PPSC District Zakat Officer DZO 2010 Solved Past Paper

PPSC District Zakat Officer 2010 Solved Past Paper
PPSC DZO 2010 Solved Past Paper
Punjab Public Service Commission
Written Test for Recruitment to the Posts of
Zakat and Ushr Department – 2010

1. Plants at night exhale:
(A) Oxygen
(B) Carbon Dioxide ✓
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Hydrogen

2. Sunlight is composed of:
(A) Three colures
(B) Five colures
(C) Seven colures ✓
(D) Ten colures

3. Which is the least conductor of electricity among the following?
(A) Silver
(B) Iron
(C) Copper
(D) Wood ✓

4. Which vitamin cannot be stored in the human body?
(A) Vitamin A
(B} Vitamin C ✓
(C) Vitamin D
(D) Vitamin E

5. Jaundice is the disease of:
(A) Liver ✓
(B) Spleen
(C) Kidney
(D) Lungs

6. Nuclear Energy is obtained from:
(A) Plutonium
(B) Silicon
(C) Thorium
(D) Uranium ✓

7. After Pashtun, which is the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan:
(A) Baloch
(B) Uzbek
(C) Hazara
(D) Tajik ✓

8. Gobi Desert is situated mostly in:
(A) South Africa
(B) Russia
(C) North Africa
(D) Mongolia ✓

9. identify the smallest state by area*:
(A) Vatican City ✓
(B) Maldives
(C) Malta
(D) Bahrain

10. In the World's Ten most populous countries, Pakistan is at number:
(A) Six ✓
(B) Seven
(C) Nine
(D) Ten

11. What is meant by Cash Crop?
(A) The crop which is sold on high prices
(B) The crop which is grown only for sale rather than for the farmer's own use ✓
(C) The crop which is grown only for export earnings
(D) None of these

12. Which country is the largest wool producer in the world?
(A) Australia ✓
(B) China
(C) America
(D) Pakistan

13. Baghalchur area of Dera Ghazi Khan contains mineral reserves of:
(A) Rock Phosphate
(B) Limestone
(C) Chromite
(D) Uranium ✓

14. Attack Fort was built by Mughal Emperor
(A) Zahir-ud-Din Babur
(B) Nur-ud Jehangir
(C) Jalal-ud-Din Akbar ✓
(D) Shahbud-Din Shah Jehan

15. In the total area of Pakistan, the share of Punjab is about:
(A) 20%
(B) 25% ✓
(C) 35%
(D) 42%

16. The deepest known point on Earth Is in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean near.
(A) Australia
(B) Argentina
(C) Mexico
(D) Philippines ✓

17. Niagara Falls is situated on the border of:
(A) Greenland and Iceland
(B) England and France
(C) United States and Canada ✓
(D) United States and Mexico

18. Pakistan is situated at:
(A) Tropic of Cancer ✓
(B) Tropic of Capricorn
(C) Equator
(D) None of these

19. Which of the following country is a Peninsula?
(A) Greenland
(B) Fiji
(C) Australia
(D) Saudi Arabia ✓

20. The largest Islamic country by area is:
(A) Indonesia
(B) Sudan
(C) Kazakhstan ✓
(D) Algeria

21. The Cultural Center of Gandhara Civilization was situated at:
(A) Multan
(B) Lahore
(C) Thatta
(D) Taxila ✓

22. 1 meter is equal to:
(A) 2.094 feet
(B) 3.281 feet ✓
(C) 4.051 feet
(D) 5.621 feet

23. In 1962, which organization of the Muslim world was formed?
(A) Rabitah-i-Alma-lslami ✓
(B) Organization of Islamic Conference
(C) Mutamar-i-Alama-lslami
(D) Arab League

24. Which of the following Vitamin maintains normal dotting of blood?
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin D
(D) Vitamin K ✓

25. Which of the following country has the longest coastline (243798 Km) in the world?
(A) America
(B) Canada ✓
(C) China
(D) Russia

26. ‘Cryptography* is a branch of science which deals with:
(A) The study of crime and criminals
(B) The study of secret writings ✓
(C) The study of fingerprints
(D) None of these

27. East India Company came to India for trade during the reign of 
(A) Akbar
(B) Shahjehan
(C) Jahangir ✓
(D) Aurangzeb Alamgir

28. Under the continental division of the world Brazil is situated in:
(A) South America ✓
(B) North America
(C) Africa
(D) Europe

29. When a disease occurs over a large area of earth's surface at one time, it is called:
(A) Endemic disease
(B) Epidemic disease
(C) Pandemic disease ✓
(D) None of these

30. Identify the world's longest river:
(A) Indus
(B) Nile ✓
(C) Mississippi
(D) Yangtze

31. Identify the location of the 'Takla Makan Desert’
(A) Turkmenistan
(B) Xinjiang (China) ✓
(C) Mongolia
(D) South East Arabia

32. 'Das-Man-Paiace' is the official residence of:
(A) President of Sri Lanka
(B) Amir-e-Qatar
(C) President of Indonesia
(D) Amir-e-Kuwait ✓

33. Identify the old name of Iraq:
(A) Abyssinia
(B) Constantinople
(C) Mesopotamia ✓
(D) aNone of these

34. Why Wall Street' is so famous?
(A) Leading British newspaper offices in London
(B) Stock exchange market of New York ✓
(C) London's world famous shopping center for tailoring and jewellery shops
(D) None of these

35. Adams Peak Is in:
(A) Nepal
(B) Tibet
(C) Jordan
(D) Sri Lanka ✓

36. Who is the founder of Scout Movement?
(A) Robert Baden Powell ✓
(B) Lord Colon Powel
(C) Maccolins
(D) Nicoba Tesla

37. Who put forward the theory of relativity?
(A) Isaac Newton
(B) Albert Einstein  ✓
(C) John Dalton
(D) Archimedes

38. Who is called ‘Man of Destiny' in European history?
(A) Napoleon ✓
(B) Bismarck
(C) Hitler
(D) de Gaulle

39. Who is called as 'the father of the French Revolution'?
(A) Thomas Hobbes
(B) Rousseau ✓
(C) Francis Bacon
(D) Montesquieu

40. light In:
(A) 1 years ✓
(B) 5 years
(C) 10 years
(D) 15 years

41. The red color of the blood is due to the presence of a pigment known as:
(A) chlorophyll
(B) insulin
(C) bile
(D) haemoglobin ✓

42. 'Mac Mohan Line' Is a border between:
(A) Pakistan and Afghanistan
(B) India and Nepal
(C) India and China ✓
(D) India and Sri Lanka

43. Caspian Sea is believed to have 16 per cent of the earth's potential oil reserves. The five countries that share border with it are:
(A) Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan ✓
(B) Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan
(C) Russia, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan
(D) None of these

44. The ‘Statue of Liberty' was a gift to the United States on the occasion of its independence. Which country presented it?
(A) Britain
(B) France ✓
(C) Canada
(D) Japan

45. What is state of religion of Japan?
(A) Christianity
(B) Confucianism
(C) Buddhism
(D) Shintoism ✓

46. The Headquarter of International Red Cross is in:
(A) New York
(B) London
(C) Geneva ✓
(D) Paris

47. Which city is the headquarters of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)?
(A) Islamabad
(B) Delhi
(C) Colombo
(D) Kathmandu ✓

48. Who was the first Muslim ruler of Indian subcontinent?
(A) Muhammad Bin Qasim
(B) Mahmood Ghaznav
(C) Muhammad Ghori
(D) Qutab-ud-Din Aibak ✓
First Muslim ruler of India was Kutbuddin Aibak who established Muslim Saltanat as Gulam vansh on behalf of Mohammad Ghori after defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan in Terrain ke Maiden in 1192. If you talk about the entire Indian Subcontinent then it was Muhammad Bin Qasim who conquered Sindh and Multan for Umayyads..

49. Light travels from Sun to Earth in:
(A) 2 minutes
(B) 4 minutes
(C) 6.5 minutes
(D) 8.5 minutes ✓

50. David Petraeus* is:
(A) U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
(B) U.S. Commander in Afghanistan ✓
(C) U.S. Defense Secretary
(D) None of these

51. Identify the musician who composed the National Anthem of Pakistan.
(A) NisarBazmi
(B) Khalil Ahmad
(C) Suhail Rana
(D) Abdul Karim Chagla ✓

52. Lake Mancher is the largest lake in Pakistan and is situated at:
(A) Kaghan
(B) Swat
(C) Dadu ✓
(D) Lasbela

53. Velocity of sound in air is:
(A) 250 m/s
(B) 331 m/s ✓
(C) 434 m/s
(D) 561 m/s

54. Deficiency of Vitamin C in human body leads to:
(A) Eye disease
(B) Nerve disease
(C) Teeth disease ✓
(D) Skin disease

55. Identify the largest tribal agency of FATA by area:
(A) South Waziristan ✓
(B) North Waziristan
(C) Orakzai
(D) Bajur

56. Which of the following instruments is used for measuring earthquake magnitude?
(A) Richter scale ✓
(B) Anemometer
(C) Pyrometer
(D) Barometer

57. 'the Porcelain Tower of Nanking*’ is among the seven wonders of the world. In which of the following countries, it is situated:
(A) Japan
(B) Italy
(C) Egypt
(D) China ✓

58. ‘Élysée Palace' is the official residence of.
(A) King of Denmark
(B) German Chancellor
(C) President of France ✓
(D) Pope of Vatican

59. To which of the following dynasties, Razia Sultana the ruler of the Indian subcontinent belonged:
(A) The Slave Dynasty ✓
(B) The Ghouri Dynasty
(C) The Tughlaq Dynasty
(D) The Moghul Dynasty

60. Which part of human body is more prone to damage from the Hepatitis virus?
(A) Kidneys
(B) Lungs
(C) Spleen
(D) Liver ✓

61. What do you understand by the term 'Brain Drain'?
(A) Mad person
(B) Migration of skilled labour ✓
(C) Weak educational System
(D) Illiteracy and ignorance

62. The length of famous Khyber Pass is:
(A) 33 Km
(B) 53 Km ✓
(C) 73 Km
(D) 93 Km

63. Second Battle of Panipat* .was fought in 1556 A.D between:
(A) Sher Shah Sun and Humayun
(B) Ahmad Shah Abdali and Marathas
(C) Zaheer ud Din Baber and Ibrahim Lodhi
(D) None of these ✓

64. The world's largest sea is:
(A) Arabia Sea
(B) Caribbean Sea
(C) Red Sea
(D) South China Sea ✓

65. Quaid-i-Azam resigned from the Indian National Congress as a protest against:
(A) Nehru Report
(B) Mopla Revolt
(C) Gandhi’s Non Cooperation Movement
(D) Styagraha Movement ✓

66. The name of All India Muslim League was proposed in 1906 by:
(A) Quaid-I-Azam
(B) Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan
(C) Sir Muhammad Shafi ✓
(D) None of these

67. “Nisab" in relation to gold as prescribed in the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance, 1980 is:
(A) 612.32 grams
(B) 305.25 grams
(C) 87.48 grams ✓
(D) 100 grams

68. A government owned corporation earns a net Profit of rupees one billion in a particular year, will be liable to pay zakat amounting to:
(A) Rs. 25 million
(B) Rs. 2.5 million
(C) zero ✓
(D) None of these

69. Who had been appointed as Governor of Yemen with the responsibility• of collecting Zakat by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?
(A) Hazrat Abdullah bin Omar
(B) Hazrat Ma’az bin Jabal ✓
(C) Hzarat Osama bin Zaid
(D) Hazrat Khalid bin Walid

70. In which of the Suras (chapters) of Quran the list of the beneficiaries of zakat has been specifically given?
(A) Al-Tauba ✓
(B) Al-Yusuf
(C) Al-Ana’m
(D) Al-Khaf

71. The scope for the disbursement of Zakat and Ushr is limited to:
(A) Muslim citizens of Pakistan ✓
(B) Muslims of any nation
(C) converts to Islam
(D) scope extends much beyond the above three categories

72. Zakat year means:
(A) Calendar year commencing on the first day of January
(B) Hijra year commencing on the first day of Ramadhan ✓
(C) Financial year beginning first of July
(D) Agricultural year starting first of chart

73. Which forum can decide under Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980 as amended, the question whether a declaration about exemption from zakat made under Section 3 (Sub-Section 3) is valid according to the figah declarant professes to follow: ,
(A) Administrative General
(B) Provincial Zakat Council
(C) Relevant High Court
(D) Federal Shariat Court ✓

74. Ushr shall be charged and collected on compulsory basis only from:
(A) Landowner in cultivating possession
(B) Tenant Cultivator
(C) Self cultivating allottee
(D) Every landowner, grantee, allottee, lessee, lease holder or land holder ✓

75. The landowner would be exempt from payment of Ushr if the produce from his land is less than:
(A) 948 kilograms of wheat or its equivalent ✓
(B) 2000 kilograms of wheat or its equivalent
(C) 3000 kilograms of wheat or its equivalent
(D) No exemption limit *

76. First revelation came to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in:
(A) Arafat
(B) Cave in Hira ✓
(C) CaveofThaur
(D) Ka’aba

77. The number of Section / Raku in the last chapter of Quran are:
(A) Twenty one
(B) Twenty seven
(C) Thirty Nine ✓
(D) Forty one

78. Zakat prescribed in respect of a buried treasure discovered from an uninhabited place during early Muslim period was:
(A) Half of the total proceeds
(B) One third of the total proceeds
(C) One fourth of the total proceeds
(D) One fifth of the total proceeds ✓

79. The goods meant for trading were:
(A) exempt from Zakat
(B) liable to pay Zakat ✓
(C) liability of Zakat was on the buyer
(D) exempt but subject to a separate Sales Tax

80. A landowner got (he produce of 1800 kilograms, of millet from his land. The notified value of millet was half that of the wheat. Under Section 5 of the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980 he would be liable to pay Usher?
(A) Ninety K.G of millet ✓
(B) Forty five K.G millet's value In cash
(C) Eighteen K.G millet’s worth In cash
(D) Nothing

81. Arrears of Ushr shall be recovered by:
(A) Local Zakat and Ushr Committee
(B) District Zakat and Ushr Committee
(C) District Zakat Officer
(D) Tehsildar of the Revenue Department ✓

82. In Pakistan Ushr began to the collected from the:
(A) Rabi crop of 1982-83 ✓
(B) Kharif crop of 1981-82
(C) Rabi crop of 1983-84
(D) None of these

83. The Arabic word 'Zakaf has been derived from 'Zaks' which means:
(A) Help
(B) Purify ✓
(C) Scarify
(D) Charity

84. Zakat was made compulsory in:
(A) the first year of Hijrat
(B) the second year of Hijrat ✓
(C) the third year of Hijrat
(D) fourth year of Hijrat

85. How many times the world 'Zakaf occurs in the Holy Quran:
(A) 10
(B) 22
(C) 32 ✓
(D) None of these

86. On cash, gold and silver Zakat is paid at a rate of.
(A) One percent
(B) Two percent
(C) Two and half percent ✓
(D) Three percent

87. One goat is for Zakat on every:
(A) 30 goats
(B) 40 goat ✓
(C) 50 goats
(D) 55 goats

88. Ushr is levied on the agricultural production, artificially irrigated at the rate of:
(A) One tenth
(B) One twentieth ✓
(C) One fifth
(D) None of these

89. Which of the following can be given Zakat:
(A) travellers
(B) people in debt
(C) slaves
(D) all of these ✓

90. What assets are exempted from Zakat according to Zakat & Ushr Ordinance:
(A) Sheep grazing fed free in pastures ✓
(B) Fruits
(C) Vegetables
(D) All of these

91. In clause (xxxiv-a) of Section 2 of Zakat and Ushr Ordinance, 1980 “Taluqa Committee” means:
(A) A committee at Patwar Circle Level constituted under Section 17 ✓
(B) A committee at Thanla Level constituted under Section 17
(C) A committee at Village Level constituted
(D) A committee at Tehsil Level constituted under Section 17

92. “Zakat year” ends with the last day of.
(A) Shawwal
(B) Shaban ✓
(C) Muharram
(D) Rajjab

93. An individual land-owner shall be exempt from the compulsory levy of Ushr according to Section 5 of the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980 If
(A) The production from his land is less than 948 kilograms of wheat ✓
(B) The production from his land Is six Wasqs of wheat
(C) He/She Is a defaulter of A.D.B.P
(D) If the production from his land Is less than 1000 Kilograms of wheat, or Its equivalent In value In the case of other crop liable to Ushr

94. The Chairman and member of a District and Zakat Committee shall cease to hold office, if it is proved in an Inquiry held by Provincial Council that the District committee:
(A) Is being interrogated by the police and a case of embezzlement has been registered
(B) Has a majority of members who are not pious Muslims or who are engaged in political activity ✓
(C) Cases of civil nature are pending against them
(D) All of the above

95. The procedure relating to “Recovery of Ushr in case of Non-payment under Section 17 has been laid down in:
(A) Scheme of Administration for the National Zakat Foundation, 1982
(B) Ushr (Assessment and Collection) Rules, 1983
(C) Zakat and Ushr Rules, 1980 ✓
(D) Zakat and Ushr (Amendment) Ordinance, 1980

96. Administrator General of Ushr and Zakat at Federal level is appointed by:
(A) The President of Pakistan
(B) Chairman of Central Zakat Council
(C) Ministry of Finance
(D) Ministry of Religious Affairs ✓

97. According to Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980, Chief Administrator in a province shall be appointed by the Governor in consultation with the:
(A) Federal Government ✓
(B) Provincial Zakat Council
(C) Chief Secretary of a province
(D) Chairman, Provincial Zakat Council

98. The Zakat and Ushr Ordinance was promulgated on:
(A) 21st April 1979
(B) 20th June 1980 ✓
(C) 29th June 1981
(D) 30th June 1982

99. In section 2 of Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980, “Nisab" means:
(A) Sheep grazing fed free in pastures
(B) 613.50 grams of silver
(C) 612.32 grams of silver ✓
(D) 615.45 grams of silver

100. If Ushr is not paid within time the Local Committee may adopt the first measure for recovery of Ushr demand viz:
(A) Immediately register a criminal case against the defaulter
(B) Issue a formal notice
(C) Recovery as arrears of land revenue
(D) Personal contact with the defaulter ✓

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