All Important Measurements Instrument

All  Important  Measurements Instrument

1.      ACCELEROMETER: acceleration
2.      ACTINOMETER heating power of sunlight
3.      ALCOHOLOMETER alcoholic strength of liquids
4.      ALTIMETER altitude
5.      AMMETER electric current
6.      ANEMOMETER windspeed
7.      ATMOMETER rate of evaporation
8.      AUDIOMETER hearing
9.      BARKOMETER tanning liquors used in tanning leather
10.  BAROMETER air pressure
11.  BETTSOMETER integrity of fabric coverings on aircraft
12.  BEVAMETER mechanical properties of soil
13.  BOLOMETER electromagnetic radiation
14.  CALORIMETER heat of chemical reactions
15.  CATHETOMETER vertical distances
16.  CEILOMETER height of a cloud base 17. CHRONOMETER time
18.  CLAP-O-METER volume of applause
19.  COLORIMETER colour
20.  CREEPMETER slow surface displacement of an active geologic fault in the earth
21.  DECLINOMETER magnetic declination
22.  DENSIMETER specific gravity of liquids
23.  DENSITOMETER degree of darkness in photographic or semitransparent material
24.  DIFFRACTOMETER structure of crystals
25.  DILATOMETER volume changes caused by a physical or chemical process
26.  DISDROMETER size, speed, and velocity of raindrops
27.  DOSIMETER exposure to hazards, especially radiation
28.  DUROMETER hardness
29.  DYNAMETER magnification of a telescope
30.  DYNAMOMETER force or torque
31.  ELAEOMETER specific gravity of oils
32.  ELECTROMETER electric charge
33.  EUDIOMETER change in volume of a gas mixture following combustion
34.  EVAPORIMETER rate of evaporation
35.  GALVANOMETER electricity
36.  GAS PYCNOMETER volume and density of solids
37.  GRAPHOMETER angles
38.  HELIOMETER variation of the sun's diameter
39.  HYDROMETER specific gravity of liquids
40.  HYGROMETER humidity
41.  INKOMETER ink
42.  INTERFEROMETER wave interference
43.  KATHAROMETER composition of gases
44.  LACTOMETER specific gravity of milk
45.  LIGHT METER light (in photography)
46.  MAGNETOMETER strength of magnetic fields
47.  MANOMETER pressure
48.  MASS SPECTROMETER masses of ions, used to identify chemical substances through
49.  their mass spectra
50.  MULTIMETER electrical potential, resistance, and current
51.  NEPHELOMETER particle in a liquid
52.  ODOMETER distance
53.  OHMMETER electrical resistance
54.  OSMOMETER osmotic strength of a solution, colloid, or compound
55.  PEDOMETER steps
56.  PH METER pH (chemical acidity/basicity of a solution)
57.  PHOTOMETER illuminance or irradiance
58.  POLARIMETER rotation of polarized light
59.  potentiometer voltage (term is also used to refer to a variable resistor)
60.  PSYCHROMETER humidity
61.  PYCNOMETER fluid density
62.  PYRANOMETER solar radiation
63.  PYROMETER high temperatures
64.  RHEOMETER response to applied forces
65.  SACCHAROMETER amount of sugar in a solution
66.  SEISMOMETER seismic waves (for example, earthquakes)
67.  SEXTANT location on earth's surface (used in naval navigation)
68.  SPECTROMETER properties of light
69.  SPECTROPHOTOMETER intensity of light as a function of wavelength
70.  SPEEDOMETER speed, velocity
71.  SPHYGMOMANOMETER blood pressure
72.  STRAINMETER seismic strain
73.  STADIMETER object range
74.  TACHEOMETER distance
75.  TACHOMETER revolutions per minute, rate of blood flow
76.  TAXIMETER distance travelled, displacement
77.  TENSIOMETER surface tension of a liquid
78.  THERMOMETER temperatureuniversal measuring machine geometric locations
79.  VISCOMETER viscosity of a fluid
80.  VOLTMETER electric potential, voltage
81.  WATTMETER electrical power
82.  ZYMOMETER fermentation

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