General Knowledge of Mercury Planet


One of the earliest records of Mercury comes from the Sumerians around 3,000 BC. Since Mercury never travels far from the sun in the sky, it is more difficult to see and was probably discovered later than brighter planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
• Its distance from Sun is 58 million kms.
• Its revolution period is 88 days.
• Its rotation period is 58 days, 15 hours and 30 minutes.
• It has no moon.
• It is the nearest planet to the sun.
• It is also the smallest planet of the solar system.
• It is the fastest planet.
• Its radius is 2,433 kms and diameter is 4,878 kms.
• It is covered with holes called Craters.
• It has no atmosphere.

• The temperature on mercury vary between 420 0C (7900F) in the day and -180 0C (-2900F) at nights.

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