsman
91. Series of instruction through which task can be achieved is: algorithm
92. Taboo means: that Is commonly not allowed
93. Princely states were given the option for referendum In: 3rd June Plan
94. If the word 'STOVE' can be written as 'FNBLK, how can the word ‘VOTES' be written In that code: LBNKF
95. Vaccine is used for- to kill germs, virus and disease: Ans all of these
96. USSR established on the basis of Karl Marx ideology, that's based upon: Economy
97. Who said culture, history changes because of: economy? Karl Marx
98. Message in Iqbal's khudi to: Dignify yourself
99. Forbidden in Islam: Wine
100. Political parties made up for: Common Interests
101. Quick to access tools by: Dialog Box
102. In MS Word, line boxes are inserted by: Insert Table
103. Among these not a tissue: Stomach
104. The color of eye is due to: genes
105. One of the characteristics is not of , solid: frequent fluidity
106. USA and USSR assumed them super powers based on: Arsenal
107. USURY: INTER: price: gouging
108. Human is a social animal said by: Aristotle
109. National Disaster day is. 8 Oct
110. intelligible data is called: information.
111. About which place it is said "the place where heaven and earth meet": Punial
112. Road for an automobile is to
an airplane. Airport
113. AC to DC: Osclllatlon/rectlficatlon
114. Drill produces, electric sound &: Heat Energy
115. Globalization results in: trade amongst countries
116. Eros in Greek mythology: God of Love
117. Minar e Pak constructed in: 1968 .
118. 146. Rabi crop sown in: Nov Dec
119. Anonymous antonyms: Known
120. NATO members: 28
121. Green Peace HQ: Amsterdam, Netherland
122. Hindu named Bengal Partition: Black day
123. Kaseer-ur-Rawiya: Abu Huraira
124. Britain PM is elected by: Queen
125. American president should be resident of USA for: 14 years
126. Hudaibia treaty for: 10 years
127. On Chess Rook is called: castle
128. Largest ex British colonies are now in: Commonwealth
129. 5-5-r5x5+5=5
130. CLOCK: TIME: Yardstick: Distance
131. Scrutinize antonym Skim
132. The research is so _________ Comprehend that it leaves no part issue unexamined: Comprehensive
133. Scales: Fish. Feathers: Bird
134. Ctrl+F command in MS Office for? Search

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