General Knowledge of Venus Planet


Venus is one of the planets visible with the unaided eye. Because it has always been easy to see, it's impossible to say who discovered Venus. In fact, after the Moon and the Sun, Venus is the brightest object in the sky – it's likely ancient people thousands of years ago knew about it.

Apart from the moon, Venus is the brightest object in the sky. Venus can be seen with naked eye in the morning or in the evening. Following are the main characteristics of the Venus.
• Its distance from the Sun is 108 million kms.
• Its revolution period is 224.7/225 days.
• Its rotation period is 243 days and 14 hours (longest day)
• It has no moon.
• It is the nearest neighbour of the earth in the solar system.
• It is the brightest planet.
• It is also the hottest planet.
• Its diameter is 12,102 kms.
• It is wrapped in thick clouds of CO2 gas.
• It rotates from east to west as opposite to most other planets.

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