PPSC Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies 2013 (Female) Solved Past Paper

PPSC Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies 2013 (Female) Solved Past Paper

1. The Central Muhammadan Association was founded in 1877 by:
(A) ChaudhriRehmat All
(B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(C) Syed Ameer ✓
(D) Mohsin-ul-Mulk

2. Under which Act was the Muslim demand of 'Separate Electorate' first conceded-by the British government?
(A) The Indian Council Act 1892
(B) The Indian Councils Act 1909 ✓
(C) The Government of India Act 1919
(D) The Government of India Act 1935

3. The Constitution of the All India Muslim League was drafted by a Committee in 1907 headed by...,
(A) NawabViqar-ul-Mulk
(B) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk
(C) Maulana Muhamma All Johar ✓
(D) Justice Shah Din

4. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar had started publishing his famous English Newspaper Comrade’ in 1911 from:
(A) Delhi
(B) Bombay
(C) Calcutta ✓
(D) Lahore

5. Liaquat Ali Khan joined All India Muslim League as member in:
(A) 1916
(B) 1919
(C) 1921
(D) 1923 ✓

6. ' Which of the following leaders helped Quaid-i-Azam in the preparation of his Fourteen Points in 1929:-
(A) Maulana Muhammad All Jauhar ✓
(B) Maulana Shaukat Ali
(C) Uaqat Ali Khan
(D) Maulana Hasrat Mohani

7. In the Provincial Elections of 1937, All India Muslim League won largest number of seats in the:
(A) United Provinces (UP) ✓
(B) Sindh Province
(C) Punjab Province
(D) Central Provinces (CP)

8. The Indian Muslim* observed ‘Day of Deliverance’ after the resignation of congress ministries on:-
(A) 12 September 1939
(B) 22 September 1939
(C) 12 December 1939
(D) 22 December 1939 ✓

9. ‘Pathway to Pakistan’ is the autobiography of:
(A) M.A.H. Isphani
(B) Choudhry Khaliquz Zeman ✓
(C) A.K. Fazalul Haq
(D) Sir Fazl Ehali

10. Chaudhri Rehmat Ali first used the word ’Pakistan’ in his pamphlet ’Now or Never' in
(A) 1933 ✓
(B) 1935
(C) 1937
(D) 1938

11. Identify the Secretary of State of India who led the Cabinet Mission in 1946
(A) Sir Stafford Cripps
(B) A.V. Alexander
(C) Lord Pethick Lawrence ✓
(D) Sir Anthony McDonald

12. Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim League in'
(A) 1937
(B) 1939 ✓
(C) 1938
(D) 1940

13. Lahore Resolution of 23rd March 1940, was recorded from sindh
(A) G.M. Syed
(B) Mekhdoom Talibul Mula
(C) Abdullah Haroon ✓
(D) Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto

14. Congress launched Quit India Movement against the British Government in
(A) 1940
(B) 1941
(C) 1942 ✓
(D) 1943

15. Gandhi — Jinnah talks were held in 1944 to discussed the C.R. Formula, prepared by
(A) Raj Gopal Acharia ✓
(B) V.P.Menon
(C) Abu-al-Kalam'Azad
(D) Lord Waved

16. Who presided over the Simla Conference In 1945?
(A) LordMInto
(B) Lord Waved ✓
(C) Lord Irwin
(D) Lord Mountbatten

17. In the interim government of 1946, the Health Minister was:
(A) Abdur Rab Nishtar
(B) Jaghvan Ram
(C) Asif Ali
(D) Ghazanfer Ali Khan ✓

18. The Hindus had launched 'Swadeshi Movement” (to boycott English mode good) In the wake of
(A) The Urdu Hindi controversy 1867
(B) Partition of Bengal 1905 ✓
(C) Jalllanwala Bagh tragedy 1919
(D) AII of the above

19. The Plrpur Report on the brutalities of the Congress ministries 1937 — 39 was complied by:
(A) A.K. Fazl-ul-Haq
(B) Raja Muhammad Mehdi ✓
(C) Nawab Salim Ullah Khan
(D) M. Sharif

20. The British Parliament passed Indian Independence Act on:
(A) 3 June 1947
(B) 14 June 1947
(C) 14 July 1947 ✓
(D) 24 July 1947

21. Quaid-e-Azam met M.K. Gandhi for the first time In 1916 at:
(A) Delhi
(B) Bombay
(C) Calcutta
(D) Lucknow ✓

22. Identify the Viceroy who made 'August Offer* In 1940:
(A) Lord Linlithgow ✓
(B) Lord Waved
(C) Lord Ripon
(D) Lord Mountbatten

23. Who administered the oath of office to Liaquat AJi Khan as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan?
(A) Quaid-i-Azam ✓
(B) Justice Mian Abdul Rashid
(C) Lord Mountbatten.
(D) MaulviTamizuddin

24. ‘Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah The story of a Nation' is a biography of Quaid-e-Azam written-by:
(A) Hector Bolitho
(B) Matiubul Hasan Syed
(C) K.K.Aziz
(D) G. Adana ✓

25. Which of the following districts of Balochistan contains deposits of Copper
(A) Loralai
(B) Sibbi
(C) Khuzdar
(D) Chaghi ✓

26. The only National Election held on non-party basis were in:
(A) 1977
(B) 1985 ✓
(C) 1988
(D) 1990

27. Rawal Dam' was built in 1962 on river -
(A) Soan
(B) Haro
(C) Kurang ✓
(D) Jhelum

28. Pakistan become a member of International Labour Organization (ILO) in: -
(A) 1947 ✓
(B) 1949
(C) 1951
(D) 1961

29. The first Water Accord was signed among provinces In:
(A) 1988
(B) 1991 ✓
(C) 1994
(D) 1996

30. Cawnpur Mosque tragedy had taken place In:
(A) 1909
(B) 1910
(C) 1913 ✓
(D) 1915

31. “Mast Tawkll’ was prominent poet of. -
(A) Balochi ✓
(B) Pushto
(C) Slndhl
(D) Barochl

32. On July 9, 1950, Pakistan became the member of:
(A) IMF ✓
(B) World Bank
(C) Paris Club
(D) None of these

33. On July 9,1948, Pakistan Issued Its first: -
(A) Coin
(B) Currency Note
(C) Postal Stamp ✓
(D) AII of these

34. The duration of National Anthem of Pakistan is:
(A) 60 Seconds
(B) 80 Seconds ✓
(C) 100 Seconds
(D) 120 Seconds

35. The largest desert of the Pakistan Is:
(A) Thar ✓
(B) Thai
(C) Chollstan
(D) Kharan

36. The oldest Barrage on Indus river is: -
(A) Gudu Barrage
(B) Sukkur Barrage ✓
(C) Ghulam Muhammad Barrage
(D) Taunsa Barrage

37. Pakistan joined World Trade Organization (WTO) in:
(A) 1994
(B) 1995 ✓
(C) 1997
(D) 2000

38. The first princely State to accede to Pakistan after partition was: -
(A) Swat
(B) Hunza
(C) Bahawalpur ✓
(D) Kalat

39. Quaid-i-Azam served All India Muslim League as a President for: -
(A) 15 years
(B) 22 years
(C) 28 years
(D) 31 years ✓

40. The National Animal of Pakistan is:
(A) Horse
(B) Deer
(C) Dolphin
(D) Markhor ✓

41. The first chairman of senate was:
(A) Habib Ullah Khan ✓
(B) Ghulam Ishaq Khan
(C) Syed Fazi Agha
(D) Wasim Sajjad

42. ‘Reuters’ is the famous news agency of:
(A) U.S.A.
(B) Britain ✓
(C) France
(D) Russia-

43. 1 Metric ton is equal to: -
(A) 100 Kilograms
(B) 500 Kilograms
(C) 1000'Kilograms ✓
(D) 10000 Kilogram

44. “Monometer1 is an Instrument for measuring:
(A) Gaseous Pressure ✓
(B) The luminous Intensity of the sources of light
(C) The strength of direct current
(D) The relative density of milk

45. The term of office for the judges of the International Court of Justice Is:
(A) Three years
(B) Five years
(C) Seven years
(D) Nine years ✓

46. The planet farthest from the sun Is
(A) Jupiter
(B) Saturn
(C) Mercury
(D) Neptune ✓

47. ‘Bristol* Is a seaport of:
(A) U.K. ✓
(B) Germany
(C) Netherlands
(D) Australia

48. 'Arlana' Is an airline of: -
(A) Sri Lanka
(B) Iran
(C) Afghanistan  ✓
(D) Turkey

49. Feminism* Is a:-
(A) System of government which projects equal distribution of wealth In society
(B) Set of beliefs put forward by the Tibetan Community
(C) Belief that women’s subordination to men should end ✓
(D) None of the above

50. Who was the founder of the “Loddhi Dynasty (1451-1526)* of India?
(A) Ibrahim Lodhi
(B) Bahlolodhi ✓
(C) Sikandar Lodhi
(D) None of these
51. JWhich is the smallest staje in area?
(A) Bahrain
(B) Maldives ✓
(C) Malta
(D) China

52. The distance of a place south or north of Equator is called:
(A) Altitude
(B) Longitude ✓
(C) Latitude
(D) Multitude

53. Which part of the world is called 'The land of free people*?
(A) Switzerland
(B) Thailand ✓
(C) West Indies
(D) U.K

54. 'Arboriculture' is a science of: -
(A) The raising of silk worms for the production of raw silk
(B) The cultivation of flowers, fruits and ornamental plants
(C) The cultivation of trees ✓
(D) The study of insects

55. 'Asia Watch'Is a:-
(A) Human rights organization ✓
(B) A big time clock In Japan's parliament building
(C) News agency of Taiwan
(D) None of these

56. The World's famous bridge 'Golden Gate” is located In:
(A) New York
(B) Sydney
(C) Mexico
(D) San Francisco ✓

57. Abdul Qasim-Al-Zahrawi was greatest Muslim:-
(A) Philosopher
(B) Poet
(C) Surgeon ✓
(D) Warrior

58. What Is Acrophobia?
(A) it Is the fear of heights ✓
(B) It Is the fear of dogs
(C) It Is the fear of water
(D) None of these

59. Pakistan Is separated firdhri Tajikistan by: -
(A) Pamir Knot
(B) Wakhan ✓
(C) Durand Line
(D) Baltlstan

60. Taiwan’ was separated from the People's Republic of China In: -
(A) 1943
(B) 1949 ✓
(C) 1952
(D) 1956

61. Pristina* Is the capital of:-
(A) Chechnya
(B) East Timor
(C) Bosnia
(D) Kosovo ✓

62. ‘OXUS River Is following between: -
(A) Iran and Iraq
(B) Afghanistan and Tajikistan ✓
(C) Jordan and Istsel
(D) Russia and Turkey

63. The World's largest 'Desert* in area Is: -
(A) Sahara ✓
(B) Arabia
(C) Gobi
(D) Mogave

64. Which element is called the “earth maker"?
(A) Aluminum
(B) Calcium
(C) Potassium
(D) Silicon ✓

65. “Dead Sea'is lying, between:-
(A) Iraq and Sudan
(B) Israel and Jordan ✓
(C) Russia and Japan
(D) Greece and Turkey

66. “Ranikot Fort’ is situated near the city of: -
(A) Jamshoro ✓
(B) Kotri
(C) Larkana
(D) Hyderabad

67. Identify the largest sea?
(A) South China Sea ✓
(B) Caribbean Sea
(C) Arabian Sea
(D) Sea of Marmara

68. The length of Karakoram Highway in Pakistan is:
(A) 650 km
(B) 785 km
(C) 805 km ✓
(D) 1200km

69. Which of the following sea is located in Central Asia?
(A) Red Sea
(B) Baltic Sea
(C) Aral Sea ✓
(D) None of these

70. The parliament of Russia Is called: -
(A) House of Deputies
(B) Diet
(C) Knesset
(D) Duma ✓

71. Which country’s land Is below the sea level?
(A) New Zealand
(B) Japan
(C) Ireland
(D) Netherland ✓

72. Which country is called “Land of Rising Sun" ?
(A) Japan ✓
(B) Norway
(C) Green Land
(D) Ice Land

73. The cause of malaria was discovered by:
(A) Ronald Ross ✓
(B) F.C. Hopkins
(C) Edward Jenner
(D) Dr Paul Muller

74. The first viceroy of British India was:
(A) Lord Canning ✓
(B) Lord Elgin
(C) Lord Clive
(D) Lord Myor

75. The length of Pakistan's coastline is:
(A) 1,046 km ✓
(B) 1,130 km
(C) 1263 km
(D) 1305 km

76. What is ‘Subway"?
(A) Underground passage ✓
(B) a road or path above ground Level
(C) Short passage to any place
(D) None of these

77. After United Nations, the largest international organization in view of membership is
(A) Organization African Unity
(B) European Union
(C) Organization of Islamic Cooperation ✓

78. Which of the following space shuttles of US has recently landed on the planet of Mars?
(A) Challenger
(B) Curiosity ✓
(C) Discovery
(D) Sputnik

79. Which of the following Athletes won “Gold Medal" in 100 meter race in London Olympics 2012?
(A) Usain Bolt
(B) Johan Blake
(C) Justin'Gatlin ✓
(D) Dwain Chamber

80. The first International Organization was: -
(A) League of Nations
(B) United Nations
(C) European Union
(D) None of these ✓

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